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Auction Action


As you’ve probably noticed in the left sidebar, our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running another catalog auction, which means it’s time for to highlight my favorite items. Some really great stuff this time — here we go:

• This is interesting: a Cardinals jersey that was first issued to Steve Carlton and then reissued to Stan Musial!

• Ah, Richie Allen’s Wampum jersey. A classic of its type!

• This 1982 Andre Dawson jersey provides a good look at the Expos’ All-Star Game patch from that season.

• Holy moly, look at this amazing 1920s Princeton jacket!

• Here’s a very nice set of track and field medals.

• Here’s something you don’t often see in these sports auctions: a race-worn thoroughbred jockey’s helmet.

• Love the look of this ring that Jean Béliveau received for his third consecutive All-Star Game selection.

• Totally digging this Muhammad Ali training camp shirt. Simple but classic.

• And speaking of boxing attire, check out this sensational Sugar Ray Leonard cornerman’s cardigan. Hard to imagine that being worn on fight night, no? Also interesting to see that it was made by Butwin, one of the all-time great varsity jacket manufacturers.

• Take a look at the unusual NOB on this Tom Van Arsdale NBA All-Star Game jersey. There’s a lot going on there!

• Stop the presses — look at this fascinating Denver Central Bankers basketball uni set from the short-lived NBL. There’s the really interesting chest logo, the uni number split across the shoulder straps, and the killer warm-up top. Hot-cha-cha!!

• Not sure about the story behind this old basketball uni, but I sure love the color scheme, especially on the shorts.

• As you might imagine, I was a big Jerry Lucas fan (even if he did misspell his surname), so I’m totally digging this old barnstorming jersey that he used to wear.

• One of the standing rules of Auction Action is that I have to salivate over an old Harlem Globetrotters uni. This time around there are actually two ’Trotters listings to get excited about — a blue one (including what are arguably history’s most beautiful stirrups) and a white one.

• A flag-based design seems a lot more acceptable when it’s for an All-American jacket.

• A simple maxim to live by: Anything featuring the Dallas Chaparrals’ logo is completely awesome.

• We all gripe about Adidas putting its three-stripe logo on NBA gear these days, but longtime reader Ross Yoshida points out that triple-striping was appearing on Adidas’s NBA warm-up gear way back in 1981. But somehow those three stripes on the sleeve don’t seem as bad, because of the gray infill between the red stripes — makes it seem more like a five-stripe pattern, not three. If Adidas made this same design today, I think they’d just use three red stripes without the gray infill.

• Mmmmm, love this St. Louis Hawks warm-up top. Tasty!

• Back in the day, players in the Pro Bowl wore generic NFL helmets, and then they started using conference-specific helmets.

• Remember when Ricky Williams wore a wedding dress for an ESPN Mag cover shoot? Here’s the dress!

• Next time the Bears do a throwback game, they should have the sideline staff wearing this jacket design. Or if not that one, then this one!

• The interesting thing about this Broncos throwback uni is that Brian Dawkins apparently cut the feet off of his vertically striped socks and wore them as leg-warmers (presumably over tights), which is very common in the NFL these days.

Want to see more? You can access the full catalog here.

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Holy Toledo: Just when you thought Pinktober was over (or, more specifically, just when you thought it had been over for three weeks), Toledo took the field last night in what was probably the most over-the-top breast cancer uni design of the season (additional photos here). It’s a little hard to see in those photos, but every pink part of the jersey and pants had little ribbon patterns against a pink background.

As many observers have noted, it’s no coincidence that Toledo waited until a nationally televised game to trot out this design. And hey, if you believe pink gear helps the fight against breast cancer, then waiting for a nationally televised game makes sense: They got greater exposure, had the chance to influence and persuade more people, and so on. Plus they had the advantage of wearing pink at a time when nobody else is wearing it, so they stood out more.

But if you think pinkwashing is more about PR and moving merch, then you’re probably right, at least according to this piece, which shows that the NFL’s Pinktober promotion is mostly about selling NFL merch. And if that’s what the pink uni is all about, then saving it for a nationally televised game doesn’t seem so laudable.

Of course, Toledo doesn’t play in the NFL. But does anyone really think the situation is significantly different in the NCAA? Right, didn’t think so.

