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A Bloody Good Show

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Mets starter Matt Harvey had his game face on last night, as he took the mound with a rather prominent nosebleed. I believe this is MLB’s first bloody nose since Angels right-hander Ervin Santana spent the better part of an inning pitching with a nosebleed back in 2011. But as you can in that last link, Santana had a wad of tissue or gauze up his nostril to stanch the bleeding — a total wuss move compared to Harvey pitching with an unstanched nosebleed.

Unfortunately, the Mets’ training staff was able to cap the gusher after the top of the 1st, which put an end to the fun. Even worse, Harvey somehow managed to avoid getting any blood on his jersey. A pity.

This video clip shows how the Mets’ broadcast team responded to the emanations from Harvey’s nostril:

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Sid Gillman, continued: The question of whether Sid Gillman came up with the idea of football NOBs, as claimed on his Wikipedia page, refuses to die. The latest contribution on this front comes from reader Frank Bitzer, who writes:

I recently finished the book Sid Gillman: Father of the Passing Game by Josh Katzowitz of Throughout the book there are references to Sid’s interest in uniforms (it goes into detail on how he redesigned the University of Cincinnati uniforms upon taking the reins there in the late ’40s to make them more form-fitting and harder for an opponent to grab). And, there is a great deal of depth on the AFL and the Chargers. However, nowhere in the book does it discuss Sid initiating the concept of names on jerseys.

There is a chapter devoted specifically to the innovations Sid brought to football: using a mathematics professor to help identify the best angles and depth of routes for maximum completion percentage; dividing the field into seven passing zones; adopting wing-T formations for the passing game; making the tight end a pass receiving weapon between the hashes; ignoring the NFL’s unofficial quota on black players and recruiting and signing the best athletes regardless of skin tone. But it does not mention the nameplates.

That seemed to settle the issue. But just in case, I followed up with Josh Katzowitz, the author of the book described above. His response:

Talked to [Gillman’s] oldest daughter, Lyle, who talked to the second-oldest daughter, Bobbe, and they both think Sid was the one to do it (though they also admit that it’s a somewhat vague memory). But they’ve put in a call to Tom, Sid’s only son, to confirm.

Hmmmm. I’m still skeptical. Family oral histories are notoriously unreliable. But this is turning out to be an interesting rabbit hole.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: A certain pair of people at the recent Brooklyn Beefsteak sure looked happy. … Here’s what some Nike-sponsored tennis players will be wearing at the French Open. … New football uniforms for UCF. Here are the pants. Additional photos toward the bottom of this set, and there’s additional info here (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Lots of retro soccer jerseys available here (from Mark Emge). … Now that’s a baseball team! That’s the St. Louis Brown Stockings, circa 1875. What’s with that Greek motif on the collars? (From Jim Walaitis.) … More Redskins controversy, this time involving an Indiana high school. The local city council president says the name “should be taken as a compliment” (from Dan Nester). … Here’s a list of every sneaker worn by UNC basketball players last season. … Love this Astros shooting star bobblehead (from Michael Clary). … The Jets apparently haven’t gotten the memo about the Bills wearing white helmets these days (from Jerome McDonnell). … Here’s a Golden State Warriors soda display (from Logan Rockmore). … New logo for West Chester University in Pennsylvania (from Bill Waldron). … Are today’s football helmets any safer than the old leather ones? Maybe, or maybe not (from Yancy Yeater). … New field design in the works for Wyoming football. Details here (from Bryan Stevens). … Kind of a bush move by Justin Turner and Ike Davis of the Mets, who “supported” the Rangers yesterday by wearing “Ovi Sucks” T-shirts. For starters, you should be able to support a team without trashing another team’s player. And Ike Davis isn’t exactly in a position right now to tell another athlete he sucks (from Robert Silverman). … Some good pics of Notre Dame’s famous green uniforms from the 1983 game against USC here (from Brendan McAlinden). … “A new independent league team has sprung up — the Vallejo Admirals of the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs,” writes Chris Cruz. I have no idea if the team will survive but thought they had an interesting logo.” … Dan Chanelli has created a Yankees uniform database website. I haven’t had a chance to explore it fully, but some preliminary clicks look promising. Check it out and feel free to give feedback to Dan in the comments. … “I was watching a Twins commercial and noticed the jerseys in the background,” says Nick Johnson. “All of them have been worn this year or last year except for the light-blue one in the middle. Could this maybe be an alternate they are going to introduce at a future date? Hope not.” ”¦ Aaron Scher notes that Dan Girardi and Michael Del Zotto of the Rangers had barber pole tape striping on their sticks on Monday night. ”¦ “During the Penguins/Islanders game, they showed a sit-down interview with Penguins defenseman Douglas Murray and he was wearing a No. 10 jersey, even though he wears No. 3,” says Zach Conrad. “Brenden Morrow wears No. 10.” ”¦ The Nashville Sounds will support the Nashville Zoo on May 25 by wearing giraffe-patterned jerseys (from Lee David Wilds). ”¦ Very subtle logo update for Little Debbie (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ The new USA dragon boat racing jerseys have a semi-hypnotic pattern (from Marc Rivlin). ”¦ Todd Vaught of Sky Design recently designed the new “Chophouse” bar for the Braves. Dig that bobblehead wall! ”¦ A gay couple in Manhattan was brutally assaulted by a bunch of assholes in Knicks gear. ”¦ “This weekend, I was at a Long Island bat mitzvah party where the theme was Jeans and Jerseys,” says Andrew Hoenig. “The only jersey that really stood out was this awesome Houston Rockets number. I didn’t get a chance to ask what the name meant.” … Oooh, dig this: AFC and NFC helmet buggies, back from the days when those helmet designs were used for the Pro Bowl (big thanks to Steve Mandich). ”¦ Great story out of Kansas City, where some Royals fans are showing up at Kaufman Stadium in throwback clothing. “It’s a nod to Negro League games, where fans were often in their ‘Sunday best for games, because they came straight from church to the ballpark,” explains Andy Horne.

