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Monday Morning Uni Watch


By Phil Hecken

Phil in today — pinch hitting for Paul while he’s on vacation in Wisconsin.

The biggest news yesterday was probably the Washington football club wearing their throwback uniforms, but, due to the NFL’s “one helmet rule,” (as you can see above), they wore their current helmet with the throwbacks. The Washington Post was not impressed. They’re correct, of course — very few of the throwbacks look good with the current helmet shells (unless they are the same color as the throwback shell), but they’re not awful. As they did in 2013, the EQ guys removed the center stripe, but kept the logo decal. When there was no helmet restriction, the team wore a faux leather helmet (larger version here), which had no logo or stripe. Both Paul and I covered the throwbacks when they were introduced in 2012. The uniform is supposed to be representative of the 1937 team.

It’s a pretty good looking faux/throwback, but it just doesn’t quite work with the current helmet, especially since they kept the gold facemask. The shell color difference doesn’t bother me that much (because the shell can actually take on the deep burgundy of the jersey at certain angles — others, not so much) — but I do wish they’d have swapped in a gray cage and removed the helmet logo. It doesn’t really work when the helmet and sleeve logos don’t match and are from different eras. Plain helmets would have worked better.

You can see more photos from this game here.

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The Baltimore Ravens wore their black alternate jerseys yesterday. As you can see, they went mono black (with pink accessories). It’s not a terrible look (especially since their helmet is black, but those pants could use some stripes (and, IMHO the black tops looks better with white pants). If they want to wear black pants, they should wear those with the purple tops). You can see more photos here.

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The San Diego Chargers busted out their beautiful “powder” blue jerseys for their big AFC West showdown against the Chiefs, who went red/white/red. It was a great looking matchup (if there was a 5 & 1 for the NFL, this might have been the good #1), and an even better game (unless you’re a Chargers fan). More photos here.

. . .

And, in the late game, the Denver Broncos wore their alternate blue over blue uniforms. I don’t get the love for this look, either (I mean c’mon — orange is far superior — and it looks like Broncos’ fans feel the same). But even if you say “well, they won SB XXXII wearing the blue,” they didn’t wear the blue pants. But the mono-blue is just awful (especially with white shoes & high white socks). Plus, even though this style is 20 years old, they look like a high school team in them. Just my opinion, of course. You can see more pics here.

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In other action yesterday:

• Cam Newton wore some gold & blue shoes during warmups.

• The jokes just write themselves. Here’s another look.

• Terrance Williams wore these shoes versus the Giants.

• Washington DE Jason Hatcher lost his helmet during his pursuit of Charlie Whitehurst.

• There were plenty of Washington supporters at that game showing their support for the team name.

• The Rams gave away a Robert Quinn bobblehead yesterday.

• The previously winless Jaguars wore black jerseys with white pants yesterday to notch their first victory over the Browns. That’s still a gadawful uniform, but it looks SO much better with white pants (versus mono-black).

• A bunch of superheroes showed up in the stands in Green Bay (h/t to Cork Gaines for the screengrab).

• The Saints wore their gold/white/gold combo, which is probably their best look — now if they could just get rid of the collar horns…

• Is this blood on the Randall Cobb’s shoulder? Nope. Ketchup — the perils of making the Lambeau Leap (h/t Chris Haworth and Ken respectively). Here he is getting cleaned up later on.

• Pinktober has made its way to the kicking tees (h/t to Matt Larsen).

• Well played, Lambeau fans, well played. (h/t Aaron Nagler).

• Fear the ‘stache? Nah. Kyle Orton shaved his and led the Bills to a comeback victory over the Vikes yesterday (here’s how he looked previously).

• The Seahawks wore their gray pants against the mono-blue Rams yesterday.

• I sure hope this is an optical illusion caused by the Jags swimming pool.

• So…yeah.

• Bizarre scene in Oakland, where Carson Palmer and a Raider got their shoes stuck together by accident. You can see video of that incident here.

