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Monday Morning Uni Watch


Greetings from Washington State, where I’ve been vacationing since Friday (here’s the view from the cabin where the New Girl and I have stayed the past two nights). Thanks to the time difference, I’ll still be asleep when many of you read this, but whatever — you can start the day’s discussion without me.

But even though I’m supposedly on holiday, I’ve still been keeping up with all the uni-verse, all so that you — you, dear reader — can stay up to date on the latest developments. How’s that for dedication? No need to thank me; just buy me a drink or five.

Anyway: Lots of uni-notable news over the weekend, a few items of which deserve more than the cursory Ticker treatment:

• As you can see above, the NHL has released the jersey designs for next year’s Winter Classic, and boy do they look great. As you may recall, these are the same designs that had shown up on eBay a few months ago, leading to mucho speculation — accurate, as it turned out — that they were the phantom designs for this year’s cancelled Classic.

• Iman Shumpert of the Knicks shaved an Adidas logo into his head, but the league put the kibosh on that. Say this much for the NBA: They may be adding uniform advertising soon, but for now they’re sticking to their “no logo creep” policy. Good for them.

• Arizona State football coach Todd Graham’s wife tweeted a photo showing new ASU helmets with oversized logos. Haven’t seen confirmation that these will be worn on the field (if anyone knows more about that, please fill me in), but I like ’em. Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case I did the visual effect.

• The Giants received their World Series rings before yesterday’s game and wore gold-lettered jerseys and caps (with annoying World Series cap patches) for the occasion. Gold-lettered batting helmets, too. (As an aside, Angel Pagan was wearing Barry Zito’s helmet [screen shot by Tyler Kulasza]).

• This is odd: Royals starter Wade Davis had the “KC” logo on the front of his socks, instead of the sides, on Friday. Never seen that before. Will this sock style be made available to all the Royals, or is it just a Wade Davis thing? Feels like a further blurring of the already fuzzy line between socks-as-uniform-element and socks-as-equipment. Also, in that same game, the Phillies wore their standard home pinstripes, even though it was a day game, which usually means that they’d wear their retro alts. (Big thanks to Tyler “, the Creator” Kepner for tipping me wise to this one.)

