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Uni Watch DIY Project: Art Imitates Hockey

I recently received a note from a reader named Cole Vittetoe (that’s him at right), as follows:

I just received my Master’s degree in art from Texas A&M – Corpus Christi. All my artwork revolves around my love of hockey and hockey jerseys. For my thesis exhibition, the Corpus Christi IceRays (NAHL) allowed me to exhibit my show during two of their games on Dec. 11 and 12.

The show, called 12 Jerseys: A Celebration of Family, Friends, and Hockey, involved 12 jerseys of fictional teams that I had created based on my family and friends. I used woodblock prints to create logos, and I painted stripes, designs, and numbers onto fabric, which I then sewed onto blank jerseys. The jerseys were hung throughout the lobby during the games, along with my paintings, drawings, and prints.

It’s a great project. As an example, here are the logo and jersey for one of Cole’s fictitious teams, the Aberdeen Truckers, followed by his explanation of what the team is based on:

The Aberdeen Truckers are based on my father, Dean Vittetoe. For all of my life and many years before, my dad’s profession has been a truck driver. The primary logo is based on a Peterbilt, the manufacturer of his preferred rig. As a kid, I would often go out on the road with him, driving all over the country. My love of travel developed as a result. Sports and travel have played large roles in our bonding time. He took me to my first sporting event, a St. Louis Cardinals game in 1993, and my first NHL game with the St. Louis Blues in 1997. ”¦ The number 30 is for my dad’s age when I was born.

And here’s a shot of Cole and his dad posing with the Truckers jersey at the exhibit (click to enlarge):

Cole’s other teams are dedicated to his wife, his mother, his brothers, his art professor, and several close friends. You can access all of the team designs here.

Gotta hand it to Corpus Christi IceRays GM Patt Dunn for having the imagination and vision to exhibit Cole’s thesis at the team’s arena. You can see lots of photos from the exhibition here, and there’s a good video report from a local TV news station at the bottom of this page.

Cole graduated from art school the day after the exhibit opened. Big congrats to him, and here’s hoping he continues making hockey-related art.

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ESPN reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, my latest ESPN column is about MLB players who’ve worn football-style facemasks on their batting helmets. This is a fun one, with lots of good photos — enjoy.

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Click to enlarge

BP follies: I’ve previously reported that some Mets and Royals players have been spotted wearing newfangled BP tops with zip-front collars. As you can see above, Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly is the latest MLBer to wear one of these tops. (Plus the Dodgers also have a mannequin to show their players how to suit up — interesting.)

A source who prefers to remain unnamed has some interesting info regarding these zip-front BP tops:

Rumor has it that they’re the prototypes for the next wave of MLB BP jerseys next year. But that would be breaking Majestic’s usual three-year cycle (we are only in the second year of the current BP template).

Majestic has had players “test drive” other articles in the past, and some of them were never to be seen again. For instance, check out this prototype jersey that Majestic had a few guys test out during spring training in 2012 [click to enlarge]:

Notice the strange lettering and numbering — it was more like a glued-on, rubber-like appliqué, not the traditional sewn-on tackle twill.

They also tried weird “CoolBase” pants, which had a mesh gusset down the outer legs and in the crotch area, and zippers toward the bottom cuffs so players could flare out their pants more than usual. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of those.

Faaaaascinating. If anyone has photos of these pants, don’t be shy. Thanks.

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Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

I have a ton of trophies from my Little League days stored away at my mom’s house, but one I still have on display at my apartment is this one, which I won when I was 10 after my baseball team won the league title. The trophy itself has sentimental value (it is the only championship I’ve ever won), but it also just looks cool. I like the eagles and the wooden backdrop.

What’s your favorite trophy that you’ve ever won, and why? Also, what is your favorite trophy in pro or college sports? I’ve always been partial to the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy. As always, post your responses in today’s comments.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Robinson Cano’s NOB will have an accent mark this year (from Travis Knisley). … The Phillies will give away these awesome Philly Phanatic socks in late April (from Jon Solomonson). … New Grapefruit and Cactus League T-shirts from Tommy Bahama (from Pam Chvotkin). … The minor league Montreal Royals had some very plain unis in the 1940s (from Jonathan Daniel). … New alternate jersey and logo for the Albuquerque Isotopes (from Phil). … No photos, but new unis for the Syracuse Chiefs this season. … The Indians wore block-C caps yesterday, but skipper Terry Francona wore a Chief Wahoo hat. … New uniforms and promotional jerseys for the Salem Red Sox (from Phil). … The Binghamton Mets have a St. Patrick’s Day logo (from Phil). … The Tri-City Valley Cats will wear Sons of Anarchy jerseys in September (from Craig Cochran). … The Bay Area Vintage Baseball League has some pretty nifty uniforms. … Southeastern Louisiana wore full camo last night (from Brandon Fran). … The Marlins logo isn’t in alphabetical order on the Shop, a holdover from when the team was the Florida Marlins well over three years ago (good spot by Nick Saint-Martin). … The Twins had an exhibition game yesterday against the U. of Minnesota, which led to an odd sight because college players can still wear No. 42. … A Utah company is getting noticed for its flashy batting grip tape (from Mike Nessen).