• Everyone knows the Raiders suck this year, but was it really necessary for the Cardinals to rub it in (or does the smiley face make it OK)? I gotta admit, though, this made me laugh).

• Peyton Manning may have had a great night, but he still needs to find a helmet that won’t leave a brutal forehead mark.

• After Peyton set the all-time passing TD mark, the Broncos celebrated the feat in a very Bronco way — even the flag had blue with orange numbers, in the Broncos numeral font.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: With the Royals in the World Series, there is now a whole bunch of crappy fan gear out there, including (and we’ve seen it before) the apostrophe catastrophe shirt. … Dustin Semore Found this chrome batting helmet at a Dicks sporting goods. He says (and I agree), “Please never let me see this on a diamond.” … The KC Chiefs, recognizing their shared city and World Series fever, asked an important question yesterday. Of course, the Royals have yet to wear their own powder blue (and hopefully won’t) this post season. … Aside from the fact that Rusty Staub makes this Mets uniform look fantastic, look at the size of the number on his batting helmet (h/t Nick Schiavo).

NFL/Football News: Reader Leo Strawn won this Philadelphia Bell poster in an online auction. Says Leo, “The odd thing about it is that the actual Bell helmet did NOT have a white circle around the “bell” during either the WFL’s 1974 or (partial) 1975 seasons.” … Saturday’s ticker contained this item on Shane Vereen’s “N” becoming yellow during the TNF game. Chris Fitz has this explanation: “The reason why it turned color was the yellow paint on the field from the New England Revolution lines that remained on the field, I believe I spotted some at the 50, as the yellow was a continuation to the soccer sideline of the midfield line.” … This photo is not from yesterday’s game, but Andre Williams cleats look like they have golf spikes (from “All Hallows’ Steve”).

College Football News: Remember those ridiculous “LA Steel” alternates UCLA revealed a while ago? Well, they’re going to wear them on November 1, for homecoming.

Basketball News: According to this article, one feature of the new NBA media rights deal that escaped many observers until now was the fact that both ESPN and Turner will get to share in the sale of ads on game jerseys. Are ads inevitable? No — but they’re closer than ever. … Reader Dan Doyle writes, “I know it’s been a while since you had the articles on non-sports personnel unveiling uniforms for teams but, I just remembered that the Brooklyn Nets used Jay-Z to model the first renderings of their jersey. Just thought I would mention that because I don’t remember that every being brought up in the days following.” … This Wall Street Journal interview with NBA Marketing Chief Pam El, curiously entitled “The NBA’s plan to win more fans,” parrots Adam Silver’s assertion that the league will “eventually adopt some model of jersey sponsorship,” and this nugget, “I don’t think logos upset fans. Fans are quite savvy and logos on jerseys already exist in sports,” (and by logos, she’s referring to jersey ads). … Utah State may not be favored to win the NCAA (at least not yet), but they definitely have the best hair.

Grab Bag: The Korean Volleyball Association (KOVO) has introduced a new logo. The 6 Vs on the edge of the circle (imply the 6 players on the court), the three blades in the middle are for the fans, media and sponsors (from Jeremy Brahm, of course). … Why would a driver wear a visor to help create tunnel vision? That question, and more are answered in this article (from David Firestone). Also from David, A “A suit themed driver suit for Denny Hamlin.” … Even crooks are into breast cancer awareness, as the Vegas police are searching for a pink-clad robber (from TommyTheCPA). … I’m not too sure how safe or smart it is to ski in the dark (even with a lighted ski suit), but the video sure looks cool (thanks, Brinke). … Check out the new jerseys for the UBCOB Ravens Rugby Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Says submitter Paddy Wilson, “The club is based on the West Side of Vancouver, British Columbia and this is the club’s 40th Anniversary. My name is Paddy Watson and I’m on the far right in the Red Jerseys photo.” … Even NASCAR can’t avoid pinktober.

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That’s it for today folks. Everyone have a good Monday. Back with more tomorrow.

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“The irony of Army wearing camo against Kent State of all schools isn’t lost on me.”