Incidentally, those stripes on the back of the Toledo pants (which are part of the same Under Armour template used for Northwestern’s “splattered blood” uni) may seem like a newfangled thing, but that type of striping actually goes way back. I kinda like it — although not in pink.

+ + + + +

Tick-Tock: Today’s Ticker was compiled and written by Mike Chamernik, except for ’Skins Watch, which was handled by Paul.

’Skins Watch: Here’s a 1994 Baltimore Sun article about the U. of Illinois retiring their Chief mascot and other similar issues. Key quote: “At least three major newspapers — the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Portland Oregonian, and the Salt Lake Tribune — will not print the name ‘Redskins’ in their pages.” In 1994 — surprising! Also, I’m pretty sure none of those three papers currently boycotts the ’Skins name. When did they go back to using it, and why? Hmmmm (great find by Lindsay Resnick). ”¦ Here’s a good piece addressing how Native mascots perpetuate unfair stereotypes (thanks, Phil).

Baseball News: Drake, the rapper, has an Astros tattoo. It probably has to do with the Houston rap scene, but it still means that Drake has ties to two pitiful franchises — the Astros and Raptors. ”¦ During an interview with former MLBer and current Rakuten Golden Eagle Casey McGehee on MLB Network, Chris Glover noticed some blatant Photoshoppery. “Facial hair on the Yankees? I don’t think so!” ”¦ When Jason Collins threw out the first pitch at Fenway back in June, he wore a NOB Red Sox home jersey (from Alan Borock). ”¦ “I got this in 1994, I believe,” writes Tyler Kepner. “A uni style that not only was never worn by Carlton, but never worn by the Phillies, either. A hybrid of the style Carlton wore and the P they have now. Funny.”

NFL News: The Eagles are offering swatches of turf to season ticket holders (from Mike Wissman). ”¦ Remember how the Ravens-Bears game was extremely muddy on Sunday? The Ravens’ laundry workers dealt with the aftermath (thanks, Mike Strittmatter). ”¦ Nike is paying homage to Calvin Johnson with Megatron-inspired shoes and cleats (from Andrew Cosentino).

College Football News: NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch suffered a jersey tear last night against Toledo (from Coleman Mullins). … has ranked the five most iconic college football uniforms. … Appalachian State will wear “Always Attack” NOBs against WCU. I guess other weeks they only attack, you know, sometimes (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Cork Gaines notes that it’s been five years since both Ohio State and Michigan have worn their traditional uniforms in their annual matchup. He compiled a slideshow of how the schools have used their meeting to showcase uniform quirks in recent years. ”¦ William Yurasko notes that the Penn State football team used to employ military imagery in its marketing back in the 1980s, drawing upon the classic Iwo Jima photo and the Marines. ”¦ Texas State will wear purple-maroon helmets this Saturday (from Derek De La Cruz). ”¦ “I’m still calling it Peden and I’m still calling it The Convo,” says Johnny Bruno. … Arizona State will wear all white this Saturday against UCLA. ”¦ Virginia Tech will auction off their Hokie Stone helmets and gray jerseys (from Andrew Cosentino). ”¦ Jason German is a Uni Watch reader and catcher on the Ashford University baseball team. “Yes, most of my teammates and I will be wearing stirrups this spring,” he says. Atta boy! Jason found a poster from this summer on Colgate Athletic’s Twitter feed that has a backwards Colgate helmet.

Hockey News: A graphic designer created minimalist logos for all 30 NHL teams. ”¦ The Devils will wear green breezers for their outdoor game against the Rangers in January (from Phil). ”¦ The Reading Royals will wear ugly Christmas sweater jerseys on December 14 (from Mario Carr). ”¦ Charles Noerenberg has a few hockey items: In October, Bruins hall of famer Milt Schmidt dropped the puck wearing a sweater from his era, but with the current Bruins 90th anniversary patch; more players are wearing face guards than in previous years, including Corey Tropp, Jonas Brodin, and Vincent Lecavalier; and the Blackhawks have an ad campaign with fans wearing their favorite players’ sweaters, which “makes me feel slightly less silly for owning jerseys myself,” Charles says. “My only beef with the spot is that it features several knockoffs, which don’t need encouraging.”

Soccer News: New World Cup kit for France. “This proves that the monochrome thing on all the Adidas kits was just an Adidas gimmick, not a FIFA requirement,” says Simon Harrow. ”¦ Millwall will wear all white this Saturday for prostate cancer awareness (from Yusuke Toyoda). ”¦ Sporting KC has a really sharp argyle kit.

