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Yet Another College Football Uniform Unveiling

By John Ekdahl

Colorado State unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming season, making the switch to Under Armour in the process (thanks to Stephen yesterday for the hat tip):

Rumors of a new apparel partnership began swirling as early as fall camp last year and by spring they were official — Colorado State would be an Under Armour school.

After much speculation and anticipation CSU finally unveiled the new jerseys, essentially ushering in the final piece of the “Bold New Era.”

“Oh man, it’s exciting. Obviously the whole Under Armour talk has been going on for a while now,” wide receiver Austin Gray said, after starring in the unveiling video released by the university Thursday. “It was kind of, ‘when are we gonna get all stuff? At the end of the summer, first of spring?’ We didn’t know. It’s an exciting time.”

CSU stuck with the traditional look instead of opting for the crazy jersey combinations the company became popular for with its flagship school Maryland. The green and gold are prominently featured and it is expected there will also be the pumpkin orange and alfalfa uniforms for the annual Ag Day game.

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I tuned into the Yanks game a little late on Friday night and had no idea what the white-brimmed caps were about. Usually the Yankees only deviate from their standard uniform during MLB-required promotions, so I was a bit mystified as I couldn’t think of any reason why they’d wear them. Here’s the reason:

During the pregame ceremony on Friday, the Yankees announced to the crowd: “New Era is the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball and has been a part of MLB history since 1930. On July 21st, the New Era Cap Company hosted the 11th Annual David C. Koch Memorial Gala and Golf Tournament to raise money for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute in order to raise awareness and help prevent cancer.

“Tonight, in honor of this, the New York Yankees will be wearing the New Era Diamond Era On-Field Batting Practice 59Fifty Cap for the game. In recognition of its long-standing partnership with both the Koch family and New Era and their fight against cancer, tonight the New York Yankees are also pleased to donate $10,000 to the David C. Koch Foundation.”

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Red Sox pitcher Pedro Beato wore his batting practice jersey during the game by mistake on Friday night. The rest of the team was wearing their blue alternate jerseys.

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These Charleston RiverDogs jerseys are, well, interesting.

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LeBron James not only donated new uniforms to his alma mater, St. Vincent-St.Mary’s High School, but also participated in the unveiling ceremony:

On Saturday, they were the lucky recipients of new athletic uniforms for all sporting teams donated by the school’s most famous alum.

James surprised the student body by participating in the runaway fashion show that debuted the new threads. Just as they were about to announce the presentation was over, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” began to play over the loud speakers at the football field.

That is when James surfaced through a cloud of smoke wearing the all-black football uniform. He sported a No. 9 jersey, the same he wore in high school before giving up football after his junior season to focus on basketball. Students realized it was James when he made it to the end of the runaway, mobbing him before he removed his helmet.

Comments (21)

    Can we just stop calling them uniforms already? There is nothing uniform about them. This may make me sound like a fossil, but I miss the days of being able to turn on a tv and know in 2 seconds what teams were playing. Once upon a time uniforms meant something, now they are just costumes.

    Things your press release announcing a new athletic wear supplier should not say:

    “Bold New Era”
    “Majestic New Uniforms”

    Unless, you know, New Era or Majestic is your new supplier.

    I fail to understand how wearing the white-billed hat “honors” cancer research. Were they selling those particular game-worn hats to benefit the foundation or something?

    To be clear, I have no problem at all with the Yankees wearing them (I find the “Yankees-uniforms-are-timeless-classics-and-you-cannot-question-that” cult to be rather obnoxious myself), I just don’t understand this explanation. And if it’s just some kind of excuse they made up when they originally intended to just wear them to promote the Diamond Eras (like most other teams have already done), that would actually be kind of messed up and exploitative.

    I read it as more of a way to bring attention to the David C. Koch Foundation. I had never heard of it before today.

    Do you think Uni Watch would have run a blurb about it today if they would have worn the regular hats?

    How many people do you think were like John and wondered why they were wearing the different caps in the game? I think this is a pretty harmless marketing event. At least they donated a flat $10,000 instead of saying, “A portion of the proceeds of BP caps sold at this game will go toward the foundation”

    I saw it as a ploy to get people to buy those hats. I’m siding with Danya here.

    I just wish the announcer had spoken normal English instead of defiling patrons’ ears with that tripe that sounded straight off a New Era press release.

    danya, you said it!!! I think its bullshit. That explanation makes no sense. They should just say “buy these hats, because we said so”. MLB might be the most whoreish of the 4 major sports.

    Texas (among other schools, I’m sure) switching to a newer Nike template doesn’t count as a real change, so no.

    I still prefer the panther head helmet and hate the “Pitt” name so I only own stuff that has that or spells out “Pittsburgh” but I’m glad to see they have kept this look now that they are in the ACC.
    Now if they can only go with the gold pants at home and blue pants on the road and burn those GD white pants. That “other” Pa school wears white pants. UGH!!!

    With Brian Wilson pitching with the Dodgers now . We should ask who has the best Mohawk in the 4 sports ? Brian Wilson , Jeremy Yablonsky, Jon Mirasty,

    Colts have a patch on their jerseys celebrating 30 years in Indy and the imfamous Mayflower at Midnight move from Baltimore.

    Sorry, I had to write that.

    Should do a story on the LNAH uniforms history. This is we’re old hockey goons go to brawl

    As a Falcons fan I’ve seen far too many 49ers TDs go into the endzones with that wordmark. But I admit it looks a lot better than the current. It’s too bad it’ll probably only be around for this season.

    OK a bit late but was the picture of the Arizona State uniforms from Saturday what will be used this season or did they tweak them for this year? I didn’t think the numbers on the black one would be allowed any longer.

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