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Days of Yore, Part III

Days of Yore Part III splash

By Phil Hecken, with Jim Vilk

Last Saturday, Jim and I brought you the second in a short series of articles called Days of Yore, in which we argued for a number of uniforms that should, nay, need to return to the Major Leagues, even if just for one shining moment. We began the series a couple weeks ago with Part I, and last week we had Part II. Today we conclude.

For those not familiar, we broke the unis down into four categories: (1) A “one-shot,” meaning a team would break out an old uniform and wear it once, then retire it again (similar to what the Cubs did in 2014 when they had their “decade” uniforms); (2) An “alternate,” meaning the team should introduce a retro uniform into the uniform rotation, to be worn as an alternate (and hopefully sparingly); (3) “Sunday Home”: A uniform to be worn on Sunday home games (the way the Mariners, Pirates and White Sox do); it would ONLY be worn on Sundays; and (4) “Just Go Back To This”: A uniform that should replace a team’s current uniform, and be worn as the standard home or road (or both). Click on any images below to enlarge.

As you may recall, I had more selections in Part II, so we’re going a bit heavy on Jimmer’s picks for this final post.

Here’s Jimmer with a short intro, and then we’re on to Part III:

My pullover craze continues, but fear not…there are some great neo-classic looks as well to round out this project.

. . . . .

1975 Baltimore photo

1976 Baltimore Orioles (PH): For some reason, maybe because it was Reggie’s one year with the O’s, maybe something else — but for some reason I loved the O’s orange pullover worn with the rare odd orange front panel cap. I shouldn’t like this, but I do. But I only want to see it one more time. One and done.

. . .

1976 Minnesota photo

1976 Minnesota Twins (JV): Actually, my dream set is the ’76 homes and the ’87 roads with the ’76 road caps. But let’s keep it simple for now. Alternate.

. . .

1977 Baltimore photo

1977 Baltimore Orioles (JV): O, those stripes! Plus, the white-paneled cap is the only one they need. Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1977 Pittsburgh photo

1977 Pittsburgh Pirates (PH): The Buccos really went crazy with their 1977 set, mixing and matching the bumblebees with abandon. And they’ve thrown back to these before. And I hate the fat pins. But, just one more time for each, I’d like to see the black/black, gold/gold, black/gold, and gold/black and black/black back. That’s a fact, Jack. Then retire them for good. One and done.

. . .

1977 Toronto photo

1977 Toronto Blue Jays (JV): Their recently rebooted look is so good that I’ll just ask for these on Sunday (with the roof open unless it’s storming).

. . .

1978 Milwaukee photo

1978 Milwaukee Brewers (JV): So perfect, there’s really nothing else to say, but Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1978 Minnesota photo

1978 Minnesota Twins (PH): I was thinking about sending the Twins back to their 1961 unis, but I have (for some bizarre reason) a soft spot for the ’78 homes with the red shoes and red caps. Might be fun to see these a dozen times a year, no? Sunday alt.

. . .

1978 New York photo

1978 New York Mets (JV): Phil (and I) thought I was going to pick the racing stripes. I like those two little buttons, though. One-shot.

. . .

1978 San Francisco photo

1978 San Francisco Giants (PH): The orange jersey (which they’ve sort of gone back to) is great, but it’s 100% better when paired with orange sanis, black stirrups and white shoes. And of course, white pants. That’s a stellar look, and they can move their orange Friday alt. to Sunday. Sunday alt.

. . .

1979 Tampa Bay photo

“1979” Tampa (Bay) Rays (JV): Sometimes a team just gets it right “the first time.” Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1979 Chicago photo

Chicago White Sox: The set was actually introduced in 1976, but they changed stirr…er, socks in 1979 (these are better) and I’d swear the midnight blue became more royal at the time as well. Don’t ever want to see the shorts return, but I’d like to see the white/white, white/blue, blue/white, and blue/blue each worn one more time. One and done.

. . .