NBA News: Does anyone know what company Paul George has a shoe deal with? I don’t know, I think it might be Puma or something (from Chris Perrenot). ”¦ More (vague) details emerge about the potential Trail Blazers uniform change in 2015-16. In addition to what might be a more retro uniform set, the team will change its court design, too.

College Hoops News: BYU hosted Iowa State last night, and Matt Dowell was struck by how white the court was. “It is a damn bright court — blindingly bright. Can’t figure out if the court is just that bright, or if the lighting is contributing to the effect.” ”¦ Don Schauf attended the DePaul vs. UW-Milwaukee game on Monday night, and he was flummoxed by the Blue Demons’ blue-on-blue numbering and lettering. “It was especially maddening from the back, with their sweatbacks making the numbers completely invisible for those of us in the stands,” Don says. “While the school name and players numbers/names were hidden from the crowd with this uniform design, the bright white Nike swoosh was clearly visible even from our seats in the 300 level of the US Cellular Arena.” As a DePaul grad, I have a fantastic solution for this: Go to DePaul home games. Numbers are easy to see on the home whites, and plenty of close seats are always available.

Grab Bag: Louisiana Tech’s softball team will wear camo uniforms for a few games this season (from Josh McDaniel). ”¦ There’s such thing as a smart basketball. The ball has sensors which tracks the arcs of your shots and the number of dribbles you take (from Hungry Hungry Hipster). ”¦ New York subway operators are required to lean out their window and point at a small black-and-white sign on the platform at every stop. A few riders noticed this and had some good-natured fun with the pointing conductors (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ Also from Brinke: Coca-Cola is letting users create their own Christmas sweaters, and there’s a website that calls out logo plagiarism. ”¦ Gordon Blau spotted an unfortunate popup ad on a colorization page. Oh, the humanity!

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    Once again, first comment, first item, first error. I’m pretty sure there was no such player as Steve Carlon.

    Anyone besides me think this Toledo Pinktober effort may not have been planned until a couple weeks ago? Think about it: UA (rightfully) took a shit-ton of grief for those NU WWP flag desecration unis and now, three weeks AFTER pinktober ended, they bust out this uni (same template as the WWP unis); I have no doubt they’ll be making sure 100% of the profits from this one go to some charity.

    Seems like this uni is some damage control/spin.

    After finding the UT Pinktober set and then reading Millwall is wearing white this weekend to support Prostate Cancer, these “Awareness” games are more of a “Look At Me” then actual awareness. Leagues need to get together and designate 1 day/game for this to occur where the “profits” are giving to a charity of choice. It is almost to the point where you say, “Yeah yeah you support whatever, great where is your ridiculous uniform??” I agree cancer and the WWP all deserve support, but how much are they directly affected by these awareness games?? It is a long, sometimes boring, documentary, but check out Pink Ribbon Inc to see what is really going on with all of these “awareness” games and pink items being sold. BTW the true color for Breast Cancer is a salmon color but because the lady who started making ribbons for support didn’t want to “sell” her idea, I think it was Mary Kay switched it to Pink and the frenzy took off.

    Moe Berg?!! You got Moe Berg’s shoelace, it’s a big deal… You got a Princeton jacket belonging to Moe Berg?!! … I bid ten zillion dollars… Throw in a first edition of The Sun Also Rises and it’s twenty zillion…

    Or when the court was re-finished, the designers chose not to stain the actual playing surface. What we’re seeing is likely the actual color of the wood. Acrylic-based floor varnished don’t have the yellowing effect that older oil based ones did, so this look is feasible.

    Um, just a heads up, but the video ads are back. I couldn’t get a screenshot because I’m working on a PC, but yeah, they came back.

    DePaul’s away uniforms are royal blue with black numbers trimmed in red (not blue numbers). Still very difficult to read.

    The finish of the BYU court goes well with their navy color (is it white oak?). If you do go with a bright, light finish, you need to avoid white lines on the court. I wonder if BYU uses white oak in other ways (player lockers, furniture, etc); also, if other schools could adopt a particular wood finish as a design element (would it be a good idea for Temple to use cherry wood on the court in some way?).

