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We All Can’t Breathe

The continuing transformation of pregame warm-ups into a forum for social commentary on current events took an interesting turn last night in Portland, as Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum ”” a native of France ”” wore a “Je Suis Charlie” T-shirt prior to the Blazers’ game against the Heat. The shirt’s message translates to “I Am Charlie,” which has become the global statement of mourning and outrage after Wednesday’s massacre by Islamist gunmen that left 12 people dead in the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

There are some obvious parallels here to the “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts. For starters, it was easy to see why the NBA execs grudgingly tolerated “I Can’t Breathe” — the symbolism of white league officials telling a predominantly black group of players to stop expressing themselves on an issue of huge importance to the black community would have had, as they say, terrible optics. Given that precedent, it’s hard to imagine anyone telling Batum, who is French, that he can’t wear a message connected to a French tragedy.

And much like the “I Can’t Breathe” tees, this gesture is likely to spread, because Batum is not the only French player in the league. Others include Jazz center Rudy Gobert; Wizards center Kevin Seraphin; Spurs guard Tony Parker; Spurs center Boris Diaw; and Pacers center Ian Mahinmi (plus we could also include Bulls center Joakim Noah, who holds American, Swedish, and French citizenship). None of those players’ teams had games last night, but most of them will be playing tonight, so it’ll be interesting to see if those players wear T-shirts similar to the one Batum wore (I suspect they will), and if their non-French teammates wear the T-shirts as a gesture of solidarity (I bet this happens for at least one of the teams).

Of course, one big difference between “I Can’t Breathe” and “Je Suis Charlie” is that the former was controversial (at least in some quarters) while the latter is not — or at least I hope it isn’t. Then again, even if you support the basic message, you might think pregame warm-ups are the wrong place for it, which is certainly a defensible position, although I don’t happen to agree with it in this case.

And what about the rest of the sports world? There have been at least two other gestures that I’m aware of:

• In the NHL, Stars left wing Antoine Roussel (who I believe is the only French player currently in the league check that, there are two other French players: Xavier Ouellet of the Red Wings and Pierre-Édouard Bellemare of the Flyers) memorialized the victims last night by writing “RIP Charlie Hebdo” on his stick:

• And French tennis player Alizé Cornet put a “Je Suis Charlie” sign on her bag last night while playing in the Hopman Cup tournament:

I’m sure there have been other athletes making similar gestures but those are the only two I’m aware of so far.

(My thanks to Phil for his assistance with this piece.)

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Another mystery solved: For the second time this week, one of my colleagues has helped answer a vexing uni-related question. This time it involves the black tape that Colts wideout Hakeem Nicks has been wearing on the sides of his facemask for the past five weeks. Is it a memorial for someone who recently passed way? A facemask version of eye black? Something else?

When the team didn’t respond to my inquiries on this oh-so-weighty matter (I tell ya, it’s hard to get any respect covering the uniform beat), I turned to ESPN’s Colts beat reporter, Mike Wells, who graciously agreed to ask Nicks directly.

Mike’s report: “Hakeem said he started wearing the stripes again because it reminded him when he wore them as a kid and had the hunger to reach to the NFL.”

The interesting thing about this explanation is that, as I mentioned back on Monday, someone on Twitter had described Nicks’s tape job as “Pop Warner style.” After hearing that Nicks used to tape up his facemask when he was a kid, I went back to the person who posted the Pop Warner tweet, Dylan McNamara, and asked him what he meant by that. You can see our exchange here. Interesting!

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Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

What sports-related movie or TV prop, if it were to pop up on eBay and price wasn’t an issue, would you most want to own? For example, I’d like one of Dr. J’s uniforms from The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. [I can’t wait to hear how many people want to have the garter from Bull Durham. ”” PL]

As always, post your answers in today’s comments.

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T-Shirt Club reminder: In case you missed it earlier this week, the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club is now up and running. Full details here.

