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Craziest Uni Day Ever


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I don’t usually do a second post in one day, but this has been a crazy afternoon.

First, the Jags unveiled their new uniforms. You can read my initial take on that in this ESPN piece.

But then things got crazy — confirmed leaks of the new Vikings and Dolphins uniforms, as you can see above, plus a tighter view of the Miami design.

I’ll have more to say about all this tomorrow. ”” Paul

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    In all seriousness, I cannot believe that the Commissioner did not veto what the Jaguars did. Several defunct Arena Football teams think those are too cheesy.

    “In all seriousness, I cannot believe that the Commissioner did not veto what the Jaguars did.”

    You do know this is Roger (no)Goodell we’re talking about here, right? Logic doesn’t apply in his world.

    Wow, the Vikes uniforms are so much better than I expected. Leaving aside Paul’s utterly incorrect dismissal of purple, those are clean and as close to classic as Nike gets.

    Yeah, lots of things to complain about those Vikes unis: Numbers, Matte, purple pants. But they’re still way better than the expiring set. I really want to see them from the side.

    Looks like white socks with purple pants to me.

    Look again – the lower part of the sock is white (on all the uniforms), but the upper half is purple, blending in with the pants.

    I agree… Nike is literally trying to corner the market in owning number fonts. Remember the good ol’ days when just the Chicago Bears had unique (rounded) numbers?

    Yeah, that font is atrocious.

    It’s like someone went on a cocaine/serif combo bender…

    Seriously, when did matte helmets become a thing. Worse than the ebola virus.

    I suppose now is a bad time to say that I love matte helmets…

    The Vikings received a major, major upgrade. The Dolphins… meh. It’s a solid C+ on the “Good or Stupid” test, though it fails the “Needed or Pointless” test.

    The Jags… guh? Can someone find whoever did this and take away their crayons before they jam one up their nose?

    Probably soon after matte paper with die-cut UV coating became the hit thing in the design world.

    Agreed. I hate this matte helmet trend. Overall though the look is better than what they had. I would like to see a side shot though.

    I like the overall look of the new Vikings uniforms, and the purple pants are a nice throwback to the old days. I wish the numbers were more of a throwback instead of this new Nike look. And is it too much to ask for a gray face mask?!!

    The Jaguars officially have the worst uniforms in the history of the NFL. #2 would be the ones the Bills just ditched.

    I’ll never forget watching that Denver preseason game in 1997 (against Miami?) and seeing those ugly things for the first time. I was pissed. It’s a shame Denver got rid of great uniforms.

    Current Denver kit is bad, but nowhere near as bad as Phoenix or Atlanta. At least no more blueberries!

    As a Falcons fan I have to agree on Atlanta’s being the worst. It pains me to watch them every week. Denver’s is very bad as well but not in the Falcons class. For some reason though I don’t hate Arizona’s as much as Atlanta’s. I should hate it but I don’t.

    Was totally thinking that the Jaguars might be the Broncos of a new era, but the Broncos uniforms have the unique distinction of getting uglier with time by adding navy pants and then by simply choosing to ignore the hideousness/stupidness of the uniforms every year. Let’s hope the Jags don’t find a way to get even worse.

    Meanwhile, I’ll reserve final judgment til we see them up close, but it looks like the Vikings might have one of the greatest upgrades in uniform history.

    As a Dolphins fan, I’m definitely pleased with the new look. Much better than what I was expecting. My only quibbles are the number font (looks like it will be a bit funky) and the orange… It blends in too much next to the darker blue. If they made the orange strips a little thicker, it would be much better IMO.

    They aren’t bad, but I miss the orange. The Dolphins look was so iconic, almost untouchable. I think they changed too much. Otherwise I agree with you, they do look rather nice.

    Jacksonville has often avoided wearing dark colors at home, especially early in the season, because, you know, it’s Florida, and therefore has the sun pounding down on 90-degree days with 90 percent humidity. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing black/gold-on-black-on-black too often.

    First impressions:

    1) I miss the orange stripe on the Dolphins’ helmet. The solid aqua just makes it look odd to me. Also am not sold on the white facemasks.