    If I had to guess, BYU’s athletes themselves are probably whiter than at most other institutions.

    Damn… I would totally bid on that Clippers warmup jacket if I could afford it. That would make an awesome present for my cousin (a Pistons fan, to be sure, but he’d get a huge kick out of owning a Bill Walton warmup).

    Quite the COTD site. The photos are fascinating, but imagining the set-up for them gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    As for the Raven’s uniform story …

    “You see, Bobby Ray is one of the many behind-the-scenes workers at the Under Armour Performance Center.”

    Is Under Armour more insulted to have nothing but Nike uniforms worn within it’s walls, or is Nike more insulted to have it’s uniforms worn in the UAPC?

    So let me get this straight… One of the people at the Under Armour Performance Center is tasked with making Nike jerseys and pants look as appealing as possible?

    That seems like it might be the most glaring paradox to result from the proliferation of corporate branding and exclusive uniform contracts.

    The “Under Armour Performance Center” is merely the Baltimore Ravens’ training facility with a sponsorship name.

    It’s not like UA employees are handling Nike uniforms. And is it really that great a leap from, say, the Lions’ home being Ford Field when the NFL’s official automotive sponsor is GM?

    “…a Cardinals jersey that was first issued to Steve Carlton and then reissued to Stan Musial!”

    I’m sorry, but what proof of that is there?

    Yeah, I don’t get that one either. Link doesn’t show anything about Musial. Plus, Carlton was 4 inches taller and probably 30-40 pounds heavier than Stan, hard to believe they’d wear the same size jersey.

    Their game reports are written by the AP. I’m guessing there’s someone at the Oregonian who’s supposed to find-replace all instances of “Redskins” to “Washington”.

    The odd thing is that they appear to have stripped the name out of last week’s report, but the earlier game reports clearly aren’t stripped of the name.

    Yeah, it’s weird, though I’m guessing whoever’s responsible for editing AP stories for space and local interest forgot to do the find-replace.

    And I did a quick word search for “Redskins” on the Salt Lake Tribune site and all mentions of the word are from AP reports or stories that are about the word. Of course, a staff writer at an out of paper wouldn’t have much reason to write about the ‘Skins except about the name, so I’m guessing it’s easy to avoid using the word.

    Star-Tribune seems to have dropped the boycott altogether, though.

    As a former Oregonian staffer, I can tell you that ban is alive and well, and memorialized eternally in the paper’s Style Guide. The paper also doesn’t use any Native American-themed sports names that do not have tribal approval. (So, Roseburg Indians, not acceptable. Utah Utes, OK.)

    There’s also an interesting photography rationale there that says the WHL’s Winterhawks name is OK, but to try and avoid using the logo whenever possible.

    Watching Sportscenter Top 10 this morning when the Toledo-NIU highlight comes on. The girlfriend says, “Who fell in the Pepto?” Good job raising awareness UA!

    The NFL Pro Bowl helmet that is on Grey Flannel auctions is listed as a painted Colts helmet, but the outline of the Rams horn sticker is clearly visible in the photo. Rick Volk never played for the Rams, so either the description of the photos are incorrect.

    Funny thing about Calvin Johnson’s favorite Megatron quote… the only instance I can remember any iteration of Megatron using it was in the original cartoon, and that when he said it, Starscream immediately retorted, “Did we ever?” (The episode in question was “The Golden Lagoon”, which had a pool of liquid electrum that somehow gave Transformers temporary invulnerability to weapons fire. Needless to say, real-life electrum doesn’t work that way…)

    I was at the auction in St. Louis where that Carlton/Musial jersey was sold originally and had a chance to inspect it up close. I have little doubt it was issued to and likely worn by Steve Carlton in 1965. But, any suggestion it also was worn by Musial deserves proof beyond the opinion of Vern Benson’s son. Three things to consider. First, jerseys were commonly recycled during the day. Names and sometimes numbers would be stripped and jerseys would resurface with a minor league team or during spring training. Second, Musial was a god in St. Louis. The team almost certainly would not give him a recycled hand-me-down, and they absolutely would put his name on the back. I can’t imagine coach/instructor/VP Musial didn’t have his own, custom jersey. In fact, the Cardinals museum has Stan’s 1966 home jersey (it was displayed on his life-size wax figure). Given the Carlton jersey was used in ’65, the suggestion is that Stan wore it in 1966 or later. I have a hard time buying that. And third, Stan’s #6 was retired at the major league level, but not at the minor league level. I personally have a #6 Cardinals jersey from 1975 that was worn in the team’s minor league system. Albert Pujols wore #6 at AAA Memphis in 2000. Just because it has a #6 doesn’t mean it was repurposed for Musial. I know Grey Flannel isn’t interested in any of this; I was banned from bidding in their auctions long ago for pointing out inconsistencies in Cardinals jerseys they offered. But, I’m hoping if any of Paul’s readers are considering bidding on this jersey that they’re doing so because it’s a ’65 Carlton — not because someone says it also was worn by a retired Stan Musial. That claim just doesn’t add up.

