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Is There Anything Duct Tape Can’t Be Used For?

DDG - BoSox

By Phil Hecken

Inspiration comes from a wide variety of places. The inspiration for today’s featured story may have originated in the oddest of ways. Erik Schwab, whose work you’ll see below, initially contacted me because of a problem he was having with the website (specifically, his bookmark kept returning him to one specific day’s post, rather than the normal Uni Watch homepage). After a bit of troubleshooting, I suggested he simply clean out his cache and see what happened — and bingo, that solved the problem.

In that same e-mail string, Erik then wrote this to me:

I may have communicated with you before about this — I know it was someone over at one of the UWHQ offices — but I’ll try again. I’m an artist and writer, and a lot of the stuff I do is sports-themed/inspired. Of late, I’ve been making constructivist art pieces from duct tape, and a lot of the current batch have Northwestern striping or derivatives thereof. (I grew up playing baseball and hockey where that striping pattern, as you know, pleasantly pops up quite a bit and immersed in the car culture of Detroit, MI where stripes on cars are king.) I’ll link the Facebook page below where you’ll find a wallet with Red Sox stirrup stripes, a Texas Rangers logo purse, and Boston Bruins home and road sweater-inspired koozies among other sports-related stuff, e.g. University of Maine hockey logos. I’d love to share my work with the Uni-Watch community in some capacity. Thanks again for your help today.

He included this link to his facebook page.

Intrigued, I asked Erik if he wouldn’t mind picking out a few of those (sports-related) duct-tape pieces and describing them for an article. He readily obliged. So below, please take a look at some of the more interesting “duct tape art” from today’s featured artist, as he tells you how to…

. . .

Duct, Duct, Goose
By Erik Schwab


(Photo by CaraSees Photography)

Duct tape and hockey and striping on stirrups; these are a few of my favorite things. I’m Erik Schwab, a constructivist artist originally from Detroit (who wants to go in together and buy it?) and currently living and working in Bangor, Maine. The art I make is meant to be used both for practical and social purposes rather than hang on a wall or display on a table, and ninety-nine-point-nine-nine repeating percent of the time I employ duct tape as my medium. A colleague of mine from a past life as an educator enlightened me to the myriad colors and textures of duct tape available to the average consumer, so to her I am indebted for at least as long as the pieces I make last.

Most of the stuff I’ve done, as least initially, has been in the vein of money pieces””wallets, clutches, purses, etc.””lending itself to the honorific name of my outfit, David Foster Wallets, named after my favorite writer. (I would love to receive a cease and desist letter from the estate of the late writer of Infinite Jest!) And over the course of the last six months or so I’ve begun making more elaborate mural pieces and installations. Having grown up in the suburbs of Detroit and having played baseball and hockey for basically the entirety of my life, striping patterns””whether inspired by jerseys, stirrups, or classic muscle cars or automotive contours””have found their ways, respectively, into the art I make.

Bangor’s very fostering artists’ community has enabled me to begin exhibiting some of the work I’ve done at various shows this spring and summer. The above photo is me holding the deck I taped for a show consisting of forty Bangor-area artists, each of us doing whatever to a skateboard. I am also super excited to be a featured artist at the KahBang Music & Art Festival on the Bangor waterfront August 9-12.

Phil has been kind enough to allow me to exhibit some of the sports/team logo related pieces I’ve made with the Uni Watch community, and for that I am grateful. You find images below and captions with each. I do take custom orders via e-mail at david_dot_foster_dot_wallets_at_gmail_dot_com.

. . .

DDG - Lot

The majority of the wallets and clutches I make have distinct striping patterns, reminiscent of the auto industry and uni-sphere. These are highly customizable to one’s favorite team colors, logos, or uniform elements.

. . .

DDG - Pro_shot_2

Stripes under stripes. You can’t stop them; you can only hope to contain them. (Photo courtesy of CaraSees Photography.)

. . .


Woven Texas Rangers purse reluctantly made for a friend. Thankfully my Tigers won the pennant.

. . .

DDG - Bruins_home

DDG - Bruins_road

Whether with caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, we in Bruins country had to drink away this season’s shortcoming.

. . .

DDG - BoSox

New Englanders love their Red Sox, moreover their Red Sox stirrups.

. . .

DDG - MainePh.D

It takes a lot of smarts to earn a PhD, and it takes a lot of duct tape to make a University of Maine hockey logo. Go Blue!

