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BFBS Spreads to the End Zone

Photo by Preston C; click to enlarge

Black isn’t a school color of either Oregon or Ohio State, but it nonetheless appears that that’s going to be color for the end zones in Monday night’s national championship game.

That’s one of the things mentioned in my latest ESPN column, which looks at the uni-related aspects of the Oregon/OSU match-up — check it out here.

Also: If you look closely at that photo, you can see that the stadium includes a Miller Lite ad, and that raises a question: Most colleges — including, I’m pretty sure, Oregon and Ohio State — don’t sell beer at football games (although that is slowly changing). But will be beer be sold at the title game? Is it typically sold at bowl games in general?

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Even Cowboys get the blues: For weeks now we’ve been chronicling the ongoing saga of Cowboys’ Nikelaces, some of which (but not all!) have been turning blue. As I’ve told many people via email and on Twitter, I’ve believed all along that this was a laundry issue — I figured some of the blue dye from the numbers was running in the wash, and that for some reason the material in the Nikelace was more susceptible to picking up the stray dye. But that was just speculation on my part. And when I asked the team about it, they never responded.

So I said, “Fuck the Cowboys” (which comes naturally, because I’ve pretty much been saying it ever since I was seven years old) and came up with a better approach: I asked’s Cowboys beat reporter, Todd Archer, who’s in the team’s locker room pretty much every day, if he could try to get an answer from the Dallas equipment staff.

And sure enough, here’s what Todd came back with: “I was told the blue from the numbers has run on a few uniforms. [The collar] is not supposed to be blue.”

So there you have it, just like I thought all along.

But hey, this isn’t just about me getting to say, “Toldja so.” It’s also another triumph for Nike, which has managed to introduce yet another shade of blue into the Cowboys’ color scheme (and they said it couldn’t be done!). Good thing the Cowboys don’t wear midnight green, or else we might never have lived to see this amazing feat.

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New way to waste time at work Facebook group: Want to talk about uniforms with other people who Get Itâ„¢? Need a new avenue for your Facebook addiction? Looking for a new way to get even less accomplished each day? Want to do all those things without me butting in and getting the last word like I always do on this site?

Then have I got the page for you: Uni Watch Fans, a new Facebook group set up by reader Mike Charlie III. In Mike’s words, the page is “a place for Uni Watch fans to discuss anything sports uniforms and or logos — that’s it” (although I suspect it’ll also be okay with him if you talk about the general state of Uni Watch, or about how that Lukas guy always butts in and gets the last word, etc.). I’m technically a member of the group, but I plan to stay out of the discussion — I already have enough places to express myself. This group is for you folks.

I suggest you all talk about the Washington football team’s name and logo — what could go wrong? Have fun!

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PermaRec update: The Manhattan Trade School report cards that I’ve been writing about for the past several years date back to the 1910s and ’20s, so it’s not surprising that they’re filled with small comments that would surely get an educator fired today. Case in point: The girl shown at right is described in her student record as “not Jewish looking.” Can you imagine? Get the full scoop over on Permanent Record.

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Queens Baseball Convention this weekend: I should have mentioned this a long time ago, but this Saturday, Jan. 10, is the second annual Queens Baseball Convention, which is sort of a Mets fan-fest thing organized by Mets Police blogger Shannon Shark (because the Mets aren’t smart enough to put together a fan-fest themselves). I’ll once again be chairing a discussion panel on the subject of Mets uniforms. The other panelists are Mets stitcher Russ Gompers, uniform designer Todd Radom, uniform collector/historian Bill Henderson, Mets game-used uniform expert Nick DiSalvo, Mets uniform number expert Jon Springer, and our own Phil Hecken.

The QBC is taking place at McFadden’s, which is attached to the northeast side of Citi Field. Doors open at 11:30am; our discussion panel starts at 4pm, but there are plenty of other panels, presentations, and activities that should be of interesting to Mets fans. Full details here.

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T-Shirt Club reminder: In case you missed it earlier this week, the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club is now up and running (with over 100 shirts already sold, whoop-whoop). Full details here.