1979 Philadelphia photo

1979 Philadelphia Phillies. The Saturday Night Special (all burgundy) was, I believe, intended to be worn every Saturday night. However, that plan was quickly jettisoned. It’s a uni that needs to be seen one. more. time. For old times sake. One and done.

. . .

1980 Houston photo

1980 Houston Astros (JV): You have a space-age name…dress the part! Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1981 Seattle photo

1981 Seattle Mariners (JV): I like their current look and this look, so let’s make this a very frequent Alternate.

. . .

1983 Royals photo

1983 Kansas City Royals (PH): KC needs to return to the powder blue road they wore so well — but not the pullover version. In 1983, they went to button front and all was right with the world. Just go back to this.

. . .

1984 Texas photo

1984 Texas Rangers (JV): See my ’78 Brewers comment. Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1985 San Diego photo

1985 San Diego Padres (JV): I picked this one, but I’d say the same thing for any of the previous brown uniforms – Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1993 Marlins photo

1993 Florida (Miami) Marlins (JV): Two choices, Miami: Move north, become the Expos 2.0 and let the Rays take over your new stadium. Or, Just Go Back To This.

. . .

1993 Colorado photo

1993 Colorado Rockies (JV): Not a fan of today’s COLOORADO jerseys. Just Go Back To This.

. . .

2001 Arizona photo

2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (JV): Nestled between the original DIAMONDbacks jerseys and today’s D-Backs, there was this winning look. Just Go Back To This.

. . . . .

And, thus concludes this little exercise. You’ll note Jimmer likes a lot more of the more “modern” looks, while I have only a few — and those I do like, I don’t want to see too often. You’ll also note I left a few teams completely off my lists — either what they’re wearing now is just fine, or there is nothing better in their past I’d prefer (or maybe Jim already covered those in his picks).

What say you readers? Do you agree with any of these choices? Do you have a uniform from the mid-70s to today you think you’d like to see brought back? Did we miss any? Are we nuts (you already know that). Let us know. Thanks for letting us indulge in this little exercise — it was a lot of fun!

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colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Back today with our good friend and long-time colorization expert, George Chilvers, who has a beautiful one today — one that Terence Kearns will surely love.

Here’s George (click to enlarge):

. . .

Chelsea v Spurs 1913 colour - George Chilvers

Chelsea v Spurs 1913

Hi Phil

This is the coin toss at the start of the 1913 league game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs). What of course is outstanding in this picture is the sheer sartorial elegance of the referee. Down even to wearing a bow-tie. I really really wish that officials now would wear this.

Of course they may just be saying “I say, old chap, looks like we’re in for a spot of rain”.

Best wishes


. . . . .

Thanks George — stupendous work as always!

line of baseballs 2

T-Shirt Club reminder: The Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s March design, inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, remains available from now through Monday. Full details here, or just go straight to the ordering page.

line of baseballs 2

Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Here’s our first look at the Ernie Banks “14” patch the Cubs will wear this season (h/t L. Gordon Camps). Here it is up close (from Carrie Muskat). And an extreme closeup (Chris Creamer). … I’ve seen this before (in fact just a couple days ago from Mark Anderson) but the MLB logo looks just like a bird when cropped (from Jeffrey Sak). … Pablo Sandoval was justifiably upset at this photo (and the resulting fat shaming), so he’s firing back at the haters. … The Texas Rangers will be wearing these “Macko” patches this spring (for Joe Macko, their longtime clubhouse manager, who passed away on Boxing Day last year). Thanks to Timmy Westside for that. … Check out this very stylish Chicago Cubs Spring Training roster guide from 1938 (h/t Todd Radom). … Interesting collar on this Mets BP jersey (good spot by Nick Schiavo). Harvey may be wearing the old style BP jersey, or something along these lines. … Here’s a look at the Steinbrenner Field anniversary logo (from Tyler Kepner). … New black tops for Iowa (thanks Paul). … Apparently the hot item (again?) this year at stadia will be bobbleheads (Paul). … Wow, here’s a very early use of two-in-ones (thanks Paul). … Check out these gorgeous 1975 PCL Hawaiian Islanders unis! Or, even better, these 1977 Hawaii Islanders of the Pacific Coast League: New ballpark, new uniforms, new attitude! (from Dan Epstein). … The Great Lakes Loons will be wearing Star Wars themed jerseys on July 18th. How original (thanks to Matt DeVries). … It will take better eyes than mine to confirm this, but it looks like Buck Showalter has “24” on one shoe and “25” on the other (thanks to Sander Bryan). … Manny Pacquiao is apparently a big fan of the Giants. Or is it the Dodgers? Maybe he can throw a pitch to himself. … ASU, who busted out those copper/anthracite football unis I liked so much, wore copper numbers & names (can’t tell if that’s a black top) last night (thanks to Joe Farris). … Nice old school-looking matchup yesterday between Santa Clara and Cincinnati (h/t Paul). … Here’s a good look at the decal the 1975 Redbirds wore on their helmets (Stirrups Now!).