    2) As I said before, Jags look like an arena team. The helmet is nauseating.

    3) The Vikings at least look like the Vikings. I like the return of the shoulder/sleeve stripes, and I’m glad the funkiness of the pants and side panels appear to be gone. I’m wondering about the side of the helmet, as I noticed last year that some of the Vikes’ logos were interrupted by the helmet venting.

    It’s hard to see in those photos, but from other leaks I believe the Phins Helmet is one thick aqua stripe surrounded by a thin orange & a thing navy stripe on both sides. Also, the swoosh’s are orange. Not the biggest fan, but glad we didn’t go full retard like the Jags.

    I like the Vikings uniforms too, but my first thought is they look like the purple Bears. Great to get a more old school look to start playing outside again though.

    Oh Jags. Socks should never match pants. I’m ok with my Phins’ look. Wish they would have incorporated stripes on pants/socks. Also, a little more emphasis on orange would have been nice. Overall, I’m not outraged :).

    The Vikings ditched their clown suits. Very nice.
    I could nit pick, but this is such an upgrade that I don’t feel the need to criticize.

    I think my Dolphins have upgraded but i’d like to see more orange. Also, I think a gray face mask would look better than the white.

    The Dolphins look boring, which I hate to say lest Nike come up with something cluttered and wacky like the Jags unis. I love what I can see of the Vikings unis but some stripes on the socks to match the sleeves wouldn’t be bad.

    What??? …that bland streamlined pepsi-cola wave dolphin is sooooooo bad. Where’s the character? Where’s the interest? Where’s the fun? I think that by the end of the year, the public will demand the return of the helmet wearing fish…

    Doen’t matter what anyone demands a he end of he year, even he Dolphins. NFL policy dictates they must keep it for at least five years…

    Jags: utter embarrassment. I can’t come up with anything positive to say about this at all.

    Dolphins: not bad. I wish the helmet still had orange in the stripe pattern. I would have preferred a sleeve stripe but that’s just nitpicking. Also, the color in that photo is really weird so it’s hard to tell what the actual hues are – the orange looks kind of yellow on the aqua jersey but I’m assuming that’s an exposure issue.

    Vikings: looks like a major win, though I’m not sure what those weird little serifs on the numbers are for. And I can’t imagine those purple pants will get worn.

    I am so over the matte finish trend and the helmet stripe should be contrast color.

    Jags least worst, but not saying much.

    Because it’s been done a bajillion times by college teams and looks like crap each time.

    If a player wanted to come out of the closet, those Dolphin uniforms would be appropriate for the occasion.

    The Jags helmet could have been so nice if they had just made the whole thing gold. Stupid, stupid.

    Agreed. Gold would’ve been nice. Or even a color-shift thing, gold to black, like their current teal-to-black helmet (a gimmick that I think has worked quite well).

    Even a slight black at the edges of the helmet, shifting to gold (similar to the old San Diego State helmets) might have been better.

    Just a wild guess, but I think the two-tone helmet was some sort of compromise. The NFL only allows teams to wear one helmet. Colleges can wear a different helmet every game.

    Jaguars probably wanted separate gold helmets and black helmets. NFL only allows one helmet per team. So, paint the helmets gold and black. Problem solved!

    I agree on the black as a home color. Why would a team playing in the Florida sun not want to put the visiting team in dark colors? And let’s just add a nice dark helmet to soak up the heat. The Dolphin’s home jerseys look pretty good. I’m not sure about the interlocking numbers on the Vikings jerseys but the rest of the look is pretty nice.

    Hey paul who the hell are you to say what jersyes are the best or not who cares if you have a crappy website.The jaguars jerserys are the best.You know the old saying haters gonna hate so kept on hating morons.

    I’d say something about the punctuation, spacing and verbiage, but I’m assuming he won’t get it, so I’ll hold off…

    I’m sorry, but the Vikings font is… It’s just… I mean…


    Sorry… Sorry for yelling… But good GOD…

    While nothing beats block numerals IMO, I think a lot of number fonts used in NASCAR (past and present) would look just fine in today’s NFL.


    It’s his site, blog, opinion, readership and employment contract with ESPN. It seems to me there is some legitimacy to what Paul is doing. You have an opinion, a keyboard and a poor handle on grammar.