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Baseball News: Randy Johnson had a little trouble with his Hall of Fame jersey, but the Diamondbacks are going to retire his number anyway (from Andrew Cosentino and Phil, respectively). ”¦ Speaking of the Big Unit, this 1993 Seattle Times article mentions two occasions when he changed his uniform number for one game: for the final game at the Kingdome in 1993, when he changed to No. 34 as a tribute to Nolan Ryan, and in July of 1992, when he flipped his No. 51 to 15 as a slump-buster move. Interestingly, Johnson’s page lists the 34 but not the 15 (from John Sheehan). … Getting back to those Hall of Fame jerseys, I’ve thought for years that they look way too rinky-dink, and apparently I’m not the only one. ”¦ New cleats for UNC. ”¦ Check out all these late-1950s MLBers in full uniforms and sneakers at an indoor baseball clinic from January of 1957 (great find from BSmile). … The Asheville Tourists, celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, are planning six throwback jersey giveaways. Note that the 1984 design has the front jersey number on the right side, a rarely seen format that I usually associate with the late-1990s Reds (thanks, Phil). … George Brett was clowning around in a Richard Nixon mask before a game in 1976. … Outmania update: Josh Outman just signed with the Braves. Let’s hope they get him a pair of this striped stirrups (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Did you know yesterday was National Bobblehead Day? Apparently it was (from David Balke). ”¦ Are bullpen buggies poised for a minor league comeback? Could be (thanks, Phil).

NFL News: Deep within this Q&A with a Colts beat writer is the news that the team has had “early discussions” about a possible throwback for next season. ”¦ Riddell is suing Rawlings for patent infringement on several helmet and shoulder pad designs. ”¦ Ravens fans in Baltimore lined up yesteday to get the team’s logo stenciled onto their cars. ”¦ Here’s a story+video on how the Panthers’ equipment staff is preparing for Saturday’s playoff game in Seattle (from James Gilbert).

College Football News: Here’s a Dr. Pepper display gearing up for next Monday’s title game. And another (both from Alan Beam). … Here’s why Jim Harbaugh always wears the same outfit (thanks, Brinke). … Shy Tuttle, one of Tennessee’s top new recruits, posed for a photo in an out-of-date Vols jersey (from Charley Collier). ”¦ Illinois is already pimping next season’s footwear. ”¦ Good question from Dan Lewis, who wants to know why Steve Spurrier is shown wearing an orange jersey in his Heisman portrait. “To my knowledge, Florida never wore orange uniforms when Spurrier was the quarterback in the 1960s — they only wore blue andwhite.” Anyone..? ”¦ Here’s a gallery of all of Oregon’s uniforms from this season (thanks, Phil).

Hockey News: There have been rumblings about advertising coming to NHL jerseys, and now it’s finally happened: Red Wings LW Henrik Zetterberg got part of an ad from the boards stuck in his jersey the other night (from Jerry Wolper). ”¦ Hospice-benefit warm-up jerseys for the Sarnia Legionnaires. ”¦ No photo, but this press release says the Corpus Christi IceRays will wear “special oil-themed jerseys” this Saturday. Can’t wait until a rival team answers that with fracking-themed jerseys. … The New York City Fire Department has a new 150th-anniversary logo, one element of which appears to have been directly poached from the Rangers’ Liberty head logo (from Matt Harris). … This video of NHL players playing with sledge hockey players includes a shot of Flyers captain Claude Giroux with an orange captain’s “C.” “Looks so much better than the white-on-white “C” they’ve been using,” says Scott Lederer. … The Kalamazoo Wings are the latest team to do the “Let’s have the kids paint the ice” thing (from Tony Anderson). ”¦ Bryan Prouse notes that the Ducks have a little “TM” symbol on their center ice logo. I did some quick photo research on about one-third of the NHL’s teams and couldn’t find another example of this (and then I got lazy and stopped). Are the Ducks the only ones?

Basketball News: Rapper Rick Ross has gotten the Heat’s logo tattooed onto his face. … New white college hoops unis for South Carolina.

Grab Bag: Our own Phil Hecken is featured in this video about the new curling leagues here in Brooklyn. ”¦ New cycling kit for Team Giant Alpecin (from Sean Clancy). ”¦ A bad batch of Ecstasy, shaped like the Superman logo, has hit the streets in the UK. ”¦ Yesterday I Ticker-mentioned that a new duckpins alley was opening in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, an old ducks facility in Maryland may be closing (from Mike Williams). ”¦ A Connecticut man who suffered a head injury while riding a bike-share bike in NYC is now suing the city for not forcing him to wear a helmet. … The University of Calgary is policing the names of its intramural sports teams (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Big pink-out in the world of cricket (from George Chilvers). … One soccer item today: New back-of-jersey sponsor for Atlético Madrid.

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    Not 100% sure those end zones are complete.

    If you follow the reply chain here, a lot of people think the black will be painted green and clearly there is space to add the NCAA Playoff logo in the corners.

