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The Tao of Steve — Part II

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By Phil Hecken

Last summer, when I took over for Paul during his 2012 hiatus, I ran a post featuring fantastic baseball photography from a (seemingly now-defunct, since it hasn’t been updated since 2009) blog called “Steve’s Baseball Photography Pages (A pictoral history of baseball in the 1960s and 70s)” — If you missed the first installment, check here, which explains the deal.

Let’s take one more look at the gems found in those pages and blog posts:

• One of the smaller points we argue over is whether the Cardinals should wear red caps or blue caps with their roadies. For the older generation, who grew up with blue (or blue caps with red brims), they prefer the blue set up. For those middle-aged folks like myself, here’s why we prefer red. How gorgeous is that? And look at the texture of those wool jerseys (plus the chain stitching)!

• While I’d probably hate this look today, I loved the black bumblebee Pirates uniforms of the 70’s.

• There are a couple of fantastic shots of the 1968 Athletics when they wore the gold batting helmets.

• I’m pretty sure (like, 100%) the Mets never wore white shoes (except during All Star Games). Likewise, I’m pretty sure this guy (even Steve doesn’t know who he is) never played in an All Star Game. So what gives?

• We’ve seen lots of photos of the Seattle Pilots with their “ensign” sleeve striping and scrambled eggs caps, but here’s a couple shots without either. This had to be a spring training shot in ’69, right?

• I love how teams who didn’t wear sleeved jerseys had to find space for the Jerry Dior 100th Anniversary of baseball batch in 1969!

• Hank Aaron wore some beautiful uniforms during his career. He also wore some stinkers. Depending on your viewpoint, this could fall into either category. Personally, I loved it. Best. Brewers. Roadie. Ever.

• Loved those beautiful two-tone stirrups worn by the early (1961 only?) Angels. Even Okkonen doesn’t show them, but we know they were worn.

• Dave Kingman struck out in a LOT of games…and a lot of different uniforms.

• The man who many deem responsible for ushering in the “low pants” look was wearing them pretty low with the Angels.

• We all remember the Pirates and their bumblebee uniforms, which were always worn with the “stovepipe” cap. But many of us forget they actually introduced that look in 1976, before they went full-bee.

• Lots to love here: Texture, beautiful sleeves, 1969 patch, and the classic uni number inside the “C” patch on the helmet.

• Wish we could see the full NOB on this beauty. Loved that “SOX” cap logo which they wore from 1951 thru 1963 (at least according to Okkonen).

• Fantastic shot of the 1970 All Star Game here. Interestingly Boog Powell is making the catch and Gil Hodges is in the dugout — the two teams who met up in the 1969 World Series (Mets & Orioles).

• I’m not a fan of softball jerseys (duh), but if teams would pair them with white shoes and colored sanis, I might change my tune slightly.

• Second best Twins Road Uniform ever, following only this beauty.

• And hey, who’s that guy on the bump? None other than UW favorite Jerry Reuss!

• Chicago White Sox outfielder/third baseman Hank Allen played 2 years for the Southsiders. And he even made purple look good. I think Jim Vilk would wear that suit.

• Say “Hello” to Mr. Cub.

• I’m not really a huge fan of crowns and brims in different colors. I do, however, think one or two teams should wear road gray caps. Here’s why that look would work, even today.

• How great would this have been in color?

• Tell me again — why don’t the Nats throw back to this? Oh, right, they never were the Expos.

• I swear when I looked at this photo of Bruce Sutter, I thought it was a photo of R.A. Dickey.

• I loved Oscar Gamble’s afro. Always wondered how he got it under his caps/helmets. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a trucker cap though.

• Sorry Mets fans. It’s all part of the public record.

• And we’ll end with this. One of the most most beautiful Phillies unis ever.


And there you have it — just a couple dozen more gems from Steve’s baseball pages. Hope you enjoyed — I know I can spend hours on that site.