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    light blue twins jersey is just a fashion jersey and majestic comes out with different ones every year with retro look and past players

    You can see it here:


    Presumably, the commercial’s production crew just grabbed one of every jersey in the team store for set decoration.

    “Skip To My Lou” on that Rockets jersey is what Rafer Alston’s streetball name was, although it was spelled “Skip 2 My Lou.” link

    I’m glad to be enlightened about Rafer Alston, but I only read the rebus on the uniform’s back: “One, two, skip to my lou”.

    If I’m not mistaken his rise to the NBA started with street-ball notoriety from the And 1 Mix Tapes:


    That Twins Uni doesn’t have a MLB tag at the bottom like all of the rest “Authentic” unis do. It looks like an old Nike designed one from a few years back. Those sleeves are definitely not up to MLB code.

    Being a die-hard Astros fan, I love everything about the bobblehead, except that the cap logo is upside down. Otherwise, great bobblehead!

    No problem, I had just come across that site yesterday and probably spent way to much time digging around. is pricey, but they have a really good selection, too. Lots of international stuff.

    The Jets apparently haven’t gotten the memo about the Bills wearing white helmets these days

    So which is worse, using the old red Bills helmet, or the fact that they didn’t even bother to include the Dolphins as a choice?

    They had the dolphins as a choice but someone pointed out they still hade the old logo so they just took them out of the poll. (Just joking)

    Using the old red Bills helmet (BTW, I don’t think Dolphins fans even get very excited about seeing their own team play).

    The picture of the Brown (link) looks like someone got a bunch of guys from Park Slope last night and dressed them in old baseball unis

    Having lived in Park Slope for 24 years now, I find your reference confusing. What is Slope-ish about a bunch of guys with mustaches?

    I was at John Hodgman’s show on Friday night down here, and there was a group in the audience that at least claimed to be from Park Slope — an area he mentions frequently — and of the dozen or so in the goupe, more than half had moustaches that seemed like they would have fit right in with the Browns.

    Maybe it’s a small sample size.

    Seeing that pic made me think “look at this f—in’ hipster”

    Unless there’s another team going by “CHW” on score bugs these days, both of the aforementioned bloody noses happened versus the White Sox.