    I wonder if there is anyone here besides myself that has actually been to Wampum, PA, where Dick Allen is from? My mom grew up in Wampum, I still have an uncle who lives in my grandparents house.

    Loved the NYC subway operator pointing experiment! All Japan Rail operators do the same – I was always mesmerized by it. I amazed NYC has the same practice. I wonder if it was implemented because of JR as a process improvement or if all rails/metros do it… can’t say I ever saw a Moscow metro do it (but maybe I wasn’t paying attention back then).

    Not sure about the story behind this old basketball uni, but I sure love the color scheme, especially on the shorts.

    Seems like corporate basketball leagues were all the rage in Wisconsin in the 1950s and early 1960s. My grandfather’s foundry had one, and as we all might remember even the Packers fielded a team.

    Was this as popular in other parts of the country?

    Allen Bradley is an electronics manufacturer in Milwaukee who regularly competed in the mid-century AAU championships. The uniform heritage from those tournaments is rich — the Phillips 66ers, which Paul has written about, Akron Firestone Non-Skids (or maybe that was Goodyear’s team), Pan Am, etc.

    What would really be ticker-worthy would be if Jason Collins didn’t have his NOB on the Red Sox home jersey.

    Another “Trail of Tears” banner at a high school football game.

    It’s amazing how callous some people, including adults who should know better, can be when it comes to Indians. I mean, you couldn’t get away with banners that say “Get ready for the Middle Passage” aimed at African-Americans or “Welcome to the gas chamber” aimed at Jews, but somehow, some folks think “Trail of Tears” is just harmless fun.

    I think you give the adults too much credit. If they’re dumb enough to do this I have to think they don’t know what the Trail of Tears is. As a social studies teacher it really wouldn’t surprise me.

    “… New World Cup kit for France. ‘This proves that the monochrome thing on all the Adidas kits was just an Adidas gimmick, not a FIFA requirement,’ says Simon Harrow … ”

    Wow! They do look good. All three stripes of the tricolor, too. Particularly gratifying to see the old Gallic Cock (no smutty comments, thank you). Franck Ribery for So-Ugly-He’s-Beautiful Charles Bronson Memorial Award.

    Have they burned the all-black Irish kit yet?

    It’s nice to see them back in blue, white and red, but it’s still weird to see a France uniform without the tricolore Adidas stripes.

    Though what are the chances that once the World Cup starts, the red socks get dropped, and they end up playing in all-blue or all-white?

    i’m confused. does Nike own Transformers franchise? i thought it was Hasbro and Takara? does this mean Nike will have to give a % to Hasbro and Takara or did they get permission to do so? Nike probably found a loop hole to this situation of Calvin Johnson’s shoes.

    Paul-That “cardigan” worn by the cornerman looks like it’s made out of acrilan fleece which had a much softer feel to it. Plus it didn’t pill up like nylon fleece. You are correct, Butwin was one of the best varsity jacket manufacturers out there. Located in St. Paul they made the on-court satin warm-ups for the MPLS Lakers for years. Owner Irv Butwin once told me that it was his idea for snap-off warm-up pants back in the late early ’50s. Irv came up with the name “Easy-Don” for the feature. In all of my research into uniforms of the 1950s I can’t find any company that offered snap-off pants until the very late 1950s or early 1960s. That helps to make Irv’s claim more legit.

    Author writing about the Ohio State-Michigan games and the non-traditional unis got it wrong. OSU didn’t wear white pants in any of those games, or to my knowledge, at any time since at least pre-’60s. For a while under Tressel the grey pants looked very light after they went from a shiny material to a matte material. Always grey, however.