Bizkit under tree

Remembering Bizkit…

First of all, I cannot begin to express my deep and sincere appreciation for all the wonderful thoughts posted on Uni Watch (as well as many personal e-mails and tweets) in regard to the passing of my son, my buddy, my best friend Bizkit, pictured to the right.

I’d like to especially thank Paul for his writeup, but every single one of you who wrote (and believe me, I read every single comment, usually with tears welling up in my eyes, or flowing down my face) touched me deeply, and words alone cannot express how truly moved I was. Uni Watch is, first and foremost, a uniform website, but it’s also a family — and you all are helping me through a very tough time. As Paul is fond of saying, “You’re all aces.”

Hopefully without boring you — a quick story on Bizkit. I got him in 2000 with my then-wife; as a childless couple, Bizkit quickly became our son and our world. He had a great couple years in our house, and we even built our “Bizkit fence” so he could romp in the backyard without our having to worry he’d run away. When we split and divorced in 2003-04, I fought for him and won him. We ended up selling the house.

I got a condo which accepted dogs, and he lived with me for almost two years, but he wasn’t happy there (being cooped up 8 hours a day will do that), so I begrudgingly “gave” him to my parents, who lived only two towns over, so I could easily visit him daily. They, of course, fell in love with him and quickly they too constructed a “Bizkit fence” in their back yard. My dad was especially fond of “the little guy.”

Fast forward many years and eventually my dad passed on and Bizkit began to encounter several health issues (diabetes, liver problems, etc.) which began to diminish his quality of life. My mom had problems caring for him, so he then went to live with my Aunt (who lives in that same town, three doors down and across the street from my Mom), and she too fell in love with him. That was great for me, since I could see him just as often, but Bizkit clearly missed living in what had become his home (mom’s house).

The diabetes (and subsequent insulin shots, which I gave to him twice daily, without fail, for more than two years) eventually led to other complications, including his being blind in one eye and very poor vision in another. He suffered two strokes. As Paul described on Tuesday, I thought several times the end was near, but every single time, he pulled out of it. He was a fighter like I’d never seen.

Until this past Sunday. Though in declining health, he still wanted his Sunday morning walk, which I took him on, but he was weaker, more wobbly, and even less energetic than ever. Still, he walked, but he did something very odd — instead of walking around the block, as he always did, he insisted on crossing the street. Of course, I let him go wherever he wanted, but this, I thought was odd. He ended up struggling to my mom’s house, and somehow made it to the backyard with the Bizkit fence. He didn’t want to leave. Eventually, I just ended up carrying him back to my Aunt’s.

His condition continued to deteriorate Sunday, and by Sunday night when I went to give him his insulin shot he was clearly in distress. He’d come through stuff like this before, so I thought, hoped, prayed he’d pull through. By Monday, it was clear it was his time (his organs were beginning to shut down and he’d lost control of some bodily functions). I took him to the vet who agreed, but understood if I didn’t want *then* to be the end, even though she agreed he was in pain.

It was probably the hardest decision I ever had to make, and even now I don’t know if I made the right one. But I couldn’t stand to see him suffer any more. I hope I made the right call. At least I know he’s in a better place now.

He’ll be cremated and buried in my mom’s backyard, by the Bizkit fence.

. . .

Above, I mentioned how great the entire Uni Watch family has been, and how supportive so many of you have been. But two readers, in particular, and in true Uni Watch fashion, went out of their way to create “memorial patches.” Thanks to Kyle Beaudoin, who created the “Bizkit” patch below (on left) and Jason Bernard, who made and placed on his own dog “Fudge” the “BH” patch (on right). You guys (all UW readers) are nuts the absolute best. Thanks again for all the love and support. I really needed it. I’m sure Bizkit thanks you for it too, as he plays by the Bizkit fence in doggie heaven.

