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Minnesota Wild Unveil New Road Jersey

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The Wild unveiled their new road jersey yesterday. (Actually, it had leaked the night before, but I didn’t realize that in time to include it in yesterday’s post.) As you can see, it’s a very nice, straightforward design. But is it an improvement? Personally, I think it’s a slight downgrade, because I really liked the red and gold trim on the old design. The new version, while not bad on its own terms, feels flat by comparison. You can read and see more about the new design here, here, and here. ”” Paul

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Laborious Day: The great polemicist Ken Layne has written a devastating (and devastatingly funny) piece about the history of Labor Day. Whether you’re stuck working today or lucky enough not to have to, it’s essential reading. Check it out here.

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Tickerus interruptus: I was busy hosting a backyard party yesterday and last night (here are some photos, taken by my friend Nina), so I didn’t have time to deal with Ticker submissions. I’ll catch up on all of that tomorrow, okay? Okay.

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    I overall like the Wild new uni, I found their old away jersey’s number font a bit hokey. I’m not sure about the asymetrical striping, although it’s more annoying with San Jose’s new uni, but it’s a fad I suspect , which will date both looks. I had concerns the Wild would adopt the baseball look for their away uniform – so that’s a relief.

    The new jersey is definitely a downgrade. The gold gave the old version character, and the laces at the collar are stupid. (Yeah, I’m sure it’s a classic hockey thing or whatever, I don’t care, they look stupid.)

    Disagree…they’re a big upgrade. Lace up front, font matches their red and green sets now. The old number and name fonts needed to go. The stripes are very sharp. Also like that the shoulder yoke no longer goes down the arms.

    The Minnesota wild logo looks like the Carolina panthers helmet but in worse colors if that’s even possible.

    I think the scenic bear logo is neat idea, but the red sky does sorta ruin it a bit. I wonder how they’d look using green & powder blue instead. Or navy blue… is the yellow circle supposed to be the sun or the moon?

    Not a big fan of the “clever” logos, the two-pictures-in-one type. (Yes, the includes the Brewers ball-in-glove.) Goofy, gimmicky and dated the minute they’re released. Sorry.

    Everything about the Wild is off–starting first and foremost with the name. The logo is something one might see at a Mall of America gift shop. The new sweater has the jarring asymetrical stripes.

    They finally came to their senses and got rid of the terrifying “wild” number font.

    Could not disagree more here – The Minnesota Wild’s logo is one of the finest in sports. Not on par with the Whale, and certainly busier, but its use of negative space keeps it from being “too much”.

    Should definitely have used the “State of Hockey” logo on the shoulders rather than the circulars, and I wish they had kept the gold trim, but those are about the only negatives I can say about this move.

    I like the new Wild sweaters. I’m partial to cleaner, more traditional designs. I don’t like sweaters where the shoulder yoke runs down the sleeves. In a time where everything is “Nikefied” to the nth degree, I like the simpler more traditional looking uniforms. Kudos to the Wild on this one, a definite improvement, in my opinion.

    They look great, I like the lack of shiny gold stripping (original whites) which became the “wheat” color, it puts the focus where it belongs on the logo, not the stripes.. Even if they are one red stripe away from a pre-Broduer XMas style Devils jersey. Should’ve been the State Of Hockey patch though


    I like the new sweaters, they bring a sort of modern feel, while at the same time also looking classic. I will admit however, that I am biased as a native Minnesotan. Overall, though a really pretty sweater.

    Paul you are a hipster with an ironic tattoo… the flatter, simplified design should be right up your alley.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned on here, but John Axford, recently traded to the Cardinals by the Brewers, joined the club on the road in Pittsburgh. Axford is apparently wearing injured Cardinals pitcher Jason Motte’s pants:


    I dig the new Wild sweaters. Sure, they might have been able to work in more of the red and gold, but I generally can’t stand the full-sleeve striping their previous jersey had. That’s almost as bad as side panels to my eye. Traditional sleeve stripes are a big improvement. And the simpler look matches their other sweaters better than the previous white one did. I give it a solid A-.

    With it being transfer deadline day in futbol, there should be lots of players holding up new kits today.

    I disagree with you for once, Paul. I think the new Wild away sweater is an upgrade. Green has such a rich history in Minnesota hockey, and this is a fitting tribute to that. I wish they’d get rid of those horrible red home sweaters, throw back designs only work if your team is one of the Original Six.

    Not necessarily. Phoenix’s and Tampa Bay’s “traditional” uniforms are both rather nice (their thirds are both awful).

    I disagree, they are bad attempts at the classic Red Wings’ and Leafs’ look. They are also two teams that should not exist, but I digress.

    My grill has a fairly big coal bed and no cover, so the heat dissipates quickly unless I use a lot of charcoal. Hence, the two chimneys.

    Pitt adds a navy stripe edged in white to their helmets. Now if they could only go back to the script “Pitt”…

    Love the Pitt helmet stripes (white/blue/white). It makes a solid uniform set even better. While I know the trendy thing to say is bring back the script Pitt, this fan thinks the current arch Pitt is just as good or even better. The next move I’d rather see is a change from vegas gold to mustard yellow.

    New throwback jerseys for Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


    Haven’t heard of a team changing a throwback colour scheme because they’d be wearing a rival’s colour though. Apparently it didn’t test well in focus groups. Ugh.

    COMPLETELY DISAGREE with Paul on the new Wild jersey. Less is more in this case. It’s cleaner and the use of laces is a nice touch. Gold (true gold, not yellow) is one of those colors that (to steal a famous quote) “strikes fear in the hearts of no one”. Sort of like purple does. I think it’s (now) one of the best jerseys in hockey.

    Love the new Wild sweater. Anything that has a classic sweater look is a good thing. Now if they could improve the New Age logo…

    I think the logo is genius. They’re not the “Bears”, they’re the “Wild” … like, everything that’s in the picture that just happens to form an animals head. I personally think that we wait on this another eight to ten years, it’ll be a “Classic”. This organization is doing everything right when it comes to staying fresh without looking like everyone else.

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