— Patrick

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Comments (98)

    I think the Broncos mono-blue is actually their best look. With the wide side panels, it’s obvious that the uniform was designed to be worn as either mono-blue or mono-white. The orange or blue jerseys over the white pants has never really looked right, and neither would the white jerseys over blue pants.

    …and if the Redskins are going to keep wearing that throwback uniform, it’d be nice if they’d make sure the sleeve patches both face forwards (seriously, the patches on the left sleeve are all backwards and that’s not historically accurate), and if they’d use either a blank helmet (eww) or the old spear logo and a burgundy facemask. The current logo & yellow facemask looked stupid on top of an otherwise decent uniform.

    Agreed about the Broncos. But for me, it’s an example of “best look” not being synonymous with “looks good.”

    As for the Redskins, yeah the helmets clash. But the throwback uni is so good from the neck down that I think the team looks much better than their normal uniforms, even with the clashing helmet. I’d take an excellent uniform with one major flaw over a consistently slightly-above-average uniform with no major flaws.

    The “one major flaw” distracts me enough that I’m not sure I can appreciate the rest of the uniform as much. And I’d disagree as to whether Washington’s regular home set is “consistently slightly-above-average uniform with no major flaws” because of the link.

    Indeed… the new “regular” uniform is actually really flawed since the pants & socks are from a throwback uniform and weren’t designed to be worn with the current jersey. It’s good from a distance, but the striping inconsistencies can drive a few people mad.

    I love the idea of the team wearing yellow pants again, but they need to bring back the early 70’s jerseys to go with it.

    Yes, I am insane. What sort of sane person puts “The” before their own first name? Now I don’t recommend mono-blue for most teams – the Rams really need to stop doing it, but for Denver with the wide orange pant stripes and jersey side panels, it works.

    I agree. When Bronco goes blue on blue its so lovely. Raven should always wear the black shirt or purple shirts with the black britches at home.

    Fair enough… though it looks like that was probably a fluke. The GUD shows the rear facing version being used in 1937, but it also shows the proper front-facing version as well in the same year. The rear version doesn’t show up again during the few years that the team had a sleeve patch. I’m assuming that they had a select few players with backwards patches, but that it wasn’t the intended design.

    it reminds me of that scene in Goodfellas where they are talking about that painting Tommy’s mom did.

    One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy’s sayin’, “Whadda ya want from me?’

    …that’s just because it was probably cheap to create one patch and not two. (and it had no conflicting logo on the helmet)

    I agree with your re: the Broncos mono-blue.

    Now it is NOT what I would do if I were starting from scratch for them, but if limited to what they already have, then the mono-blue is the best.
    But that kinda like saying its better to have your little toe on your left foot smashed with a hammer than the little toe on your right foot.


    Marinara sauce, hopefully… though to be fair, ketchup, marinara, bbq, and chili are all going to look really similar as jersey stains…. so who really knows what it actually was.

    If you’re rivals with Chicago, and Chicagoans have an unnatural dislike of ketchup, it would make perfect sense to serve and enjoy said condiment.

    Regarding the Washington throwback uniform, here’s game photos from the last two games wearing that uniform (both wins) against similar looking AFC opponents; same Helmet, Top, Pant, and Sock color as far as I can tell..

    Yesterday: link

    Last November against San Diego: link

    There are flaws with the helmet on this throwback, but you can’t argue the results, 2-1 all time I believe.

    “There are flaws with the helmet on this throwback, but you can’t argue the results…”


    No, you can’t. But that still doesn’t make the uniform any better.

    You bring up a great point, though (not about this uniform, but uniforms in general) — results often dictate positive (or negative) opinions about a uniform.

    Example: The Mets. There are MANY Mets fans who think the racing stripes of the 1980s, in which they were very successful and won the 1986 World Series, are just divine. And while I won’t say it’s solely the results that determine how good/bad a uniform is (and IMHO that’s an awful uni), the good feelings attached to it make it a generally well-loved uni. But seriously, this totally trumps this.

    Same with the Mets black tops. They had good success (for the most part) in those things, and as such, are “beloved” by many a Mets fan — but they’re BFBS and pretty much awful.