Bizkit Memorial Patch

Click Either Image To Enlarge


College Football Uniform News & Notes

NCAAFB Uniform News & Updates

This will be a semi-recurring column on Uni Watch and will appear whenever there is any news or updates on the College Football uniform front.

Wednesday was ANOTHER huge day for college uniform news, with several schools releasing more uniforms. Here’s a rundown (for any image, click to enlarge):

Miami University (Ohio):

And that’s just the helmet and shoulders. You can see the giant “MIAMI” splayed across both sides of the shoulders and the helmet is, well, interesting:



The numbers also have a feather pattern on them — seems like patterns on the numbers are about par for the NCAAFB course these days (didn’t the NCAA ban this sort of thing?). You can read all about these unis (plus there is lots more photos and a video of the unveiling here.)

South Alabama:

OK, now that’s not so bad. You can read more about these and see more pics here.

Central Arkansas:


Central Arkansas has unveiled a new matte gray helmet (for now). You can see more pics and a video of the helmet here.

NSU Demons:

NC State Wolfpack:

No pictures, but there are rumors of upcoming “minor” tweaks and possible new colors/combos.

Texas Longhorns:

Not sure if this is *new* or not, but here’s a short video of the slight changes to the Texas Longhorns’ unis for 2013 (released Tuesday):

Fresno State:

Paul already covered the new unis yesterday, but here’s a video of the uni unveil:

SUNY Buffalo:

Lost in the horridness and discussion of the uniforms yesterday, it seems that SUNY-Buffalo actually went with a pretty nice looking matte blue helmet:

You can read some spin about the unis here. I particularly like the quote, “The ‘New York’ section jumps off as the clear emphasis with the other words in smaller font.”

• Campbellsville University

Thanks to reader Josh Claywell, we learn “On the uniform front, Campbellsville University — an NAIA school near my hometown — has gotten new gray jerseys from Adidas. I guess gray really is the new black.” Josh also included a link to the gallery.

. . .

Wow, that probably could have been a lede, but it’ll just fit nicely into this section. If you have ANY new NCAAFB news, follow and tweet me at @PhilHecken (and you’ll get your tweet in lights on here). You can also e-mail me (Phil (dot) Hecken (at) Gmail (dot) com) or send/cc: Paul to the following address: NewCollegeUni (at) Gmail (dot) com. OK? OK!



‘Skins Watch…

Here’s the latest on the ‘Skins name and related issues:

• “Oneida Indian Nation Calls on Washington Redskins to Follow the Courageous Lead of Hall of Fame Players and Consider Dropping Redskins Mascot

• “Local school board votes to remove ‘Redskins’ mascot”

• “Darrell Green actually doesn’t want to change Redskins name”

• “Only one right side to Redskins debate, and history will remember”


Uni Watch News Ticker (mostly compiled by Paul): The 49ers have added little “Heads Up” decals to their helmets, which is apparently an anti-concussion safety initiative (good spot, Brinke.) … If you go to this page and search on the word “uniform,” you’ll read a very interesting exchange with Texas Tech’s coach regarding uniform design (from Dave Wilson). … Check this out: Reggie Jackson wearing No. 20 for the Yankees. That’s from spring training, 1977 (from Adam Treiber). ”¦ New rugby kits for the Cardiff Blues (from Josh Jacobs). … Here’s a very fast video clip showing all of Virginia Tech’s uni combinations since joining the ACC (from Andrew Cosentino). … New logo for the Big 12. Interesting (intentional?) “arrows” contained within the “X”. … Not uni-related but amusing: Indie musician Sufjan Stevens has called out the indie band Savages for their lousy typography (from Britton Thomas). … Here’s the NHL’s logo for next season’s Heritage Classic (from Anthony Nuccio). … Here are the new American Athletic Conference patches for Temple. … The Astros wore hockey jerseys for their current road trip (thanks, Phil). … Here’s the winner of the North Melbourne Kangaroos’ jumper design fan vote (from Leo Strawn Jr.). … Love the centennial sleeve patch on this 1985 Arizona State baseball jersey (from Steve Valdez). … New kit for Celtic FC (from JK Chaney). … Check out some of these unis from the lesser known baseball playing countries. “Good to see the game growing internationally!” says Charlie Charnigo. … The big news last night was, sadly, the gruesome injury to Tim Hudson, but the Mets made the game even uglier by wearing orange “Los Mets” jerseys. … Bit of a screwup during last night’s Giants/Reds game. Tyler Nees noticed the batters boxes weren’t drawn parallel. I have MLB Extra Innings Free Preview so I checked it out. He was totally correct! Great spot, Tyler.