NFL News: Our pal and new Sporting News contributor Todd Radom has his first piece on there advising the Browns to tread lightly when they reveal their new logo on Tuesday. Great job, Todd! … Here’s Rex Ryan in the Super Bowl 25 Buffalo Bills Thurman Thomas jersey, entering the Combine with, yes, Bill Belichick (thanks, Paul and Brinke). Belichick’s hoodie, of course, says “Bill Belichick”. … If you want one, they’re for sale (thanks, Paul). … Here’s a few more interesting helmet designs from Deeyung Entertainment. … Check out the possible Los Angeles football stadium proposed for Carson (for the Chargers or Raiders or Rams, or some possible combination). Here’s another view, and another, and an overhead. From Beto Duran. … In honor of the possible new stadium, Carson councilman Albert Robles modeled a custom Chargers-Raiders jersey (via Adam Stonema). For more on that new stadium, click here (thanks, Paul). … Of those new renderings, Kyle Teachman thinks this graphic “looks suspiciously close to Soldier Field (from the south endzone).” Hmmm. It does! … And speaking of football in Los Angeles, check out this 1947 Football Schedule for the 1947 Los Angeles Dons (from Todd Radom). … Check out this awesome shot of the Monday Night Football crew from 1974-76. That’s Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford & Alex Karras for you younguns (h/t Super 70s Sports).

College/Other Football News: Here’s a pretty cool photograph of Skydome (for an Argos game) taken by none other than Jim Vilk, who notes the turf has improved since that photo was taken (12 years or so ago). … Nebraska has added NOBs to practice jerseys for spring ball (via Joe Mueller). … If you scroll down a bit in this article, you’ll see the Chick-Fil-A game for 2016 will be color vs. color (UGA in red and UNC in powder Carolina blue), with thanks to Harrison Wallace.

NBA News: At last night’s game, the Philadelphia 76ers mascot, mascot Sixers Franklin was wearing Reebok Questions, one of Allen Iverson’s signature shoes (h/t Dirt McGirt. … Speaking of the Sixers, apparently there is a leak of next year’s new jersey out there (from Brian Sanford). … Last night, the Warriors wore their special Chinese New Year unis. Here’s another look. And here’s a close up (via CJ Fogler).

Hockey News: What’s worse than having your youth hockey jerseys delivered late? Well, when they’re in the wrong shade of purple and more than a few sizes too big, plenty (thanks to Adam Walter). … Here’s a great shot of the Howe family as members of the WHA’s Houston Aeros (h/t The Press Room). …”This is Habs’ defenseman Jarred Tinordi,” writes Mike Engle. “That looks like an upside-down visor. It’s one thing when Teemu Selanne needed an upside-down visor to work with his old Jofa bucket, but Tinordi has a modern Bauer helmet, with seemingly a Bauer visor to boot. He must like the straight bottom and the feeling of a huge air vent on his forehead. Pretty unique.” … The Stockton Thunder will be doing a pink in the rink thingy all weekend (thanks to Harrison Hamm). … Here’s a good look at Antti Niemi in his retro pad/mask setup for the Stadium Series game (h/t Spencer Cooper). Also from Spencer, a look at the Sharks in their outdoor game gear. But man, are those numbers huge (that sound you heard was Jim Vilk screaming “YES” at the top of his lungs). … Meanwhile the Kings got a chance to break in their white breezers. I kinda like them in all white, but I can see how that would pose all kinds of problems. … Here’s a closer look at the PSC patch the Bulldogs wore last night in honor of Organ Donation/PSC Awareness Night (via Paul).

