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Sunday Morning Uni Watch


By Phil Hecken

Another weekend of NCAA football is in the books, and there were a few new costumes yesterday, some odd combinations, and a few surprises — but nothing too extraordinary. Probably the big takeaway from yesterday is that the helmets were as much the stars as the uniforms.

And there was none bigger than the return of the Pitt Script. Yeah, it was simply a decal on the current helmet, but it was glorious. Unfortunately, it’s not going to engender many happy memories for those who saw or watched the homecoming game on TV. The Panthers have already announced they’ll wear the Pitt script on the helmets for the remainder of 2014 (let’s hope despite the drubbing by GT they won’t renege on that pledge).

I’ll now turn it over to my SMUW correspondent, Terry Duroncelet, Jr., who will take you through the rest of your…

. . . . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

From Tuesday (wait, Tuesday?):

• Apparently, Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette played earlier this week? Looking at the game photos, I hereby dub this game “The Big-headed Brawl” as both teams wore giant logos on their helmets. Arkansas St. wore matte-black helmets with a big red wolf on wither side. ULL on the other hand wore shiny black helmets with chrome facemasks, an enormous Fleur-De-Lis on one side, and a T.V. number on the other. ULL also had mono-black uniforms to match.

From Friday:

• Someone really needs to make a rule stating that no team shall wear this shade of grey as their home uniform without first making sure that their opponent wears something that contrasts enough. Blech.

From Saturday:

• Uhh… I’m not too sure about this look for Illinois. These are their “Gray Ghost” uniforms, worn in honor of Red Grange’s 6-touchdown game against Michigan 90 years ago. It’s nice to pay homage to a prolific player and all, but I think this was just an excuse to wear grey. You could just as easily say they’re in honor of the Fog Bowl and the Bears team that won that game 20-12. Or the CFL’s 50th Grey Cup. Or the 40th anniversary of the 1974 Sun Bowl.

• A Kansas St. player has a tattoo of the previous NFL logo.

• Kentucky wore their chrome domes against Miss. State.

• Something that I neglected to mention the last time that Mizzou wore their anthracite uniforms was that they switched the numbers from black numbers edged in gold to gold numbers with subtle tiger stripes edged in black. And a neat lil’ helmet car for good measure, too.

• Speaking of anthracite, TCU got in on the action in their game against Texas Tech.

• Not a fan of the gloomy grey for college football? Well, Washington State thinks otherwise.

• Louisiana Tech wore new white helmets over the weekend.

• Michigan State wore all-green against Michigan.

• UNC-Charlotte and James Madison went color-vs.-color yesterday.

• Do you hear that blood-curdling happy shrieking? That’s the sound of every Pitt fan rejoicing at the return of the script “Pitt” to the helmets. Too bad they spoiled the mood a bit by retaining the block PITT on the field. Word on the street is that they’ll wear those decals for the rest of the season. Also, from Douglas King: “So far on the road Tech has worn gold helmets with a white jersey and white pants twice and all white once (last week against UNC) this week they will be wearing gold pants with they’re white jersey and helmet (basically flipping the usual away look upside down). I believe this is a first since the 70s when we only had white helmets. I think the move has something to do with the fact that Pitt has gold helmets and a similar color scheme (different shades and they put a focus on navy whereas it’s an accent color on ours), and the desire to cut down on confusion.” I couldn’t find a 70s photo of what Douglas was talking about, but I did find this. Nice. Also found a white/white/gold combo from the 60s.

• Ya think Western Michigan jumped the boat here? It actually doesn’t look all that bad, and I’m happy that they’re actually utilizing their Vegas gold color with the brown, because their current uniforms are about as bland as it gets, especially the white. It looks like someone dumped into a towel. While you try to scrub your brain of that mental image…

• Oklahoma State wore what looks like their traditional white/orange/white for Homecoming at first glance, but if you look closely at the helmet, you can see that they wore “Bronc Rider” decals for the occasion. In that same game, West Virginia wore gold/white/gold, which made this a real looker of a match. Yup.

• I mentioned this in the past a long time ago, but as a refresher, UNLV offers a “Battle Born” jersey to a player every year. I forget if this is a one-player-a-year thing, or if they rotate players every week, like how the Packers elect different captains each week during the regular season.

• Remember the “morale advisor” from the other week with the Bengals jersey? His name is Caleb Pressley, and he’s back with a Jets jersey. Want more pics of him in various NFL garb? Look here, here, and here.