ESPN reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, my latest ESPN column is about next Monday’s Oregon/Ohio State title game.

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’Skins Watch: An Illinois high school was planning to revive Chief Illiniwek for a halftime performance at a basketball game but then caved in to political correctness changed its mind. ”¦ A school board in Colorado has voted to keep “Redskins” as a team name, and you won’t believe the painting on the wall of the school’s gym. Wow. ”¦ This is pretty fascinating: Use of the ’Skins name during NFL broadcasts was down 27% during the past season (from Yusuke Toyoda). ”¦ A high school in Maine is using a new student-created logo to replace the school’s old Native American mascot imagery (thanks, Phil).

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: I walked by a Chicago art gallery yesterday and saw a painting of Wrigley Field. The ballpark’s marquee delights me to no end. If you’re going to use artistic license, go all the way and call them World Series champs. … The Cubs’ spring training facility will be named after a toilet flush valve company (from Brinke). … Here’s the latest entry in the Padres’ “Bring Back the Brown” movement (from Brady Phelps). … The Mets will give away a Jacob deGrom gnome on May 2 (from Phil). … North Carolina’s library posted some photos of the 1894 Tar Heels baseball team (from Ryan Frazer).

NFL News: In this photo from October, it looks like Seahawks WR Percy Harvin was either wearing no socks or no-show socks (from Carlos Ahmed Jalife Ruz). … A Seattle-area publication ranked the Seahawks’ uniforms used over the years (from Phil). … A fanfic novella about Pats TE Rob Gronkowski is being pulled from Amazon because someone with some authority didn’t like that the cover showed Gronk wearing the “MHK” memorial patch on his jersey (thanks, Mike Styczen). … Jeff Ash sends along the cover of the program from the Ice Bowl and an Coke ad with vintage NFL logos from inside the program.

College Football News: Nike is a big factor in recruiting for both Oregon and Ohio State (from Phil). … Babies born from Jan. 2 to Jan. 12 at Ohio State’s medical center will get this blanket (from Phil). … Here’s Adidas’s press release on their new partnership with Miami (from Phil). … Illinois State will wear its standard white, red and red for the FCS Championship on Saturday (from Ryan Lindemann).

Hockey News: Wild players wore No. 11 decals on their helmets last night to honor J.P. Parise, who died of lung cancer this week. Parise was a North Star and the father of the Wild’s Zach Parise. Both wear No. 11 (from Barry Brite). … New third jersey for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms (from Phil). … Ducks’ goalie Frederik Andersen has a tribute mask for Teemu Selanne. Hopefully this won’t be Teemu’s response (from Phil). … No pics, but the Florida Everblades will wear superhero jerseys tonight and tomorrow (from Phil).

Soccer News: “Here’s a close-up look at the flags and jersey insignia for the opening match of the 2015 AFC Asian Cup in Australia,” says Gareth Askham.

Pro Basketball News: Last night I found a pic of former Knicks guard John Starks wearing a mask without any transparent plastic. … Canada’s Windsor Express will wear these nice throwback unis. I want to hear the backstory to them. … Dion Waiters was traded from Cleveland to Oklahoma City this week. Because his usual No. 3 is taken, Waiters will wear No. 23 instead of No. 13 because OKC is hesitant giving away James Harden’s old number. … The Bulls asked fans to incorporate Chicago’s temperature into the team’s jersey design over Snapchat. Can’t wait until we get a Rodman day. … The Hawks are finding new ways to promote the team to different demographics. One idea floated by a focus group was “New team uniforms that look like a cross between something a Marvel superhero would wear and the Oregon football unis (which the research said millennials are nuts about, even if your dad thinks they’re hideous)” (from Robert Silverman). … The Timberwolves tweeted a photo of their new practice facility, and the Wolves logo pictured has a different font than their current logo. Potential update? (Good spot by Luke Gagnon). … The first 10,000 adult fans at tonight’s Bucks game get a “Fear the Deer” scarf in throwback team colors. … Here’s an interactive photo gallery that shows how some NBA players have aged over the years.