Soccer News: Here’s a pretty good article on the evolution of the New England Revolution kits (it’s part I of II). … The San Antonio Scorpions, an NASL team, have a new logo (thanks to Matt Barbour). Matt also thought “this might be of interest to your readers as it’s a bit unique within the world of sports.”

College Hoops News: Apparently my (hopefully soon-to-be) alma mater Hofstra will be giving away or selling these camo t-shirts (I believe there will be a donation, maybe $5, involved). … Bunch of new Nike “Hyper Elite Disruption” (insert eye roll here) unis on tap: Florida to wear these against Tennessee (via David Roeder), Duke will wear these against Syracuse (Wil), and Arizona will wear these (from Brian Pace). And here’s Kentucky’s version (Martin Ballou). Syracuse will wear these against Virginia (Kevin Burchell). And Oregon. Here’s a look at the full set of those. And it looks like some teams will get a home and road set (Chad Fields). That’s a bit of a downgrade from last year’s versions (via JHawkins). … Look like there will be some throwbacks on tap for Nebraska hoops. They’ll wear them against Iowa (h/t Doug Hazard). … Colorado State will have a new look today.

Grab Bag: The University of Maryland broke out pink-tinged leotards and stuff for last nights meet (h/t Charley Collier). … You know how there are always old photos of kids playing stickball in city streets? Well, here’s one of Londoners playing cricket (from Classic Pics), reportedly taken on April 25, 1930. … Carlos Ahmed Jalife Ruz writes, ” Don’t know if this has been done before in Mexico but it sure looks like shit. That’s the kit Irapuato FC will be using in the cup match versus Guadalajara, next Tuesday and is to commemorate the club’s anniversary and the army’s anniversary here in México. Not only the design, also the jersey itself looks cheap but we have to keep in mind its a second tier division club.” … There are a lot of things I miss about college, but here’s one we didn’t have when I was there: Curling. The Hamilton College curling team has qualified for the USA College Curling Nationals! Go You Conts! … Leo Strawn, Jr. writes, “Next week begins pre-season (NAB Cup) matches in AFL. While most squads are having intra-club matches this week as a final warmup, West Coast Eagles played a team of Indigenous AFL All-Stars. This special jumper worn by those All-Stars should raise the bar for some teams during this season’s one-off Indigenous Round. Starting last season special jumpers were worn by all 18 AFL clubs during that round of matches.”

line of baseballs 2

And that’s all for today. Thanks to Jimmer for the oh-so-fun Days Of Yore segments, and to George for his wonderful colo(u)rization. Everyone enjoy the day and the outdoor hockey game late this evening. Spring training is underway, so that means spring and baseball season are just around the corner.

My mom’s 81st birthday is today, so I’ll probably be spending a chunk of today helping her celebrate and off the grid. You kids play nice, ok? OK. Back with some more good stuff tomorrow (I think you’ll really enjoy what’s coming).

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Certain flags (USA, Maryland, New Mexico) have a graphic integrity which lend themselves to wide application. I wouldn’t make a uniform out of a Massachusetts or Oklahoma flag unless it were a soccer kit.”

–Walter Helfer

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Comments (74)

    Two things:

    1. Todd Radom is writing for The Sporting News.

    2. The Tim Foli photo at the right of your Pirate block has him in a BP jersey and a black cap. link is closer to what you want.

    First one — Fixed — HORRIBLE mistake on my part. Can’t believe I wrote that in.