• Utah wore all-black with matte black helmets against USC, who wore their chrome(ish) helmets in that same game for the second straight week.

• A note about the Ohio St./Penn St. game: if you’ve worn your “Rivalry” uniforms numerous times over the last three seasons counting road variants, is it really a “Rivalry” uniform at that point? Is it?

• Tennessee was only an orange helmet away from looking like a bunch of glowing pumpkins. This marks the first time that the Vols have worn mono-orange against Bama since 1988.

• Washington wore their gold chrome helmets against Arizona State.

• I have a rule of not putting all of your eggs in one basket, but I think I’ll let it slide just this once. Also, if you’re gonna commit a facemask penalty, you might as well go all the way. Here’s a Vine of the play.

• No T.V. broadcast for this game, but Hawaii is said to be wearing their Rainbow Warrior uniforms from last year’s game last night against Nevada, although they might have this logo on the helmets, instead of bare lids like last year. Due to time constraints, this was the only image I could snatch. [Late edit: Here’s a few pictures from last nights game vs. Nevada — h/t to Adam Morrison and Chris Turner –PH]

. . . . .

Thanks, TJ!




Catherine 5 & 1 (animated)

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

Every Sunday, Catherine will give us the rundown of her best five and one worst uniform matchups from the College Football games played this week. Since it’s practically impossible to watch every game, you guys can help by sending your thoughts on “good” and “bad” matchups (and hopefully with photos from that game) by e-mailing her at

OK, here’s Catherine with this week’s 5 & 1.

. . .

5. Oregon vs. Cal: I hope Phil has finally come to after seeing Oregon on my countdown for the second straight week. While they weren’t last week’s gorgeous throwbacks, these Oregon unis looked pretty great up against this great set from Cal. A few of you felt the same as the Ducks littered my inbox this weekend.


4. UTEP vs. UTSA: I’ve always had a soft spot for UTEP after spending some time in El Paso during college and I was thrilled to find the Miners were part of such a pretty game.


3. Michigan vs. Michigan State: Uniforms are about the only thing going right in Ann Arbor these days. While the rivalry has been less than exciting this year, the uniform match-up still looks great!


2. West Virginia vs. OSU: I LOVED this game. First of all, these OSU uniforms are just beautiful. Second of all, I love WVU in the colored pants on the road.


1. Ole Miss vs. LSU: We all knew this game would be gorgeous. No surprise here.


+1 Western Michigan vs. Ohio: Just wayyy too much going on with these Western Michigan threads. Just nothing pretty about this game.


Thanks, Catherine! I sure do appreciate the Duck mention, but honestly, I thought this was the worst combo they’ve worn this season (although I did very much like the Cal set). Still, to each his or her own.

OK readers, how’d she do?




World Series Uni Tracking

Last night, the Royals and Giants played game four of the World Series, and with the Giants in their normal cream uniforms, while the Royals again were in gray:

WS static Games 3, 4,5

As they have been doing throughout the playoffs, the guys from the Diamond Uniform Database have been keeping track of the uniforms throughout. You can check out all the Wild Card, Division, and League Championship uniforms for all the teams here.

Thanks to Matt Donnelly for the images.




EPL Tracker

Each Saturday or Sunday, Alex Gerwitz will be tracking the kit combinations (shirt/shorts/socks) of the teams in the English Premier League from the previous weekend and the current weekend.

Here is the EPL tracker for Weeks 8 & 9 (click to enlarge):





UWFFL Premier League logo

U.W.F.F.L. News

Premier League Games
By Andrew Seagraves

G’Day dear fellow uni-watchers!

The time has arrived for this week’s featured UWFFL Premier League Matchups during Cancer Awareness weekend! Many squads from across the tiers are showing their support for cancer research and awareness, the fight against different disease and disorders, and support for different causes by incorporating their corresponding colors into their game-day gear.

Today’s highlighted matchup in the UWFFL will also feature a rematch from the longest game in UWFFL History. Miami and San Diego duked it out in a Double-Overtime thriller in the playoffs last year with the Cougars coming out on top.

In UWFFL time, that’s like”¦ you know”¦ four days! That’s like FOR-EV-URRRR!!!

