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Neon Circus

What you see above is the attire that most Nike-outfitted men’s tennis players will be wearing at the Australian Open, which kicks off next week. The interesting thing about it (aside from the fact that it looks like shit, duh) is the use of that “Volt” neon/highlighter tone. In fact, all of Nike’s Australian Open designs feature that color in varying degrees. Most of the other designs aren’t as godawful as the one shown above (which, in Nike’s words, “makes an unapologetic visual statement” — uh, right), but it would be fair to say that all of them would be better without the neon.

As most of you are aware (and as Phil capably deconstructed last Saturday), neon tones also figure prominently in the new NHL all-star uniforms that were unveiled last week.

My latest ESPN column takes a closer look at those NHL all-star unis, and at the history of neon/highlighter tones in uniform design. It was a fun piece to work on — definitely one of those “How come I never thought of writing about this before?” topics. Check it out here.

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T-Shirt Club update: My thanks to the 200+ readers who ordered the January “Home” design from the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club. Your shirts should be arriving later this month.

We got a late start on the January design, but our plan is to schedule things so that each month’s shirt will deliver by the 10th of that month (and often sooner than that). That means we’re going to launch each month’s shirt on the third Tuesday of the preceding month. And that means the February shirt will go on sale next Tuesday, Jan. 20. And that means it’s already time for me to give you a sneak peek at it.

February, of course, is when baseball players report to spring training. And what do players wear during spring training? Batting practice jerseys — so that’s the concept for the February design. Dig (click to enlarge):

I really like it — hope you do too. But there’s one area where we could use some feedback: As you can see, “Batting Practice” makes for a really long NOB, so I’m wondering if we might be better off going double-decker, like this:

What say ye — stacked or non-stacked? Personally, I’m leaning toward the stacked, but I’m willing to defer if the sentiment is running strongly the other way.

Let me anticipate a few questions you may have:

Why not use “Spring Training” as the NOB?

Because nobody calls them “spring training jerseys.” They’re always called “batting practice jerseys” or “BP jerseys,” even during spring training.

Then why not use “BP Jersey” as the NOB? That would be fewer letters, so you wouldn’t have choose between stacked or non-stacked.

Because the word “Jersey” is already implicit in all of the NOBs for this project. For the first shirt, we didn’t have “Home Jersey”; we just had “Home.” And when we eventually do the black design, we won’t have “BFBS Jersey”; we’ll just have “BFBS.”

Like all the other designs, this one will only be available for one week. Full ordering details to follow next Tuesday.

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Membership update: Some new designs have been added to the membership card gallery (including Alex Giobbi’s card, shown at right, which is based on the Fort Wayne TinCaps’ uniforms and reaffirms my long-held belief that the worst uniforms often make the best membership cards). The print/laminated versions of these cards will mail out either this weekend or, at the latest, next Monday.

As always, you can sign up for your own custom-designed membership card here, you can see all the cards we’ve designed so far here, and you can see how we produce the cards here.

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Baseball News: Here are some of the fan-submitted designs for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers’ BP jersey design contest (from Jeff Ash). ”¦ The deep-dish pizza chain Giordano’s has come up with a Cubs logo pizza (from Jim Walaitis). ”¦ I love the Mets and I love my cats, but I would never commingle them like this. Let the kitties have their dignity! (Thanks, Phil.) … New uniforms for Bethany College. ”¦ Check out Tommy Lasorda wearing a Rock n’ Jock softball jersey back in 1993. That’s Darryl Strawberry posing with him, of course (from Chris Cruz). ”¦ If you’re one of those who lament the move from cardstock tickets to e-tickets, the Brewers have just the thing for you: a $1,000 “timeless ticket,” redeemable for any game in the future, and it’s made out of bronze. Mark Rybczyk, ever the mature one, notes that the American League West’s caps, when arranged in a particular sequence, spell out “Asshat” (or, as someone on Twitter pointed out, “A’s Shat”).

NFL News: If you go to this page and search on the word “Vaseline,” you’ll learn some interesting stuff about how the NFL checks for banned substances on jerseys. ”¦ Now that Jack Del Rio has another head coaching job, will he once again wear a suit, as he often (but not always) did with Jacksonville? ”¦ The Falcons’ new stadium, set to open in 2017, looks like it’s gonna be pretty damn cool, or at least interesting (thanks, Phil). ”¦ The Bills welcomed Rex Ryan with a kinda gross-looking pizza (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ Also: When Ryan met the press yesterday, he had a bottle of “Bills Water” (from Seth Shaw). ”¦ Yesterday I wondered if the NFL would be sticking with the same Pro Bowl unis from last year. As several readers quickly noted, it looks like they’ll at least be sticking with the same colors. ”¦ There’s a guy in Seattle who has a Seahawks-branded prosthetic leg.