    The Dolphins now look like Penn State, in aqua-tinted cabana wear mode. Frank Costanza and the ghost of Joe Paterno approve.

    What is the deal with that bland streamlined pepsi-cola wave dolphin ?

    It’s as if a high school art department project was submitted and approved.

    I think that by the end of the year, the public will demand the return of the helmet wearing fish…

    League rules dictate they can’t. Has to be 4 years between major changes like that. Besides, this new logo is an upgrade. Looks more professional and less cartoony. Give it a chance and it will grow on you

    I’m sorry Chris, I have to agree to disagree… it is bland and uninspiring. Looks like a logo that Seaworld would put on t-shirts.

    To each their own I guess.

    My main point was that it won’t be changed though.

    I liked the old one but honestly, it looks dated to me now.

    I actually thought it was kind of timeless.

    If we’re going to go by dated, I doubt anyone younger than 20 knows where the Steelers’ logo comes from. Wouldn’t change it, though.

    Winter, the logo we just ditched only came about in 1997. Too late to never change it.

    Is the Jags design that terrible, or does the color scheme make it look worse than it really is? And the “Look, Ma! Proprietary Font!” numbers ruin a nice look.

    The second sentence was about the Vikes.

    Stupid tiny phone touchscreen. Stupid fat peasant fingers.

    Might be me but those thigh pads just look wrong. Makes it look like they are hiding some serious contraband in their cargo pockets. I realize with super material their legs actually weight less wearing these but jeez o pete, those things could take out a kicker by themselves.

    I think the Vikings and Dolphins need more of their accent colors (yellow and orange) on their unis, especially orange on the Dolphins, but that might be the Broncos fan in me talking. Hopefully we pull a Bills with out upgrade and go back to something closer to the Orange Crush days. Staying on track, they both get solid marks from me.

    And the Jags… Roe v. Wade is still constitutional for a reason.

    Initial takes:

    – Jags suffer from the same scattershot, “let’s do a million things” creativity that plague the Seahawks. I’m not against new ideas, I’m against 20 of them in one uniform. I suppose it’s meant to appeal to folks with ADD. I do agree with PL that the number colorscheme on the white jersey is gorgeous. Really stands out. I like the large logo too. (See, I can say nice things.)

    – Dolphins: Where did the orange go? Seems like something’s missing.

    – Vikings: I like the matte helmet, and even approve of the “horns” on the numbers. Definitely an upgrade from what they’ve been wearing. Let’s pray they don’t go all purple. Ever.

    Wow the Jaguars got waaaay more absurd while the Dolphins and Vikings got super boring. Bad grades all around if you ask me.

    Dolphins: love it. Nice and simple. New logo looks great on the helmet too.

    Jags: not as bad as I was expecting but still don’t like the two tone helmet.

    Vikings: See Dolphins.

    There’s also the issue of the shoulder pad overhang ledge on the shrink wrap jersey style…how it affects the numbers and display area of the jersey. Not new per these, but quite bothersome.

    Vikings stripes – good in theory. Sleeve stripes ran their course when sleeves ran their course. Awful in reality. (and the snail tails on the numbers?)

    Dolphins sleeve logo – there is nothing more wimpy than a dinky logo. Have to squint to see it on a fitty inch.

    I know there’s a waiting period before the league will allow teams to make uniform changes, but does this apply to helmet colors? Like couldn’t the Jags either finish painting the lids gold or just forgo the paint and leave them black without league approval?

    “couldn’t the jags…finish painting the lids”

    That literally made me laugh out loud :-D

    Love the Dolphins (a good updating)

    Love the Vikings (a return to a more traditional look)

    don’t love the Jags. Move to LA already and change the name so I don’t have to hear it mispronounced as JagWIRES

    Just call ’em jackwagons or, probably better, the term that inspired jackwagon. Until they move and change mascots, they should be coached by Ray Goff.

    The Dolphins unis are a clear rip-off of the Sacramento Surge. It’s almost as if somebody gave Nike a set of 1992 ProSet and dared they to make something that looked worse than what was on those cards.