. . .

DDG - Boot

Is hiking a sport or athletic activity? Talk amongst yourselves.

. . .

Thanks for sharing, Erik. That’s some pretty um, ingenious stuff you’ve made there. Readers? Be sure to check out his Facebook page for more!


Weekday Uni Tweaks

WEEKDAY Uniform Concepts & Tweaks

Longtime and weekend readers know that I frequently run reader submissions for uniform concepts, revisions, or just plain tweaks. Usually they are in sets of three, but sometimes there are more and sometimes there are less. Sometimes they are so good these deserve their own lede.

During Paul’s monthlong Blogcation, I’ll occasionally run one (or maybe) two of these.

If you have any concept or tweak, and you would like to see it featured here, either during the week while I’m hosting the blog or on the weekends when I return to those, drop me an e-mail. For each particular design, please try to keep your description to ~50 words or so. OK? OK!

And now, here’s what we have for today (click any images to enlarge):

. . .

Today’s concept comes from Matt Malinoski, who should be familiar to weekend readers, and whose great work I had featured in one of my Designing Minds series. It’s actually a rework of a prior tweak. Check it out

Braves - Matt Malinoski


One reader, Browncoat, mentioned that on his 1957 Braves replica jersey, the tomahawk is navy, not black. So I changed all of the black to navy on the tomahawk and Brave patch to see how it would look. It looks much better. I think the reason why I thought it was black was because the gold trim against the navy made it appear to be black. Either color is still better than the red tomahawk. I also made the top of the number four wider.


. . .

Thanks! I’ll be back with more weekday tweaks/concepts again.


Founders Bowl

UWFFL Founders Bowl

By Rob Holecko

Well I know we are only a couple days away from the NFL preseason kicking off with the Dolphins in their new uniforms taking on the Cowboys in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, but did you know that the UWFFL preseason is also kicking off this weekend?

That’s right, the UWFFL kicks off its’ initial campaign today with four games this weekend including our annual preseason kick-off, the Founders’ Bowl. The Founders Bowl will pit the San Francisco Reign Fire against the Atlanta Flying Fleet at a neutral site, Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. Both teams will be wearing the Founder’s Bowl patch on their jerseys. The other three games this weekend, as well as throughout the rest of the preseason, will feature teams from both the UWFFL and it’s affiliated minor leagues.

For those of you who don’t know, the UWFFL is a fantasy football league for the Uni Watch universe, instead of competing by drafting NFL players and scoring imaginary points based on how they do on the field, UWFFL teams will compete with each other based on their uniforms.

Back in April and May we ran contests to choose the uniforms for our twelve existing teams, and this summer we have opened up membership to an unlimited amount of minor league expansion teams. At the end of the year, three minor league teams will be chosen to be elevated to the UWFFL for next season. If you’d like to join, check out our Google+ page and you can go to one of the three geographically based minor leagues and add your expansion team today.

bizkit - small

Now for this week, the first week of our preseason, you will be voting on four matchups. Before we get to the matchups, however, we want to acknolwedge the passing of a beloved member of the Uni Watch family, Phil Hecken’s Jack Russell Bizkit last week. All eight teams playing in this first weekend of games are wearing a helmet decal in his honor.

Vote below for the winners of this week’s matchups, you can click on the uniforms for a closer look. Although Atlanta is the home team for the Founder’s Bowl, they went with a preseason typical mono-white look, and San Francisco went with black-over-yellow, while their typical home look will be to pair the black jersey with white pants.

UWFFL Preseason Week 1 free polls 
Founder’s Bowl

San Francisco Reign Fire (-) vs

Atlanta Flying Fleet (-)

UWFFL Preseason Week 1 free polls 
Anchorage Orcas PCC (-) vs

Seattle Superbeasts (-)

UWFFL Preseason Week 1 free polls 
Las Vegas Lightning PCC (-) vs

San Diego Storm (-)

UWFFL Preseason Week 1 free polls 
Columbus Red Barons EA (-) vs

Tampa Terror (-)