    Good call. I thought I couldn’t read there for a second. Great job on doing an article on uniforms and not even getting the pant color of one of the most recognizable teams in the nation correct.

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned here, but I caught a snippet of this morning’s re-air of “Olbermann” and heard the host referring to New York’s basketball team as the Knish. It made me chuckle.

    If we define “vintage” as a part of the cycle in which something is once fashionable, then ceases to be, and then returns to fashion in modified form, then that makes total sense for the Nats. It’s like, hey, remember when Washington had a baseball team that surprised everyone with a run for the pennant, and then the very next year that same team completely sucked? That makes 2005-2006 the vintage version of today’s Nats, just as midcentury public-school-issued blocky plastic eyeglasses are the vintage version of Warby Parker eyewear.

    That said, I doubt that I can be there, but someone needs to go and see if any uni prototypes show up, such as the gold-beveled block W cap Todd Radom designed before Bud Selig foisted the curly W on the team.

    So, those S. Preston designs over on Deadspin…..The Blackhawks logo with just the feathers….I have a few items of clothing that use that logo. Is he claiming that’s his design, because I beg to differ………

    “It’s Thursday, I’m bored, so let’s have a uni-watch design an ugly sweater contest. I’ll start.”

    I went BFBS.

    It glorifies war, features vast swatches of camo green along with flag desecration stripes and stars, and it’s BFBS.

    Oh, and it’s also awesome.

    Heck with winning the contest; you just won the internet.

    “C. Jones” with a roadrunner? My first thought was not of Collis Jones of the Dallas Chaparrals, it was of Chuck Jones of Warner Bros.

    With all of the World Cup kit unveilings recently, is there a “one stop shop” out there that shows all of the kits that we know about so far?

    NHL knockoff jerseys weren’t so prevalent in the 1990s, when you could get a quality air-knit replica for 35 bucks or a pro-weight jersey for as low as 80 bucks (such as Canadiens/Devils jerseys) or maybe 120 bucks or so for some of the more intricate designs.

    Now? 90 dollars for a cheapo Indonesian-made replica that feels like something out of JC Penny, not Gerry Cosby. Upwards of 300 for pro-weight? Forget it. And today’s jerseys are stupid anyway, with apron-stripes and curved hemlines.

    Anyhow, now wonder there is a market for knockoff jerseys nowadays. If you’re going to get crap anyway, you may as well pay crap prices.

    Yeah, I was kind of puzzled by that comment myself. Why should you pass judgement on somebody who did the smart thing and refused to be extorted for their fandom? If anything, a lot of knockoff designs end up being delightfully gauche or strange. It’s like owning some bizarre rejected design. I got a knockoff Italian soccer jersey about ten years ago that looked like it belonged in the 1980s. I loved it.

    just curious. with all these media outlets banning the word Redskins, why does Uni-watch continue calling that section “Skins-watch”. why not R-Word watch or something that doesnt use the slur “Skins”?

    just curious

    Media outlets are not “banning” the team’s name; they are boycotting it.

    Anyway: Last year the DC City Paper began referring to the team as the “Pigskins,” in part because it reduces nicely to ’Skins. I liked that, so I adopted the abbreviation.

    Brodin ditched the full face shield last night, as his broken face is sufficiently healed. I assume the other guys have broken faces as well, and are not simply choosing a full face shield for standard wear. Anybody know otherwise?

    The Oregonian, for those who do not know, is published in Portland and is the state’s most prestigious newspaper. I believe it still has the highest circulation in the entire Pacific Nothwest. The Redskins name boycott has been around so long that most folks around here don’t think about it much anymore.

    There are color on color games, and then there’s the opposite – tonight’s Rutgers/UCF match.

    The Falcons/Saints game would have been such a better visual matchup if the Saints wore their gold pants.

    Or if they were wearing what they wore close to 50 years ago, this is about as ugly a look as these two teams together have ever come up with, with the exception of what it looks like in it’s current incarnation when it’s played in New Orleans – if the Saints go with their all black look. Just a complete waste of what should be a good looking game

    Yep, those guys aren’t just choosing to wear full face guards. Lecavalier broke his face during that game against washington when Ray Emery fought Holtby. I’m sure he’ll be ditching it soon also.

    Why does Charles Noerenberg feel silly owning a jersey? Life’s too short to worry about that kind of thing

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