College Football News: Here are the uniforms for next Saturday’s Senior Bowl. But shouldn’t the team names be Chocolate and Peanut Butter, instead of North and South? (Thanks, Phil.) ”¦ What would it look like if Big 12 rivals swapped colors? Like this. “I showed that to a buddy,” says Britton Thomas, “and he said, ‘Don’t show this to Nike. Their next gimmick might be Color Swap Saturdayâ„¢.'” ”¦ Turns out there was also a Big Ten version of that same concept (from Kevin Kielczewski). … Does Troy have a new chrome helmet in the works? Shmaybe, although I suspect it’s just a shiny trinket to entice the recruits. ”¦ New uniform for South Carolina? Could be.

Hockey News: “This Friday — Hockey Day in Minnesota Eve — a Minnesota National Guard amateur hockey team is facing off against a team from the 38th Canadian Brigade Group that’s traveling down from Winnipeg,” writes Scott Ingalsbe, who works for the Minnesota Nat’l Guard. “Our goaltender, Darrin Janisch, has been presented with a personalized mask for the game, courtesy of Todd Miska. As I am sure he does for each goaltender he is outfitting, Todd dug a little deeper for the personalized aspects of the design. Janisch currently represents the 34th Infantry Division, so the front left side of the mask includes that division’s red bull patch logo, and the right side incorporates the emblem of the 82nd Airborne Division, where Janisch previously served as an infantryman. Janisch is also a purple heart recipient, and Todd has incorporated that on the backplate” (photos by Tech Sgt. Paul Santikko). ”¦ Flames rookie Johnny Gaudreau is looking to trademark the term “Johnny Hockey.” ”¦ The Coyotes will wear Cubist-style throwbacks on March 5 (thanks, Phil). … “The Ontario Hockey League’s Plymouth Whalers are moving to Flint and it creates an interesting naming situation,” says Eric Romain. “Flint had teams called the Flint Generals from 1969-1985 (IHL) and 1993-2010 (CoHL/UHL/IHL), making that the obvious choice for the team name. The new ownership has even registered that name already. However the OHL already has the Oshawa Generals, who have been using that name since 1932.” There’s a poll on possible team names here. ”¦ Pink in the Rink uniforms for the Utica Comets (thanks, Phil). ”¦ The Penguins have an interesting color-coded system for their water bottles. ”¦ Jeff Barak has put together a retrospective of every jersey and patch that Dominik Hasek wore with the Sabres.

NBA News: The Nets’ long-threatened sleeved fauxbacks will supposedly be released later this month. ”¦ Here’s the logo for the D-League All-Star Game. ”¦ Here’s a countdown of the best NBA replica jerseys from the 1990s (thanks, Mike). ”¦ NBA commish Adam Silver has been saying for years now that uniform ads are “inevitable,” so it’s no surprise that he just said it again. And hey, you have to hand it to him, uni ads are so good at being inevitable that they’ve been inevitable for three or four years running! As I’ve mentioned before, one gets the feeling that a Venn diagram of the things Adam Silver decrees to be “inevitable” and the things that are good for Adam Silver would basically be two overlapping circles. … Trail Blazers G Damian Lillard has a new signature sneaker that pays tribute to his alma mater, Weber State. ”¦ The Spurs and Hornets went color-vs.-color last night. ”¦ With the Knicks slated to play in London today, Carmelo Anthony presented a jersey to Prince Harry.

College Hoops News: New look last night for Dayton’s “Rudy Flyer” mascot. … Air Force wore grey camouflage uniforms last night (thanks, Phil).

Soccer News: Liverpool’s new kits have leaked (from Todd Gaines). ”¦ Nike is rolling out a line of “pre-match” shirts. ”¦ New kits for Paris St Germain, AS Roma, and Barca. … Turkish soccer teams are having a hard time finding jersey sponsors. ”¦ Looks like Brazilian legend Ronaldo once wore a wedding band while playing (from Mike Engle).