The Storm will be today’s home team as they are debuting their Storm Grey helmets this week with Teal Jerseys and grey pants. They have added a teal ribbon to their jersey in their recognition of those fighting Ovarian Cancer. The Cougars are breaking out the Purple to help in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Their special Purple lids will feature the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s symbol in white on the side, their White Jerseys will have a Purple CROF (Cause Ribbon on Front) with team numbers on the chest, replace NOB, and Purple Pants.

. . .

October 26

. . . free polls

. . .

Other great games from across the Majors: the Hartford Whalers visit the Anchorage Orcas, the Vancouver Sea Wolves will venture to the Steel City of the South to face the Birmingham Vulcans and the Detroit Demons will square off against the Texas Timberwolves.

La Lega will be in interleague play with Division II this weekend and a few featured games will pit the Greenville Pointers against the Barcelona Dragons, Seattle Kings against Locomotiv Leipzig, and CSKA Moscow makes their debut as they take on the San Antonio Black Knights.

Remember, as Smokey the Bear would say in this situation, “Only YOU can help a team out.” And YOU can do that by heading over to and casting your vote for which teams you feel are the picks of this weeks action. As always, if you’d like to compete in the UWFFL head on over to our Google+ page for prosepctive expansion teams and submit your concepts today. We’ll be back next week with more UWFFL excitement!




Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: The Fresno Grizzlies, an affiliate of the Houston Astros, will have new home jerseys for 2015 (screen shot from Jared Buccola). … “Brice Wallace’s submission on the West Virginia-loving defendant reminds me of this shot of Ted Bundy,” says Matt Larsen. “I’m sure the Mariners organization was really thrilled seeing that!” … Greg Blanton found this Atlanta Braves figurine in an antique store in Washington, Georgia. “They were selling it for $20; chose not to purchase it.” … Last night, the Man of Steal (Rickey) and The Say Hey Kid (Willie) posed for a photo before Game 4. Shockingly, Willie is wearing that old “G” BP cap he loves so much. … Bruce Bochy was wearing the Postseason patch on his cap instead of the World Series patch (via OJ Fonseca). … Alec Pappas writes, “I’m currently in Mexico watching some winter ball, got my hands on the Obregon jersey I mentioned a few weeks back. It is indeed a pull over, but unlike most pullovers the front of the jersey is two pieces sewn together with a half assed placket. The material is a cool base style, the only sponsorship on it is a Bud Light logo in the back, unlike the actual jerseys.”

NFL and other Football News: “Only in the FXFL,” writes Kenn Tomasch, as the Brooklyn Bolts and Omaha Mammoths both wore a Nivea jersey sponsor patch and and played black jerseys vs blue jerseys. A couple people who saw that said it was “unwatchable” (probably both from a uniform AND play standpoint). … David Steinle asks, “Bennington High School in Kansas has pretty much copied Missouri’s look don’t you think?” … William Matthew Shaw saw that Uni Watch mentioned pink has reached high school uniform, and notes that Warren Central in Indianapolis has had these for 2 or 3 years now. … “Found this in twitter today,” says Peter Fredrickson “I must say that I like the thin stripes on the Lions current helmet. This is obviously a mistake but makes for a better helmet.” (That looks like Stonehenge, and if you aren’t aware, the Lions and Falcons are playing London this morning [9:30 am ET]. That is, of course, assuming the Falcons made it there from Barcelona). … According to this article, the Eagles will be going to kelly green in 2016 (h/t Chris Kier). … We have several items from Douglas Ford here: (1) Gorgeous Vintage 1967 pennant collection with crazy fonts for many teams; (2) NFL Vintage 1976 Avon NFL Team cologne decanters, the entire 28 team set; and, (3) this whole bunch of vintage “EPIC” t-shirts. Wow. Good stuff.

Basketball News: Reader Sean (no last name given) read Paul’s NBA Preview on ESPN, and didn’t see this addressed: “With the NBA moving the league logo to the back of the jersey, I was wondering what the Toronto Raptors were going to do with the red maple leaf logo that used to be in that same place. Well, turns out they moved it to the front of the shorts. You can see it on the away jersey here, but it really pops on the white home jerseys. They haven’t worn their black alternates yet, but I assume it will be on them as well.”