    Second one — can’t really fix that graphic (well, I could but I don’t have the time right now). I searched and searched for a color photo of the Bucs in all black and cold not find one, so I went with what I had. Had I seen the Foli photo in my search I would have used it (I should have gone back to our articles and your Buc Tracker I guess, not just a google search). Thanks.

    Yes. Fixed — typo in the “1975” part — I knew I wanted Reggie’s one year (which I knew was ’76). Good spot.

    1. The city of Pittsburgh should collect royalties from the University of Iowa. First the football team blatantly steals the Steelers’ look. Now the baseball team copies the Pirates.
    2. UNC will wear CAROLINA BLUE v UGA in the opening game next year. Not powder blue, not baby blue, not sky blue, not light blue, not Columbia blue. Carolina blue. Hundreds of thousands of alums and millions of fans know this, and now you do too.

    Good call (on #2) and I will fix it, but I want to point out I was quoting directly from the article:

    That means Georgia will be in red and North Carolina in its traditional powder blues when they meet on Sept. 3, 2016, at the Georgia Dome.

    I should have changed it, and now I will — but the mistake was not mine so much as the authors (no excuse, but I do feel the need to point that out).

    Thanks, gents.

    I’ve done a reverse image search and found a nice big version of the cricket picture (2060×1713) that will be easier to do.

    I’m doing a few others at the moment, but will certainly have it on my “to do” pile. It’s a belting picture, isn’t it?

    “… Thanks George – stupendous work as always!…”

    It is the pleasure of Her Majesty to award to Mister George Chilvers of Little-Nubbings-on-Stoke, Obscurashire, Bunnionsex, the Order of the Inverted Garter (Redux) for his lamentably neglected but gloriously evocative colourisations of the sartorial magnificence that once characterized the sportsmen of this, the Realm of Our Islands. Subscribed this day in the year of Our Lord the two thousand fifteenth and the year of Please Please Me the fifty-second.

    Is anyone else looking at the haircuts and some of the big eyeglasses as a tell for the vintage as much as the uniforms themselves?

    Also, part of me forgot that the Texas Rangers ever had a script jersey. The current block lettering, or even the “RangerS”, just seems to suit them better to my eye.

    I like the 77 Chisox unis, bring em back w/o the shorts and collars. Wish the Giants new black Alt was based on that 78 orange alt. If those home Brewers had the road script, I’d be all for it. Padres should be in brown period.

    I agree, I love those 1976 Chisox uniforms, everything but the shorts and collars, it would make a great current uniform (I’d give the jerseys buttons as well). The navy over navy is just about my favorite uniform of all time. And yes, I believe they switched suppliers in 1979 and the blue was lightened to something closer to royal.

    Tinordi’s visor isn’t upside down. Most likely had them make a custom shaped visor similar to something he saw or he wanted to try something new. I could see why he would want some ventilation there.

    It’s not that, either. The white line that looks like the top edge of his visor is just a reflection of the LED ribbon around the upper level of the stadium.

    Can’t ever see the Pirates ever doing a “one and done” with any of the 1977-1984 uniforms, there’s just too many good memories with the fanbase. Talented players and contending teams are the signature memories of that uniform set. Wish the Bucs would have worn their black monochrome in the 1979 WS.

    The gold pinstripes are in that polarizing category of uniform style, I always liked the fact they were more visible than thinner pins, and in a different color. It was interesting to see Vanderbilt baseball adopt the gold pins during that era, and many other levels of baseball tried the pillbox hats as well.

    It appears to me in the photo of Carlton Fisk(white soxs 70’s uni’s)he is batting @ Wrigley Field. Anyone know of the Sox playing the Cubs back then, exhibition game perhaps? Obviously no inter league play back then. Any ideas?

    Retrosheet has an article listing in-season exhibition games. The White Sox and Cubs played a game at Wrigley on Aug. 8, 1981 before the season resumed following the strike, so it could be from that game. It could also be from a late March/ early April exhibition game, if the White Sox-Cubs played those at the time.

    The Cubs and White Sox used to play an intra-city exhibition game every year, and before that they played an entire City Series after the season. When did they stop?

