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More College Football Uniform Unveilings

By John Ekdahl

First up: Arizona State, which unveiled their new sets as well as the full uniform schedule for the 2013 season (available at the link).

ASU football team has unveiled home uniform combinations for the 2013 season.

The third annual ‘Blackout’ game will be held Sept. 14 against Wisconsin and the second ‘Maroon Monsoon’ will be on Sept. 28 against USC.

For the second consecutive season, fans and ASU students will each have the opportunity to choose the team’s uniform combinations for the Oct. 12 game against Colorado and the Nov. 16 contest against Oregon State, respectively. Voting for both the fans and students will be conducted via the web and social media.

As more schools go the multiple uniform route, I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this gimmicky voting and contests and such. From an engagement and excitement standpoint, it’s probably a smart move assuming the team is halfway-decent.

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Louisville released the above picture of their new jersey, as well as a picture of their new alternate black pants. More photos via the Card Chronicle here.

It has been said that Charlie Strong preferred to keep the uniforms “traditional”. That makes sense with his coaching history at Notre Dame and Florida. Both programs have a history of keeping their look pretty simple. However, it looks like Strong has caved to the idea that not only do fans like a little bit of flair, but recruits love it.

“Recruits love it.”

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UConn coach Pasqualoni has been impressed with the reaction to the school’s uniform change:

On Friday, at UConn’s media day, coach Paul Pasqualoni said the reaction to the new-look from recruits as well as incoming and current players has been positive.

“From recruits, from the guys that have gone online, and they’ve seen it, the responses have been very good, very positive,” he said. “Kids are really excited about the new uniform, about the concept of the helmet. It’s been really good and we’ve tried to promote it ourselves.”

“Nike obviously does a real good job and the university did a great job with it,” he added. “I was very happy with all the effort and the results of it are really pretty good.”

There it is again: “Recruiting”. We might as well get used to it, I suppose.

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Update on lawmakers’ plan to streamline all military combat uniforms to one camouflage pattern:

Congressional efforts to whittle down the 10 different camouflage uniforms in use to just one are gaining momentum, a move that could save millions of dollars while affecting future contracts for the 23 manufacturers across the country that benefit from the proliferation of designs.

Before lawmakers left town last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a fiscal 2014 defense spending bill, S. 1429, that would halt funding for new patterns starting Oct. 1 unless all services agree to use a single design for a given terrain.

A Government Accountability Office report prompted the changes proposed by lawmakers, who are trying to find ways to trim costs amid the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration.

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Here’s a weird one: Ohio Highway Patrol Troopers have filed a grievance because their new uniform shoes are too “slick”.

The union for Ohio troopers says new shoes being issued to them by the State Highway Patrol are slick ”” and not in a good way.

The footwear, a type of short boot, is in a buckle-and-strap style instead of the lace-up style many troopers prefer.

They complain the shoes can cause slips and aren’t secure enough when officers run after or tussle with people, The Columbus Dispatch reported Friday.

Comments (24)

    Thanks for the pix link. Footage is where the rubber meets the road, and Jax new set doesn’t look any better in footage for my money.

    I couldn’t tell it was them from medium-length game footage. And I seldom care for the “attenuated pant stripe” thing they’re using.

    Tangent on “looks better in motion than in pictures”: Vikings. From medium-length TV shots and farther away it is so noticeably better than the last one. Pregame I wasn’t paying attention, saw archive footage, and groaned “I thought they changed those things!”

    Yeah… not really. I mean, do you really think there’s *that* much of a difference in the educational quality between major NCAA schools? Sure, you probably shouldn’t pick a school just for its uniforms, but when you’re faced with a choice between 2 or 3 with equivalent credentials, it’s not unreasonable at all for the uniform to be a deciding factor.

    Sad to see the Louisville transformation. Its old set was as pulled together as any since the Houston Oilers.

    The dirt infield made an appearance in last nights raiders game, which I am a fan of strangely

    Ugh. I hate that damn thing. As a non-local fan, I’d rather see the team move back to LA than to continue playing half the season with that dirt infield. They’re bad enough as it is, without having to deal with that mess.

    May have missed talk about this at some point this week, but what in heaven’s name were those abominations the Yankees were wearing on their heads last night?

    How often do the Yankees wear a white brimmed hat? It looked bush league/Mets-like. Some teams (Tigers, Dodgers) should never wear alternates like that.

    I don’t think they have ever worn that in a regular season game. I hate the Yankees and I didn’t like it. The Yankee home uniform is essentially the same since the 1930s (with gradual logo and material changes) and identical in every way since 1973. It did not look right to me

    Okay, let’s give NIKE some huge props this time re:ASU branding. When the the EKIN’S show restraint NIKE can design a very attractive uniform package as witnessed by the Arizona State University Sun Devils program. Legible numbers, great helmet mark, clean lines everywhere… a rare exception to the blight that is college football team identities circa 2013.

    I’m not buying into the notion that uniforms persuade recruits. If I’m an athlete being recruited by multiple schools, I would do my research on draft pick history and the contracts earned. Isn’t that the point, to make as much money as possible?

    It has been said before – how many athletes who just earned a scholarship will look the team officials in the eyes and insult the uniforms? Smile and nod young man, smile and nod…

    JM, no athlete is turning down a better opportunity at a better school to wear a nicer uniform at a “lesser” school.

    The top schools get the fanciest new gear. If the smaller or less successful schools had the “best” uniforms, they still wouldn’t get the best recruits. Not all athletes are morons, worrying about their swag…

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