You can follow along with each week’s voting at Voting will be open all weekend, and we’ll be back next Friday with the results and our preseason’s week two matchups.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: Bucket hats are the thing at Washington’s training camp down in Richmond. “Apparently, it’s a DB thing, a DC thing, or a swaggy thing,” says submitter Yusuke Toyoda. Reader Tommy Turner found a similar story picked up by another media outlet. … Apparently lawnmower racing “has become a mini-Nascar, or as it likes to be called, Grasscar.” Here’s a quick look at the sport (thanks to TommyTheCPA). … Interesting piece on ESPN entitled, “Trendy uniforms a differentiator”, which looks at the role uniforms play in the recruiting process. … Deadspin did an article on a clumsy photoshop of Miguel Cabrera as a left-handed batter (thanks to Timothy Burke). … Linked in that ESPN article on trendy uniforms was a short ESPN piece from Paul on notable college uniform changes (so far). … Tommy Turner (thanks, again) sends along this Forbes article on America’s most miserable sports cities (sorry Emerald City). … The FSU Seminoles helmet from 1962 is listed as the ‘#18 Fail’ (out of 25) in the Lost Lettermen list of NCAAFB fails (submitted by Chris Mahr). … Here’s some video of blue turf installation at Ravenna High School in NE Ohio. Says submitter Mary Lynn Delfino “The Ravens’ primary color is blue. No word if the Portage Trail Conference has any rules forbidding the Ravens from wearing blue at home.” … Neat tribute to the Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks rendered in corn (thanks to Robert Shannon). … “The Track and Field World Championships are coming up in August, with Moscow as the host,” notes Thomas Langan. “To Commemorate the occasion, USATF is selling ‘The Moscow Collection,’ vintage gear from the 1980 USA Olympic Team. Only we boycotted those games. Can’t let history get in the way of making a buck.” … Here’s a behind the scenes video look at HGI helmet design — those are the guys who make all those crazy, shiny helmets the 17-year-olds love. … Speaking of crazy, check out this new crazy $68 million football facility built by the University of Oregon. And here is video of that same facility (thanks, Brinke). … Interesting use of old Astros Logo on this page, notes Joshua Wren, who “clicked on the preview of tonight’s (Wednesday) game. I was stunned when the preview came up and the old Red Astros star logo from last season was still being used.” He said no other Yahoo page still has the old logo. … Knockoff jerseys in displays at schools or stadiums is one of Marc-Louis Paprzyca’s pet peeves. Twill numbers and SBXX patch were not worn then. … The Tulsa Oilers have new uniforms (they’re a minor league hockey team). Here’s a writeup on them. … Speaking of minor league hockey, the Bakersfield Condors (the EHCL affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers) also released new jerseys — what they dub “the Greatest Jerseys in the World” (thanks to Charles Eldridge) and a look at the full jersey reveal (h/t to Ryan Holt) Note that the black & white sweaters have wings on them. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments (by “JK”): New Replica Jerseys delivered to the Georgia Tech bookstore by Russell Athletic. Material and cut are pretty obviously fan oriented instead of actual team gear, but there is one notable visual change. The interlocking GT logo under the collar takes the place of last year’s TECH word mark (also sent in by Britton Thomas) … Here’s a look at the American Athletic Conference patch the Houston Cougars have on their unis (h/t @theemblemsource). … Thanks to Johnny Okray we can now sleep better knowing that the Wisconsin Badgers will have tech-fit unis (the ones with the “treadmarks” on the shoulders). … Remember those custom La Tech mouthguards shown on UW yesterday? Well, this is how players will know which mouth guard is theirs. Like the front logo, the name is embedded in the plastic on the inside (with, um, thanks to Patrick Walsh). … Aside from the fairly remarkable fact that this photo contains Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper, what are those pants Florida is wearing? Looks like an FSU player in the background, so this was probably game worn. And dig the throwback helmets. … It’s been fairly quiet on the Native Peoples naming front, but Matt DeMazza notes, “Here’s a column written by the Samoan congressman whose video you linked to a week or so ago.” … This is a bit old (the column is dated June 30), but Sean Kautzman doesn’t recall seeing this before: The Arizona Wildcats have “BEAR DOWN” imprinted into its football field. Sean first noticed it last night while playing a game of NCAA ”˜14 on his PS3, and then googled to see if it was true. Sadly (or perhaps, geniusly, on Arizona’s part) it is. … Here’s a GREAT catch by Rob Holecko (and the latest example of non-Angels personnel wearing the Yocum patch) — “LEW” (Lew Yocum) patch on Rays trainer Ron Porterfield. Paul recently had a column on this phenomenon. … Reader Graham Clayton writes, “Here is a picture of the Windsor Swastikas, who played in the Western Nova Scotia Amateur Hockey League between 1905 and 1916. Back then the swastika was a symbol of good luck, and did not have the negative connotations that came to associated with the symbol in the period between the two world wars.” Many of you may not remember (or have seen it), but Paul wrote a column on this and other swastikas on sports uniforms back in 2007. It’s worth a read if you have a few minutes. … And finally, Laren Richardson noticed Hunter Pence was going really high cuffed last night in Philly! On the Giants’ broadcast, play-by-play man Duane Kuiper said, “If Pence pulls those pants up any higher he’s gonna look like a wide receiver.” (Big thanks to Paul for those screen grabs!).


