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Yankees Retire Joe Torre’s Number 6

Runnin’ out of numbers.

There will never be another New York Yankee with a No. 6 on his back.

During a pregame ceremony Saturday, the Yankees officially retired Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre’s No. 6, honoring his steady hand for the team’s four World Series titles in the five years at the end of the last century.

Standing next to Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner beyond the center field wall in Monument Park, Torre unveiled the No. 6 plaque. Torre’s number is the 17th in franchise history to be retired, joining the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio.

Here’s a shot of the painted number 6 on the field at Yankee Stadium.

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Will Clark of the WHAS radio station snapped a pic of the new Cardinal logo being set on the basketball court.

Looks like the floor at the KFC Yum! Center is getting some attention this summer.

A photo from radio station 84 WHAS shows a new red Cardinal logo going on center court, with the new ACC logos ready to be placed on the floor as well.

Some impressive locker room renovations happening over at LSU. Additional pics available at the link.

The south end zone of the Tiger Stadium isn’t the only place for renovations. The Jeff Boss Locker rooms were also redone and unveiled, the school announced Friday.

Work began after LSU’s regular season-ending victory against Arkansas and was expanded to 8,000-square feet by moving walls and raising the ceiling. The No. 13 Tigers will use the locker room for the first time on Sept. 6 when LSU opens its home schedule against Sam Houston State.

The LSU football team toured the facility for the first time Friday.

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Just a reminder, there’s a certain 12-day marathon of a certain show happening right now on FXX.

[Update:] I should have added this. A couple years old, but still great: The Making Of “Homer At The Bat,” The Episode That Conquered Prime Time.

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    Does it bother anyone else that the AL Pennant years are split as “1996, 1998-2000, 2001, 2003” rather than “1996, 1998-2001, 2003”?

    Yeah, that’s what happens when the main article is posted so much later than usual.

    Plus we’re all working on modernized WFL uniforms.

    In the spirit of “who wore it best”, who are the best non-Torres to don 6 for the Yankees?

    My childhood was spent in the broadcast range of WPIX-11, but I only go so far back as Roy White.

    The LSU locker room was done by Forty Nine Degrees, a company here in Ohio. They’ve done work for some other schools as well (including Ohio State, Alabama, & Florida), which you can find on their website:


    REDBLACKS playing the Stampeders this afternoon, the REDBLACKS are in their new ‘signature’ uniforms but without plaid helmets. No explanation given so far.

    Also, REDBLACKS hurts to type.

    Last week on Olbermann, he had the scoop. Not sure exactly what he said, but it was something along the lines of “plaid helmets are really difficult to paint/manufacture, so they’ll be ready sometime later this year. Hopefully after the season ends.”

    He loves the unis, but hates the helmets, FWIW.

    Thanks – I don’t think we get Olbermann here (and he doesn’t come to mind first for CFL news).

    If you all-caps Ottawa REDBLACKS, wouldn’t you also all-caps Miami HEAT? It’s the same situation – the team styles their name in that way, but official sources style their name in standard/camelcase.

    For the RedBlacks, the English-language forums clear up whether the team uses standard or camelcase – it’s the latter. For the Heat, all sources use standard capitalization.

    Loving the Cubs game today. But I would love to see the Orioles go back to the 94 look full time (no stupid cartoon bird!). And I’ve always loved the Cubs “Cuba” script. I wish they’d bring back those road uniforms full time and bring back the blue alts worn today as the road alt.

    Did the Cubs ever wear this particular uniform? I remember the Cursive Cubs on the road grays, but I don’t ever remember this one in blue. I think they started the Blue BP jersey at home and on the road, maybe in ’98?

    This was indeed the BP jersey during those years, but I wonder if the number font and names on the back are correct. IIRC, at this time the Cubs had a generic block font on their practice jerseys, and no NOB, at least not for the first few years. By the late “90s and the “walking bear” jerseys, they had block numbers and NOBs in practice before ditching the NOBs in 2005, when they used a darker shade of navy which I still want to see them bring back.

    Unless special knit blue jerseys were made up for that 1994 game… were they?

    Nobody should ever throwback to 1994. No, not ever.*

    *Exception: if the Nats make the World Series, they need to wear ’94 Expos unis for at least one game.

    Not only will no Yankee ever wear #6 again, but after this season no Yankee will ever wear a single digit again. The only single digit not retired is #2, and it seems more than a little likely that Derek Jeter’s going to get that honor.

    The Dodgers issued 03 and 04 in spring training a few years ago; they already had a 3, and 4 was retired, so I suppose they were different enough.

    The Yankees also ran out of numbers in spring training last season, and issued the same numbers to multiple players. They started going backwards from the 90s, so in all cases it was players who were only rarely making appearances.

    I say just unretire everything and let the monuments in the outfield be the way they memorialize past greats.

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