. . .

IMPORTANT FOR TICKER SUBMISSIONS!: For whatever reason, Flickr is going to be “down for scheduled maintenance” this evening from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am (Eastern time). So, if you have anything for the ticker that is an attachment (and needs to be hosted), PLEASE try to get it to me before 7:00 pm tonight. Anything that needs flickr’ing after then will have to be added to Monday’s ticker. Thanks!


There you have it Uni Watchers. I’ll be taking over for Paul until August 26th, so please bear with me for a day or two. I have LOTS of great guest entries lined up and I hope everything goes smoothly during Paul’s well-deserved blogcation. Everyone have a great Thursday and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“When I read Phil’s link about putting ads inside the cups, I thought that was an incredibly bizarre place to put them. Then I clicked the link and saw he meant drinking cups.”
–Tom Van de Kieft

Comments (76)

    Is the Orange “Los Mets” jersey a tester for a possible Orange Alternate next year or the year after like they did with the Blue Alts?

    I for one hope not. It looks garish on the Mets. I like the blue alternate. I would never ditch the blue one for orange, so if they add orange, that gives them 4 potential home tops. Once a year I can live with.

    Since we are obsessive here, I have two other problems with the Mets jerseys today…first, the script has been distorted by Majestic…you can see the letter e has become obese. This bugs me every game I watch. How do I get this fixed? Also, the M and e, though split by the buttons, can be closer than that. Another thing that bugs me…something happened to the front 6 and 9 starting last year…the loop parts are not the right size anymore.

    Steve D, you’re preaching to the choir. THIS is where those observations were made years ago. Welcome to the party. First MP now here? Smh…

    Doubt how they were made “years ago” here since they just started a year ago. I have never read anybody but me mention the e or the front 6/9. But if it makes you feel good to try to embarrass me, go ahead. MP has you mainly to thank for me never contributing or posting to the site in over a year.

    Thanks for proving my point…Paul never mentioned a thicker e…and I am only talking about the jersey script which changed in 2012, two years after Paul’s article. Keep wasting your time flaming my posts.,,I find THAT hilarious.

    On the Angels two-tone stirrups – I think those photos are from 1969. It cannot be 1961 because the caps have “CA” on them, which means they have to be from 1965 or later. Looking at Okkonen’s work, 1969 was the first year the Angels wore something other than navy stirrups (his graphic shows them as solid red). After looking at all of these factors, I went back to the first photo and noticed the MLB 100th Anniversary patch on the left sleeve of the batter rounding third.

    As a Miami University alum, I don’t quite know what to make of the new uniforms. I hope these are alternates and that the traditional white helmet with the red “M” hasn’t been phased out.

    If today’s installment of UW is an indicator of things to come, it’s going to be a great month for the readership.
    Terrific work, Phil!
    Sorry for your loss.

    The new Big 12 logo is interesting to say the least, although the empty space in the XII part looks like a rewind button (maybe as an ode to their history?)

    I have always been an admirer of the Big 12’s classy use of Roman numerals.

    For instance, on their basketball courts, they have XII on once side to honor the current 12 teams, but on the other side, they have IIX as a nod to the past when it was the Big 8.

    Way to go, Big 12!