    I do wonder if the end zones are a sign that the championship game is going to end up like the courts used in the NCAA tournament.

    In the tourney, all the courts use the same design template based on the blue of the NCAA logo. Those courts also use black as a base color around the court (except in the Final Four).

    In addition, Black and gold are the colors of the College Football Playoff logo. So this could just be a branding move and black will become the norm.

    Rich DeMarco points out that the Ravens end zone was “originally” black for SB XLVII, only to end up purple

    see here.

    I know they sometimes start with a black base so the finish color layer actually shows up better and doesn’t look washed out or faded. Stay tuned. It may change but if they stay black that would be a disaster.

    Meant to add one other thing. Look at the playing area. Notice what looks like old yard line stripes that have been moved? I noticed that during the Cowboys-Lions game

    I initially thought that was the case but those lines look to be the seams between sections of the synthetic turf that is laid down. Seems that Cowboys Stadium uses two kinds of turf: one for Cowboys games and one for college games.

    Yeah but this is showing up on BOTH fields. Look around the extra point hash then up the field. You see these same stripes and they only go sideline to sideline and are every 10 yards.

    I don’t know for sure without being there on the ground but I would hypothesize they may just be the seams between sections of turf that span the whole width of the field.

    I had also thought those ghost lines were vestiges of other yard lines but it seemed odd to me that the gridiron layout would vary by a few yards on both fields.

    The sections of turf likely have the yard lines down the middle–and the seams between each section form those ghost lines.

    With the quirks of the Cowboys uniforms, I guess it’s only fitting their field has a quirk, too.

    I actually think they’re keeping it BFBS because it’s actually for the CFP logo and in turn the CFP as a whole. The playoff system itself seems to be as much marketed (much like how the BCS was) as the teams that are playing in it. This is not a statement of approval on my part, but rather a (hopefully educated) guess.



    I don’t know if black is an official color for OSU, but have they not had black trim on their unis for ages? Seems to me the black trim on the pants and sleeves has been there since at least the 80s. Sort of makes black one of their colors.

    Alcohol is sold at NCAA games if the stadium has a license to sell alcohol. This would include neutral-site regular season games, bowl games, Pitt games (as they play at Heinz Field), Cincinnati games (as the University has a license/the football team plays at Paul Brown Stadium), etc.

    I’ve attended a handful of Holiday Bowls and they all had beer available.

    San Diego State used to sell beer at Jack Murphy for regular games. Colorado State does at Hughes Stadium. Both of those are off-campus. The Mile High Stadium games between CU and CSU had beer available for a few years, but the prohibitionists took that away after a small fracas a few years ago.

    Purdue just started selling alcohol at football and baseball games in 2014. I don’t know about baseball, but it sure didn’t help football attendance.

    Nebraska has a liquor ban on state property as far as I know. That includes the football games.

    Your item about people getting Ravens logos stenciled on their car links to the article about bike helmet lawsuit guy.

    I think alcohol generally can be purchased at a bowl games b/c the vast majority of them are not played in college stadiums/on college campuses. The big ones, especially.

    I assume they’ll sell beer. “Official” NCAA-run events (Final 4, Frozen 4) do not. But this is put on by the College Football Playoff, which I don’t think has any real affiliation with the NCAA.

    Given how little the Colts’ uniforms have changed over the years, it’s hard to get excited about the prospects for a throwback. They’ve already done a couple. The only thing left, really would be link from the AAFC days, which would have only some relevance in Baltimore and none in Indianapolis.

    The green was also a different franchise. The original AAFC Colts folded after only one season in the NFL and the current team is actually descended from the New York Yanks/Dallas Texans.

    Plus, with the NFL’s one helmet silliness, the Colts really only have 3 options – the 1954 uniform with the horseshoes on the back of the helmet that they’ve done before, a “50s-70s” uniform which would just be the current uniform with thinner pant stripes and better shoulder loops, or ’82-86 when they were using silver as a team color and actually had silver pants at home.

    I THINK they wore those twice that year, perhaps in the season opener as well.

    There’s really not much they can do that would make people nostalgic.


    Every UNLV football and basketball game alcohol is sold and every bowl game I have been to has sold alcohol also.

    Looks like they got Randy Johnson’s HOF jersey at the HUGE and Tall shop!!! He is tall, but not w-i-d-e. It looks like curtains hanging on him!

    The first Dr Pepper stack looks a few rows short. Looks more like a horseshoe than an “O”.


