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Local Reactions

By John Ekdahl

Make sure to check out Phil’s excellent roundup of the Suns and Tennessee roll-outs yesterday.

The reaction from Phoenix Suns players appears to be overwhelmingly positive to the new uniforms:

Since their inception in 1968, the players on the court have fashioned only three different uniform styles.

Thursday night in Scottsdale, the Suns unveiled their new threads — only their fourth uniform in their 45-year history. The players who strutted on the catwalk were unanimous in their praise of the team’s new look.

“They’re not really flashy, not too much. They’re kind of old school,” rookie center Alex Len said. “They’re really classy, so I really like them.” …..

“I think we’ve got some of the best colors in the league,” said forward P.J. Tucker, who modeled the purple jersey. “Now they’ve incorporated a little more black into them and the sleeved jerseys, I like them. It’s pretty cool.”

The local media seems to approve as well.

Pardon me for not being more critical, but I’m rolling with the Suns on this one! I actually like the new look although I will say I wish they would have gone with a black alternate uniform versus the orange, but after getting my first look at the uniforms I think the orange will grow on me.

We’ll see how the fans react.

The Arizona Central has a good article about what you never knew about designing an NBA uniform.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Last month, the Carolina Panthers’ all-black uniforms won “best uniform in NFL history” in an contest. Now a local Charlotte station is asking if they’re unlucky.

The Panthers wore their black-on-black uniforms when they lost to the Eagles on Thursday night in their pre-season game and the Broncos last year.

We’re probably going to need more evidence than that, I’m afraid.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

GoVolsXtra thinks reaction to the new Tennessee uniforms is most likely generational.

“It was a generational thing, I think,” said Moore, a lawyer who received his undergraduate degree from UT. “I think the older generation doesn’t like change. I think most young people are OK with doing something new.”

Bob Dickie agreed. He’s a season-ticket holder and a former track and cross country athlete at UT. He thinks that being 39 enables him to see both sides of any generation gap.

“I’ve got my feet in both worlds,” he said. “I’m young enough to have a lot of friends who are millenials. They love it.

“My dad wouldn’t get it. He would be at a loss for words.”

Lord help us. I think I could live my entire life without ever hearing the term “millennials” again and die a happy man.

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    All football uniforms look better with black cleats. White cleats are for women and girl’s softball teams.

    The reaction from Phoenix Suns players appears to be overwhelming positive to the new uniforms

    Well, duh. The player who posts a tweet saying “man, these new unis look like shit” isn’t going to be on the team very long, is he?


    Wow, slow news day sports fans.

    That is some mighty fine Uni Deja Vu reporting on yesterdays news. On the upside it could be worse. You know, let’s make a top ten list of how much the players love the new unis by tweet sourcing! It’s a slippery slope, actually more like a slip-and-slide, to the bottom where Bleacher Watch, Lost Letterman teen troller shlock news live. So let’s not go there.

    In other Uni-News (non sports division), our own TSA that bastion of “Keepin us safe” just spent $50 Million dollars for new uniforms (what no uni redesign contest? Here is my submission anyways: We got a deal cost wise, apparently half of the uniforms (which half I wonder, shirts or pants, left side, right side of shirts?) were hecho en Mexico. So you know it’s good.

    Which even for the government is a lot of coin for uniforms. Fair warning this report comes from FOX Sports!? The new cable channel that suddenly miracled itself into existence today (It wasn’t me! I was thinkin’ about Mr. Stay Puft) – so theres that.

    So I guess I will wait for the annual Collegiate (50+) teams that are changing uniforms so that Nike, Adeeeduhs, and UnderArmwear can cash in. I know it’s odd, but it seems that so many schools are on the payroll of these sport kings of apparel, makes one wonder, who actually pays for them?

    Millenials IS the term for those coming of age in the new millennium. Why does it seem as if this website is “Curmudgeon Daily”?

    Because it usually is “Curmudgeon Daily”, straying frequently from interesting things like uniform alterations, color switches, and logo changes into making fun of groups of people and implying that other people racist for liking certain teams.

    Why, this newfangled phone sent my message before I was finished with it. Dang blasted phone!

    As I was saying, “Millennials” is phrase coined by a media obsessed with compartmentalizing people into demographic groups, making it easier to market to them. It’s a dreary, somewhat condescending term, whose only real meaning is, “they look at the world in a slightly different way than their parents did, and they think they’re the cleverest people ever” which is true of every generation, and which is why the generic “punk know it all kids” remains ever serviceable.