    I believe alternate uniforms are allowed twice a year, prior to Week 10 “schedule flexing”, and not allowed to be worn for primetime or nationally televised games.

    Hey, look on the bright side – it’s two getups for Checkdown Chad Henne to look crap in.

    OMG the Jaguars new helmet looks like a photo from a DIY project, showing the process of spray-painting a helmet. They forgot to put masking tape over the logos!!! Oops!

    And also, the Dolphins get a WHITE facemask! In recent years I’ve thought there’s not enough white facemasks in the league. A white facemask really shows off the design of the mask, how the different bars connect and whatnot. I’m pretty sure the Chiefs and Bills were the only teams in the whole league with a white facemask for a while. In the 80’s a LOT of teams had white facemasks: Patriots, Jets, Vikings, Chiefs, Giants, Colts, Bills, Falcons, Browns, and Broncos! I’m tired of the gray facemask trend, I hope this white Dolphins facemask starts a new white facemask trend!!!

    I’m sorry, but the Vikings font is… It’s just… I mean…


    Sorry… Sorry for yelling… But good GOD…

    And sorry for another comment so quick, but guys, look at the Vikings uni’s more closely, specifically at the “2” on each uni.

    On #52, it does NOT have the over-serif’d look (shoulder numeral shows best, but can be seen on chest) but on the #28, it has a top and bottom serif.


    Looks like the first digit, and only the first digit, has the horns. So the 5 in 52 has the extra dongles, as does the 2 in 28, but not the 2 in 52 or the 8 in 28.

    Nothing says “Valhalla, we are coming!” like putting little horns on the first of two digits.

    The Jags aren’t nearly the nightmare a previously UW-reported leak led me to expect. So there’s that. I do like the contrasting sleeves and the vertical effect that gives the overall uni. Numbers are OK, and honestly, the black numbers on teal works just fine. But the helmets: This is a team that will be very easy to root against if I’m ever unlucky enough to have to watch a Jacksonville game.

    Miami: Not bad a-tall. Needs a hint more orange, but overall, I look at that pic, and I didn’t need a caption to know that those were Miami Dolphin unis. Which means it’s a successful modernization.

    Vikings: An upgrade, sure, but that’s a low bar. I dislike something about basically every element here, and the whole thing doesn’t come together for me as a unit. If I didn’t have a huge soft spot for the Vikes, I’d probably regard these as some of the worst unis in the NFL. As it is, the needle on my Vikings uni-meter is shifting from “Meh” to “Meh-plus.”

    Vikings: Kill the little horns on the numbers and give it a yellow facemask, and I think the whole thing would be salvaged for me.



    (sorry for all caps im excited !)

    Those Jacksonville unis are god awful … looks like a paint-by-numbers project gone wrong. The helmet doesn’t totally offend me though.
    Dolphins: not enough orange for me, but not terrible.
    Vikings: dig the matte helmet, the numbers don’t bother me too much either. All in all, the best of the three, IMO.

    I’m confused – this was a Nike/Jax uniform unveiling, and they put them in the middle of the new Miami and Minnesota unis and everyone is saying this is a leak? And seeing all the other pics, it appears all the remaining teams had mannequins showing their unis for this upcoming season. WTF?

    Not to mention – it looks like the Nikelace/neckroll is still a thing. Shame on you, Nike.

    So wait, is that small name-on-front thing not happening for the Jaguars then? I actually thought that sounded pretty cool. Definitely would have been different.

    Looks like Nike lifted the numbers off the Chargers navy jersey and put it on the Jaq black jersey.

    Those Jags duds are brutal! Like a bad DIY of a Philadelphia Soul uniform. Just god awful. Why the hell can’t a club just take a jersey, slap varsity font on it, convert to show the team colors and be done. I don’t like the Cowboys a bit, but their uniforms are great, because they are classic, and timeless.

    Dolphins unis bore me a little, but Minnesota got it right on this one.

    Jags, you’re trying too hard. Less should be more. I agree with Paul’s long-time contention that they downgraded from their original set…this looks even worse, particularly when paired with that helmet. Holy crap.