    That’s all not to say that the Washington throwback is bad — I rather like the uni — but it doesn’t look good with the current helmet. Would you like it any less if they were 0-3 versus 2-1? That’s the real question.

    I completely agree. There are other examples outside of the Mets and Washington, record in uniform creates a bias that creates a favorable or unfavorable opinion of said uniform.

    Personally, I like the jersey and pants in the Washington throwback, but it could be better in the sock/helmet department. The one loss in this uniform came with the leather helmet in the first wear back in 2012 against Carolina.

    But you’re right, I don’t think we’d see much of this uniform (helmet or no) if it was 0-3.

    results often dictate positive (or negative) opinions about a uniform.

    I’d like to think that if the Bucs had been perennial winners from 1976-96, they’d still be wearing creamisciles today. Everybody has such a bad opinion of that uniform because it reminds them of “loveable losers” — the fact that they started winning (for the most part) in 1997 right after changing only reinforced that.

    Re the Mets. (1) The racing-stripe Mets unis were one of the great uniforms of all-time. Second-best the Mets have ever worn, top-ten of that era in MLB. (2) My opinion on this has nothing to do with the Mets performance in that era. I really didn’t care how well that team did at that time. It’s just a good-looking uniform, is all.

    You know, Scotty, I was going to add to my post “(…eagerly awaits Jim Vilk & R. Scott’s disapproval at my opinion of the racing stripes).”

    We’ll just agree to disagree on how attractive those unis were.

    I’ll give you the Expos racing stripes uniform was OK (because of no pinstripes), though their original was far superior.

    And as your tastes are quite discerning (though we may not always agree), I knew you’d be able to judge a uni on its merits, and not the performance of the team while wearing those unis.

    And knowing how much you like this style of uniform, I totally get your love of the racing stripes.

    Fair enough. Here’s the thing: The Mets racing stripes shouldn’t work. I shouldn’t like them. Mixing bold stripes with pinstripes generally isn’t a good idea. But I think the Mets managed to make a usually-bad design idea work, thanks to a few factors:

    1) The bright, bold colors, including the royal-blue pins, make clashing, loud design elements work together in ways they wouldn’t on a uniform defined by, say, navy blue and Vegas gold. (Then again, I think the Phillies also made racing stripes work with muted burgundy pinstripes, so maybe this line of reasoning is retcon BS.)

    2) The form of the v-neck jersey, lacking the visual impact of a placket and buttons on the front, is more forgiving of bold design elements like the racing stripes and pins.

    3) Related to 2, the v-neck jersey more or less has to have a contrasting collar. Take off the racing stripes, and you’d still have a bold royal collar set into the pinstripes, and that’s in and of itself a clash with the pins. It makes the additional clashing element of racing stripes less jarring.

    4) The racing stripes introduce a nicely balancing presence of orange in a uniform set that would otherwise be too royal-heavy.

    I’m not saying everyone should have racing stripes, or even that most teams should consider them. But a few teams have made them work as signature uni elements, and racing stripes (along with Cards/Grays stripery) is on my list of things that I’d like to see one or two teams adopt, just because there’s not enough individual distinction among baseball uniforms anymore. The racing-stripe Mets for me were like the super-fashionable guy who manages to pull off a plaid tie with a plaid shirt and plaid jacket. It shouldn’t work, but when it does, it’s impressive. (Or closer to home, royal blue and black is generally a terrible color combination, except when a team gets it just right, like the St. Paul Saints, and then it’s glorious to behold.)

    Ask and you shall receive…

    In the 80s I disliked pretty much any NY or LA team. But I thought the Mets looked FANtastic with those racing stripes.

    I agree with Arrr…pinstripes and racing stripes aren’t for everyone. However, one team just popped into my head: the Astros. No shooting star logo on the jersey, though…that would be overkill.