REMINDER: New Orleans Pelicans Uniform Unveiling Today! The event takes place at 1:00 pm (I assume that’s central time) and will be broadcast on

Depending upon how my day goes, I MAY be able to get up a second column for today with photos and a brief writeup of the uniform unveiling. No promises — but Paul should also be putting up a piece on ESPN shortly after the unveil as well. So we’ll see how things go.

Tomorrow I’ll have a very special lede article from Morris Levin (who is reassuming his guest author role for Fridays for the remainder of my filling for Paul, as he has done for Paul’s last two blog-cations in 2011 and 2012). Morris’ articles are always a special treat, so be sure to check back Friday!

That’ll do it for today. I’ll possibly catch you this afternoon so stay tuned and check back in after the Pelicans unveiling. Everyone have a great Thursday!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.

Happy 71st Birthday in heaven, Jerry.


.. … ..

“I blame the ridiculous adidas ‘stretch marks’ on those stupid ‘wires’ visible on every Nikelace.”
–Ben Fortney

Comments (66)

    Aside from the fairly remarkable fact that this photo contains Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper, what are those pants Florida is wearing? Looks like an FSU player in the background, so this was probably game worn. And dig the throwback helmets.

    You guys covered those Florida pants here in Uni Watch, November 29, 2009, in your run-down of the Nike Pro Combat unis various schools were wearing:

    Florida: Exhibit A and Exhibit B.
    [Jim Vilk]: Again with the chaps. Otherwise, I really liked this one.
    [Phil Hecken]: This one is bad. Mono-blue, and the picture frame pants – a signature pattern for swoosh.

    You expect me to remember something I wrote 4 years ago?

    Seriously though, I don’t remember Florida wearing that variation of the pants. Must have been a one-and-done.

    LOL, no I just pointed it out though just to show it was from the FSU-Florida game that year. The way you wrote the ticker made it sound like there was a question whether this uni was possibly not actually worn in a game.

    Yeah, first batch of Pro Combat uniforms, every school had one and done for those.

    Me too. Use the center stripe pattern from the helmet on pants and that’s a solid uni set. Hate the current pants stripes.

    I hated the “Motion ‘F'” on the helmet, otherwise the uniform was OK.

    It s amazing to me how some schools and teams simply can not come up with a helmet logo.

    To me, nothing reveals a lack of thought or imagination than spelling out a team nickname on the helmet – i.e., “Gators”, Giants”, Eagles”, or the most pathetic of all, fully spelling out “Southern Mississippi” on the side of a helmet.

    Surely, somebody, somewhere, can imagine and refine a helmet logo. Please.

    As a Gator fan, I just hated these uniforms! Way too much white on those pants and helmets. And to wear them against FSU on Senior Day made it even worse. Major Nike fail.

    As a Noles fan, I am offended at all these links. LOL. It brings back bad memories. However that pic is pretty cool, a racist, a murderer, and Jesus all in one shot!

    …and 25 years ago that group of kids would be Hurricanes, not Gators. Just like when I would look at Butler’s two Final-2 squads and imagine them in Knight-era Red Candy Stripe warm-ups.

    I don’t get the dismissive “anything to make a buck” comment on the USATF 1980 gear. First, American Olympic sports are largely nonprofit affairs with little government funding, as opposed to just about the entire rest of the world, where the programs are mainly or entirely funded with public tax revenue. So American sports bodies like USATF have to raise money, and increasingly these days that means selling sponsorships to corporations and stuff to fans. Second, memorabilia of events that didn’t happen is awesome, from a uni-watching point of view. Of the few random sports pieces I own, probably my favorite is my 1994 World Series game ball. The Moscow 1980 gear is no different from that 1994 Series game ball, or a 1995 Nordiques jersey, or even a 1979 Rays cap.