    I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but I absolutely HATE white-on-white for a football uniform, particularly with a white helmet. Dolphins, Colts, Seahawks and Bills (when they used that combination) all look so washed out. Again, I may be in the minority, but I hope they are keeping the aqua pants somewhere in their wardrobe for that reason. The orange alts also need to stay around, though that big aqua stripe down the middle of the helmet will look funny with an orange jersey I suspect.

    Ditto for the Vikings and an all-white road look, which is why I love the fact that they kept the purple pants (despite Paul’s aversion to purple). I just hope they break them out more often than they used to. This is a definite upgrade for them in my book. The matte helmet is no big deal to me.

    All of them are awful. I’ll be sure to try my best to change the channel to games featuring classic designs with block numbers as much as humanly possible.

    Change for the sake of change doesn’t equate to innovation in my opinion. If a designer doesn’t come up with these “designs”, what happens to them? I would love to work at nike and just draw up a one colour jersey with block numbers & look my boss straight in the face. If you guessed that I’d probably be fired, then that explains why this is happening.

    Same mistake Nike made with Fresno State they made with the dolphins.

    The numbers should be outlined in orange with the third outline being navy. You should make the numbers pop with the dark color (Lions, Buccaneers, Bills), not make the light color an afterthought like it is here.

    Also why downplay the orange so much, it looks washed out (I’m hoping that’s just the camera, cause it looks closer to gold on the aqua jersey).

    And I really don’t understand the number font for the Dolphins, its some sort of block/modern font they should have gone to rounded numbers similar to their wordmark or stuck with block numbers meshing the two together just doesn’t work.

    I really hope Jacksonville goes to the teal jerseys for their main look. The all-black was the better choice in their previous set so I get switching there, but here the Teal is definitely the better look.

    The helmets are a disaster, should have stuck with the old ones with the new logo, or the original ones with the new logo. Way too much going on with these.

    Miami–I like these a lot! Although I support classic looks, there was something that certainly needed to be updated about the Dolphins. These uniforms are a very nice evolution. Everything feels nice and “breezy,” very south beach. Well done.

    Minnesota–Nice. Could quibble, but this is a major upgrade. Should have been done long ago.

    Jacksonville–Absolutely pathetic. Worst uniforms in the NFL. Since the franchise’s debut in 1995, its uniforms have gotten worse with every new addition and/or overhaul.

    Here’s a question: Is the Jaguar teal alternate jersey the same exact color as the Dolphins’ aqua jersey? For some reason, I seem to recall that the NFL and Nike preferred to eliminate custom colors and to consolidate colors wherever possible, basically for merchandising reasons (it’s easier for licensees to produce). Is that happening with the Dolphins and the Jags? Teal and aqua are not the same color, but it appears for Nike/NFL purposes they are. Am I wrong? Setting aside concerns about whether teal is an outdated 90’s color, shouldn’t it be different than aqua?

    Teal and aqua are the same color. The Jags and Dolphins may have different shades, but teal and aqua are both blue-green colors.

    So much for the Jaguars ‘military’ look!
    Hopefully these new threads are just place-holders until the move to LA is finalized.
    Note to the equipment guys: Leave these uniforms behind for the Jacksonville XFL 2.0 franchise.
    The Vikes should have went back to the 80’s with white facemasks and as for the Dolphins, some orange stripes would only make their new look even better.

    The first thing I thought with Dolphins is that they looked like a uni made for a TV show or movie where that want it to resemble an NFL team but not in a copyright infringing way. Without more orange it just looks like a bad Walmart rip off of an NFL jersey.

    Wow. From that peek of the dolphins unis, the redesign couldn’t have gone better!

    Following up on my silly rant on aqua/teal based on uniforms I have barely seen, I can’t opine yet on the Vikings new duds, primarily because I can’t see the stripes on the pants. I fear the stripeage on the pants and jerseys will not match each other and will trigeer my OCD-like aversion similar to the Redskins’ mish-mash of stripe patterns.

    I’m thinking the real reason the Jags dumped the great helmet they have for this CF of a helmet isn’t just because they want to be trendy. The gold on the back will help that genius Goodell ID what players are hitting with their heads or in places they shouldn’t so they can be fines and/or suspended. OK it’s just to try to look cool but it’s as good of a reason as any. I really hope that doesn’t turn into the mew matte/grey facemask trend. If it does at least work on the blending. Those horrible ND helmets looked better.