    English professional football (soccer) teams sell beer, but it can only be consumed out of sight of the pitch (ie in the concourses under the stands). This even applies to executive boxes, where the drinkers have to sit where they cannot see the pitch, or (pre-game obvioulsy) draw curtains..

    For European trophy games under the auspices of UEFA however no beer is allowed to be sold. I went last year to Belgium where after an afternoon in Brugge town square we Wigan supporters went to the stadium. Many of our fans bought and drank the “beer” being sold inside the ground – and none would listen that it was in fact non-alcoholic! It was really amusing seeing them double up their orders to get more of the gnat’s water.

    While on the subject, UEFA also do not allow sponsored naming of stadiums for their tournament games. So when Wigan Athletic played last season in the Europa League we played officially at the “Wigan Athletic Stadium” rather than the “DW Stadium”.

    Scottish teams aren’t allowed to sell alcohol since the 1980 Scottish Cup Final riot between Rangers and Celtic fans. So they drank outside the stadium before the games, which came to a head in 1999 when, for a 5:00pm kick off, there were numerous “incidents” leading police to move all games to a 12:30 kick off between these two teams (unless its a midweek cup game)

    At the highest level, beer sales at games are regulated by conference. For example, the SEC does not allow alcohol sales, but the ACC and Big East do. However, even if a conference allows it, it’s up to individual schools whether or not they want to make it available. I learned this first hand moving from Knoxville (where we used to sneak Jack Daniels into Neyland in some phony binoculars) to Louisville, where at the first UofL game I went to, I was amazed to see them selling beer. I also saw at least 3 people escorted/carried out by security.

    I found this interesting. If you go to the University of Oregon Athletics website ( a good linker here) and go to the baseball page, it shows the various baseball jerseys for the Ducks including one that mirrors (sort of) that gray – white thing they’re wearing in the championship game. I also noticed they’ve gone to the football style numbering and away from those rounded style numbers (not sure when they did that).

    The HOF jerseys are becoming a huge annoyance to me. I always thought they would be a good little league uni, but on a grown man they look undignified. They might as well put a set of Mickey Mouse ears on them to complete the goober look. The NHL and NFL both do a blazer and they don’t get those until the actual ceremony it looks like. Why parade these guys around in those ill-fitting unis? If you want to pimp the HOF, just give them a windbreaker-like pullover, a golf shirt/oxford shirt, or even a dugout jacket with the HOF logo on it. That is still baseball related without making these all-time greats looks like they raided some over-sized 6th grader’s closet.

    An additional thought…It’s not the jersey itself really that annoys me. Taken by itself, I kinda like it. Vintage feel, very clean and simple. The problem is that it is usually worn with a dress shirt underneath and that’s never a good look. Plus they usually don’t fit well. When you see the promo pics they took of all the inductees together that Paul linked to in the ticker, they almost look like tourists who bought jerseys in the gift shop or fantasy camp participants…not dignified players.

    “Pimp”? Far as I can tell, the HOF doesn’t and hasn’t sold those jerseys as merchandise. If they do sell them, they’re rarely available.

    By “pimp”, I mean just promote the HOF in general, not sell a specific piece of merchandise. Let’s be honest, that is part of the reason for all of the press conferences and interviews, to get people to want to visit the HOF. Honor the game, players, and history? Yes, for sure. But it also wants people to actually visit the place too and having press shot after press shot taken of them in these unis doesn’t hurt.

    This is the only time those jerseys are used. When the HOFers take the stage in Cooperstown in July, they will be in their own suits and ties. And will look a lot better than the football HOFers in their gold/ yellow jackets.

    They make managers look by ridiculous wearing jerseys… why not have retired players join in as well? As a matter of fact, maybe the HOF should start having pants and stirrups as well. Get a full uniform going. Just throw dignity and class out the window and go full speed at it.

    Can you imagine a HOF letter jacket or classic baseball sweater? Now we’re talking.

    Rinky dink? Nah, man, I love those HOF jerseys. Always have. They’re charmingly non-slick. They seem hopelessly old-fashioned and almost handmade, and they have decent visual texture. Even the neck piping is way too thick, but in a disarming way. I hope they never change!

    I agree. The problem I have with them is how they are worn. If they were playing an old timers game and they used these jerseys complete with baseball pants, stirrups, and other normal uni elements/equipment. They would look great and be a classic uni. But just the jersey, ill-fitted, with a dress shirt underneath and dress pants…it just doesn’t work and makes the inductees look a bit sloppy.