    Forgive me now for being long-winded, and even more if you’re not a dog person (if so, better skip ahead now) …

    I think our little friends know what’s going on – sometimes better than humans – and react accordingly. I’d previously mentioned the passing of my “first child”, Henry, a 12 1/2 year-old border collie who passed about a year and a half ago. He was very old (for a BC), had horrible arthritis, couldn’t really walk any more, and his organs had begun to shut down.

    The morning I chose to finally give him rest, I was sitting on the floor with him, his head on my leg, while I was on my laptop. No sooner did I type in “dog urns” into the google search bar than my pup – who had to be carried outside 5 times a day for the past month – got up and walked across the room to get away from me.

    On the way to the veterinarian, I stopped to pick up Henry’s last meal — his very own order of McDonalds french fries. While I drove, I put some of them up to his mouth, and he managed to eat about 4-5 during the course of our 20 minute journey, I think mostly out of habit.

    Henry loved the vet. He loved the kennel. He loved Petsmart. He loved anyplace he was allowed to go where there were other dogs and other people. It was a sign of how bad off he was that he DIDN’T get up and follow me out the driver’s door after I got out in the vet’s office parking lot. Now, when I paused, smiled at his poor, pathetic eyes, closed my door and went around to the passenger side, it was more than a little surprising to me that Henry had gotten up, walked to the other side of the truck (as far away from me as possible) and lied back down. I chuckled through my tears.

    I eventually “caught” him (it was something akin to the O.J. chase), and carried him into the office. Where I can only assume that the fact that I was blabbering like a baby holding a mostly limp 50 pound dog in my arms told the lady at the desk everything she needed to know about the purpose of my visit.

    I held Henry while the procedure was performed. He never jerked, squirmed, or fought the process (once he was on the table, anyway). It wasn’t long before his pain went away, peacefully.

    Henry’s ashes now reside under the window of our house he loved to look out, the one he broke trying to kill a coyote … the same coyote he’d be wandering the neighborhood with and playing with just a couple years before. He was odd, quirky (as most border collies are), and will always be remembered as our first child.

    Thank you for sharing that piece of you with us. There’s very few situations as simultaneously bizarre, heartbreaking, comforting, and surreal as walking into the vet with your dear friend to have his pain ended.

    Much love.

    Mariners and Pilots shared more than a color scheme and a host city; they also spent a spring training hastily reworking their first-year uniforms. But I love the fastidious vertical-arching of the “PILOTS” lettering on those prototypes. A clinic on how it should be done.

    It concerns a photo circulating on this site of Mariners’ then-owner Danny Kaye joking with his players at spring training. The blue visitors’ pullovers had “Mariners” lettering that matched the typeface on their insignia. When the team took the field in Seattle, the lettering of the white jerseys most definitely did not match the logo, and the road uniforms now had “Seattle” on the chest.

    Ooops… to address the “why”, it simply looked like the lettering was too big; you could really only read the middle five letters of “Mariners”.

    Those were the Pilots spring unis in 1969. They looked better than the regulat unis.

    All the pictures that I’ve seen of the Pilots spring training uniforms are in black-and-white.

    Did the Seattle Pilots have a road uniform for spring-training in 1969?

    With the black-and-white photos it’s difficult to tell.

    I’ve only seen the ones with Pilots arched on the front.

    I know we’ve had stadium behind-the-scenes porn on this site, where we see the meticulous preparation of the playing field and the locker room before a game.

    This would be the equivalent of the grisly surgery scars and suspicious red bumps – green sand to cover up the gaps in the temporary grass at Cowboys Stadium ahead of last night’s Gold Cup semifinal:

    Love the Tao of Steve piece this morning. Great work. There’s something about looking at old baseball photos in the middle of summer that is just right.

    And the video-game silliness of college football uniforms continues, and who cares anymore.

    Agreed. Those photos on Steve’s blog represented a great era for baseball uniforms. Save for the Orioles and Giant, no color black accents anywhere! Come back, Steve, come back!