College Football News: With all the crazy jerseys in college football, uniform numbers are increasingly hard to read (from Phil). … Maryland LB Cavon Walker tweeted a photo of himself wearing a fang mouth guard (from Matt Shevin). … Seems that Notre Dame has a helmet memorial for long time school president Theodore Hesburgh, who died last week (from Joe Reimers). … A South Carolina grad’s helmet concepts landed him a job (from David Staples).

Hockey News: According to an anonymous source, the Devils will honor the 20th anniversary of the team’s first Stanley Cup by wearing white jerseys at home against Philadelphia on Sunday. Philly will wear orange, and the Devils will hold a pregame ceremony for the 1995 team. … After two injuries at goalie on Tuesday night, the Panthers dressed an emergency goaltender. Florida also considered putting center Derek MacKenzie in the position, which would have required an last-second jersey to be made (from Justin Foley). … New Rangers acquisition James Sheppard wore a Reebok helmet with a CCM logo on it last night. “This is definitely related to a Reebok-CCM merger,” says Luke Rosnick. “I couldn’t find any info online about why the branding is going across models though.”

Soccer News: New jerseys for Sporting KC (from Phil). … Liverpool Instragrammed a photo of their locker room, and the pic showed a misspelled Mario Balotelli jersey (from Nile Smith). ”¦ Tottenham Hotspur players wore black armbands yesterday in tribute to former Spurs player Dave Mackay, who died earlier this week (from Yusuke Toyoda). … Villarreal and Barca went higligher vs. highlighter yesterday (from @holycalamity).

NBA News: Here are a bunch of charts and graphs breaking down data regarding NBA players (from Andrew Powell-Morse). … Russell Westbrook wore a clear mask last night after suffering facial fractures this weekend. … Here’s a cool shot of Chuck Taylor, the basketball player and shoe namesake, from 1921 (from Duncan Wilson).

College Hoops News: UMass will retire a jersey in honor of John Calipari, who coached the team to a Final Four appearance in 1996. But wait, weren’t there only two Final Four teams that year? (From Phil.) … A photo of Prince from his high school basketball days has surfaced on the internet. … No photo, but UNC’s Spenser Dalton, a call-up from the JV team, wore a NNOB jersey the other night against Georgia Tech (from Michael Rich). … Jake Keys found a great pic of Marshall’s Mike D’Antoni and Russell Lee from 1971-72. … Illinois wore throwbacks for Senior Night yesterday (from Phil). … St. John’s and Marquette went color vs. color (from Phil). … No game photos, but Zachary Haynes “noticed during the Kentucky-Georgia game that two officials were wearing the old shirts with just piping. The other official was wearing the current striped shirt with a bold panel on the side. Isn’t it weird that 2 of them were wearing the old shirts?”

Grab Bag: New York is thinking of demolishing a surfing-themed bus shelter (from Alex Putelo). … David Firestone wrote a piece about the X-shaped drag racing parachute that, as he says, “led to the biggest revolution in auto racing safety ever.” … Great news for those of us who write about sports: The AP will start using software to automatically generate game stories on college sports, starting with Division I baseball this spring. … After Footscray set the record for the highest score in Victorian Football League history in 1978, the Bulldogs took a team photo. Graham Clayton has picked it apart. “There are several uniform-related inconsistencies,” he says. “Two player have no chest logos, six players have only one, while the rest of the team has two. The player fourth from the right on the front row appears to be wearing a short-sleeved jumper over the top of a long-sleeved jumper, and a player in the back row is wearing dark blue shorts. 1978 was the last year when Footscray wore red shorts as part of their primary uniform. They had changed to red shorts in 1975 to coincide with the introduction of colour TV into Australia, in order to make their uniform look more distinctive.”

Comments (106)

    “Phillies will give away this awesome Philly Phanatic socks…”

    Awkward singular, or is it just *this awesome*…?