Grab Bag: The “Uni Watch Fans” group on Facebook is running a design contest. If you haven’t already joined the group, you can do so here, and the details on the contest are here. Just to clarify, I have no involvement in the group or the contest — just passing along the link for those who might be interested. ”¦ There’s some controversy about the Rugby Football Union releasing too many England kits in an attempt to cash in on merch sales. … UniFirst, a Massachusetts company that makes work uniforms, has won an award for its polo shirt. … New logo for the Cleveland-based Great Lakes Brewing Company. … The Cyprus Airways logo is up for sale. ”¦ Stop what you’re doing right now and watch this chameleon bowling video. Trust me (bit thanks to Eric Bangeman). … A Kansas school district is ending its agreement to use Georgia Tech’s logo and will instead come up with a logo of its own.

Comments (111)

    The solution to the NOB on that shirt is to have BATTING and PRACTICE frame the numbe: BATTING on the top and PRACTICE on the bottom. Both vertically arched, of course.

    Me too. In my book, making the NOB harder to read is a feature, not a bug. Thing should be NNOB – I think it’s safe to say that anyone who Gets It will get it without the hand-holding NOB.

    I’m for the non-stacked as well. There have been plenty of players with longer last names (Jarod Saltalamacchia, Dave Concepcion, etc) so it’s almost an homage to guys like that.

    First of all, the way players refer to them is irrelevant. Players don’t say “BFBS,” but we do, and that’s what matters.

    Second, as noted in another thread, the problem with just using “BP” is that two-letter NOBs look really stark, odd, not-so-hot, etc.

    I’m fine with the stacked NOB the way it is displayed or else as suggested Batting above the number and Practice below.

    I have kids in elementary, pushing middle-school age. TONS of kids that age are wearing highlighter colors again. (Of course, TONS of kids that age, assuming 75 pounds per kid, is only about 55 kids to get to 2 tons so that’s not a lot of kids but I wasn’t being literal.) Strange thing is, it’s mostly Under Armor. Is it possible that Nike is now following someone else’s lead? Will the torch be passed as these kids get older? Or is using more highlighter colors Nike’s way of making sure they keep a hold on it?

    Highlighter colors sell BIG TIME for high school and below. A coaching colleague of mine also operates a small print shop…everywhere he goes, he stocks up on highlighters. It’s the only products that truly sell all the time at events.

    It doesn’t matter of the school colors for these kids, they like loud and obnoxious.

    I do love the original Coyotes jersey. I have no reason to, just it is so odd it’s great! I have both a home and away one and used to wear them all the time as a kid. Those Starter made ones back then were well put together, even for replicas. Logos were all embroidered and numbers all sewed on in actual layers (gasp!)

    Anyone else notice how bad the current replica jerseys are made from Reebok? They are so thin and feel like you can rip them apart with your hands. They cost a small fortune too, but that’s expected.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for that old Coyotes jersey for two reasons: (1) the sheer audacity of it, and (2) the logo. I would love to see the Coyotes go back to that logo (perhaps with a few tweaks to reduce the color scheme from 98 different colors down to four or five). It’s more memorable and has a lot more character than their current logo.


    Someone made a mock up of a hockey version of the Flint Tropics ala Semi-pro, which filmed the fake ABA basketball scenes in the same arena that the new OHL team will play.

    If having two teams called “Generals” in the league is a problem (see AHL with two clubs called “Admirals” because of a merger), then the Flint club could always be link.

    Disney had some cheerleaders follow Brutus the Buckeye around Disney World during his recent trip. i wonder if they had some cheerleader uniforms that were green and yellow… i am mean black and green.. i mean white and grey.. oh heck with it.. whatever color Oregon claims to be their school color this week


    the Michigan/Ohio swap looks more a UM/Indiana swap.. the scarlet is too dark looks more maroon

    I agree that they should be stacked as long as they are the same font size. the picture makes it look like batting is in a smaller font size than practice is. Love the idea, perfect for the start of spring training.

    Yes, the “Batting” lettering is a bit smaller. Kinda has to be that way or else the stack feels too clunky.

    Used this as inspiration (sort of):

    that’s interesting. Never seen that use of a name plate before. as a frame of reference that makes more sense. I like the stacked look more now that there is evidence haha

    Here’s my 2 cents on the batting practice t-shirt. I would either go with just BP like the BFBS on the back of the black for black sake jersey, or I would just go non stacked. Spring training is the time of weird/long names that we all hope make the big club to bring us uni watching goodness throughout the year.