Okay, that’s it for today’s lede. See you Seattle-area folks tonight, 7:30pm, at the College Inn Pub.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Adidas finally figured out that selling those Kevin Ware shirts might not have been the best idea after all. ”¦ While looking for something else, I noticed that the Chiefs have a “50 Years in KC” logo on their site. Was this ever formally announced, or did they just do a soft launch? … Gorgeous throwbacks for Vanderbilt baseball (from Blake Pass). … UVA baseball is using bat knob decals (from Steve H.). … Check the tattoos — and the logo creep — on this Mat Latos bobblehead that the Reds will be giving away on June 5 (from Kevin Thomas). … A note toward the bottom of this article indicates that the Penguins won’t have an alt uni next season but could have a new one for 2014-15 (from Kevin Dorsey). … Here’s a pretty entertaining chart of college mascot animals (from Andy McNeel). ”¦ Here’s an article about Pro League Authentics, the Philly-based company started by some former Mitchell & Ness employees (from Kurt Esposito). ”¦ New alternate uni for the Stockton Ports. “Note the cap logo featuring a dockworker holding an asparagus spear,” says Rich Paloma. “Stockton has the Asparagus Festival every year to celebrate the crop grown in the area.” ”¦ Tigers catcher Alex Avila still has last year’s World Series decal on his catcher’s helmet (from A.J. Frey). ”¦ New mask for Rick DiPietro (photo by Dave Csordas). ”¦ Roarke Boes notes that Marian Gaborik, newly acquired by the Blue Jackets, is wearing a jersey with rather short-hemmed sleeves, which has the effect of eliminated the sleeve star. ”¦ In a related item, the Lightning recently acquired goalie Ben Bishop, but he was still wearing his Senators mask (and I think his Sens pads too..?) during his Tampa Bay debut last week (from Marc Mandin). ”¦ Chelsea is trying to get fans to order next season’s kit without even knowing what it looks like. “It’s times like these that our American uniform and merchandising problems seem small,” says Charles Noerenberg. “At least I’m not being pressured annually to buy the newest iteration of a shirt with a giant sponsor logo on it.” Not yet, anyway. ”¦ In case you missed it in Phil’s weekend coverage, the Mets wore their blue home alts for the first time on Friday night. ”¦ The Vikings will be wearing black shoes and a wordmark under the collar, although neither of those really qualifies although that barely qualifies as news. ”¦ Minnesota baseball wore spectacular 1977 throwbacks the other day. “I like that the ‘Siebert Field inaugural year’ logo was direct sewn on the sleeve,” says Mike Menner. ”¦ Penn State went GFGS for their 100th-season celebration game against Drexel. ”¦ ” I know you don’t like softball tops,” says Jimmie Canupp. “But I wanted you to check out my team’s uniforms for the US Army softball league here in South Korea. We chose blue and orange because it’s the US Army Aviation official branch colors.” ”¦ Bizarre — and hideous! — G.I. Joe pattern worn by Great Oak High of Temecula, California, on Friday (from David Lassen). ”¦ The Orioles, as is their annual habit, lined up on the infield, instead of on the baselines, for Opening Day (from Andrew Cosentino). ”¦ “Barnsley’s two kits were judged by the referee to be too similar to Crystal Palace’s home kit, so the former was forced to wear the latter’s away kit,” explains Michael Orr. Further info here. ”¦ Gorgui Dieng’s Final Four patch was askew towards the end of Saturday’s game (from Joshua Buksbaum). ”¦ Check out this great old photo of Pittsburgh Pirates hockey goalie Roy Worters (from Yancy Yeater). ”¦ When the Pirates wear their black jerseys, they also wear the cap with the white-outlined “P” logo. But A.J. Burnett wore the normal cap, with the non-outlined logo, on Saturday (from Jason Christie). ”¦ Is Salty using Jason Varitek’s old knee-savers? Looks like it (good spot by David West). ”¦ At least one Cool Flo helmet is still being used in MLB, although it’s being worn by a catcher (from Jason Greening). ”¦ Wait, here’s another catcher wearing a Cool Flo, but with a twist: The White Sox wore their 1983 Sunday throwbacks for the first time yesterday, but catcher Tyler Flowers wore last year’s throwback helmet (screen shot by Bob Gassel). ”¦ Reggie Jackson is selling his most famous jersey (Kurt Esposito again). ”¦ Vanessa Bayer wore a Yankees yarmulke on Saturday Night Live over the weekend (from Chris Flinn). ”¦ Shaq’s jersey has been fixed (photo by Jose Niebla). ”¦ Disturbing phenomenon noted by Bobby Pinkham, who spotted a Fruit Stripe pattern on the wall in this Nebraska football photo. “Are we now going to see the Fruit Stripe design all over everything Adidas in every sport? And let’s pray to the uni gods that we will never ever see a football uni with Fruit Stripe pants or any other Fruit Stripe element, especially not for awesome Adidas schools like Nebraska, Notre Dame, or Michigan. This could be a really scary sign for things to come.” ”¦ David Sonny notes that the Reds now have three double-flapped batters: Shin-soo Choo, Bronson Arroyo, and Derek Robinson. ”¦ Here are three Cornell baseball players with three different lower-leg styles. “The one on the right said they get a choice of striped or solid stirrups,” says Tris Wykes. ”¦ “I noticed Asdrubal Cabrera of the Indians going without batting gloves in his third AB on Sunday,” says Ty Beatty. “He was wearing them in his first two, and I’ve never seen him not wear them in his career. I’m assuming he took them off because he’s mired in a 2-for-20 slump to start the season.” ”¦ Pretty cool photo of the Opening Week logo being stenciled onto the Padres’ field (from Brady Phelps). ”¦ In a related item, the Opening Week logo in Toronto is just red and white, with no blue (from Graham Bakay). ”¦ The Lakewood BlueClaws have been wearing “Restore the Shore” jerseys. Instead of NOBs, the jerseys have the names of New Jersey towns that were heavily hit by Hurricane Sandy. Dan Cichalski has documented lots of the towns being represented. ”¦ Darrell Stuckey of the Chargers tweeted an interesting (and cute!) photo of his baby daughter. “Does this mean the Chargers will have numbers on the side of their helmets this year?” asks Andrew Domingo. Good question. ”¦ Good obituary on the guy who designed the Bills’ charging buffalo logo (from Mike Monaghan). ”¦ Thinking good thoughts today about P. and B. Fingers crossed.

Comments (126)

    My goodness, but those Vanderbilt baseball uniforms are gorgeous! That’s what baseball is supposed to look like.

    Indeed. Very cool.

    Although I would also say that Paul’s choice of lede this morning — those jaw-dropping beauts from the NHL Winter Classic — was very appropriate. Those Maple Leafs babies are beyond the beyond.

    There will also be throwback sweaters worn by the alumni different from the actual Winter Classic game’s look.

    Too bad they couldn’t bump the SEC and Nike logos to the sleeves (or 86 them entirely for one game). A clean front would have looked much better.

    Even more interesting than the big ASU logos in that pic are the Hell-met designs on the desk. They’re covered in flames.

    Good spot. I love the whole diabolical thing with ASU.