    From the tweet reference in the article:

    “U of Minnesota’s Lance Thonvold is wearing #42 while facing the Twins. Probably the last time we see a 42 against MLB hitters.”

    Why would this be? Are major league teams going to stop playing exhibitions against minor league teams, Japanese teams, and college teams?

    They don’t? Wow. When Selig first retired this number, I remember a Colorado Rockies official saying that his team was going to retire the number all through their system, which implies that other teams had not done this. I remember thinking that retiring this number in the minors didn’t make much sense because Jackie Robinson’s number when with the Montreal Royals was (IIRC) 9.

    This is a discussion for another time, but I’m extremely disappointed that every minor league team, no matter whate they are and what their history is like, is banned from issuing a jersey number because the major league commissioner’s office says so.

    Scott, those aren’t jersey numbers; those are just the line numbers based on whatever you chose to order the stats by (in this case, alphabetically).


    Last time this season, perhaps, since I believe the last of the collegiate games of this spring were played yesterday.

    UMass was the only Final Four team in 1996 to have their appearance vacated. Somebody was probably thinking about UConn as well, but they were knocked out in the regional semis.

    QOTD: The only trophy I ever had was for my Pinewood Derby win in Cub Scouts. As for favorite trophy, undoubtedly the Stanley Cup.

    Back in the 1980s, Chicago and New York teams were often listed alphabetically as “Chicago-American” and “Chicago-National.” Which would out the White Sox first. But it would also put the Yankees before the Mets, which the MLB site doesn’t do.

    UMass was the only 1996 Final Four school to have their appearance vacated. Somebody was probably thinking about UConn, which also vacated their tourney appearance, but the Huskies were knocked out in the regional semis. Kentucky, Syracuse, and Mississippi State have their Final Four appearances (and in UK’s case, their title) intact.

    Okay, that was weird. This post (and the earlier one) didn’t show up, not even showing as queued, so I thought that the comments had simply been “eaten” by the page. So I apologize for the double-post on the same thing.

    Re Tottenham’s Dave Mackay, he’s the protagonist in this iconic sports photo:
    The irony being that the player he was confronting, Billy Bremner, was a legendary hard man himself.

    I was wondering what colors Leeds were wearing, since their away kits have generally been (to my memory) yellow or sky blue, and came across this site: link

    It’s a fun read about a club I don’t spend much time thinking about.

    Prince’s high school basketball pic has been floating around for several years. Kinda cool, but I’m not sure why it’s suddenly getting attention now.

    Disappointed to see the AP embrace automated recaps. But Yahoo! fantasy auto-generates truly convincing game recaps. So the scary things may be not the automation, but the fact that the automation may not actually be a loss for readers. Singularity approaches.

    Insert joke here: “They could automate Uni Watch too. Just program the software to say, ‘Nike sucks, purple is ugly, stirrups are great, camouflage is a scandal, etc.'”

    What’s the algorithm for determining when a sentence should be followed by “Douchebags.”?

    I’m in a fantasy football league hosted by CBS Sports, and they have auto-generated stories, too. I was very surprised at the writing. As a journalist/writer myself, I’m not crazy about this development, but I do see the value (re: low cost).

    My understanding is the AP does this for a lot of things already. And the new development is that it will be done for sports that traditionally had no national coverage at all (DII-DIII basketball, etc.). I’d rather have that than nothing, so I call it a positivie as long as it doesn’t creep in to areas that were already being covered by humans.

    Another vote for the Stanley Cup. It’s the only championship trophy of the “Big 4” leagues to be presented to a player and not an owner.

    Another reason: I’m voting for a trophy which predates a league.

    Something quaint and, at times, full of amateurism (warts and all), but the old-schoolness appeals to me.

    (I’m splitting. Half a vote for Lord Stanley and half for Earl Grey.)

    Stanley Cup is a no-brainer.

    I’d give the Canada Cup trophy second-place on this list. For a while, it was hockey’s second-most important tournament. And instead of a generic name like the World Cup, and an indescribable piece of junk like Frank Gehry’s 1996 trophy, the silverware was a half-maple leaf – Canada’s logo at the time. All the more incentive for Canada to try and win it, and other countries (only once, USSR in 1981) to to steal away the host country’s emblem.

    Personally, I never won an MVP trophy or leading scorer trophy in youth sports, but I got most dedicated/most improved. I thought that was pretty awesome.