    2 things RE: Seahawks prosthetic leg…..

    “Everybody’s got jerseys, hats, wigs. I wanted to take the extra step!”

    I see what he did there.

    “… he got permission from [the team?][sic] to use the team’s helmet design as a tattoo for his prosthetic.”

    Wow, someone actually asked for permission before using a licensed image??!! Nice!

    On top of the growing popularity of neon colors, the Aussie Open really pushes to be the most colorful of the Slams.

    I don’t mind the colors, but those designs are just hideous. I usually wear solid colors on the courts. I have no problem with bright, obnoxious colors, but won’t wear anything with a design like that.

    I prefer non-stacked, though stacked is certainly not a bad look. I really like the different logo on the front . . . very BP. Well done.

    I agree with Robert, stacked doesn’t really look right IMO. I’d suggest either full Batting Practice, BP, or Alternate/ ALT.

    “This is why I hate writing with a large group. Everybody has their own little opinions, and it all gets homogenised, and you lose the whole edge of it. I’m going with jerk store! Jerk store is the line! Jerk store!”

    I’d suggest saving jerk store for later this year, maybe pairing it with purple, some neon, and assorted marketing nonsense about combat, camouflage, and honoring a cause. lol j/k

    I agree that the full “Batting Practice” all the way across looks good. The mismatched font size on the stacked lettering bothers me for some reason.

    My personal preference is the stacked, just as depicted. Would I like it on an entire MLB team? Probably not. For this application? Yes.

    Atlanta’s new stadium does look pretty damn cool. The problem with certain retractable roofs is that even when open, you still feel like you’re inside. As a Brewer fan, Miller Park is fun because of the tailgating, being able to walk around the stadium, few other reasons that escape me. ~ but, a nice Sunday afternoon in the summer with the roof open, you’re INSIDE!

    I agree. I don’t really get why retractable roofs are still a thing. The novelty of it was cool when Skydome pioneered it (I think?), but to me it just seems like a useless (expensive) gimmick. Just make it a solid roof and be done with it. For the Atlanta stadium, I think the window to the skyline will do more to give you an “outdoor” feel than the roof will, anyway.

    Retractables are good if you regularly use them. Haven’t tracked the Mariners, but I’m assuming Safeco’s roof goes back and forth quite a bit. Miami, Houston and Phoenix? Not so much, which would be a bit useless and gimmicky to me. Just give ’em a solid roof.

    Last year the DBacks played 22 of their home games with the roof open, the last one being on Jun 18. In the early part of the season, the commonly will have the roof closed for BP, but open it just before the game anticipating that the temp will go down throughout the evening, Of course in July and Aug, that doesn’t happen.

    Minute Maid always seems closed, but NRG (or whatever the Texans’ stadium is called now) I’ve seen get some use.

    When I read (skimmed, actually) that National Guard goalie Darrin Janisch’s mask “includes that division’s red bull patch logo”, I clicked on the link thinking, “I didn’t know Red Bull sponsored National Guard sports teams.” I was pleased to find a different red bull logo.

    I wonder if any branch of the military has been approached by a potential advertiser, wishing to place their corporate logo on the uniform. I would be surprised if this hasn’t happened.

    Stacked looks better to my eye but it also accentuates “PRACTICE”, like Alan Iverson accentuated “PRACTICE”. I mean we talkin’ bout’ PRACTICE man, PRACTICE!


    Each approach has its pros and cons. This discussion is pretty much affirming what I already suspected: There’s no perfect solution, just an assortment of imperfect ones.

    2 comments: hope they let Del Rio wear suits, and if so, it will probably have Nike shit up the sides of the pants, and on the shirt collar.
    Atlanta stadium proposal looks like crap. Doesn’t look like a stadium at all. Im afraid we have entered a new era of stadium design, now that uni design has jumped the shark.

    When they did this before, it was Mike Nolan on the 49ers and DelRio on the Jaguars. Nolan’s was trying to pay tribute to Nolan’s dad by wearing suits and Del Rio following suit (no pun intended). They had to ask permission of the NFL to do that because, apparently, coaches are required to wear team branded gear (at that time Reebok gear).


    As a rugby guy, the last World Cup also saw EVERY top team release the World Cup jerseys which are devoid of sponsorship logos and last time had the IRB logo on it. I don’t think it is “cashing” in as much as it is the code’s major tournament and is no different than soccer teams releasing their World Cup kits. Seems like much ado over nothing really because if you don’t want to spend the money on it don’t buy it.