    Re: Expos jersey

    Not sure why you think the Expos original is “far superior”. Even if you prefer no racing stripes to racing stripes (in the case of the Expos I personally prefer the racing), the stripes on the end of the sleeves of the original look too thin and/or too close together to me – something there not quite working for me. Maybe it’s just me.

    Not just you, Will S: I find the original Expos uniforms to be deeply flawed. Love the cap, love the chest logo, love the number font. But all the other details of the uniforms look slapdash at best: poorly conceived and executed. The racing stripes cleaned up all the messiness and created a strong and distinctive visual presence that gave blue and red equal weight, which is what the original uniform tried but failed to achieve.

    As a Ravens fan, I’ve always thought that they should add gray to their pallet of colors. Gray stripes would be good on the black pants. Actually, I think it should be a gray-purple-gray triple stripe on the black pants. Also, they should ditch the white pants altogether and make those gray. It be a lot better with both the purple and black jerseys. White pants are so boring unless it’s supposed to be one of your colors or the team has worn them traditionally.

    White pants are good on: Dolphins, Chiefs, for example
    White pants are bad on: Ravens, Redskins

    I’ve always though that they needed a stripe as well.

    The original black pants had a way too huge one – link

    I think they should copy the design element of the helmet and use the stripes that taper to a point. Like this – link

    Helmet for reference – link

    Your mock-up would make sense.

    Neither their original black pants (the ones with the wide white stripe) or their current ones (the ones with not stripes) make sense from an overall design perspective.


    Ravens shouldn’t just add gray accents. They should switch black for a medium cool gray, and make black a minor accent color. Just not enough contrast between their purple and black. Gray would solve the problem.

    That’s what I was thinking: Use the contrasting color you already have, the gold.
    Where did gray come from??


    “… Check out the new jerseys for the UBCOB Ravens Rugby Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Says submitter Paddy Wilson, ‘The club is based on the West Side of Vancouver, British Columbia and this is the club’s 40th Anniversary. My name is Paddy Watson and I’m on the far right in the Red Jerseys photo.’…”

    Go Ravens! Good looking unis worn by men who look ten times as fit as the dipsomaniacs that constituted my rugby side back in the Paleolithic. UBC indicates University of British Columbia, I presume (Go Thunderbirds!), and so does the OB stand for Old Boys?

    i am a fan of the broncos mono blue, but mainly because i saw the first time they did it in the 90’s and i thought “cool” because it was different….. besides some incidents here and there in the 60’s that were unplanned, this was the first time i had seen it done (on-purpose) since the oklahoma outlaws in the USFL. that said, since that time, everyone does it and it’s made me absolutely not able to stand it from other teams…. unless it’s white over white, because i’m way more old school, and that’s a very traditional look to me.

    Bad news for me when Phil takes over since every photo link is via twitter. I do 99% of my uni watch viewing at work where twitter links are blocked.

    Having had my fair share of Lambeau hot dogs over the years, the condiment in question is ketchup

    That forehead mark might just be a sign of Peyton being “old school”.

    When I was playing junior high and high school ball in the late 80s/early 90s, that type of thing was far more commonplace. A lot of guys wore bandages to keep the rubbing to a minimum but I remember helmets being sized very tight in those days.

    I think there is a direct correlation from when you started to see helmets flying off of players as to when guys weren’t strapped up super tight. It was an extreme rarity to lose a helmet before then, now it’s so commonplace the NCAA has a rule (bogus) regarding a player coming off the field if their lid was knocked loose.

    “The irony of Army wearing camo against Kent State of all schools isn’t lost on me.”

    It is on me. Anybody care to explain?

    3 words: Kent State Shootings. When our illustrious military killed 4 people who were protesting the Vietnam War.

    Granted, it happened long enough ago that I doubt the camo was done intentionally as any sort of reference to that event.

    In the interest of accuracy, only 2 of the students killed were actively protesting. The other 2 were collateral damage killed by errant shots.

    And in the interest of full disclosure, the shooting happened after several days of violent protests that involved rocks being thrown at and wounding military, police, EMT and firefighting personnel.

    Add to that, among other things, torching the ROTC Building and trashing the surrounding town over several days preceding the May 4th date of the shootings.