    Bloody nose? That’s a sign of the STENCH OF CONSPIRACY.

    O’s need a throwback to those St. Louis Browns unis.
    Wow. Bonus points to whomever gets their facial hair right.

    you know when your football program isn’t on Nike’s “who to give an “F” about” list when you get renders like this


    That’s the standard screen shot you get when you design your jersey on the Nike site. Why the school decided to share it with the public is anyone’s guess.

    Worth it for the performance of Dave Brubeck’s “Unsquare Dance” alone.

    Interesting detail in this Larry Doby picture, his number is either sewn or written on his stirrups…


    Anyone notice the directional arrow beside the “5” at the 50 yard line on the design of the new football field for Wyoming? Looks like someone just copy and pasted them and forgot to remove the ones at midfield. Either that or the design is from a Canadian field where you would need directional arrows at the 50.

    If memory serves me, didn’t the first field to have the directional arrows (Texas Stadium?) have arrows at the 50-yard line for the first season or two?

    I like that UCF helmet, especially the rich hue of gold. The style reminds me of those helmets with the padding on top that various teams wore in the 1960s. I also like the boldness and confidence of a logoless helmet. It makes the school nickname feel less like a marketing gimmick and more like what it is… a nickname. I don’t need a children’s book illustration of a knight on the helmet to justify calling them the Knights, just like the Giants don’t need a huge football player on their helmets in order to be called the Giants.

    The rest of the uniform, however, ruins anything goodwill the helmet may have earned. It doesn’t even look like there was an attempt made to match the fabric to the helmet. I struggle to even call that gold. It’s buttercup or something.

    Couldn’t open the link on the famous Notre Dame green jerseys. Note: The famous game was in 1977, when Joe Montana led the Irish to the national title. But they wore green again against USC in 1983 and 1985.

    I have to admit I’m thrilled about the cleverness of a restaurant tied to the Braves called “The Chop House”. Once I mulled the idea of a baseball-themed coffeehouse called “The Polo Grounds”. But given your position about the misappropriation of the tomahawk, I’ll bet you have more concerns about it than I. By the way, you’re spot-on about boosting your favorite team without disparaging the opponent. That’s always bugged me.

    Try telling that to Philly fans and see what happens! ;)

    It’s all part of the culture that is throughout the world. 99.6% there is no genuine ill will towards anyone…if/when a player is injured, everyone puts the well being of the player first and all animosity is out the door.

    This isn’t little league where that behavior is not tolerated, these are highly paid athletes with fans who can say OVI SUCKS or put down the other team if they want…seriously…then what’s the point of rivalries? The other team thats not yours DOES suck especially when your team loses to the other team you do not like…oh wait…f’ it….let’s give everyone a ribbon and sensitivity training prior to attending sports game this way no one loses or has their feelings hurt…

    Fair cop! I will confess to being a bit lily-livered. But I concur the “trophies for everyone” practice is a disgusting tumor that needs to be cut out. Good intentions pave the way to hell, y’know.

    The previous two comments draw a false equivalence between good sportsmanship and the “ribbons for everyone” mentality.

    That’s totally bogus. You can compete hard, try to win, and hate losing without saying the other guy sucks. The two things have nothing to do with each other.

    no…as a Jets fan, I will always say Tom Brady, Bill Belicheat and Mark Sanchez (yes, our own players) sucks…no malice of course, but it would annoying and shouting the other team sucks IS part of the…or is it only ok in your book if the players talk smack to each other?

    A little hostility goes a long way…look at Raider, Canadien and Eagles fans…they’re freaking nuts! (and It’s awesome)…it’s all how you roll with it…

    *apologies* comment got cut off somehow:

    “but it wouldn’t break my heart if they all left or retired tomorrow”….annoying….

    I dig the Royals fans participating in the throwback fun. Wish more people would wear suits today.

    Did the troll filter fail on this one? Because it’s mildly funny.

    The new Yankee’s uniform database is pretty well organized. What I find hard to believe after flipping through the years is that the Yankees never wore an armband for Gehrig after his death in ’39!
    Armbands for the deaths of Chapman and Huggins before Gehrig, and Ruth, Munson, Lemon, 9/11, Rizzuto, Murcer, and Lidle since.