    The criticism isn’t that England will have new kit for the world cup, but the fact that England releases new kit EVERY year. How often does England have to wear their change strip? At most, once a year. So is there really a need for the purple, red, black and anthracite jerseys that were all released during their contract with Nike?

    Depending upon sponsor, EVERY international rugby team is releasing a new kit every year. They just release an ADDITIONAL one (without a sponsor, per IRB Regulation) for the World Cup.

    For example, USA Rugby has changed its vendor from CCC to BLK for 2015, and there is a completely new kit that goes with that. They got rid of the “stars and stripes” jersey they were using last year (thankfully) and have gone back to a more traditional solid blue primary and white alternate.

    Oh, and there’s completely different kit for Sevens…

    Seeing that the 2015 alternate may be gray or a white/blue hooped jersey


    But I don’t think the formal announcement has been done yet.

    If your league has been around for nearly a century and there’s a color that no team has ever used, maybe there’s, you know, a good reason for that.

    Yes… and that reason is that sports teams aren’t very creative. Certain colors (mainly blue, black, and red) have been overused to the extreme, while plenty of other colors (orange, yellow, green, purple, brown…) are seen much less. That doesn’t make them “bad” colors.

    Also I’m pretty sure those “full highlighter” uniforms for the Ducks were just regular old crayola crayon yellow. It’s a brighter color than the standard “athletic gold” yellow that everyone else uses, but it isn’t really neon.

    Agreed, bright but I wouldn’t put it in the “neon” category. While we’re picking-nits, wouldn’t these colors be more accurately described as “day-glow”?

    Also, I know you don’t follow soccer Paul, but leaving out Barcelona and Chelsea (two of the biggest franchises in the world) is a glowing omission.

    two of the biggest franchises in the world

    So that’s what they mean when they say Barça is “more than a club”.

    /kidding, but soccer fans get uptight when you use the word “franchise”, but these days, Barcelona acts like every other club, or worse.

    P.S. I see what you did with the last paragraph

    I seem to recall back in the ’80s or ’90s the NHL banned neon logos on sticks and equipment. It was trendy at the time but was deemed too distracting. I suspect it was actually due to the fact the manufacturers’ logo became too noticeable.

    I would lean toward the stacked version, but I will pass on this T-shirt. I kinda feel about yellow/gold/mustard like Paul feels about purple. Not to mention, I’m a bigger guy so I don’t relish walking around looking like a jar of mustard.

    If you like retro basketball, an EXCELLENT 1980s-90s 100 pic photo set is here:

    This is where I grew up. Many of my high school (Morgan Raiders) are in the set even though they are located in a separate county that the newspaper is located in. Throwback pics of short-shorts, big hair, sleeved basketball jerseys (high school and college), sweet warmups, socks, Confederate flags on jerseys (pic 4), untucked look, mismatched team (pic 16), strange mascots (Scotties, Ceramics, Muskies, Electrics), and much more!

    Only thing that would have made it better is color…

    Here’s a countdown of the best NBA replica jerseys from the 1990s

    I could make a countdown of all the things wrong with that article, but I’ll stick to the most egregious errors:

    1) He asks what the best replica jerseys were, but in his countdown he showed photos of some authentic jerseys. For instance, if you look at the collage of jerseys at the top, you’ll see a Sonics jersey without a white stripe on it. That’s a Champion replica, not the jersey he showed later on for Shawn Kemp. Most of time Champion got it right (or close enough for the price), but not adding the white stripe was a huge difference. Even if I liked Shawn Kemp, I would’ve left him off the list for that reason. Come to think of it, I believe the Nuggets replicas didn’t have the skyline logo, which should have knocked Mutombo off the list as well.

    2) The guy friggin DUNKED ON PEOPLE, at five-foot-three!!!!
    Um, no he didn’t. You’re confusing Muggsy Bogues with five-foot-six Spud Webb.

    At least we agreed on the first two lines of the article, but it slowly unraveled after that.

    Minor typo: In the “NFL News” section of the ticker, the petroleum jelly product has an extra “l”. Should be Vaseline, not Vaselline.

    I think if you went with B. Practice it would be quite hilarious and look great. That way you get in the whole concept of First Initial, Last name.

    A lot of 13s in this current bunch of membership cards, huh?

    Also, is that a Philly Stars design right next to a Michigan Panthers?