Hockey News: This St. Louis Blues jersey with a “CUBS OF HOCKEY” NOB, you gotta admit, is pretty funny (sent in by Michael Bochum). It also shows how awful the “Bettman bib” style jerseys were (thankfully, St. Louis has gotten rid of that this year). … Here’s a look at the decal worn by the Hamilton Bulldogs, honoring the fallen soldier in Ottawa earlier this week (via Mark Coale). … Several submissions from Matt Larsen here: (1) From Saturday’s Canadiens/Rangers game “I can’t tell if Manny Malhotra has gold teeth, or if he has a gold mouth guard;” (2) For some reason Youppi is paying homage to officials; and, “Maybe this has been brought up on Uni Watch and I simply missed it, but do the Habs celebrate the retired numbers of the Expos in the rafters of the Bell Centre?” … Last night, Senators fans were wearing fallen soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s name on their jerseys.

Grab Bag: “Another reason to hate Pinktober,” writes Garrett Jensen, who sends along this chart entitled, “Where We Donate Vs. Diseases That Kill Us”. He adds, “This is especially ironic since football players are definitely frequent victims of Heart Disease.” … The University of Tennessee has a new logo (from Patrick O’Neill).




Annnnnnnnnnd…that’s going to do it for this fine Sunday. Enjoy the NFL games today (and don’t forget the early game). Big thanks, as always, to TJ, Catherine, Rob, Andrew, Alex and Matt, and you fine readers. And welcome back Paul! Hope your vacation to the land of cheese was awesome, buddy! I’ll GLADLY hand you back the keys now. You guys have a great week, and I’ll catch you all next Saturday.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“QuackTracker has lost its relevance. Now every school has a weekly costume, some with actual school colors. Whereas I used to get into uniforms now I just dont bother. Too much change. I used to enjoy Helmet Project too but now I dont care. It has jumped the shark.”

— Paul Stave




Comments (53)

    Wait, what’s wrong with Boise State’s gray? It’s dumb, sure… but it contrasts just fine with the white of the other team. Better than white vs powder blue, at least.

    If it’s light enough where they’re wearing dark numbers,, then there’s not enough contrast.

    It’s not a school color, first of all. And I don’t think BSU’s gray has ever provided enough contrast with either their own numbers or their opponent’s whites, in my opinion.

    BSU wore gray, blue and pink on Friday. What an impossible combination, yecch.

    According to this article, the Eagles will be going to kelly green in 2016 (h/t Chris Kier)

    That also says kelly green alt next year. A kelly green jersey with the current midnight helmet is going to look even stupider than the mono-black did.

    Also… would an employee at a Nike store really have any inside information like that, and if he did, would he not risk being fired by telling people?

    Ohio’s solid greens are almost as bad as those WMU costumes. As for Western Michigan: Reduce the size of the bronco, make the pant stripe thinner and tan to match the jersey, and tone down the silly shoulders, and they would have a beautiful kit.

    Pfft. That game should have switched places with Oregon/Cal in today’s list.

    Speaking of which, that was quite the backanded thank you from Phil to Catherine. After years of moaning about the Ducks not making the list, Phil should just take what he can get.

    I love love LOVED the Illinois uniforms. I would buy that helmet tomorrow and I despise the big ten.

    I don’t understand the criticism of the Ohio uniforms and the praise of the MSU uniforms when those uniforms are so similar. If anything, the Ohio uniforms look better.

    I don’t want to speak for Catherine, but I’d assume the criticism isn’t of either Ohio or MSU’s uniform, per se, but rather the combination of the two on the field — in which case I’d agree that the UM/MSU was a far superior looking match up than WMU/Ohio.

    I’d also agree with you that Ohio’s mono green is better individually than MSU (especially when MSU’s greens don’t even match).

    Michigan States unis looked bad yesterday. The 2 shades of green seen on tv. In the pictures cant see it as well.

    Even Ohio U and Oregon when they wear dark green.

    Why are these teams wearing that ugly shade of green?

    Not only the multiple shades of green but the uniforms looked so dingy. I’ve noticed that a lot of the mono black uniforms also look very dingy.

    Dingy is a great word for it.

    I was thinking they’ve been thru the wash too many times (like the Jets uniforms).

    But dingy is better.

    I didn’t really see any praise or criticism of the two green uniforms. She liked/hated the uniform of the other team.

    Personally I think both of them needed stripes on their pants. This stripeless trend needs to stop… it just looks cheap on most teams.

    Yes, The Bell Centre has the Expos banner there, it will stay there until the Rays move to Montreal. (one freshly minted stadium away from happening)

    Which is to say, baseball ain’t returning to Monreal in our lifetimes. I got to attend a Habs game in 2007 – the day they retired Larry Robinson’s jersey – and seeing the Expos banner in the rafters and Youppi in the stands was a highlight of the night for me.

