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There’s No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 45

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Greetings from Seattle. Had a great Uni Watch party last night — big thanks to everyone who came out. I took lots of photos, which I’ll post in a few days. No time for that today, as I’ll be flying home to NYC.

Meanwhile: Time for another round of wire shots. A few of these came from Jerry Wolper and James Ashby, and the rest are from Bruce Menard. My thanks to all of them.

Here we go:

• Check this out: Dave Winfield playing college basketball, and wearing his familiar No. 31 to boot! Love his striped socks and vertically arched NOB.

• Here’s a good shot of Wilt Chamberlain wearing a mask.

• More Wilt, this time a posed shot of him getting his throat examined.

• Whoa, check out Pepper Martin in his Redbird Special race car! Further info on this is available here.

• You know how I’m always saying I love texture? Then you can understand why I like this 1942 shot of Ted Lyons and Red Ruffing so much.

• Gotta love this 1950 shot of Japanese tykes in baseball uniforms. The boy on the right is only two years old.

• After leaving the White House, Dwight D. Eisenhower became an Angels fan.

• Remember Cowboys QB/punter Danny White? Here he is in his ASU days, suited up for football and swinging a baseball bat.

• Who’s that striking the Teddy Ballgame-esque pose? None other than then-Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, who was playing in the annual Massachusetts legislators’ baseball game at Fenway Park in 1975.

• And speaking of celebs in uniform, who is this? None other than Rob “Meathead” Reiner, who was suited up for a role in the little-known TV movie Million Dollar Infield.

• Weird to see Ron Guidry wearing road grays with “Yankees” on the chest. That’s from a rehab stint he did with the Ft. Lauderdale Yanks. Odd that he had his New York cap.

• Here’s a great shot of the National League umpires’ pillbox caps from 1976.

• I have a feeling we’ve seen this one before, but just in case: In the early 1980s, Mizuno came up with an electronic catcher’s mitt. The idea was that the catcher could call for a pitch by pressing a particular button, which would send a radio signal to a receiver in the pitcher’s glove. Further details here.

• Around that same time, Mizuno came up with a one-piece baseball uniform. No surprise that this didn’t catch on — if a player tore his pants, he’d have to replace the whole uni! Further details here.

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Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

Classic 1970s NFL graphics on these Sears bedsheets. Take a sec to enlarge the graphics — does that take you back or what? And speaking of 1970s NFL (ultimate sweet spot, of course,) did this Chargers gumball helmet bother anyone else? As soon as I got it, I said “Why’s the bolt like that?”

As for the rest of this week’s eBay finds:

• I like the cover art on this 1950s Colts sheet music.

• Here’s an interesting one — a 1987 Christmas mug from Nike. Maybe an employee gift? The seller is from Oregon.

• Here’s a nice 1970s NHL team logo sleeping bag.

• And we also have a great 1970s set of vinyl NBA team stickers!

• Always been a sucker for those 1960s helmet plaques — even though I never owned one! This New York Giants version would look great at Uni Watch HQ.

• We make fun of the Pro Bowl, as we should. But you gotta love this 1960s Pro Bowl pennant. This Bears pennant from a decade earlier is a keeper, too.

• Maybe you can’t afford Angels season tickets, but you can get these vintage glasses they gave to season ticket holders back in the day.

• Some NFL jewelery here — a 1960s Baltimore Colts charm bracelet marketed by Coca-Cola. Pair it with these 1960s Detroit Lions cufflinks.

• Here’s a Collector’s Corner rule: If it’s an NFL poster from the 1960s by Dave Boss, it’s cool.