    Definitely the Stanley Cup. The trophy being shared each year – not only going from champion to champion but actually having each player getting to spend their own time with it – not to mention the on-ice celebration which is easily the best. Plus there’s the lore behind the Cup that you just don’t get with the Tiffany’s-mints-a-new-one-every-year trophies in the other Big 3.

    If I find myself in a crowd of people who disparage hockey, my first comeback is, “Which sport has the best trophy?”

    Congratulations to Cole, and thanks for sharing the project. Those are some AMAZING jerseys just as jerseys, and combined with the stories of family and friendship they make for a wonderful exhibit. The Peacocks, Bees, and Flares are remarkable hockey jersey crest designs. And the Paintesr and Crucibles are all-around excellent jerseys that would stand with the best sweaters in NHL and AHL history.

    Agreed. All of the stories and jerseys are wonderful.

    I especially love the road striping on the Truckers jersey.

    Good stuff Cole. In the Albuquerque Crucibles write up you mention you were able to cast a Bruins jersey in aluminum…any pictures of this??

    Thanks, everyone. As far as the aluminum jersey, I don’t have any pictures of it yet because it is unfinished. After it was cast, I started painting it, but only got part of it finished before I had to set it aside to start working on these jerseys. I recently moved to Minnesota, so right now it is in storage, but as soon as I am able to finish it, I’ll post pictures of it on my website, along with videos of us doing the pour.

    A man after my own heart. If I had his talents, I would just pump out personal favorites among defunct teams and extinct leagues. Craven, I know.

    Unless I’m forgetting something, there were only 3 Final Four teams for 1996; UCONN did have their wins vacated but they lost to Miss St.

    That UMass thinks that the duplicitous John Calipari deserves some sanctification is really pathetic.

    The Final Four banner is still hanging in the rafters at the Mullins Center for UMass, so evidently the team doesn’t agree that its appearance was vacated. And again, erasing history is what the NCAA tries to do, but rational people realize it’s absurd.

    QOTW – The Giro d’Italia trophy is magnificent. Names of previous winners printed along the ribbon of metal as it spirals up from its base.


    QOTW: French Open trophy is far and away the most aesthetically pleasing.
    NCAA Championship trophy, if only b/c I’m the temporary custodian of my daughter’s while she’s still in school, and it makes for a nice conversation piece when we have company.

    Re: Sheppard’s helmet and the comment “‘This is definitely related to a Reebok-CCM merger,’ says Luke Rosnick.”… Reebok has owned CCM for a decade and it’s public knowledge that the Reebok brand is being phased out in favour of CCM only (example: They’ve just made a marketing push out of “trading” the Reebok Ribcore brand to CCM). After years of Nike (bought & sold Bauer) & Reebok (still own CCM) in hockey, it looks like we’ll be back to CCM and Bauer being the dominant names. Funny how things come full circle.

    You’re right Noah. Should be interesting to see how this plays out with the jersey rights coming up soon. There are rumors that Under Armour will be making a play for the rights and they do work with a number of teams already. I can also see Nike and Bauer teaming up as they have with a number of national teams (Nike apparel with Bauer equipment for Canada, USA, Czech, Germany, etc.). Adidas could hypothetically do the same since CCM isn’t a big apparel company it could make sense to do an Adidas apparel with CCM equipment proposal.

    Also curious how Easton will be affected as Bauer bought Bell Sports (parent company of Easton) and what will happen with the Easton equipment and whether it will be phased out as well for Bauer labels.

    Good info guys.

    Though, Bauer only bought Easton-Bell’s baseball and softball division.

    Good stuff. I get that players would refuse to switch helmet models, but I’m still surprised that Reebok-CCM puts the CCM logo on older–let alone new–Reebok helmets.

    I love the idea of this Nike/Bauer, CCM/Adidas war. I kind of think that Under Armour and Easton are positioned similarly as premium high-tech brands. Interesting to think of them teaming up as well.

    QOTW: I have a punt, pass and kick trophy that is unique in that it isn’t the regular template, the body of it is actually covered in a blue leather-like material.

    As far as what trophy I like, toss up between the World Series trophy and the old USFL trophy.

    Much to my mom’s chagrin as she was a big fan of the Waterford Crystal football, the new College Football Playoff trophy is pretty sweet.

    QotW: Most of the competitions I’m proud to have won didn’t come with a trophy, and most of the trophies I’ve been awarded were not for things that meant much to me. The one exception is a wooden scroll-shaped plaque I won with a partner at an international Rotary Model UN event in Winnipeg. We’d done almost no preparation before the competition, yet we won the event’s top honors, “Most Prepared Delegation.” Also, a team from a bitter rival high school had been the favorites to win, so there was some actual school pride in the award. (Suck it, Edina!)