    The Minor League Baseball website has a photograph of Craig Biggio wearing one of those Asheville Tourists uniforms with the number on the right side:

    One little flaw on an otherwise perfect jersey…”TouristS”.

    Change that to “Tourists” and I’d buy that.

    I love that indoor baseball picture with the players and their hosiery, *obligatory wish that more current players did this*

    *sigh* that Ducks gallery is depressing. Ok, maybe just annoying, because they could have done something WAAAAY better for the CFP title game.

    St. Damian of Molokai High School would be the natural “home of the Leapin’ Lepers”.

    WNBA has the Indiana Fever. Team colors do include Scarlet.

    And to go with the the whole “stave a cold, feed a fever” you could add the Indianapolis Colds.

    Technically the XFL Memphis Maniaxx were named after folks with the psychological disorder of Mania. CFL Memphis Mad Dogz could have been construed as named for rabies.

    The gentleman who is suing NYC for not “forcing” him to wear a bike helmet would probably have sued them if he was refused a rental because he would not wear one. Though the bigger part of the lawsuit has to do with CitiBike’s knowledge of unmarked barriers.

    Tried to watch Phil, but…

    You have reached your 5 view limit within a 30 day period. Don’t miss out-to continue reading award-winning reporting and accessing engaging content, subscribe now.

    First, I haven’t seen one thing on that site, let alone five. Second, a little space between “out” and “to” would be nice,

    Just saw this. I think you need to be an Optimum subscriber to actually see that. You didn’t miss much. They interviewed me for maybe 3 minutes, of which about 5 seconds made the broadcast.

    I don’t mind the black end zones. What I do mind is the College Football Playoff logo. I can’t get past it looking like a part of the female anatomy. To me… it’s pretty blatant. How in the world can a board room sign off on a logo like that? It just really baffles me that something better didn’t come from a group of professional designers. (The other three options weren’t that great either)

    It’s a football? Thanks for pointing that out.

    I said, “To me… it’s pretty obvious.” If it’s not obvious to you, then great for you. Why come back with negativity?

    I’ll be honest – if I didn’t know it was supposed to be a football, I might not recognize it as a football. But lady parts? Maybe my Iowa upbringing was more sheltered than I realized, but the horizontal lines at the center form a sort of “grill” shape that really, really makes it clear to me that we’re not looking at a Georgia O’Keeffe painting here.

    My basic reaction to the logo is, Why are gold parentheses the championship logo? Is it like a reference to “brackets” or something?

    Possible that the Tennessee jersey Tuttle is wearing is ten years old. In 2005 the Vols retired the number 92 in honor of Reggie White. Since most recruits pose for these photos in the number the plan to wear at UT I’m not sure why they would have him in a retired number.

    The IM league at my University eventually banned “Master Batters” for its softball teams. Actually, I think, from overuse.

    I once played against a team called “Off Constantly.” The joke being that if you told someone after the game that “we beat…”

    I’ve thought this ever since the Cowboys Nikelace started turning blue: How long until they make them contrasting color intentionally? Will we see it next season? Seems like a win-win to me. The team gets more school color, Nike gets a signature feature make a little more prominent. (and that win-win should be read with a wink-wink)

    It looks like your standard “athletic gold” shade of yellow to me. It’s not as bright of a yellow as it probably should be for Oregon, but it isn’t orange.

    If the color change in the Cowboys Nikelace is due washing, why are they the only club whose number colors have washed into the collar?

    Given the number of teams with Nikelace collars on white jerseys shouldn’t this be a more frequent phenomenon?

    The obvious solution is to just ditch the Nikelace completely.

    On the topic of Spurrier’s orange jersey Heisman portrait, I have noticed a similar issue with Doak Walker. His portrait has him in a blue jersey with red numbers outlined white, as seen here:

    However, SMU wore red and white jerseys in the 40’s. Maybe it was artistic license by the artists?

    Who did that portrait, the DAC?

    Perhaps it was painted long after the fact (Florida went back to orange uniforms in 1979, if memory serves) and someone working off a black and white photo just put SOS in what the Gators were wearing at the time the portrait was painted. Don’t know.

    Love the orange, though, because that’s what they wore when I was in school. Love it when they break them out, as in the Birmingham Bowl.

    Got a note from Marc Matteo, regarding the orange captain’s C in today’s Ticker:

    “The Flyers actually did wear the link after the Winter Classic where they played Boston (Since those White jerseys were the Winter Classic ones.”