Seen something on eBay or Etsy that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: A little birdie tells me that those ASU helmets with the oversized logos will definitely be in the on-field mix next season. ”¦ Finally heard back from Cards president Bill DeWitt III regarding the team’s road caps: “The fan voting was for only two days. We just wanted to get a sense of how fans feel about the road caps (red or blue). We will continue to wear red on the road for a little while, so fans have a good point of reference for both. Then we will decide on how to rotate the blue into the mix. Wearing blue against red teams is still an option.” In other words, this is still a bit of a mess. ”¦ Mild stir yesterday when it appeared that Georgia Tech had announced new football uniforms, but it turned out to be a hoax. Too bad, since that design is better than anything the school has worn in years. ”¦ Shocking sight on Sunday out of Oakland, where outfielder Chris Young wore stirrups with white sanitaries! Yowza (from Rudy Gutierrez). ”¦ As you can see in that last photo, the Astros played Sunday’s game in their BP tops. ”¦ There’s an internet “tournament” to pick the best Alabama high school sports logo (from Jeff Hunter). ”¦ Nile Smith notes with some concern that Adidas is using Fruit Striping for the lettering on the Pacers division championship T-shirt (and, one assumes, on similar product for other teams). ”¦ Here’s something you don’t often see: high hurdlers on snowshoes (from Robin Edgerton). ”¦ The Ducks and Kings may play an outdoor game at Dodger Stadium. According to that article, the game would feature new uniforms (from Chris Bisbee). ”¦ Patrick Costello notes that one of the UConn women’s hoops players had a red swoosh on her shorts, instead of the usual white. ”¦ Very nice striped stirrups for the Wilmington Blue Rocks and Wyoming baseball (from Bill Vigna and Jon Spencer, respectively). ”¦ Willie Mays is still wearing his favorite BP cap (from David Goodfriend). ”¦ Pascal Rivet notes that the 1991 Falcons used a 25th-anniversary patch in place of a TV number, creating an unusual asymmetrical look. ”¦ Yesterday I mentioned that Ben Bishop was still wearing his Senators mask and pads for his first game with the Lightning. “What’s also interesting is that he briefly taped over the Senators’ red on his pads and gloves, eventually removed the tape from his gloves, and then finally removed the tape from the pads,” says Terry Powers. ”¦ Another follow-up from yesterday: I mentioned that Wade Davis was wearing socks with the Royals logo on the front. Now Robert Marshall points out that this is a standard Twin City Knitting product, which I hadn’t realized. ”¦ Judging by some verbal descriptions, the new FAU football helmet may look like this. ”¦ “These guys who showed up at Wrigley on Monday are apparently fans of new Cub Kyuji Fujikawa, who wore 22 for the Hanshin Tigers,” says Matt Shepardson. “I can’t recall seeing a similar showing for the much more acclaimed Kosuke Fukudome, but I respect the effort these guys took.” ”¦ “The Tampa Bay Rowdies’ 2013 jerseys are meant to be worn untucked,” says Kenn Tomasch. “But substitute Devin Del Do had his tucked in while waiting to come into the game against Carolina on Saturday, then immediately untucked it when he came in. Superstition or something, I guess.” ”¦ At least one team is still wearing the old-style green underbrims: the Cedar Rapids Kernels. “Nice to see someone keeping the green alive, even if it is in the lower reaches of pro ball,” says R. Scott Rogers. ”¦ Here’s Uruguay’s jersey for this June’s Confederations Cup in Brazil. “The faux-lace-up collar mimics the uniform worn by Uruguay’s World Cup-winning teams of the 1930s, but I wish it was actually functional,” says Yusuke Toyoda. ”¦ Mets wore their new blue road alts for the first time last night. “I hate them even more than the homes, because the letters and numbers are silver/gray,” says Phil. “While I appreciate that they’re trying to match the type to the road pants, I think they look stupid and cheap. They should really have either white letters or orange letters, because royal and gray, which looks great when the shirt is gray and the cap is royal, looks awful when the shirt is royal and the letters/numbers are gray.” ”¦ Here’s a virtual tour of the new college football hall of fame that’s under construction in Atlanta (from Michael Hardman). ”¦ About three dozen readers noticed that the Mariners’ broadcast used the wrong Astros logo last night. ”¦

Comments (109)

    I love how the Bears pennant featured in Collector’s Corner shows a stylization of Wrigley Field, including the scoreboard. Just beautiful.

    I dig the 70’s sheets. No discernable number for the players, yet I can still imagine who they are in a lot of cases.

    I love the old Angel cap. The American League needs to take up a collection and pay off Anaheim so that the Angels can go back to this cap!

    The logo can stay (though it’s not as sharp as the ’73-’92 California ‘A’), but that halo has got to go.
    I Like Ike!

    I’ve taken a look at that logo a number of times before and the Ike photo is the first time I really noticed that the A has its own crossbar and not just using the foot of the L the way the Dodgers (and the 90s CA logo) do.

    I like the logo, but all the “fancy” flourishes and the outline clutter it up too much to be used today.

    It could be cleaned up, I think. Perhaps even using the font used on the jerseys.