    As a Vikings fan, I say I lovethe new unis, IF, and I mean IF, they always wear the purple pants with the white jerseys. The all-white has always sucked, and will be really dull with the no frills traditional look.

    The matte helmets are great.

    The Dolphins look lifeless. They had a minimal look during their glory years which still looks good today….

    …why not go back to that?

    The Vikings had nowhere to go but up. They were at the very bottom of the scrap heap. But…they too had a very nice minimal look to return to….

    …those stripes on sleeveless jerseys look taped on, a second thought, incomplete… goofy. And the number font? Why so ridiculous? Just stick to block numbers and save yourself the embarrassment.

    The Jaguars are a red hot mess.

    And why do these presentations look so grim? It’s like a funeral. Or a horror show.

    Are bright/light colors that out of style? All 3 of these designs could have been improved with more orange/gold/yellow.

    The Dolphins need more and thicker orange lines/stripes. The Jags need a complete overhaul (again); they should focus on teal/gold instead of teal/black. And the Vikings, while decent, could be a lot better with some more yellow (yellow socks, for example).

    I swear, every redesign this millennium has morphed closer and closer to a black and white color scheme.

    125 NCAA FBS schools, 34 NFL squads. Everyone wants a ‘unique’ look and wants to stand out, but at the same time they all want to follow the same trends. It’s inevitable that with companies designing costumes and fashion statements (as opposed to uniforms), you will always get some design that will fly completely off the rails. The Jaguars are an example of that.

    Overall I think that the Dolphins and Vikings looks are clean and decent improvements, but neither is without flaw. At the end of the day though, with so many people wanting so many different things, it’s only normal that we’ll get a hung jury on MOST designs.

    The Vikings had steadily released elements of the uniform over the past few weeks as a prelude to a grand unveiling at their draft party. Then the Jaguars let the photo in this blog entry slip out, effectively ruining the big moment. It would be understating things to say that Vikings front office personnel are disappointed and furious right now. The planned public debut of the new uniforms will go on as scheduled, but the moment has been lost and the team has confirmed that the uniforms in the photo are legit.

    In the photo that shows the close-up of the Dolphins uniforms, there is what appears to be a reflection of part of the rear of the Vikings uniform on the wall in between the #51 Dolphin mannequin and the #14 Jaguar mannequin (to the left of the NFL logo).

    It is hard to see, but when looking closely, it appears as though there is a bizarre striping pattern on the sleeve, with the white stripe getting larger as it wraps from the front to the back of the jersey.

    Hopefully my eyes are deceiving me and the stripe remains at a consistent thickness all around, as it appears it would from the front view.

    Dolphins disappoint again… first with the Sea World logo, now with taking away the orange from their color scheme.

    Jags… that logo still reminds me too much of Huckle Cat from the Richard Scarry books. I like the numerals–way better than the crap they’ve had the last few years–but the unis they had 10 years ago are still the best ones they’ve had.

    Vikes… better than what they had, but all they really needed to do was keep the 2005-2012 helmets, pair them with the unis they had 10 years ago, then swap out the old Viking head logo on those unis for the new one. Like with a number of recent numeral font changes (Lions, Bengals, etc.), simple block numerals would have been better.

    you can tell the Jags unis are awful because during the unveil show when the team came out no one clapped and the players just wanted to get the hell out of there. they had to grab one poor guy to talk about they were made and he was just eyeing up the exit the whole time

    Can someone please explain why everyone creams their panties so hard for gray face masks?

    I’m serious. I have no idea.

    Why is it that nobody ever like a new uniform design? Are we that afraid of change?

    One good thing about the Jags: they don’t put that totally-unnecessary team name in tiny type below the neckline, so they don’t have the front numbers shifted downward like the Dolphins and Vikings (and lots of other teams) do. It looks much more balanced. Once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it.

    while we’re talking about uni’s-please bring back Pat Patriot! Classic red uni’s of Patriots are the best, while this flying elvis crap just finally has to go!

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