    In the real world, I’m partial to the British Open’s Claret Jug and both the original and current World Cup trophies. But the greatest trophy in sports is clearly the Americas Cup. It’s the Platonic ideal of which all other trophies are but pale shadows.

    I forgot Floyd of Rosedale. Best trophy in American sports, at least in years when an American club doesn’t hold the Americas Cup.

    Great stuff, Cole.
    Are you from the StL area? If so, where did you go to high school?
    Just kidding.
    I noticed the nod to Afton. I sure hope it’s John Goodman’s Afton.

    No, I’m from Oklahoma. However, my friend that the Flares jersey is based on is from Affton, MO (albeit 30 years after John Goodman.) For the most part the city names were chosen based on similarities with that person’s name (Kansas City=KC=Casey). Since his name is Adam, it was close enough.

    I’ve won a few championships over the years but my favorite “trophies” I have are actually pucks that I earned from my men’s hockey league. They have stamping with the award and my name and the league’s logo on the back side.

    “Grindstone Award” for being the grittiest player.
    “Helping Hand Award” for most assists(championship season)

    These mean a lot to me because I earned them both within a year of picking up the game.

    No question, my Punt Pass and Kick trophy from ’79. It looked like the love child of the Heisman Trophy and the Oscar.

    (Similar to this one)- link

    QOTW: my sixth-grade flag football team (Kellogg School) won the Goleta (CA) Union School District championship c. 1974 – I played on the OL. As I recall no trophies were given (maybe one to the school) but simply a ribbon to each player (mine is long vanished).


    After winning a beer league championship as a replacement goalie after the regular guy was hurt, the father of the guy who ran the team made wooden trophies for everyone on the team. It was a nice gesture for a relatively minor achievement.

    Best trophy: Stanley Cup for sure, but I also really like the the World Cup even though it’s not a cup. The gold and green abstract design is really nice.

    uniform numbers are increasingly hard to read (from Phil)

    Phil, that should be a lead story, not a ticker submission. Get to work on that.

    I was actually thinking it should be a lead story, but this art hockey project is definitely cool and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from that. But Phil/Paul, I’d love to see you guys follow up on this in whatever way you can. This feels like it should be a main Uni Watch story.

    QotW – My trophies were limited to those that we won in debate. Somewhere there’s a company that does nothing but manufactures men (and women) in suits holding up one hand and leaning on a rostrum.

    Favorite trophy is probably Jules Rimet. As a material thing it’s probably not up to what it represents, but its story more than makes up for its shortcoming.

    re: misspelled Balotelli jersey photo (why always him?)

    Some sharp-eyed commenters noticed the team has already switched to New Balance shower slippers, while the on-field gear is still Warrior-branded.

    Also, it’s interesting players wear their own sponsored boots, but the shower slippers are team-issued.

    BTW — for some reason there were 5 comments caught in the spam filter…they’re now free.

    Best trophies: the original World Series trophy, not the slimmed down version from recent years, and the National League trophy.


    I don’t have any childhood trophies! Not a single one.
    My proudest pieces of hardware are industry awards, but I have to pay for them so they’re displayed prominently on my resume.

    And like Mike, I like the Larry O’Brien, and it probably has a lot to do with the iconic photo of link. Also love the European Cup a.k.a. link.

    Favorite trophies:
    Stanley Cup
    Borg-Warner Trophy
    Bundesliga’s “Salad Dish”
    Topps baseball “All-Rookie Team”, which they used to put on the player’s card.

    Got rid of all my trophies after college — putting aside childish things and all that. Now wish I’d saved them.

    My favorite trophy is the Cy Young Award. Always liked the look of it. Many other people have told me they think it looks freakish or weird, but I still dig it.

    Good stories as usual, everyone. And I agree, the Stanley Cup is great.

    Another quick story: I coached my brother’s 8th grade basketball team in 2009, and when we won a tournament, I kept the tall trophy they gave us. I’ve hardly won anything in sports in my life, so I wasn’t about to give that up to a player or the school.

    That first CCM branding on a Reebok helmet just adds to the evidence that Reebok is on it’s way out as a hockey brand.
    We’ll see how long it takes for CCM to be back on jerseys in the NHL.