    I assume that the halo would go back on the cap; I would hope it would be a bit thicker than what has been seen on the Angel throwbacks of the recent past.

    It looks lie Ike is wearing a Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck necktie. If you look closely you can see Mickey’s face and Donald’s tail. I’ll leave it there. LOL

    Call me crazy, but I think the Mets road alternates are cool. Maybe it’s because of the incorporation of the silver, maybe because it’s a blue jersey, it looks great. A lot better than the BFBS roads that the team wore before. (Which I sadly confess I own a game used Kris Benson BFBS road)

    More than once I felt like the gray kind of had a greenish tint to it. I know that could’ve been caused by my own optical bias or color calibration on my TV but generally speaking I think it dulls the uniform.

    That’s actually Dizzy Dean sitting in Pepper Martin’s Cardinals inspired race car. Pepper is standing over on the left side of the photo (where his autograph is).

    They weren’t, really. Back then they were button-down short-sleeved shirts, instead of the pullover polo-types they wear today.

    Those button down – we called them ‘post office’ shirts got washed out from the sun pretty quick.

    Post office shirts, you ask? That is because as softball umpires, ASA bought the base shirt for our uniform directly from the company that supplied the USPS, a firm called ELBECO. Once they discontinued those particular shirts, ASA was almost forced to go to the pull over. ASA gets the slacks it sells from a company called Fechheimer, which is a big time supplier to the military and police agencies.

    First road game of the season, and I just knew they’d wear those damn blue tops. I hate them. So drab, so lifeless. They remind me of uniforms my high school team wore. It doesn’t bother me that it’s a softball top, just that it’s a poorly executed one. I guess I may be in the minority in hating them, though.

    If they wanted to minimize red on the road (for whatever reason), they should just wear their gray unis with a navy/black tomahawk. Those stirrups would also be a fantastic bonus.

    I like the blue tops. Though I do like your alternative too equally. I wish those stirrups would be a Braves norm for all uniforms.

    Multitudinous amens. But it’s not likely to happen, because there’s almost a negative aesthetic at work here. I hate to sound conspiratorial … but it’s almost impossible to explain some contemporary uniform choices unless the players, on some level, are actually INTERESTED in looking bad. Some things, you have to be really determined to get them wrong. What gives, I wonder?

    paul, that “new” kit for south african rugby is from June, 2012. you can see the date in the url itself – 2012/06/04.

    So rugby jerseys look like cycling jerseys now? Why not a universal “form-fitting, collarless cap-sleeved pullover shirt made of synthetic material” for all sports then?

    An outdoor hockey game in LA? Whether it works beautifully or it’s a disaster, count me in! I can’t imagine what kind of awful looking special jerseys we would be subjected to, but it’ll be an interesting event all the same.

    Didn’t they try a preseason Kings game in Las Vegas where a fog settled over the ice? I think a Meteorology 101 course would explain why this isn’t practical.

    I don’t recall a fog problem. I do remember the awning they used to cover the ice during the day (to protect it from direct sunlight) falling, causing the first layer of ice to melt. They were able to prop up the awning, and by game time the ice was fine.

    Will Candlestick have lost the 49ers by then? Might be a good “last event before Demolition”.

    “I can’t imagine what kind of awful looking special jerseys we would be subjected to…”

    The Kings in Dodger-inspired home sweaters and the Ducks dressed as gray and red Angels?

    I’ve seen worse looks from both teams.

    Not to mention the condition of the ice, which could lead to injuries. This is not a good idea!

    On the Mets road blues…

    I assumed they were white, and completely agree with Phil’s assessment. Personally, I would’ve preferred orange letters like the home jerseys, but I understand why they probably wouldn’t do that from a marketing perspective–i.e., wanting to differentiate the two unis a bit more than “NEW YORK” vs. “METS.” I don’t see these hanging around for too long.

    I think the grey makes the whole uniform look more considered. I don’t like colored tops, so my preference is obviously for a completely grey uniform on the road, but I think the grey lettering was a much better choice than white. I think royal and grey look great together, whether alone, or with a nice accent color like orange.

    The shimmery texture of the tackle twill makes the grey look silver. I may have gone with orange numbers and white trim, but I give them points for trying.

    I like the silver/grey lettering. White would look good too but I think the silver/grey is slightly better, as there’s no white on the Mets’ regular road uniform (except the sleeve patch). I never liked the white trim on the Mets’ road unis from 1988-94 and think silver/grey and royal blue look fine together. (Sorry, Phil.)