    Seems kind of a d**k move to go over there in London and play a game of our football and before it sing our national anthem which describes “the bombs bursting in air” of the War of 1812 when we kicked their British asses.

    I mean, it’s not that bad of an offense, but it’s at least right up there with having a football team called a disparaging nickname of indiginous peoples.

    I’ve always thought it strange that you would have an anthem which is set during probably the country’s greatest military embarrassment.

    This is a very good point.

    Personally, I don’t see why the hell we need to sing the stupid thing before every god damned sporting event in the first place.

    We just need to take “O Canada” and change it to “A-Merica.” Only a few tweaks are needed to make it a great anthem.

    Officially, the War of 1812 was seen as “Status quo ante bellum”. It was basically a win-win for both sides. The U.S. was able to prove to the world it could sustain itself independently while Canada was able to fend off manifest destiny from the U.S. Really, we wouldn’t be involved in another significant military conflict until the Mexican-American War afterwards.

    We really aren’t that bothered to be fair. We’re fairly broad minded, and at most may look slightly disapproving and “tut” loudly.

    I haven’t seen any of it yet, but did you at least get our flag the right way up this year? That’s more offensive. Even though most Brits wouldn’t know the difference. :)

    Don’t think anyone in London would even think of the War of 1812. Even at the time it was a minor distraction for the British; they were much more concerned with a certain short french dude.
    (must have started channeling Bill & Ted for a second)


    Absolutely, Will.

    I also think we should reintroduce into God Save teh Quen, this verse:

    Lord, grant that Marshal Wade
    May by thy mighty aid
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush.
    God save the King.

    Was anything even done in Britain for The War of 1812 Bicentennial? (I suspect not much if anything at all – correct me if I’m wrong)

    I know in Canada several things were done for the Bicentennial of the War of 1812:

    Federal government and others doing thing to commemorate it in 2012.
    even Canadian stamps – link
    and a toonie and 4 quarters (regular circulation and silver collectors) of the event produced.

    One interesting thing was the CBC documentary/comedy “The War of 1812: Been There, Won That”.
    (think it’s only available in Canada – and CBC Viewer can be a pain: link)
    YouTube preview:

    Michigan State’s uniforms on TV looked like crap — a sort of pea soup green mixed with kelly green. The pictures shown in today’s ticker look much better than they looked while watching the game. So much so my wife said, “What is up with Michigan State’s jersey? It looks like two different, yet ugly greens”…

    The St. Louis Blues are definitely the Cubs of the NHL, at least there are descendants of those Cubs fans with second hand memories of 1908. Did a little research, and there’s roughly 50 of the 122 teams(in their current cities), which have never won the ultimate prize in the four major pro sports leagues.

    For teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets and Memphis Grizzlies, they have a fan base still relatively new to the NHL and NBA. But it’s amazing to me to have a number of teams in existence 45 years and beyond who not only have never won, and no hope of that changing anytime soon.

    Meh, funny comparison, but I think the STL Blues are more like the Padres or Brewers, as youngish teams without championships. +1 to a Brewers comp by the way, because both were inside jobs. Brewers were a 23rd hour purchase and relocation, and Blues were made to fill a barn that Dollar Bill Wirtz owned.
    The Cubs of the NHL are the Leafs. Some ancient history with the league, last championship was forever ago, and they both have curses (billy goat and Harold Ballard).

    And let’s not also forget that St. Louis nearly lost the NHL in 1983, as the Blues came very close to either moving to Saskatchewan or folding outright. (The NHL had 21 teams at the time, so if they would’ve folded the scheduling would’ve been easier.) I’m happy for St. Louis fans that didn’t happen, while at the same time as much as Saskatchewan is deserving of an NHL team it realistically probably couldn’t financially support one, or at least one without sacrificing the Roughriders.

    the Washington all purple with gold domes and Arizona State maroon white and yellow was a pretty hideous thing to look at yesterday.

    This is all speculation on my part, but as to Willie Mays’s affinity for the “G” hat, isn’t it possible he is signifying his having played for the Giants in both New York and SF? I know that Willie always felt more at home as a NY Giant, so maybe this is his way of honoring the Giants in their full history. Doesn’t seem all that shocking to me.