College Hoops News: Ohio State changed its logo in 2013, but the school’s old logo still appears on its basketball court and on TV. “Also, for about the first half of the season ESPN still had the old logo on their website, which is now updated to the new one,” says Tyler Dresbach. “I attended a few games this past year and there are still signs inside the stadium that have the old logo, which I wish I had gotten pictures of now. Wondering if this bugs anyone else as much as it bugs me, especially being a Buckeye fan.” … Western Kentucky will retire Courtney Lee’s number (from Phil). … Vanderbilt’s Riley LaChance wore a mask Tuesday night and made some key shots in the team’s win over Auburn (from Matt Larsen).

Grab Bag: When he first started in NASCAR, Jeff Gordon was originally going to race with the number 46 (from Chris H). … Someone has gone through a bunch of user manuals to compile recommendations on how to load a dishwasher (from Laurence Holland). … USA Swimming has a new logo portfolio for championship meets. … The pro cycling team Cannondale-Garmin has a new argyle-patterned kit for 2015 (from Sean Clancy). … A Connecticut website is running a poll to determine the state’s coolest high school logo (from Kels Dayton). … WWE uses a lot of â„¢ and  ® logos in its press releases (from Brendan Hickey). … Unless this is some sort of elaborate joke, Nike is planning to produce Power Lace shoes, like the ones seen in Back to the Future II, later this year. … Yesterday Paul mentioned that rapper Rick Ross has the Miami Heat’s logo tattooed on his face. Today I found out he has a chain of himself wearing a chain of himself. Whoa.

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Paul here. Remember, Phil and I will be on the uniform panel tomorrow at the Queens Baseball Convention. Hope to see some of you NYC folks there. Have a great weekend!

Comments (124)

    James, wish I would have known this a few years ago! Johnstown High wore Ampipe unis for a throwback game for the 20 year anniversary of the movie and you could order jerseys and t-shirts!

    My own personal quest would be to get the Federal League Cup from Slap Shot!!!!

    As I understand it, though, the question relates to the items actually used in the production of the film, rather than just replicas.

    It’s a significant difference between getting a Reggie Dunlop replica jersey from Mad Bros. and having the actual jersey worn by Paul Newman.

    Qotw; toss up between Ricky vaughn’s glasses or full body racesuit from revenge of the nerds tricycle race at the Greek Olympics.

    QOTW: I wouldn’t mind owning Wonderboy, either the original or the two pieces Bobby Savoy retrieves after it breaks in half.

    I’d go with a collection of Max Mercy’s game-recap cartoons for the 1939 Knights season.

    That, or the authentic short-brim wool Tigers cap Thomas Magnum brings back from the 1930s when he has a time-travel dream.

    QOTW: White home #7 Charlestown Chiefs Reg Dunlop jersey. Old time hockey. Eddie Shore.

    Charlestown Chiefs, #1 Denis Lemieux.

    “You do dat, you go to da box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.”

    QotW: Lane Pryce’s felt Mets pennant from Mad Men. Because it was prominently featured as a piece of memorabilia, it would make a great prominently featured piece of memorabilia.

    I am surprised the Seahawks uniform ranking story didn’t mention the plain silver helmets in 1976 – truly a classic look and the way I always remember the 70s Seahawks.

    I would still rank the 70s uniforms with the helmet logo as their best uniform though.

    It was on a football card. Some folks like to pose it as a reality since it gets certain other folks to overreact. Basically a combox snipe hunt.

    Topps football cards often airbrushed the logos off NFL helmets back in the 70s and 80s. So there were a lot of “classic blank” helmets.

    I’m ususally bad with names, but even I can recall “Mr. Spunkington” and “Stevie McQuistan” (probably the same guy, along with some other aliases) repeatedly trolling on this subject. C’mon, man, you need some fresh material.