    These are fine as an occasional alternate, with the standard caps. If they get stupid again and start wearing them in every game, like they did with the two-tone hats in ’98, and thereby deprive the world of MLB’s best road uni again, I’ll not be pleased.

    That is Pepper Martin’s name on the car, but it’s Dizzy Dean in the driver’s seat.

    Very sad I was taken in by the hoax, ESPECIALLY considering the misspellings. Apologies Paul.

    That being said, GT needs those unis. They have every reason to use stripes.

    Anyone else catch that thing in the outdoor hockey story about the ice in Las Vegas being overrun by grasshoppers? Photo anyone?

    I believe the soccer jersey was tucked in when he came on the field due to uniform requirements when entering the game. I see on a regular basis players untucking their jersey 3 seconds after stepping on to the field. Fernando Torres is one that comes to mind.

    The College Football Hall of Fame is moving from South Bend, Indiana to Atlanta? I thought it was somewhere in SW Ohio. I remember seeing a sign for it off of the interstate (either 71 or 75) on a family vacation when I was 8 years old in 1983 and we were going back to Florida after a visit to the Pro Hall of Fame in Canton.

    You are correct – it moved from Kings Mill, OH to South Bend in 1995.

    The poorly written Wikipedia page is interesting:

    tl;dr version:
    The HOF was originally in New Brunswick, to commemorate the site of the “first” football game, then moved to NYC when the New Jersey AG started investigating its finances, then moved again to Ohio when the New York AG started doing the same.

    I inquired about the Astros wearing their BP jersey on Sunday and was told that they have two sets of that style of jersey. one is for BP and the other is for games only. Also, that will be the Sunday jersey. Don’t know if that is just for Sundays at home, or all Sunday games. Same was said about the orange jerseys as Friday night jerseys, but not specifically stated if they are for home Fridays only. I am inclined to believe these are for home-use only.

    I noticed the M’s broadcast usign the wrong Astros logo, and my first thought was, someone must have already pointed this out to Paul…

    Oh, Phil, you are not the only one who does not like the Mets “silver” letters. I watched part of the game and kept wondering what was wrong with the letters till i noticed they were silver filled. Now, if this was their 25th Anniversary, I could understand the silver, but seeing as they are 50+, I have no idea… I do know it looks odd…

    At least the Yellow stripe is well-placed to mask underarm sweat that would render a white uni the shade of yellow. Probably more of a concern for “civilians who would be much more likely to were these without a t-shirt or pitching sleeves.

    In ST, the BP’s had NNOB, but the Sunday jerseys they wore had NOB. Maybe they are keeping that protocol for the two sets.

    I believe they orange jersey is a home-only alt (announced in November). Originally, they said the BP Sunday jerseys were home-only as well, but we’ll know in a few days.

    And it bugs me to no end that Houston is wearing a BP jersey in real games. You purport to be a major league franchise. Dress like it.

    And it bugs me to no end that Houston is wearing a BP jersey in real games. You purport to be a major league franchise. Dress like it.

    Yeah, how dare they try to be different.

    Its not that different. Several teams have worn BPs on the field. Its especially annoying because they’ve created this setup where MLB is marketing BP jerseys as specific to a time and place. It was gimmicky when it was introduced but had a justification in that most team already had practice jerseys which wear of a different fabric than the game jerseys. Today, almost every team wear the “breathable” fabric for games. Kinda makes a special practice jersey irrelevant.

    That’s why I think it’s just the BP with a name on the back, and they are wearing the no-name-on-back BP jerseys before games.

    By the third inning, the Mariners broadcast fixed their mistake and put up the correct Astros logo.

    Oh my — that 1942 White Sox uniform is beautiful… Love love love the texture, and the stylish W and S. Thanks for posting!

    “… At least one team is still wearing the old-style green underbrims: the Cedar Rapids Kernels. ‘Nice to see someone keeping the green alive, even if it is in the lower reaches of pro ball,’ says R. Scott Rogers … ”

    Great name, great colors, great logo, pretty nice town, too.

    Alas, Veterans Memorial Stadium, where dad took me as a boy to watch Cedar Rapids Reds games nights he wasn’t on the air, is now called Perfect Field Park. But the Kernels still have a nice little museum with great artifacts from a century of pro ball in the City of Five Seasons.