    Actually Lou didn’t pass away until June 2, 1941. But you’re right, it was strange that they wouldn’t remember Lou with an armband.

    One thing I like about the Yankee uniform base is that each uniform’s manufacturer’s label (albeit very small) is shown as well as the numeral font used. These are the kind of details that real uniform geeks like myself appreciate.

    Even though I’m a lifelong Yankee hater I applaud Dan’s thorough research. I only wish that Mark Okkonen had included such finite details. Great job Dan!!!!!

    I wonder if there any nosebleeds back in the cokehead era of the Mets.

    I’m sure the Yankees Uniform Database will be excellent, but I admit to half-hoping that it would be a single pge, with no links and just a picture of the pinstriped home jersey with “1930s to Present. What more do you want?”

    Skiptomylou was Rafer Alston’s nickname on the And1 Mixtape Tour a few years back. That jersey is kind of like wearing a “He Hate Me” Carolina Panthers jersey instead of one that reads SMART. I watched him play his college ball at Fresno State when I was little so when the mixtape became popular, all the kids were talking about him in my area. He then played a few years in the Association, but I’m not sure what he’s doing now. Great site!
    HS CWS08

    The barber pole tape job on hockey sticks is more common than you think. Just google a picture of Phil Kessel.
    Here’s the thing: hockey stick shafts came come with a grip coating, or not. If you think the grip coating is too tacky, but you want a little friction between the shaft and your hands, then you use some tape to make a barber pole.
    Or, cynically, you might guess that it’s a way to obscure a logo of a non-sponsor. For instance, Phil Kessel looks to be a Bauer billboard. (If a player’s helmet and gloves are of the same brand, it’s more likely than not that there is a sponsorship. If the skates match too, then it’s practically a slam dunk. And if you see a player’s likeness in an equipment catalog or on a maker’s website, there is your giveaway.) But back to Kessel, his barber pole tape job on his stick does not cover a S19 logo. S19 is from the Stealth line of Easton brand, and not Bauer.

    Paul Lukas,

    The new alternate black helmets for UCF will reportedly have the stacked UCF logo on the side. In the link to the photo set below, the first comment alludes to this. Yes, a fan’s comment isn’t fact, but I imagine he would have a better idea since you would think he follows his team closely.

    Also, at the too of the photo set, there’s a caption that says “as well as an unfinished look at an alternate helmet.” This may confirm what the UCF fan said about the UCF logo going on the black helmet.


    At the UCF release thay had 2 helmets. One had the correct colors but not style, and the other was the correct style but wrong colors. Strange

    Your post regarding a pitcher bleeding from his head is tone-deaf and offensive in light of the injury J.A. Happ suffered last night.

    Let’s see a show of hands on this one, shall we? Who thinks I’m tone-deaf and insensitive, and who thinks Mike is being a prickish troll?

    in the spirit of “ribbons for everyone” can we cast a vote for all of the above?

    Did Happ take one on the schozz? Otherwise I see no connection to support Mike’s assertion

    I’m a loyal Uni Watch reader and the comment was not meant to be prickish or trolling. The Happ injury honestly made me sick to my stomach, and some spectators even commented that they thought Happ died. So the last thing I wanted to see today was more blood.

    Looking back, I probably should have used the word “insensitive” rather than “offensive.” Nonetheless, I stand behind the sentiment of my original comment.

    Before I clicked the link, I had these questions: Are the “Ovi Sucks” shirts being worn by Rangers fans, or by disgruntled Capitals fans? Lots of Caps fans have been frustrated with Ovi lately. If they’re being marketed to Rangers fans, is it somehow connected to the “Potvin Sucks” chant so popular in the Garden, and therefore almost a tribute to a worthy adversary? There is a certain fraternal commiseration among athletes: they all get criticized, mocked, and abused by the public. Are the players wearing them as some sort of ironic statement of solidarity, like when Danny Ainge wore an “I HATE DANNY AINGE” t-shirt to a Celtics shootaround? (Danny Ainge, of course, was showing solidarity to himself. That’s Danny for you.)