    RE: QOTW –

    Many movie jerseys and props ARE available,and not exorbitantly-priced.

    As I picked up a #19 Cap Rooney (Any Given Sunday) black Miami Sharks jersey last year, my next targets (and both are available) would be a Joe Pendleton Rams jersey (from Heaven Can Wait) and either a Phil Elliott or Seth Maxwell North Dallas Bulls jersey (from North Dallas Forty). has many of them.

    Oooh, sweet. I’d never given it much thought, but those are exactly the jerseys I’d want. Also would like the gray T-shirt from “North Dallas Forty,” with the arched “North Dallas” over the straight “Bulls.”

    QOTW: would love to own the large brimmed hat from sandlot. That thing is a dorky classic!

    QOTW: I think it would be awesome to have an authentic, LA-Z-BOY official BASEketball. I’ve always wanted one.

    Yes! The green jersey is so much better than what they wore in the sequels. Which player would you want? I feel like I’d want to be different and go with Connie Moreau because how often do you see a guy wearing a jersey of a female player? If not her, then probably Averman.

    QOTW: I will get Willie Mays Hayes’ car from Major League and Jimmy Fallon’s apartment from Fever Pitch.

    I’d like to get one of each team helmet used in The Replacements, Any Given Sunday, the new version of The Longest Yard and Varsity Blues, as well as the TV series Necessary Roughness. Also would like a football from productions that had a “league logo” on those used in filming.

    Just FYI, Antoine Roussel isn’t the only French player in the NHL. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare plays for the Flyers, and Xavier Ouellet plays for the Red Wings.

    Odd, for whatever reason, those two players’ birthplaces aren’t listed on Hockey-Reference. Their birthplaces are also missing from, but they are listed on their profiles on

    QOTW – Federal League Championship trophy from Slap Shot.

    The Wild tribute to Parise seemed out of place. J.P. played for the North Stars, which became the Dallas Stars. He played in the state of Minnesota and by coincidence his son is on the Wild, but he doesn’t have a real history with the Wild organization.

    That photo of Harvin isn’t from October. It’s from last year’s Super Bowl. You can see the logo on the ball and the wall design behind him has the Super Bowl graphics.

    FWIW, the “Je Suis Charlie” shirts aren’t controversial inasmuch as no sane people are “for” massacres. However, it’s worth pointing out that the actual cartoons made by those guys were often racist and not worth celebrating. More: link In other words, I am, emphatically, NOT Charlie, and it’s no stretch to imagine that other French players would refrain from wearing that shirt given the actual messages Charlie Hebdo often conveyed.

    “Je suis Ahmed”, though? link

    The perception of racism in those images is very much as a result of what has been lost in translation – both in the sense that literally you’re translating from French to English, but also in the sense that a great deal of context is lost. This article gives a good perspective on how this has occurred while running down some of Charlie Hebdo’s liberal credentials: link

    They’re all the more worth celebrating now, as are their messages. But for my part, I also have limited synpathy with the costless “Je Suis Charlie/etc.” preening: if you simply must make a novelty T-shirt, make one with one of the cartoons splashed across it, and wear the living hell out of it. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

    The Padres need to make those their regular uniforms!

    QOTD: The Mighty Ducks jersey (sweater) from the first movie.

    QotW: I actually own a pretty cool piece from a sports movie. While doing my work for the Dubois County Bombers (which Paul featured on UniWatch a while back), I was able to get my hands on a locker from the Rockford Peaches locker room used in A League of Their Own. It’s beautiful piece, and I’ve used it as a way to display my Jim Abbott jersey and other Abbott items.

    If I could get anything, it would have to be something obscure from Field of Dreams. Maybe Terance Mann’s hat, or Moonlight Graham’s umbrella.