    There’s still a Sherman tank out front of the ballpark, so when I’m in town to visit family and take in a game, I’m Still Calling It Veterans Stadium is not hard to do.

    Sorry, Perfect Game Field. One of the rinky-dinkiest naming rights sales in pro sports history.

    And anyone in the Kernels front office who utters word one about “honoring the troops” or wearing camo jerseys after having renamed Veterans Memorial Stadium should be lined up against a wall and shot.

    On the other hand, the Kernels are a very good looking team. Note the home jersey script, where the K is embroidered and the remainder is tackle twill. One of the most beautiful jerseys in pro ball.

    Oh, and I hadn’t found proof in time for my email to Paul, but the thing about the Kernels’ green underbrim is that it’s new, or maybe new-ish. Here’s a photo of the same cap, worn as originally intended on the road, when their current unis debuted in 2007:

    Gray underbrim. When I bought a fitted version of that cap circa 2008, it had a black underbrim. I don’t have that cap anymore, and over the winter, when I bought a replacement, it had the green underbrim. Digging around on the Cedar Rapids Gazette site makes it appear that the road cap probably had the green underbrim in 2012 as well. I don’t yet have clear photographic evidence of when the team switched from gray to green underbrims on the road cap, which they’re wearing at home so far this year. The home cap, which is all navy, has a black underbrim.

    And last note, I promise: Kernels are wearing their “road” cap, the one with the green bill and underbrim, at home so far this year. Not sure if they’re wearing their “home” cap on the road, or at all.

    Ugh. Can’t stand the new Mets road jerseys. Phil, like you said, I can’t stand the grey lettering. The new home alts are tolerable and still better than the black. Interestingly, they haven’t paired either of the new blue alts with the new alt cap. But I hope the trend of wearing the new alt caps with the snow white jerseys don’t become standard practice. If it’ll become a regular part of the rotation like the black/blue alt cap was, I’ll be upset. I’m hoping they’re only wearing it so much early on just to promote the thing.

    I hope the trend of wearing the new alt caps with the snow white jerseys don’t become standard practice.

    I fear that it will.

    If it does, I hope that next year they’ll at least remove the white outline from the crest.

    I’d also like to see them swap the fabric colors of the home jerseys, viz., make the pinstripes white and the pinless/headspoons off-white. The former would be historically accurate and the latter would be a nice fauxback.

    Paul, unless they’ve changed it from last year, the Kernels hat brims are all green.

    Welp, guess I’m in the minority. But I think the new Mets away blues are gorgeous. The gray lettering/numbering harkens back to the 1983 road alts. They match the pants and look really sharp.

    Hey, I can understand if Phil, as a Mets fan, is conditioned to instinctively recoil at a Mets fashion choice.

    But let’s appreciate what we have here. It’s so far removed from the BFBS BS that Mets fans should truly be thankful.

    I thought (at least last night when the first comments on the new road blues appeared) that I was in the minority.

    To rationalize this as “better than the BFBS jersey” and that we should be thankful, is just that — rationalization. And the reason I hate these is because they look like the 1980s softball tops.

    They don’t need to have five or six (not even sure how many they have now) different jerseys and now they have two caps again. I thought were done with all this nonsense last year, when I think most of us would argue they had fantastic uniform choices.

    Is the royal jersey better than a black one? Yes, but that’s like saying an enema is preferable to an amputation.

    Two home unis, one road uni and one cap are fine, thank you very much.


    This is only my opinion and I know others feel differently. I just don’t think they need any additional jerseys, but two blue tops is at least one too many.

    Two home unis, one road uni and one cap are fine, thank you very much.

    Totally agree; blue tops are unnecessary and alt caps are even more unnecessary. (I even think the home white alts are unnecessary, but that’s a separate topic.) And, “better than BFBS” does not, res ipsa loquitur, make the blue tops look good. Neither does, “Well, if they must have a softball top, at least the blue tops look OK.”

    That said, the blue tops look OK.

    I agree. Simpler the better. Not a fan of the separate home and away softball tops.

    You mean the sleeved jerseys? Yes.

    The adidas fruit stripe jerseys were introduced for conference tournaments and teams were required to wear them at least once, then had the option of keeping them. Louisville and Notre Dame continued to wear them through March, while Kansas and Michigan were one and done.

    Just wanted to say I have those same stirrups the Wilmington Blue Rocks are wearing. Bought them last year from their team shop for my travel team, we have similar colors.