    Then I saw the guys in the picture. I’m pretty sure they’re just being jerks.

    What’s the difference between a fan made shirt logo rip off of a team logo and Lukas doing his MEATS and KNISCH rip offs?

    Oh, someone other than a corporation getting hurt…maybe they’lll cease and desist letters too then all will be equal in his eyes

    Yes, Paul M., the Meats/Franks/Knish shirts in exactly the same category as the Ovi Sucks shirts.

    exactly. the. same.

    I don’t care about it being a logo rip off. There isn’t a single word in my comment that says anything about the logo.

    Logo rip-offs can be funny. I think “Meats” is hilarious. I own one of those shirts. Same with “Franks”. “Knish”? clever idea, mediocre execution. The American flag with Nike symbols replacing the stars? Brilliant. The “Ovi Sucks” logo is nicely executed, and I don’t have near the problem with it that Paul does.

    My whole point is that as a guy who spends a fair amount of time worrying about starlings eating his tomatoes and squirrels raiding the bird feeder, I look at a kid in an backwards baseball cap and an Amish beard, and I immediately think, “Lousy punk.”

    That Yankees Uniform Database is pretty great — beautifully designed and very entertaining!

    Regarding Sid Gillman – is it possible that the Wikipedia entry (before someone posting here edited the page, as of yesterday), simply meant that he pioneered the NOB idea in professional Football, and nothing else?

    I admire the investigative angle to this, but it just seems that this could be a case of over-evaluating something.

    * I assume a uniwatch reader edited the wiki, at least. That would be one hell of a coincidence if not!

    is it possible that the Wikipedia entry (before someone posting here edited the page, as of yesterday), simply meant that he pioneered the NOB idea in professional Football, and nothing else?

    Yes, that’s exactly what it was claiming. And that’s the claim that I’m trying to confirm or refute, because I doubt its accuracy.

    Thanks for all the comments on the database everyone! Gehrig not having an armband is just one of the mysteries I would like to get to the bottom of. My only weak hypothesis at the moment is that perhaps his teammates were trying to honor his humble approach to playing the game – knowing that the last thing he’d want is to have a visible distraction from the team on the field focusing on an individual. Terry- I have been trying to get the pictures to show in their full size after one click, without sending everyone to photobucket – I’ll keep everyone posted.

    As a long-time Yankee fan, I applaud your efforts in creating the uniform database and I even learned a few things that don’t show up in “Dressed to the Nines.” For example: the 1916 alternating blue and red pinstripes. I also didn’t realize the first year they went to the double knits (1973) was also the first year they adopted the raglan sleeves.

    Interesting piece about the Royals’ fans dressing up to attend games. Being as old as I am (65) I remember the late 1950s-early 1960s era when people did this on a regular basis. I saw it happen at Red Wing Stadium and the War Memorial in Rochester at each game I attended. It was something you did because it was the proper thing to do in that era.

    Also at every game that I attended at the greatest hockey building ever, Maple Lead Gardens in Toronto, I made sure that I wore a coat and tie. I was at the Gardens periodically from the early 1970s until 1995, our last game there. Going to a game at the Gardens was like visiting a grand cathedral. You had a deep reverence for the place. It was old, sure. But because it was privately owned by MLG Ltd. it was always pristine in cleanliness and appearance. The building deserved it.

    Major Constantine Falkland Kerry Smythe, the patriarch of the Blue & White demanded that people entering his Carlton Street shrine dress appropriately. The Major would even send a tersely worded letter about their apparel to his subscribers (season-ticket holders) who “dressed down” when attending a Leaf game. The threat of losing your seat renewal took care of the problem. Oh how times have changed.

    also a GREAT memory…the wfl chicago fire helmet buggy from 1974…go to 5:11 of the video…


    Awesome AFC NFC helmet buggies, but check out that they are in front of the REAL Evel Knievel Scramble Van!

    I believe the Houston rocket jersey was of eager Alston. When he played for the rockets…he is popular with the And1 street ball team and his street name was “skip to my Lou.” He is honestly a legend for street ball.

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