    I know that discussions here about college football tend to focus exclusively on the big-time boys and, you know, sure, whatever. But from an aesthetic perspective — not to mention historical — the smaller powers sometimes bear mention.

    Yesterday, Harvard thrashed Princeton 49-7 and looked pretty good doing it. link
    Princeton looked as bad as it played:

    As I’ve noted before, Princeton is a loathsome institution with a marvelous uniform tradition. Tis a pity.

    I love Princeton’s helmet and their jerseys – yet the stripes on their pants could use a bit of love.

    Ugh just noticed I used the wrong their in my email. I blame Swype and the lack of grammatical squiggles in internet text boxes, also my lack of proof reading.

    Also turns out we did wear white/white/ gold in 2012. It was in an embarrassing loss which explains why I blocked it out of my memory. But hey Terry dug up those 2 beautiful shots from Tech’s past (when our Gold was truly Old) thanks to my mistake so no harm right?

    Interesting thing to note is that Oklahoma State’s helmets used that old “Bronc Rider” logo to pay tribute to their days as Oklahoma A&M and on the bottom of the back of the helmets it says “Okla A&M” in orange letters.

    The best picture I can find of it is here:

    Ugh; green over green. Bad enough they play like shit; they have to look like shit too?

    And it comes across – at least on tv – as one butt-ugly shade of green, with a non-matching belly bib.

    I don’t believe that article about the Eagles Kelly Green AT ALL. Nope.

    The picture they used is an old photoshop someone did online. That’s what many chinese bootlegs look like – they’re out there. If the Eagles really want to recreate a chinese bootleg, go ahead; its only a billion dollar business…

    The number font is awful. Whoever actually likes this concept should go find a kelly blank and sew even just 1 layer numbers in this font. Looks like shit, eh? I wish that photoshop would disappear.

    If the Eagles wanted to keep the NOB font, they could as long as it was a single layer. The practice jerseys are nice & legible in a single layer. The current number font and Eagle head logo need to go.

    At first glance I thought that Western Michigan helmet had a mullet on it. I guess it’s a horse or something.

    I know I feel Hawai’i’s rainbow stripes should be wider, yet I think that is one AWESOME look!

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for the Raptors’ maple leaf to be white on their red away shorts? It isn’t even noticeable the way it is right now, which isn’t disrespectful as much as it is extraneous.

    As for the Ohio State uniforms, I would argue that many Penn State and Ohio State fans consider that game a Rivalry game. Also, I’ve spoken with Terry about this before, the Rivalry jerseys seem to be becoming the Buckeyes Primetime game uniforms. For 4 Primetime games since we beat TTUN wearing those unis in 2012 the Buckeyes have worn the home edition (Penn State, Wisconsin, and Clemson 2013 – 2014 season; Va Tech 2014 – 2015 season). The one oddity is the night game against Cincinnati this season when we wore our regular home uniforms. Interested to see what they wear for the next two games: 8 PM ET games against Illinois and then MSU, and Illinois is a validated Rival

    Eagles story says they’re not wearing midnight green this year because the fabric isn’t in – as the midnight green unis came in last week, it’s already lost some credibility.

    Surprised that Catherine would say that MSU/Mich looked “Beautiful” while there was “nothing good” about Ohio/Western Mich, when MSU and Ohio’s uniforms were basically the same. If there’s “nothing good” about it, then only the UMich uniforms were good in one of the top 5 matchups.

    After floating around in the material universe as a mere cloud, I’m here and commenting again.

    Catherine, I agree with virtually all of your pics, although I do disagree with the Western Michigan/Ohio pic, mainly because the templates for both teams as well as the colors gelled together quite well to my eyes. Only thing I would change would be the pants for that WMU jersey. Get exclusive brown pants with a Vegas gold stripe, instead of that giant white board that we currently see.

    But you hit the nail on the head with #5-1!

    In the Michigan / Michigan State segment of Catherine’s 5 & 1, am I the only one who thinks # 44 on the Spartans is making a pretty nice shadow puppet on his opponent’s leg? It looks like some kind of lizard, or maybe a bird.

    Malhotra’s wearing the UnderArmour Armourbite mouthguard.

    They have several boil and bite options that are sold in retail stores, but he’s most likely wearing the custom.


    As for Youppi! It was Halloween at the Bell Centre Saturday night. The Habs are on the road until Nov 2. So I believe Youppi! was dressed as a ref for Halloween.

    Also I bought my daughter a Youppi! Halloween costume while we were there.

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