    Great day for ASU on Uni Watch. Danny White actually enrolled at Arizona State on a baseball scholarship. Frank Kush wanted him on the football team but did not have a scholarship available, so he persuaded the baseball coach to sign him. That was back in the days of freshman ineligibility. He then led ASU to a 32-4 record as a starter and is now in the college football HoF.

    And the new helmets with the oversize fork look great, IMHO.

    not sure if it was mentioned in the prior post about those ASU oversized pitchfork helmets, but on the table you can see a couple shots of a concept helmet on a piece of paper that is branded with the HGI logo (same company doing helmets for Oregon, Oregon State, Maryland, TCU, Notre Dame, etc.)

    Once upon a time there were folks wearing Dragons jerseys for Kosuke at Wrigley–The Tigers just have better jerseys!

    The yellow one in the middle is just a fashion jersey for fans, but the white pinstriped ones are real.

    My absolute favorite Hanshin Tigers uniform is the solid-black one from the 1950s, which they now wear as a throwback on occasion. It is pure awesome, right down to the striped socks. Pure black, no NOB, thin white stripe down the front of the shirt and down the side of the pants. It’s the best.

    Good to see folks at the Uni Watch event in Seattle last night–and Scott hand-drawing new cards was great.


    Yes, we had a lot of fun last night, and Scott’s drawing was amazing!

    No, that thing was actually sold as a Chargers helmet back then. Air Force has never used a yellow lightning bolt, so it’d still be wrong for them, too.

    Real Madrid going sponsor-less with their jerseys in their Champions League match at Galatasaray tonight. I assume it’s due to Turkish laws banning advertising for on-line gambling sites.

    Also, instead of the occasional Heineken ad on the electronic ad boards ringing the pitch, they have the slogan “Enjoy Responsibly” in Heineken’s colors, with the star logo.

    The advertising board seems like a pretty elegant solution, all things considered, and sponsor-free shirts are always welcome.

    Reminds me of the time Liverpool, sponsored by Carlsberg at the time, toured Norway in the summer with “Probably…” on their chest (Carlsberg’s slogan is “Probably the best beer in the world”). Norway was not amused, and I don’t think Liverpool tried that in other countries where alcohol sponsorship isn’t allowed.

    Wow, that Giants RK helmet plaque is sick! Totally dig the red felt background. Thanks, Brinke.

    When a quick googling didn’t get me an answer, I thought of you guys.

    I manage my 8yo kids’ AA Little League team. We are the Pirates, complete with the Jolly Roger hanging in the dugout. I was thinking that I could add the little gold stars to their caps like the Willie Stargell era “We Are Family” Pirates. Does anyone have any idea where I could get some of those? Or even a more specific set of terms to search for them? Thanks!

    …and it appears as though the Mets have left the gray tops back in NY.


    I’ll never forget my joy in 1982 when the Mets first wore a blue top, road only. They didn’t wear it often. That added to its allure.

    For now I don’t mind seeing the blue a lot…they want to sell jerseys…they won in it…and maybe the pitcher requested it. At least they have the right cap on, except for the orange squatchee.

    Watched ATL vs. MIA on MLBatBat. Wow, that Miami hat logo is HUGE! Does MLB have some style guidelines to keep this in check? Miami’s hat should look like a pro cap, not a “fashion” design from their on-line store.

    watching Clean Old-Fashioned Hate Diamond edition, Tech apparently started wearing TECH on their road jerseys, which isn’t an issue, they’ve done it before, but the arch is way to dramatic for a word mark that is only 4 letters long.

    We’ve been wearing grey jerseys with a GT over the heart for several years, and this is a welcomed change of pace but I feel it would work better if TECH was just straight across.

    More evidence that Georgia Tech is trying to reclaim TECH Football, Basketball (men’s and women’s), and now Baseball.

    In that same game the Catcher and later Closing pitcher Zane Evans had his last name misspelled on the back, it said Evams.

    The game is available on ESPN3, I’m in the market where it is being broadcast locally so I can’t do any screen grabs. The EVAMS thing pops up in the bottom of the 9th, you could also check each time he was at bat but you get a much better look at it when he closed the game out.

    Apologies if mentioned before, but the White Sox have changed their road pants. One thick black stripe piping instead of one thick black and one thick white. Less unique, a little more plain, but I think it looks a little bit better.

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