    That said, though, giving “weekend warrior” National Guardsmen loaded M-1s with a 2-mile firing range, and asking them to quell an increasingly chaotic student protest was complete and utter folly.

    “If they want to wear black pants, they should wear those with the purple tops).”

    Agree with adding a stripe to the pants, but not to the statement above. Purple and black are not complementary colors, and when the Ravens have worn this combo, they look like a bunch of bruises who got dressed in a closet.

    That area between Peyton’s eyebrows and hairline is a fivehead, not a forehead… I’m waiting for Nike/Buick/Nationwide to put a logo there.

    But the mono-blue is just awful (especially with white shoes & high white socks).

    It’s not the high white socks, but the fact that above the stripe of the sock is blue that causes the dreaded unitard look that makes the mono-blue look look so bad.

    “After Peyton set the all-time passing TD mark, the Broncos celebrated the feat in a very Bronco way – even the flag had blue with orange numbers, in the Broncos numeral font.”

    The Broncos cheerleaders also got into the act by breaking out navy blue jerseys with link and link. link Full slideshow link for those who want to bother with more photos.

    New NBA Chief Marketing Office Pam El simply doesn’t get it. Someone please enlighten her.

    Nah… she gets it. Look at how many people pay 300 bucks for a shitty pair of shoes just because they have a swoosh on them. Ads on an NBA jersey will piss off everyone here, but they won’t stop the jerseys from selling.

    NASCAR disallowed the Terry Labonte triple throwback/retirement paint scheme yesterday.
    Pity, because it was a beaut:


    The team he was driving for had to switch it out tin order to comply with a safety rule that cars must have the same colors on both the driver side and passenger side.
    NASCAR claims that the rule exists for safety reasons so drivers, spotters and NASCAR officials don’t get confused.
    Maybe I should think harder on this, but isn’t that what car numbers and name-on-windshield are for?

    Well… that rule makes about as much sense for “safety” as the NFL’s one helmet rule, because somehow a brand new helmet is more dangerous than one that’s been used for half the season. So… yeah.

    “Maybe I should think harder on this, but isn’t that what car numbers and name-on-windshield are for?”

    Yes and no…at a Superspeedway like Talladega, the cars are bunched together so closely that even with multiple spotter, color/scheme play a larger role in safety/identification than at other tracks. As for the name on the windshields, that’s nothing more than a NASCAR marketing device added to the Cup level just last season, it’s practically impossible to read from the spotter’s stand or from scoring locations that lack video monitors. Still, even with there being precedent, it was a bad PR to make one of the sport’s most beloved former champions change a commemorative scheme before his final race, but that’s NASCAR for you.

    When the cars are far off, its impossible to read the numbers, but still easy to see the colors.

    I’m constantly surprised when teams have to change a paint scheme like this at the last minute… It’s been a rule for a long time, and yet every couple years a team has to suddenly alter their scheme because NASCAR tells them it has to be consistent on both sides. Last case I can remember was with Juan Pablo Montoya in 2009.

    They were planning to run this car:

    But had to change it to this car:

    Although I did not agree with the decision, I understand why it had to be made. At a track like Dega, the spotter has to be very focused, and if he is trying to track a car that changes from blue to yellow, it can make it much more difficult

    Puck Daddy has an article this morning about the “etiquette” of theowing your sweater on the jice as protest.


    I spoke to Aaron (whose idea was the genesis for the project) and we’re going to shoot for this coming Saturday.

    “Reader Leo Strawn won this Philadelphia Bell poster in an online auction.”

    Worst football team name EVER!

    Whether is was a good name for a football team or not, you can’t deny the WFL as a whole captured a time and place.


    Interesting Philadelphia Bell poster but would prefer that what appears to be a quarterback not wear number 97.

    Just a plug for Gary Chanko’s scoreboard prints. I bought 4 of them last week, and I’ve already received them… they are really great, and I’m thrilled with the results.

    Go to any Uni Watch for the past seven Saturdays.