    QOTW: Tracy Reynolds Los Angeles Knights jersey from Like Mike, Flash Gordon Jets jersey from Flash Gordon, or a Ryan Dunne Chatham A’s jersey from Summer Catch, (although my CCBL team is the Orleans Firebirds)

    Incidentally, I’m wondering if the Gronk book was pulled by Nike, considering the MHK jersey is a Reebok. Either way, who (outside of female Patriots fans) would willingly want to read a book about a chick getting Gronked?

    Obviously they didn’t want anyone to know that they’d actually attended a Caps game, so the facepaint was to make them harder to recognize.

    /ok, I got nothing

    QOTW: Maybe Roger Murdock’s pilot’s hat and his briefly seen Lakers uniform (complete with goggles, of course).

    I was probably about 10 when Airplane! came out. I didn’t really “get” parody yet so I was both confused and fascinated with the fact that my favorite basketball player was telling a kid passenger, “I’m sorry, son, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Roger Murdock. I’m the co-pilot.”

    “You are Kareem! I’ve seen you play. My dad’s got season tickets.”

    Yeah, golden moment indeed.

    I don’t think the artist was taking “artistic license” in the painting of the Wrigley Field marquee. Instead, that’s probably what the marquee looked like during the 1945 World Series – when the Cubs were National League Champions.

    They’re still the National League Champions at the start of the next season, aren’t they? Technically speaking, they don’t actually lose that status until the end of the season when a new National League Champion is declared.

    I thought of that when I snapped my pic. Nothing from the rest of the uncropped painting suggests 1945. However, the black bar on the marquee indicates a digital sign, because before that the Cubs put the matchups and other messages

    I tried to google this but could not find anything. But can anyone tell me why Georgia Tech wears white at home in Football?

    In the fall of 1891, before Georgia Tech organized a football team of its own, a game was scheduled between Auburn and Georgia. Due to the rivalry established in baseball games between Tech and Georgia (which is still strong after more than 100 years), the Tech students were invited to the game to cheer, of course, for Auburn.
    At a mass meeting, the students appointed a committee to recommend colors to be worn and cheers to be used at the game. The committee suggested white and gold, and about 200 students attended the game wearing school colors for the first time.

    In 1893, when Tech’s football team played its first official game against Georgia, a group of young women from the Lucy Cobb Institute for Girls, dressed in white and gold, attended the game to cheer for Tech. These ladies were some of the earliest Tech supporters to show their allegiance by wearing the now-traditional colors.

    Oh well it’s up with the White and Gold
    Down with the Red and Black
    Georgia Tech is out for the victory
    We’ll drop the battle axe on Georgia’s head
    When we meet her, our team is sure to beat her
    Down on the old farm there will be no sound
    Till our bow-wows rip through the air
    When the battle is over, Georgia’s team will be found
    With the Yellow Jackets swarming around.

    From: link



    Movie – The Rocky Statue (Rocky III, etc.)…that’s a prop, right?

    TV – The football that hit Marcia Brady’s nose (The Brady Bunch).

    The Rocky statue is a prop of a sort, though it was displayed on the steps of the Philalphia Museum of Art in real life for a time (early 1980s, when I lived there) and became a popular attraction. I don’t know if it was just there for filming the movie or as a movie promotion or what, but by popular demand it was left in place for some time. It was removed eventually, and in 2006 returned to the grounds of the museum near the steps.

    Disappointing to see Garmin ditch one of the most link in the peloton for the second successive blah for black’s sake kit to be released in just the last few days.

    But even still black doesn’t make sense. Neither Garmin-Sharp, nor Cannondale featured black to any significant degree in their kits last year. I understand that the merger was going to necessitate a new look regardless, but black was never inevitable.

    Another VERY interesting note from that article on the Hawks’ rebranding efforts:

    “The Hawks also hope to collaborate with the league on a dark charcoal court, not so much to enhance the live experience, but because they want a generation of gamers to choose Atlanta when they fire up NBA2K.”