    The only real question is, are the logos on the Moscow Collection authentic, as in what would have been used had we not boycotted the Moscow games, or are they modern designs meant to imitate the style of 32 years ago?

    “… Second, memorabilia of events that didn’t happen is awesome, from a uni-watching point of view…”


    For what it’s worth, at least one of the three main designs in that collection really is a 1980 Olympics design. Creamer has the overall logo ( but I found this vintage poster that’s even closer to what’s on the shirt:

    I love the two-color eagle logo, but I don’t find any easily Google-able evidence of its period authenticity. The USA shield rings a mental bell, but I likewise can’t find any easily Google-able evidence for it, either.

    Great work, Erik! I love the use of everyday items in artwork. I particularly liked the skateboard. I have to ask: Is that a Cal State Fullerton hat you’re wearing? I rarely see CSUF gear on anyone but me! It’s my alma mater, and I avidly follow CSUF baseball.

    Erik rocks it, for sure. I particularly like the stuff for his adopted home of Maine: that LL Bean boot and the UMaine script superimposed on his grad degree. Go Black Bears!

    Cal State-Fullerton, yup! (I get a lot of Florida fans talking my ear off.) Big college baseball fan here. I’d love to do a Titans piece for you, Jeremiah!

    I definitely had a duct tape wallet back in the day, but it wasn’t Sox stirrup striped.

    High school Shane is bummed.

    Actually, there *is* something you can’t use duct tape for: taping ducts. Seriously.


    Sorry Bakersfield Condors, your jerseys aren’t even in the top 25 Greatest Jerseys in the World, let alone THE Greatest Jersey in the World. Stupid minor league gimmick…


    But it’s self-consciously a gimmick, which makes it OK in my book. I much prefer over-the-top hyperbole like “Condors unveil the greatest jersey in the world” to the more common corporate-speak BS like “Ducks unveil Nike MaxFirefight Performance Survival Jersey with Advanced Stillsuit Moisture Control Technology” or whatever. We know the Condors don’t actually believe that’s the greatest jersey in the world, and they don’t actually expect that we’ll believe it, whereas the more typical BS is predicated on the team or manufacturer believing that they’re fooling us with their drivel.

    Also, it is a pretty cool jersey.

    something doesn’t set well with me with those logos and jerseys at all. either the logo doesn’t work with the jerseys, or, the logos just don’t work for the team. condors have one of THE MOST recognizable wingspans, and the logo just seems like another bird sitting on a stick. i don’t know, something is a tad bit off about the whole thing…

    FWIW, i like the gimmick. for 2 reasons: 1) i call the Invaders (the adult league team i play for) the “worlds greatest team on earth” lol, and b) i actually DO design the greatest jerseys in the world, so i know what i’m talking about…


    Braves fan here – Matt Malinoski nailed it with the tomahawk. It should absolutely be navy instead of red. That jersey looks so much better.

    One question though: was the “Atlanta” script left off the grays intentionally? I think I like that. It looks pretty awkward written out the way it is currently.

    I like that Braves concept very much, but find myself wanting a block ‘A’ on the cap.
    Great work, Matt!

    Interesting – the Bears haven’t won the Super Bowl wearing “home” dark jerseys, but they did win wearing road Whites.

    Similar to the Colts – through many eras, the Colts are 2-0 in the Super Bowl wearing White, but are 0-2 wearing “home” Blue jerseys. Interesting ….

    “he Bakersfield Condors (the EHCL affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers) also released new jerseys – what they dub “’the Greatest Jerseys in the World’”

    Did I miss the global nuclear war that wiped out every other uniform on the planet?

    Speaking of Yahoo using the wrong Astros logo, I’ve noticed more and more that ESPN Sportscenter has been better about using era-correct graphics. It seems like up until a year ago, it’d be 50-50 that they’d have a correct graphic for an old stat, for instance if they had “Randy Jones, 1978 Padres”, it’d just as likely have the current Padres logo as have the correct 1978 one.

    In the last year or so, however, they’ve been much better about having the correct era graphics, IMO.

    You can also count the YES Network too; they’ve used appropriate retro logos during some telecasts (such as the 2012 Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway where both teams wore 1912 throwbacks) and even year-appropriate photos of players.