    It’s a recurring series now. Here is the link to this past Saturday’s UW, just scroll down to “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards” (it’s always the second section of a Saturday post).

    Thanks. I recall no link or contact info on the first week or two, and didn’t notice that it had started showing up on the more recent entries.

    Welcome. There wasn’t a link on the first week or two — although I did say to Gary when we started I thought there might be interest in purchasing some of these; and indeed, a few people contacted me by e-mail, which I forwarded to Gary. After that we thought he should put a link to inquiries directly on the site.

    RE:Jags “godawful uniforms” …Is there any chance these monstrosities will get thrown out for something different in the near term? How can anyone take this team seriously when they look like a bad 90’s arena-league team?

    Assuming the NFL enforces it’s uniform rules, we have at least 3 more seasons before the Jags are allowed to do anything.

    Although, I seriously wonder if the NFL would actually stop the Jaguars if they decided to ditch the two-tone helmet without changing the rest of the uniform.

    1. Washington can’t “shrink wrap” the helmet to look like leather? If Oregon can create over 100 helmets each week, I’m pretty sure Washington can hire a company that can do this in a few days.

    2. ALSO… Why can’t they design a patch for the left arm that is facing forward? It looks really weird that the helmet and shoulder patch are facing two different directions.

    3. Vacationing in Wisconsin??? Is that a thing now?

    Under Armour chrome batting helmets are nothing new. They’ve been around for at least two years, and perhaps they’re showing up on retail shelves because the online retailers are clearing them out.

    How amazing would the Bronco’s all blue unis look if they had the Power D decal on the helmets?

    If team’s cant use alt helmets at least use the old decal with modern color scheme to match the helemet

    Is it true Nike trademarked Michigan’s Maze color?

    I know Nike trademarked Mississippi States interlocking MSU logo. Are there other examples of a Nike/Adidas trademarking a logo or color scheme? And why would M State let nike trademark their logo?

    Think there is any chance the NFL realizes that the one-helmet rule is unnecessary? Struggling with why colleges do not enforce the same rule, and what the real difference is. Just sad to think of never seeing the old hiking Patriot helmet, the old yellow Steelers helmets, or even the creamsicle era Bucs helmets ever again. It was so cool to see those fairly regularly just a couple years ago. And to imagine if Oregon had to stick to one helmet, Saturday’s beauty would have been ruined.

    If fans bought helmets, you better believe they’d be allowing (if not mandating) more than one per team.

    Newton bringing up the old Denver power D helmets calls to mind the powder blue Ole Miss helmets. I thought the ole miss powder shade was pretty close to the royal or limoge used by the pre-97 Broncos. The Bronco helmet also was somewhat unique in that era in that its shade of blue was an exact match to the jersey highlight shade (unlike the navy helmet / royal jersey effect with Rams and Giants)

    I think they might realize that it might be 99% unlikely that wearing more than one helmet is any more dangerous that just wearing one. But if the league can do “something” (that doesn’t really cost them anything) that makes it appear that they care about player safety one iota, they will gladly do that. No matter how many people would like to see Pat the Patriot again every now and then, the CYA PR they get for appearing to care is pricless to this league.

    Why do they flood the league with all the pink crap every October? They care about fighting breast cancer? Or do they care about appearing to care about fighting breast cancer while selling overpriced pink stuff that a certain percentage of may go to a good cause. And what percentage is profit? And which percentage is bigger, do you think?

    I loved watching the Chargers get beat in those powder blues. I’ve always felt the previous set was the best look the Chargers have worn so I hate the powder blues look but also hate the current look and feel the powder blue is the best of the current set so I’m torn on this one.

    Anyone who thinks the Ravens need to have a stripe down their black pants needs to look at their first season uniforms. Their current black pants are far superior and the all black look with the gold/purple trim is the best look of any team in the league

    “need to have a stripe” doesn’t mean it has to be six inches wide, ala the 1996 Ravens.

    Steelers Lance Moore is wearing all pink socks for the steelers, something tells me he’ll be hearing from the league office

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