    And while we’re at it, Stay Off My Lawn!!!

    Damn this new fangled technology!

    You need a millennial to show you how to use it. Same as it ever was (see VHS recorders, the first TeeVo, stereo instructions, et. al).

    What is double ironic is that for years, advertisers insist that the bulk of the ad dollars be spent pandering always to the new group in hopes to lock them in to the ways of consumerism. Yeah, like twenty somethings are gonna rush out and buy the new Cadillac el moage prototype ( a steal at a hundred grand).

    Seems that the people with all the coin (see old peeps) are already stuck in their buying ways and too rigid to accept change

    Nice lawn dude.

    You know who buys those Caddies? Baby Boomers who think it makes them look like Millennials.

    I’m thrilled to hear more about Millennials. Thanks to the media’s obsession with them, I pretty much never hear anyone refer to people my age as “Gen Xers” anymore.

    Tennessee should not have eliminated the outline around the numbers on the white jersey. on a bright autumn afternoon those orange numbers are almost yellow and are nearly impossible to read from the stands.

    I love Tennessee’s new white uniforms. That white jersey with the orange pants is a very very good look.

    The grey ones are just ok.

    As for Tennessee switching to Nike, here’s my cut and paste on the issue:

    As I’ve mentioned before, Nike continually shorts Tennessee on the money end of the deal. They want the AD to cede almost complete design control to Nike, which would almost undoubtedly end up with us looking like UGA against Boise State a couple years back. Adidas gives us way more money and treats us as an elite school- Nike would have us in their second tier.

    The thing is people want to bitch about adidas developing these designs, but the coaches and AD are heavily involved in the design. We haven’t worn different things because the coaches and AD have opted not to, despite adidas proposing several alts every year. It’s convenient to blame the company making them without thinking about the process.

    This is what I said about the Suns last night:

    My problem with the sleeved alternate — there’s no trim at all on the collar or sides, so (to me) it looks like a souvenir t-shirt bought at the gift shop.

    Compare that to Golden States’ sleeved alternate — the shorts striping carries onto the jersey, and there’s collar striping. It looks like a basketball jersey, not a cotton souvenir shirt.

    Methinks Suns fans are so disenchanted with Robert Sarver that anything that happens under his watch will be looked at negatively. A pity, because to this impartial observer…I’d SO wear that!

    C’mon, people, it could have been a lot worse. Someday you’ll come to appreciate these uniforms.

    Hey, Arr –

    My kid just asked me a question about why EPL teams come out with new uniforms every year, while NFL teams rarely change their looks. I cribbed your exegesis on cartels, to explain the need for every available revenue stream for teams operating outside of a cartel setting.

    Thanks for helping me look intelligent!

    NBA uniforms are on a downward spiral since the League has taken away the responsibility of graphic designers for creating NBA team identities. Having team outfitting executives charged with designing NBA team uniforms is a tragic mistake. It’s imperative that brand designers who have a thorough background in typography, color theory and layout (the main ingredients in the design of a team identity) be in charge of this creative process. This is the main reason why recent NBA team uniforms have lacked imagination (New Orleans) or style (Suns and Motor City). In the Suns case it’s a series of disconnected parts (bad type treatments, a poor layout and sizing of element on the jerseys) that’s led to the Suns uniform shortcomings. This will continue to happen until the league empowers “designers to design” and “outfitters to outfit” Pure + Simple.

    I’m not a vol fan at all. In fact, I root for Auburn and whoever plays against UT.

    But I gota say the new “smokey” uniform is so sweet. Such a great nod to the school. It’s not like they rolled out grey for the hell of it. I like it

    Anyone notice the NFL teams wearing white shirts with their emblems in silver? I think they look pretty sharp and was wondering if anyone knew where one could buy them?

    Carolina Panthers all black voted best uniform in NFL. Let’s get real people. What’s next: Followed closely by 1960 Denver Bronco throwbacks?

    I thought there was a rule that NBA teams couldn’t introduce an alternate jersey the same year as a new home and away set. What happened? If there wasn’t, it seems like plenty of teams would have introduce an alternate right away…. Can’t think of any team off the top of my head that had an alternate it’s first year of new jerseys. Maybe the NBA told them, “Fine, you can have an alternate, but it has to have SLEEVES. We want everybody on the SLEEVES bandwagon!”

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