    Another problem with Giroux’s jersey in that Gatorade video is the back (full back view at the 0:44 second mark). The name and number fonts are both wrong. Strange because it looks as though all of the other NHL jerseys in the video are correct.

    Beer was sold at the Music City Bowl. I was under the impression that the SEC was the only conference not to sell beer at its stadium. I’m not sure if beer was sold at LP Field (home of the Titans & MCB) when Vandy hosted Ole Miss there earlier this year. I’m pretty positive that beer will be sold at the championship game.

    Some notes:

    Oregon are going back to the winged helmet design after using the O last week. They also wore a very similar jersey against Cal this year (link). Green details, though.

    A few questions on artificial turf. In Tuesday’s column, you saw large yellow letters being installed. Are those letters yellow plastic grass being sewn onto the endzones Whick are black plastic? Do they lay down the letters, cut out and remove the black? You have to admit OREGON does stand out, compared to the championship logo.

    I heard the Bills field is not painted but a quilt of red, blue, white, green and yellow pieces of turf.

    Lastly, in the 1970s all of the NFL teams had some sort of block numbers for their jerseys except the Bears. It seems now about half of the teams have a custom font for their jersey numbers. But they all seem to have a bland, generic stencil font for yard markings. Why don’t NFL teams have some sort of custom numbers for their turf? I really noticed it with the Raiders yard numbers at the end of the season.

    With regards to beer sales at college venues, UConn has sold beer at Rentschler Field for some time, possibly since it was built. However, The Rent is off campus. I’m guessing beer sales are far more common at off-campus sporting venues than on-campus ones. UConn also sells beer for home basketball games at XL Center in downtown Hartford, but not at Gampel Pavilion on campus. The athletic department couldn’t even sell it if they want to because the University forbids any alcohol sales on campus except at one bar which they own and control. Of course, there are plenty of stores and bars just off campus where you can get booze, but that’s another story.

    There’s also the fact that UConn neither owns nor controls concessions at Rentschler and XL, but does at Gampel and all other on-campus facilities. So UConn doesn’t really sell beer there. The private company who owns the stadium and controls concessions does. I’m not sure UConn could stop it if they wanted to under the terms of the lease.

    However, the Playoff is a different story. The NCAA forbids alcohol sales at all postseason events, which is why you can’t buy alcohol during the basketball tournament, even though most host venues sell it normally. I know bowl games are not actually official sanctioned postseason events, meaning that rule would not apply, though I don’t know if the same is true of the Playoff.

    Interesting to see the Panthers using equipment bags with the old logo mixed in with the new. Also AT&T Stadium has at least three fields they can put down, NFL, college, and soccer. There use to be one just for the Cotton Bowl when At@t was the sponsor. link
    In that video you can also see how the seams are between the yard lines.

    Weren’t the Cooperall Coupes just a short shell, to be worn with socks vs. the long pant?

    In regard to the pieces of turf comment, while I have seen many places where the colored elements of a field turf field are colored pieces of grass, that seems to be unnecessary complicated to do in 10 days time. It would seem easier to just paint everything. On the other hand, this is Jerry World and I could see him willing to spend the money to create a custom field just for this game.

    With all the rumblings about the end zones in AT&T Stadium today, what would have happened if the Cowboys were hosting their own playoff game this weekend?

    Can the end zones (or entire field surface) be turned around in 24 hours? Would the Cowboys have been specifically slotted on Saturday?

    University of Dayton (A10), Xavier University (Big East) and the University of Cincinnati (American Conf.) all serve beer at their respective on-campus basketball facilities in Southwestern Ohio. I know that when UD hosts the “first four” the NCAA prohibits alcohol sales at the event.

    (mike Charlie III) Paul thanks for the article! Added hundreds of members just today! just don’t butt in or try to get the last word! Luckily the Washington Football Club hasn’t come up… Yet

    Only throwback. I can see the Colts doing is the late 80’s throwbacks with the silver. Pants and white facemasks.

    I attended the Sugar Bowl. The Superdome still had visible Bud Light ads. I expect the Miller Lite to do do the same

    I was at the Texas-Alabama BCS Champ game at the Rose Bowl, where they did sell beer. Don’t know if they sell beer at the UCLA games there.

    RE: Shy Tuttle.

    Tuttle will wear #2 for the Vols. He and fellow recruit Khalil McKenzie are being compared to Albert Haynesworth and John Henderson from about 15 or so years ago. Haynesworth wore #92 in that style jersey. My guess is that’s the connection.

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