    In that pic of Jerry Ruess, what are those white chalk lines converging on the mound?

    They splay out way too wide to be outlines for the catcher’s path – looks like they’re aimed halfway down the basepaths.

    True, those who pitch with their left or right hands tend to balk on each pitch, but the other pitchers are generally OK.


    Was there ever a period where lines were chalked on the mound as a visual aid of sorts to the umpires in calling balks? I certainly don’t remember them during the regular season, but perhaps it was done in spring training to help train the younger umpires.

    Astros wearing hockey sweaters…best part was seeing Hector Ambriz Gordon Bombay No. 66 Mighty Ducks sweater!

    Phil- Glad you liked the “Bizkit” memorial patch. Always sad when you lose a loved one. My 11 year old Chocolate lab Bella is starting to show her age lately. Always tough. Bizkit sounds like he was a real trooper. I hope in some way you can find solace in the fact that he is at peace now.

    On a semi uni related note did anyone else see the reunion pics for the cast from “The Sandlot” yesterday? They actually recreated the field to have it look like it appeared in the film:

    PS- Ham Porter looks the same. Oddly Benny “The Jet” and Smalls were a no show…

    The one consolation for losing a dog, is knowing you’ll have a best friend waiting for you in Heaven. . .. 🐕

    I’m not a dog owner or even a fan of canines, but one of my favorite “Twilight Zone” episodes is “The Hunt”.

    “You see Mr. Simpson, a man, well, he’ll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can’t fool a dog!”

    The picture of Jim Maloney in the classic grey cap with red bill is great. The grey would only work if it were the same type of grey flannel as in that picture. I remember when some of the teams (Orioles, Royals) tried to do “grey” caps in the regular grey fabric. It didn’t work and looked cheap.

    They have the ability to mimic the grey flannel fabric. Surprised some team has not jumped on that. Looks surprisingly good.

    Completely agree that the flannel Phillies away of 1950-1972 is classic. Great pic of former US Senator, Jim Bunning of KY.

    I like that the blurb below the photo describes it as United’s “new iconic shirt.”

    Can something new be iconic?

    Wow. Great research. Most of Steve’s “posed” shots are from spring training, so I’m sure you’re correct there.

    Also re: the white shoes, it’s possible that whatever minor league affiliate he was playing for used white shoes.

    The 1983 Mets’ yearbook has a picture of Danny Heep in the batting cage wearing white cleats, which I’m guessing were leftovers from his previous stint with the Astros.

    I’m extremely sorry for your loss, Phil. Reading that eulogy definitely made me tear up and showed the passion many dog owners have for their dogs.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your bizkit, Phil. I recently lost my dog which had a very similar look to bizkit. I feel your pain. I however decided to best way to move forward was to run to north shore animal league and adopt a new dog in need of a home. It helped a lot.

    im telling you. its the dang onions. *wiping tears*

    on a serious note: i understand. i lost my cat to cancer a few years ago and she gave me 16 wonderful years. *internet hug*

    Agree that you should cover them, and thoroughly. Also agree it’s tedious. Civic obligation, I guess.

    Only school uni change I really care about — dear old Columbia — appears to rank low on the concerns of fellow posters. Feckin eejits.

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s comments, the college unis aren’t my thing, not with the way they’ve been doing them in recent years and overloading us with Change For Change’s Sake.

    However, I would never suggest they stop covering these uni changes altogether. That would be the exact opposite of the purpose of Uni Watch – “The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics”.

    Don’t like the college uni stuff? Skip past it. Don’t click on those links. Which is just what I do…

    … except for that Miami uni. Couldn’t help but stop to look at that hot mess. Yikes!

    Zack Wheeler and I both like the orange jerseys. We have the urns from 4 of our beloved dogs on a bookshelf in our bedroom. They don’t live forever. And that’s a shame.

    If you ever run out of material for ledes, Phil, during your month in charge, just post pictures from Steve’s Baseball Photography. Wonderful stuff.