    Really an excellent article all around. Arnovitz nails it.

    To Mike’s Question: Oscar Madison’s Mets cap and the photos along his wall from either the movie or TV series of the Odd Couple.

    Oooh, good call, though I’d go with one of the Worldwide Pants jerseys he’s given as holiday gifts to his employees, such as:


    PL- it’s been awhile since you’d offered up these UW positions – Mike Chamernik, has been a solid acquisition – just sayin

    QOTW: The Yankees signed ball from the end of the Sandlot.

    Actually I want marshmallows from the “You’re KILLING me Smalls!” scene, but I’m guessing they decomposed long ago.

    Hmmmm, I narrowed it down to 3 but it would be one of these

    1. The anchor desk from the TV show Sports Night (I have no idea where I would put in in my small condo but I would knock out walls to make it fit).

    2. Charlestown Chiefs Denis Lemieux jersey, the white home version. (You do that, you go to the box. 2 Min, by yourself and you know, and you feel shame, you know)

    3. The bat that Crash Davis’ hit his last home run with before “hanging it up”

    QOTW: Reggie Dunlop’s fur collared leather trench coat

    2nd choice: Likely go with a red and white striped referee jersey from the movie.

    Do own one television worn hockey jersey. Got a Power Play (Canadian hockey drama) Hamilton Steelheads jersey.


    Billy Madison’s hockey stick putter from “Happy Gilmore”

    Odyssey made the putter when the movie was released in 1996. They made only 1,000 of them, and I think they were around $300. I had the chance to buy one at the time at my local pro shop, but I was 13, and didn’t have that kind of money to spend on something like that.

    Some still pop up every once in a while, but they usually sell for a grand.

    Johnny – can’t remember – is there a width of the putter face rule? That’s the only thing I could think of – the face wouldn’t have the type of degree that would consider it a ‘chipper’, or something else illegal.

    There really isn’t anything about their design that would prohibit you from using one if you wanted to. You can use any club in your bag to putt with, so it wouldn’t really be much different than putting with a driver.

    I don’t know for sure if that specific Odyssey is or isn’t, though.

    Scott – Odyssey made is specifically for the movie, and you can even the brand too. And like I said, they made 1,000 special edition ones for Pro Shops and such to sell, or to raffle off as a promotion.

    You are correct that you can putt really with whatever club you have in your bag, but those clubs are already conforming. The “Happy Gilmore” putting is not conforming to begin with. There is indeed a length of the face rule… but the rules of golf are so lengthy, it would take me a while to look it up.

    Yeah, I forgot about the 7 inch face rule, I was only thinking about the ‘front to back can’t be wider than heel to toe’, and so on.

    Was too lazy to look it up at the moment.

    QOTW: One of those sweet satin warm-up jackets from Hoosiers. Those were beautiful.

    WOW!!!! Not technically a sports-related movie, but WOW!!!! I would definitely second this nomination. Maybe the cheap, imitation “Forum” floor, which only shows half the center-court logo, too.

    The Percy Harvin entry has me thinking…has Uni Watch ever gotten a “Thank you” from an athlete after the site has pointed out something about their uniform and they end up getting fined for it? Or just heard of an athlete getting fined for something pointed out here?

    QOTW : I’d have to say I’d go for the foil from the Hanson Brothers hands (Slap Shot).
    “Every game, coach. Want some?”

    On MLB Network’s “Hot Stove” program this morning, they showed one of the Padres’ brown prototypes, & the hosts were asked for their opinions. Both Harold Reynolds & Matt Vasgersian said that the Pads should get back in brown. The movement continues to gain momentum!