    On the trophy front, my parents are moving out of my childhood home in the next few month, and I have to decide what to do with my trophies (throw them out or put them in a box in my basement). My wife is intolerant of my habit/preference of saving everything that is remotely tied to a memory, but i feel obligated to save the real trophies and plaques. Maybe i’ll just take a picture of everything. Then again i may want a small trophy shelf in my eventual hockey themed basement bar.

    QOTW: Easy answer for me. In my early 30s I was part of the winning team in my employer’s golf league. It was the first, and thus far only, championship trophy I every earned.

    QOTW pt. 2: Sorry, forgot the second half of the question. My favorite trophy is by far the Stanley Cup. Misspelled names, dinged up, players get it for a day, totally cool.

    In regards to the Dave Parker hockey mask. He is shown with two different jerseys in your photo collection, yet made only one plate appearance. Is the other photo, perhaps just a shot of him trying it out, but not using it in a real game situation?

    QOTW: I have a trophy shaped like a baseball mitt in 1/4 scale for my baseball team’s second-place league finish when I was nine years old. That’s as close to a championship that any of the organized teams I’ve played on has come to winning a championship. Ever. Including rec league basketball and softball as an adult.

    My favorite trophy from my youth, though, was the Pinewood Derby trophy I won in Cub Scouts. Not for having the fastest car. (It was actually one of the slower cars in the competition.) I won the trophy for having the best paint scheme. Big surprise that I’d find my way to Uni Watch one day…

    My favorite trophy in pro sports: The Borg-Warner Trophy, awarded to the Indianapolis 500 winner, is pretty spectacular.


    On the college level, I still have a soft spot for link contended for by Iowa and Iowa State. Not because it was such a great-looking trophy. Just the opposite. It looked like something that was thrown together in someone’s garage using discarded Pop Warner trophies and leftovers scraps of lumber. It was always fun seeing the winning team scramble to hoist that makeshift hunk of junk like it was worth fighting for.

    The Prince photo is being misidentified as from his high school basketball team, actually is from junior high team.


    Trophies… I have only a few and I guess they span a significant era in trophy manufacturing history.

    One year was marble and metal, the next was marble and PLASTIC!!

    That’s the 70’s for ya.

    Other than that, I like them, but they don’t really hold any WOW-factorness for me.

    “…college football, uniform numbers are increasingly hard to read…”

    Hey, the guy in this video ALMOST has my name!! AND, he apparently is a DC guy too (I grew up a ‘Skins fan!)!


    Speaking of lesser-regarded soccer trophies, the FIFA Club World Cup trophy is actually pretty cool.


    Surprised there’s no love for the original link I like it better than the over stylized one they use today.

    Agree with AR about the America’s Cup. THAT is a trophy.

    Ever since I learned what “The Ashes” are in cricket, I’ve gotten immense joy in link So cute.

    Yeah that was an absolute beaut too – speculation is it was melted down which, if true, is a terrible shame.

    QOTW: The Wimbledon trophies are also pretty nice, particularly the ladies’ Venus Rosewater dish. I find it pretty unique.

    QOTW: No trophies for me. Guess I just suck at sports. Closest I came to a sports award was a 4th place ribbon that I refused to pick up. It was for running a relay race and all my teammates refused since there were only 4 schools in the race.

    Stanley Cup easily the best trophy for so many reasons that were already mentioned.

    Honorable mention to the Jules Rimet because of the story/legend behind it.

    Heisman trophy also awesome because I lost my mind when Desmond Howard struck the pose.


    I’m going with the Gold Glove Award. Not sure if a Mizuno first baseman gets a first baseman’s mitt or a “generic gold Rawlings model” which may (or may not) be a fielder’s glove.

    From Rawlings:

    “For the initial award design, Blasco worked with the Brown Shoe Company in St. Louis. They supplied him with gold tanned leather that was used to create ladies’ formal slippers. Rawlings constructed the glove and affixed it to a walnut base to create the very first Rawlings Gold Glove Award. . . . Additionally, a section of the award base is covered with Rawlings Heart of the Hideâ„¢ leather embroidered with the Rawlings Patch logo. . . . If the award recipient is a Rawlings sponsored player, they will receive a gold version of their game day model on their award. Other winners will receive a generic gold Rawlings model.”


    Also forgot to mention the Conn Smythe trophy – a real looker and very unique. Love that big maple leaf.


    I look at it two ways: if you want glamour, Superbowl trophy.

    Grit, guts, blood, sweat and tears.. Stanley Cup.

    QOTW: Local tennis league awards glass tennis balls to their champions. I’ve been fortunate to win twice and therefore had to make a fake magazine cover to rub it in my friend’s faces.


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