    In 2001 my wife and I got Wolfgang – a 95 pound Golden Retriever/Malamute mix. He also had lots of health problems over the years. In 2003 that dog helped me in dealing with the deaths of both my parents in a five month span. Losing Wolfgang in 2010 was nearly as bad as losing either of them. I miss that dog every day – though I don’t miss the vet bills. Now we have two smaller dogs (40 and 45 lbs). Best decision I ever made was to get dogs as soon as practical.

    That matte Buffalo helment is horrible with the UB logo sticker. Stickers on matte helmets look cheap because they stand out so much. It stands out like a bird turd on a fresly washed car. If you’re going to go matte, the logo needs to be matte also.

    That is what has stood out to me since that photo first started showing up. It looked like a half-painted helmet with a sticker stuck on. Like it was still waiting for a glossy top coat. They have to fix that glossy sticker, don’t they?

    Bizkit was lucky to have had you for an owner.

    I’ve always found this poem comforting when we’ve lost a pet.

    I know how hard it is to make that decision, to make that last drive, to be the custodian, guardian, protector of a pet for so long and then to take the little guy into to the vet and ask for that last thing. I believe that they trust us all their lives to do what is right for them, and that at the end they’re trusting us and counting on us to make sure they’re not suffering any longer. Not that its easy, of course its not, but its still the right decision.

    Phil, so sorry for your loss. In 2012, we lost both of our Dobermans within 4 months of each other to different ailments, one of which we knew about, the other which came on unexpectedly. They were sisters we adopted together, and they grew old together. I know in the days, weeks, and months, we sometimes wondered if we made the right decision as to when we let them go, especially with the last one, she seemed so full of life in every other way. The way I see it is that there is no right or wrong decision, and really no decision is ideal, we just have to make the best call given what we know. But I’m certain your dog and my dogs are in better places and grateful for the time we had together and for taking good care of them.

    re: Miami (Ohio)

    They need to complete the insane madness:

    What they really need to do is start the school name on the left shoulder (players right shoulder) and continue the lettering across the top of the helmet and then onto the right shoulder. Wouldn’t work real well for schools with short names though, but longer names would work.

    /sarcasm off/

    Surprising that Fresno State used Black Skinhead for their uniform unveiling, since I sincerely doubt they got the clearances to use it. I mean, I know it’s just a ‘silly internet video’; but I wouldn’t think a college would even bother getting into that potential mess.

    1st.) As a dog owner/lover who’s had to make that decision more than once I’m sorry for your loss, Phil. I feel your pain and I hope my ghost pack was there to welcome Bizkit home.

    2nd.) Wow those Miami unis might be the most brutal yet. Or is it Mia-ami which is sort of what the shoulder letting looks like? Couldn’t they just put the “A” on the top of the helmet? Couldn’t look much worse? And with different type of uni cuts we thought the MLB’s lettering got all mixed up at times. Yikes! Can we end this trend of funk chromes, mattes, numbers on helmets, and gray facemasks now or will someone find a way to top this thing first?

    3rd.) I missed the first game of the series but Pirates-Natinals I believe have now played their entire 4 game series with both teams wearing numbers on the right front and one letter on the left front. How many times has that happened since the Giants and Padres dumped their “SF” and “SD” road jerseys many years ago?

    “How great would this have been in color?

    Depends who the question is targeted at. Personally, awesome!
    But to this site (from what I gather) shitty.

    Sorry about the loss of your wonderful dog Phil. I had to put one down about 8 years ago..his name was Sunny..a crested terrier who made my everyday a joy. He had heart issues..had to give him meds daily but he was a great friend. And like you I had to make that awful decision to put him down. I have a new dog..but I miss him like an old friend. My new pooch Lola equates the word Bizkit with food and he’s a big deal here even though we never met him. Hang in there..I love the work you and Paul do on a daily basis.

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