    I can get behind the Brewers, Marlins, Rockies, Diamondbacks and maybe the Giants one. The rest of the choices reek of waxing nostalgic for a culturally terrible time in the late 70s-early 80s.

    And while I love the Blue Jays current set (possibly the best in MLB)I’d enjoy seeing the woefully underrated mid-2000s look pop up every once in a while. *ducks from flying debris*

    Late 70s – early 80s was a great time to be a youth, though. Even if it wasn’t, I was only dealing with the uniforms here. And as parts 1 and 2 show you, I’ve covered more than just this era.

    Waxing nostalgic was the whole point of the article. This wasn’t “Which uniform is their best ever?”…it was “Which uniform of yore would you like to see?” Although I said “Just go back to this” a lot today, I didn’t say it for every team.

    Even though I consider the late 1970s to be an underrated Golden Age, there were plenty of games in ugly concrete bowls on heinous Astroturf in front of a thousand or so fans. Its beauty comes from the place where it resides in my childhood; the garish uniforms take on a rosier hue. I agree it would be fun to see them once or twice, but before long they’d wear out their welcome.

    Some concrete bowls were uglier than others. Agreed on the Astroturf of that time period, though. Once Busch Stadium replaced their turf with grass, I was hoping they would have kept the old place a few more decades. Shoot, as nice as PNC is, if they would have put grass in Three Rivers and knocked out part of it to look like Shea, I would have been happy with that.

    The Brewers need to make their current Friday faux-backs their permanent home uni, and go back to that beautiful script Milwaukee road uniform in either gray or powder blue.

    I’d settle for these but I always liked the 95/96 version of this set better. The “Motre Bame” look with the addition of the green. That’s my favorite Brewers look.
    If they insist on going back to the light blue and gold and the ball in glove logo that I can’t stand thye should go back to the 90-93 look and throw in an addition of a blue alt for the road and maybe a gold alt at home.

    “Interesting collar on this Mets BP jersey (good spot by Nick Schiavo). Harvey may be wearing the old style BP jersey, or something along these lines. …”
    This is the year for the new Majestic Athletic team range ie: Gamer jackets, pull overs, fleece training range,etc… That top is part of that line. We’ll be seeing more as ST games get underway.

    Dear Cleveland Browns, your “tradition” consists of having never even played in a Super Bowl. Stop living on the glory of championships won in an 8 team league. Scrap it all. Go full modern.

    Well, THAT tradition actually went to Baltimore. These Browns have a lofty 6-27 record against the Steelers.

    Yes, we’re all aware of those shenanigans, but if the Browns aren’t really the Browns, then I don’t want to see ANYBODY acting like the Winnipeg Jets are the genuine article.

    “Dear Cleveland Browns, your “tradition” consists of having never even played in a Super Bowl.”


    Ah yes, that old saw again. Everyone knows the NFL started in 1966 and had no history prior to that time.

    Shocking as it may be to you, the Cleveland Browns (well, the franchise that began there and moved to Baltimore…before starting “new” again in 1999…but whatever) — but the CB won EIGHT titles, four of which were AAFC 1946-49. So if you don’t want to give them “credit” for those, OK. But they also won FOUR NFL titles (1950, ’54 & ’55, and then in the dark ages of 1964).

    So, while you are indeed correct in saying they never played in a Super Bowl (apparently the only yard stick that matters to you), they still were NFL champs 4 times. And AAFC champs 4 times. So that’s 8 titles. Just none in your lifetime.

    But that’s more “tradition” than a lot of teams. None of that means they need to stay “traditional” but it doesn’t mean they need to go “full modern” either.

    I’m pretty sure we’ve been down this road before… but yeah, while they have their 8 professional football championships, the most recent one is over 50 years ago, and all of them were in an era with far fewer teams to compete with. Winning in a league with 8 teams just doesn’t hold as much sway with me as winning in a league with 24 or more. The fact is, the Browns just haven’t been very good for most of their history. They started off with an absolute bang, and haven’t done a damn thing since.

