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NFL To Begin Cracking Down On Custom Facemasks

By John Ekdahl

From the New York Times:

Justin Tuck’s custom face mask has inspired at least three false Twitter accounts, one Facebook fan page and a likeness in the Madden 13 football video game.

But in early August, Tuck, a Giants defensive end, had to petition the N.F.L. to keep his fearsome face mask, with a grille of extra horizontal and diagonal bars. He had to convince the league that it was not just aesthetically pleasing, but also a medical necessity.

The N.F.L. has cracked down on the fierce and funky face masks several players attached to their helmets to make them look tougher or cooler. Players without a legitimate medical reason for an accessorized helmet are considered in violation of the league’s uniform policy, the N.F.L. spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

Tuck’s facemask appears to be safe, but last week the NFL tossed a ban on Brian Orakpo’s facemask.

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Mark Reynolds suited up for the Yankees two nights ago, becoming the 50th player to wear the uniform this season and the fifth player to wear number 39.

When Mark Reynolds made his Yankees debut with a home run Friday night at Fenway Park, he became the 50th player to wear the team’s uniform this season.

Reynolds also became the fifth player to wear uniform No. 39, following in the far-from-illustrious footsteps of David Adams, Chris Nelson, Corban Joseph and Brent Lillibridge.

“It’s like the rotating number, I guess,” Reynolds said before Saturday’s game.

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You didn’t think we’d go a day without some more Tennessee news did you? GoVolsXtra speculates that the smoke uniform could find its way onto the basketball court soon.

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    Robert Mathis was wearing that Justin Tuck-style mask early in the preseason and was told he had to stop.

    Did you see Travis d’Arnaud yesterday with the lowercase d on his jersey that looked like it was just an upside down letter P

    That upside-down P looks so terrible — why can’t d’Arnaud do what every other player with a small letter in his name does with the NOB, which is to use small capitals?

    On the subject of custom facemasks, did ray lewis have to petition the nfl when hw had his last year. The injury he sustained was to his bicep not his face. What was his medical reason for it?

    to my knowledge he didn’t seek permission or catch any flack for the facemask. It first popped up during his comeback practice sessions following the injury and it was only worn the few games he played following his comeback, the playoffs/Superbowl. I’m sure the league office just let him ride off into the sunset thinking let’s just get rid of this loudmouth already, or something to that effect. It was just part of the look at me this is my final season pomp and circumstance. His visor wearing had just popped up in recent years as well.

    Ray didn’t have to petition the league last year because the facemasks were legal last year. They are cracking down on them THIS year.

    If the company that makes these would just write a check to Goodell they would be approved. NFL No Free Lunch

    I’ve looked around online, and most people haven’t mentioned how these new face masks will cause hand deformities. Just by looking at their design, there’s no way these injuries won’t increase.

    Baldinger Finger:

    There are countless ex-players walking around like that (either from facemask tangles or other injuries).

    Concussions can’t be “seen”; fingers can, and it doesn’t help sell the sport to the next generation’s parents.

    My right hand ring finger looks normal but it definitely isn’t, as a result of numerous football injuries…

    How will those injuries increase if the bars are too close together to actually grab the damn things? Besides, which is worse, a deformed finger or an injured neck?

    The way the masks look to me, they could very easily trap a pinky finger or any finger in the gaps.

    Most face mask penalties are not committed intentionally; those yards lost can lose a game. Players are more likely to accidentally get their hands into the face mask than intentionally.

    There are compromises to this problem, whether it be a visor or face masks designed with both the safety of the person wearing it & his opponents in mind. These masks haven’t been tested enough.

    The PHX fans revolt againstf the new Suns uniform sets provides a gratifying sense of redemption for this guy who put a lot of sweat into the 1992-93 Suns streaking ball!

    All they needed to do was update the streaking ball and add the current wordmarks and it would’ve been beautiful. How could they screw that up so badly? And yet sadly these are still nicer than the stuff they replaced. Except for the orange thing. I still say that orange set looks like something Urkel would wear to the local gym for a pick up game.

    Watching the Miami Houston football game I’m noticing the Dolphins road jerseys there is absolutely no orange. the aqua pops like crazy but there’s absolutely no orange .They totally dropped the ball by not having any orange and there uniform really shows it At least when I look at the Port St. Lucie Mets uniforms that uniform has orange in it and the blue and when you see it in high DEF TV it pops . this is Florida ,Florida’s colors have orange in it

    A new low for Nike: get people to think that their insipid corporate logos are part of the uniform.

    A few weeks into the preseason and I have to admit I like the Dolphins look more than I thought I would and I sort of liked them when I saw them unveiled. Still needs tweaks and to see the aqua pants on the road but hopefully in the regular season.

    I also have to admit thus far I actually sort of like the Jaguars new look. But not that helmet. I wish they just put the new logo on the old helmet.

    I’ll hold final judgement until I see (hopefully) the purple pants on the road but I’m really liking the Vikings new look much less than i thought I would. I hate matte helmets so the flat look to that is awful and those pants stripes are horrible. I do like the number font more than I thought I would but this set could already use some tweaks and it would turn it into a look I’d really like as opposed to one that I don’t care much for. Still better than what they replaced though.

    Also nice to see the Panthers break out the black pants but not the best use of it. I’d love to see them go white over black on the road with black over silver at home and the blue over silver or blue over white as the alternate. Please no more all white on the road for them. Not a good look at all.

    On the Athletics broadcast today, they showed a Cleveland fan with an “I still call it the Jake” t-shirt.

    Those are completely unreadable. I don’t even think TV viewers would be able to figure out who’s who, and the fans in the stands certainly couldn’t.

    Mista Dobalina,
    Love your namesake song, but I have to say I’m not a fan of that uniform.

    I’m a Calgary fan and watched most of the second half.

    It was more than just a third jersey – the helmet and pants are new as well. Their usual look is so bright (orange and white) this was a bit too much of a change.

    I’m glad the NFL is cracking down on the custom face mask stuff. If it’s out of necessity – I get that. If a couple of players want to do it to be different, I get that – too. What I don’t like is it taking over the league…something that was starting to happen.

    Get back to basics, unless you need it because of injury.

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