    Yeah, but I think this is the first time Nike’s gone all-in on highlighters.

    Plus, Liverpool did link in 2004.

    The batting practice tees are brilliant. Use of the third colour as the main colour, emphasizing a secondary aspect of the logo as the main logo, etc – great stuff!

    Stacked doesn’t look right to me, I would go one line or BP.

    Oh good I wasn’t the only one who noticed “Bills Water” yesterday. Apparently, a quick Twitter search shows link There’s even a link Amazing, I’ve been to Buffalo many times, never got the impression that they were a drinking town on the level of Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I guess all proceeds go to Jim Kelly’s charity he started up for his now-deceased son.

    I’m going to the Bills training camp this summer when the Steelers scrimmage up there this year. I’ll have to pick up some Bills Water.

    “Bills Water” sounds too much like “bilge water” to be terribly appealing to me, as a ship geek. :)

    No I like “batting practice” all one line/vertically arched/capitals, but make the font bigger so it runs down the sleeves.

    Love the gold. One line so that it takes up the whole back, kind of like “Concepcion” or “Messersmith.”

    Excellent conclusion to the ESPN article, comparing them to the beer guy! Although, not looking forward to a neon Uni Watch T-shirt Club offering… If you go there, at least make it say “COLD BEER” on the nameplate!

    This year, I’m going to try and remember to take some pictures of what spring in Seattle looks like for you, Paul, to help you better understand why “action green” is actually a really appropriate color for this region. It’s the Emerald City, after all, and when the trees and plants start to wake up from winter with new growth (yet the skies are still overcast and the rains aren’t done) you get a combination of predominantly dark background and neon green exclamation points that the Hawks’ uniforms echo quite well. I doubt Nike did it on purpose, but it works — and fits in well with their intention of drawing from local-inspired flavor with the ’12 redesign. I understand why it might not make sense elsewhere, but around here it actually fits the aesthetic nicely.

    Though, yes, even we in the NW agree the ’09 jerseys were overkill.

    The ’09 jerseys would have been perfect with gray britches. Maybe even white.

    They had a lot of things going against them: 1) the blue pants, 2) Da Bears were also wearing blue pants, 3) it was a sunny day…those jerseys really would have popped on an overcast day. Instead they were a little blinding.

    It wasn’t a great matchup, but that doesn’t mean the jersey wasn’t good.

    At the risk of contradicting myself, I agree: a reformatted approach to the green could work. They were definitely a bad combo with the standard pants/helmet, but the jerseys themselves also felt “rushed” to me — like Reebok just swapped out some colors in MS Paint and called it good. It’d be interesting to see an approach from the ground up with the ’12 template.

    I’ve heard rumors that you are considering adding adverts to the empty space on future shirts ;)

    Why not NNOB with “BP” as the number instead of 15? That’s the only thing I can think of.

    I know I’m a day late, a dollar short and no one asked for my opinion, but the shirt would look even better with an absurdly high, spring training number (like 74). We can be the guy that no one expects to make the team. Keep the 15 on the front but have unstacked text with a high number!

    If we must go stacked, would look better if both words are arched, and the same size. As shown, too much emphasis on the second word.

    I found it interesting looking at the mask designed for Darrin Janisch of the Minnesota National Guard. What struck me was the logo for the 82nd Airborne. I had seen this logo, or one very similar while I was in Australia. A quick Google search turned up the Adelaide Adrenaline. Link is link

    The NHL uniforms are a special kind of train wreck: not only do they have the ephemeral and gratuitous neon treatment, with the metallic crest are doubling down on skeuomorphism like it’s going out of style–which it did about two years ago.

    I actually bottled the Bills Water at my place of Employment. Its spring water from Vermont. Nothing special besides the packaging. Its apparently available at Tops supermarkets in Western New York.

    On the NHL All-Star Sweaters. Someone on the ESPN column described them perfectly. They look like Moto Cross Jerseys. Not a good look. Here’s an Idea NHL. Try making jerseys that incorporate the host teams colors/designs. Kinda like the MLB jerseys or NBA jerseys.

    Oh and the Uni-Watch Shirt, I’d go with either One Line or “B. Practice” since one line might be too much.

    I’ve spent years working in a supervisory capacity for various warehouses and distribution centers. Every one of them has had certain safety requirements that include situational use of neon yellow or orange visibility vests. Under no circumstance should that ever equate to sports uniforms.

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