    The NFL had 13-14 teams for the Browns 4 NFL championships.
    The Eagles haven’t won in even longer nor have the Lions.
    The Browns looks is clean and classic. I fear that NIke will make them clown suits like they have done for the Jaguars and Bucs. No one needs more clown suits in the NFL.

    If the fans had been clamoring for clown suits, the Browns should have gone that route when they were recreated, and not waited until they’d tried to reestablish the tradition and ties to an earlier era.

    While I’ll agree that those four straight AAFC crowns were won in a bad league, coming straight into the NFL and winning the 1950 championship was fairly impressive.

    Also, the Browns’ last championship was in 1964, when there were *fourteen* teams in the NFL. If you want to say that fourteen isn’t very many, I might agree, but then you’d need to similarly dismiss all those old-school titles won by Chicago, Green Bay, and the Giants, when there were even fewer teams.

    And keep in mind that only *one* of the Bears’ championships was a Super Bowl win; the other eight were in your era of less “sway.”

    So I guess that perhaps the Bears should go “full modern”…?

    Remember that guy in the ticker a few weeks ago who designed a bunch of Super Bowl fields for teams that lost the league/conference championship games? There were a LOT of Browns in that, if I recall…almost as many as The’s Raiders. That means, while they didn’t make it to the show, they didn’t exactly suck either.

    What is “full modern,” anyway?

    I’m guessing that it involves glaring chartreuse and Wrong Sock Syndrome…


    I’ll say this for THE. He’s consistent. And he’s probably more of a (well-meaning) troll than you (that’s a compliment).

    He hates gray facemasks, white, and any design that he considers “boring.” And from these rules he does not vary. So the current Browns, by those definitions, probably drive him batshit.

    I share those rules with THE and though I can’t speak for him, yes, the current Browns do Drive me batshit. All they needed to do is add the bulldog as the logo, doesn’t even have to go on the helmet, just use the damn thing instead of the helmet.
    Then change the facemask back to WHITE and fix the pants stripes. Add a white-orange-white to the brown pants, and add a pair of orange socks to use with the brown pants (or just use the damn white ones). Change the white pants back to a brown-orange-brown stripe, and add orange pants with a brown-white-brown and you have a perfectly fine look for them.

    Since it was pointed out to me last week how the Padres should wear brown because its the color of the clothing of their namesake then shouldnt the Browns change theirs? I mean, it was named after a guys last name so it doesnt have any actual ties to such an awful color. But then again, it IS Cleveland so maybe brown isnt so bad of a choice…

    “1979” Tampa (Bay) Rays”

    Gotta disagree with Jim on that choice. My take (ok opinion and we know what those are), any faux-back or faux forward shouldn’t have been eligible. The faux-forwards where those ugly as sin 2020 something concept unis a few teams wore a few years ago.

    I would love to see some PCL version of the Padre’s road unis, in brown of course, as a Sunday on the road uni.

    I have an idea for a 2 part column that is along this line. Don’t know if I could write it or would Paul and everyone would be interested. The 2 part would be a “Remembrance Day” unit and a “Veterans Day uni”. Veterans day uni would be to scrap and ban any of those camo unis in favor of a military uni baseball jersey. I.E. Boston would wear some USMC WWII unit uni (for Ted Williams obviously, or maybe not). Cleveland wearing Great Lakes Naval Station unis (Bob Feller). That is far as my thinking goes at this point and I think either Paul or Jim suggested this before, so my mind is stuck there.

    Remembrance day would be to remember the victims of. Boston wearing their Boston Marathon remembrance unis. A’s and Giants wearing their 1979 World Series unis, etc.
    Doesn’t have to be elaborate just something to remember folks who perished in a tragedy vice a patch or something else.

    Both of those are a 1 time a year uni

    I agree with the choices for Astros, Padres and Rays. I’d like those Pirates throwbacks to be more common than one-and-done and I’d include the pins: make ’em the Sunday set of options.