    Three or four years ago someone sold off (on ebay) tons of jerseys used in, or produced for, the movie “Miracle”. Not only were there several sets of USA home, away and pre-tournament jerseys, but also jerseys for USSR, Czechoslovkia, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. They had other stuff too – equipment bags and such, perhaps. I picked up a couple USA jerseys but regret passing on the USSR trscksuits – I think they’d have been too big for me anyway. Anyhow, it’d be neat to complete the whole set. Strangely, the Norway jersey and the USA pre-tournament jerseys (and Finland’s too, I think) are done with gray fabric instead of white. Don’t know why that is, since the USA Olympic tournament jerseys were done with white. They also misspelled Sweden on their crest – “SVERGE” instead of “SVERIGE.” I still wonder who the seller was and how they got the motherload.

    Great responses, everyone! A wide variety of films and TV shows have been cited, too. This is one of those questions, to me at least, where I’ll think of the best answer three and a half weeks from now.

    QOTW: Ricky Bobby’s Wonder Bread helmet from Talladega Nights. But I would never think to have a re-enactment of the “I’m on fire” scene. I’m totally above doing that.

    And while I’m at it, I might as well pair that helmet on a display with Cole Trickle’s helmet from Days of Thunder.

    QotW: I’d like one of the Hoboken Zephyrs jerseys in The Mighty Casey episode of The Twilight Zone.


    – Kevin Costner’s father’s uniform from Field of Dreams. Its not a better uniform than Ray Liotta’s, but the “catch” scene at the end…


    – Leslie Nielsen’s wardrobe from Men With Brooms, the only curling movie ever made


    QOTW – In the Mamet flick “the Spanish Prisoner” a book by Don Budge is an important part of the con being played. I bought the book pictured here link

    and have it proudly displayed in my office.

    there are a few editions of the book but i was sure to get the edition with the identical cover as the one in the movie.

    Rent this movie ASAP – great acting and great drama

    For the Windsor throwbacks, Ford of Canada was based in Windsor (which is right across the border from Detroit) so I would guess that the ’36 team was either a factory team or sponsored by Ford.

    QOTW: There are two hockey jerseys I’d gladly take, though they’re not from sports movies per se: Cameron Frye’s Gordie Howe jersey from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or Jack Chester’s Stan Mikita jersey from Summer Rental. I’d want them largely because of their respective inaccuracies.

    The link is notable for having a white collar (the Red Wings have always worn red collars, except for the 2014 Winter Classic jersey); the logo is skewed (though its details resemble the style worn during Howe’s career, with the narrower red band on the bottom of the tire), and the stripes are extra thick, with the waist stripe too high. (The Wings did have the white stripe raised above the hemline at the time the movie was produced, but after the film came out, the Wings reverted the stripe to the hemline.)

    The link has issues of black numbers (and in the wrong font – the 2 has not had a diagonal stroke for at least as long as the red jersey has been around), an excessively thick black sleeve stripe, inaccurate waist stripes (should be two black stripes and a white hemline), and a link (the Hawks’ V-necks have always been two-color).

    As for an item from an actual sports movie, how about a Texas State Fighting Armadillos jersey?

    Qotd; I’ve got another…how about frank drebin’s tux while singing the national anthem (as enrico palazzo) or his huge ref’s chest protector in naked gun?

    QOTW: I want the whistle that was used to eject Bill Laimbeer (and a host of others) from the movie Forget Paris.

    Too bad it wouldn’t fit, or I’d want the ref jersey…or better yet the red jacket Billy Crystal wears at the end of that scene.

    “Fans get to see their favorite players in their typical uniforms every game during the season,” said Reebok uniform designer Dave Conetta. “But we wanted to do something with this uniform that made the idea of a hero coming alive.”

    Yep, they’re fucking superhero costumes. Fuck this shit.

    You want something bold? Bring back link.

    I’d like the baseball jerseys that spell out the team name from the movie “Bingo Long.”

    Burt Reynolds’ “Mean Machine” jersey from the original “The Longest Yard” movie.

    Marty McFly’s Nikes from Back to the Future II, which a limited run was
    later produced.

    The main character’s jersey from “The Slugger’s Wife.” I could go on an and on.

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