    I don’t want this to come across as snarky, I simply want to note:

    My office-mate’s 9 year-old makes duct tape wallets and purses. How fun for he and his buddy who helps him. However, for adults, it seems like a pretty unremarkable topic.

    i would say that in general projects like this can be a fun diversion on occasion. and i personally think it is important when someone clearly isn’t an artist to look at their projects kindly, and maybe give them a little bit of a break when it comes to execution because they are not used to showing work publicly, which takes a brass set.

    that being said, erik calls himself a constructivist artist, and talks about his accomplishments as an artist. so as a pro, he should have thick skin when it comes to the crit of his art, it comes with the territory. without a doubt he would have to, and i am sure he can, defend his choice of materials, and exceed in execution of original ideas what he shown here when he is in the legit art world. i am guessing these were just fun projects outside of his legitimate art works, and as such, they are a nice diversion on a slow uni day. my original point though is he should be able to handle you talking about the myriad of people who make duct tape craft, because the question “why is this craft art” is what he faces when he shows in galleries, and that has to be tough. had this been just some average cat having fun making sports themed duct tape projects and not a professional artist, i would say yes, you are being snarky.

    Right you are, comrade. I’m often told my arts+crafts are pretty nifty and that I should bestow them on the world, but frankly I’m crushed every time someone says they don’t like my work. Mostly I draw for my own mental health and leave it that. Entrepeneuring (sp?) is for the rough and tough.

    i have the utmost respect for the amateur artists that show their work here, it takes a brass set to put what you make out there, and except criticism, i think people should remember that when commenting. that being said, if you proclaim yourself a visual artist, even if what you are making is craft, like what i show here occasionally, or what erik showed today, then you have to be willing to accept crit like that of scottym. i mean if you call yourself a pro, you better knock it out of the park or people will question your professional status. as for you and your work, just remember you will never please everyone, and some people are just mean to be mean. so keep making it, and when you are proud of something show it with your head high.

    I am watching the New Orleans Pelicans webstream of their reveal. Initial thoughts are that the wordmark is entirely too small. The 2 on Anthony Davis’ jersey looks kind of clunky. Now the side of the uni’s look decent in my opinion but overall it’s just a mediocre look. The wordmark and numbers on the away would have looked better if they were gold as well.

    Not surprised by UA using Bear Down; Arizona is thoroughly colonized by ex-Chicagoans.

    Sorry, but no. Bear Down has been the official slogan of UofA sports since 1926, 15 years before the Bears’ fight song was written.

    It stems from a George Gipp like incident – “Button” Salmon, the Wildcat quarterback and school student body president was severely injured in a car crash. During coach “Pop” McKale’s last visit before the player’s death, Salmon asked McKale to relay a message to the team – “Tell them to bear down.” The slogan has appeared around the Tucson campus for years.

    “Underwhelming” (from Paul’s ESPN column) sounds right. I’m really surprised they went with “New Orleans” and not “Pelicans”, especially on the home uni.

    I’m not surprised at all – New Orleans is one of the most-marketable cities in the country.

    I *am* surprised that, having made that choice, they undersold the city name with that tiny lettering.

    Exactly, on both points. I do like the way the city name arcs over the numbers; would stacking NEW on top of ORLEANS to facilitate bigger letters have made that not work?

    That makes sense. It’s just weird that they went to the trouble of naming themselves “Pelicans”, and now they’re not displaying it on the uniform.

    It’s like getting a $150 haircut, then wearing a hat to go outside.

    They’re pretty much just “there” for me. I only have small nitpicks. Like the rest I’m not a fan of going with “New Orleans” on both the home and the road and in such small lettering as well. I hope they change that in the upcoming years and add “Pelicans” to the home.
    Otherwise my only other complaint is I still hate seeing basketball jerseys with arm/shoulder striping that doesn’t match the neck striping. Or in this case looking like it’s going to be nonexistent. It’s very middle of the pack but still better than what teams like the Magic, Bobcats, Nets, Wizards, Sixers, Cavs, and Clippers have come up with over the past few years.

    Pelicans minimalist shiat is not fresh, not hip. Just plain Jane nothingness. Burn the unis now and put something, anything eye-catching on. The most colorful city in America goes for these duds? Not very Mardi Gras.

    I hate to repeat myself for cheap laughs, but I’ll die if I don’t say this: I have a great idea for a new name for this team- the Seattle Supersonics.

    The New Orleans Pelicans logo features the city name in a vertical arch.
    The New Orleans Pelicans uniforms feature the city name in a radial arch.
    Swing and a miss.

    I liked the buck hat “trend” better when it was Urlacher and some of Bears last year.

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