    Two additions that I doubt will be popular:

    link – that’s how I remember Luzinski, Schmidt, Carlton et al. – Sundays?

    link – best possible full time roadie for them.

    I too love those Cubs road uniforms (though I’d say use the 1978 version so that there won’t be names on the backs). The Cubs should be wearing some shade of blue on the road instead of dull gray; blue is a color that doesn’t look too garish if it’s in the right shade. I prefer the utterly awesome 1911-1913 dark-blue uniforms myself.

    There is one team that needs to wear the dark blue hue in Chi-town. But that team resides on the South Side.

    Cubbies should be gray, but they did rock the blue fairly well (well, not the pinstripes, but the powder blues before that). Those I could see coming back.

    But if just ONE team can bring back the powder blue, it’s gotta be the Royals, followed by the Mariners and Brewers.

    Ted E:
    The Rays’ everyday uniforms are OK, but their problem happens to be one of my big pet peeves – if the buttons on your jerseys mess up your name (Raays?), either fix it or go pullover. The 79 look not only solves that…they also have a great number font. If they want to do some kind pf hybrid to modernize it, great. But if I only have existing unis from which to choose, make mine ’79!

    A month or so ago, we had a discussion about teams with the number on the right, a la the 1995 Cincinnati Reds. For whatever reason, the fauxback Rays never came up.

    Vilk you want to one and done the unis of my childhood? *shakes fist*

    Just teasing you of course, and I actually agree in that I never liked the fat stripes,but I disliked it more when then would do the goofy stuff like gold top, white striped pants, etc.

    FWIW, I think the fat stripes were so they could wear the white on the road, like the tequila sunrise Astros were doing at the time. I assume the league told them they couldn’t wear white over white on the road after 1977, or any white after 1978, so they did away with the stripes by 1980. (I haven’t come across any explanations of why, though.)

    Um, shake your fist at Phil. I picked the ’71 unis back in part 2.

    I liked the stripes. Didn’t like the caps, though.

    The ’71s were only my Sunday pick, because in an upcoming concepts section, you’ll see what I want the Bucs to wear everyday.

    Agree with many of the choices (Jays, Royals, Mariners, Brewers) but would take the Astros one further and go back to 1975.

    Phillies would turn the ‘Saturday Night special’ into a Sunday. Would change the red in whatever was used for their home/road into burgundy.

    First instinct for Padres would be go back to the 1978, but on further consideration would just use those as alternates as long as regulars were similar to the ones from 1974-75.

    For the Pirates for an alternate would love to see the all black uniform with the yellow cap option from the ‘mix and match’ era.

    Two things:

    1. I like a lot of the classic uniform designs if done in the new cut, but I never, ever, ever need or want to see them paired with Sansabelt pants. Ever. (Did I say never?)

    2. That looks suspiciously like Soldier Field in the rendering because it is a Soldier Field rendering. Note the Hancock Building in the background in addition to the interior details.

    I think you clicked on the wrong link – the photo linked on the left is clearly not Soldier Field


    Also, isn’t that the Aon (not Hancock) building in the background of Soldier Field?

    The Pittsburgh fat pinstripes are fine as long as everyone doesn’t adopt them (which obviously they won’t). On their own I think they are unique enough and look interesting.

    The fat pinstripes would love to have been a fad, but nobody was buying! That makes me like them even more.

    Days of Yore:

    If the 1986 Cleveland Indians road top had the the city name on the chest instead the team name, I’d like to see that set come back to stay.
    The 1989 set is ruined by the racing stripes.

    I also liked the short-lived gray/grey road caps worn by Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the ’90s…but thier uniforms were otherwise unremarkable back then. Keep those in my memory!

    You’ve finally lost me. White paneled Orioles caps ?? Any colored paneled hats ?? Brown Padres unis ?? OMG, come on guys…these are little league unis. Be serious…get some taste.

    You’re right Phil – I should not blame you for the mistakes of others. A [sic] in the quote would suffice and absolve you (as someone who Gets It) of others’ willful ignorance.

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