    But. Here follows my annual ineffectual interjection about the misuse of tined instruments. Satan & Co use pitchforks. Neptune & Co use tridents. That’s why the US Naval Academy emblazons the trident and Hieronymous Bosch’s devils poke sinners with pitchforks. Naturally, this issue strikes many of the best people here (including our beloved leader) as relatively unimportant. I believe it is both absolutely and relatively unimportant, but the reason I like this site is that obsessive disorders of the kind that get me lathered up about a farm tool being inappropriately displaced by a fisherman’s device are indulged around here, or at least suffered. I’m very upset about this pitchfork thing.

    Love the College Mascot chert–particularly the Self-Referetial section. Not sure if those are clever or lazy.

    Yep, looks like they done goofed and forgot to put UCLA with the Bruins.

    I’m amused that “Augusta State” and “Georgia Regents” are both under “Jaguars”.

    And no school is using “Ocelots”?

    Also, St. John’s appears twice, under “Red Storms” and “Red & Reddish” (the latter with a (NY) appelation for some unknown reason).

    Also missing West Virginia from the Mountaineers section (somehow Eastern Oregon made the cut) and Ohio State from the Plants section (but the Goshen Maple Leafs were included). I might’ve missed WVU & OSU being listed in other sections, but I looked at it pretty close.

    Hmmm. I see UCLA included on the Bruins wheel as well as WVU listed on the Mountaineers wheel…so, the author/creator must be editing the image in real time based on feedback (though no Ohio State on Plants…and St. John’s is still listed twice).

    Of course, I immediately went to my alma mater’s mascot “Bears” and think I might have spotted another error. The Bears wheel lists USGA (not sure what university that could be – I even googled it) when I *think* it should be USCGA – as in United States Coast Guard Academy. We are indeed the Bears…albeit in the lowest rungs of Division III athletics as is likely possible (though we did make the D3 Sweet 16 a few years back – 2006?).

    RE: the Bills logo gut obt….

    I’d love to see the designs that are on his drawing board under his elbow.

    The article mentions he designed a logo for the 49ers that went unused in 1991 when they aborted their plan to move to San Jose… which would seem to suggest the “1-Day” logo, though it could theoretically have been another design that was passed up.

    I would imagine the Chargers helmet would be for their usual throwback game, no?

    No, the throwback helmet would have a black outline around the bolt and a gray facemask. The helmet in the picture is the current version with numbers added.

    They also haven’t actually worn the throwback uniform since 2009, wearing a modern powder blue alternate instead.

    Oh man, I hope this is true! Numbers on the helmet, scrap the navy jersey and go light blue for all home games, and throw a pair of gold pants into the mix. A guy can dream can’t he.

    Any dream involving a Spanos family owned team ends up being a nightmare. Those idiots don’t have a first clue about marketing their team.

    Yes, he folds it over so the sleeve fits on the elbow pad. Notice the red wrist striping halfway up the forearm.

    That’s not the only school that was categorized incorrectly. Utah is under self-referential when in reality they are named after the Ute tribe – Utah Utes should be in the Native American category.

    Ditto for Tufts Jumbos. Listed under Mammals, but more aptly should be classified as Self-Referential-Named for Individuals/Founders. Jumbo was an historical figure, not a distinctive breed of pachyderm (African elephant).

    But that said, way cool chart.

    Consistency is an issue on the chart. UAB Blazers were originally a Trailblazer, but now they have adopted a Dragon. But if you want to go with the source of the name, then Duke should be with the soldiers since they are named for a French Infantry division.

    Gaborik’s sleeves are rolled back on themselves, not short-hemmed. You can tell by looking at the striping. Also the red stripe at the hem is part of the way up the sleeve.

    West Virginia University not listed among the Mountaineers on the mascot chart? Infuriating.

    I’m not seeing Virginia Tech either. Shouldn’t they be listed with the poultry?

    They are listed under the “Based on Cheers” category just to the bottom right of the center circle.

    Maybe I’m not looking carefully enough, but I’m still not seeing West Virginia in “Mountaineers” or “Based on Cheers”.

    It’s a shame there are not college nicknames based on Cheers: The Babson College Accounting Norms, for example, or the U.S. Postal Academy Cliffords.

    Isn’t the number 2 on the Lakers retired jerseys incorrect? They show the middle line of the number going horizontal and it was more of a 45° angle. I know that Magic and Worthy wore that style their entire careers.

    The Lakers really ought to fix those other jersey banners, to get the right number font, the correct drop-shadow, and the right colors.

    West, Goodrich, Chamberlain, and Baylor should have white-on-purple numbers; Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, Wilkes, and Worthy would be appropriate in purple-on-white.

    Something that always shocks me is how quick people point out that goalies are wearing the mask and pads from their previous team within days of them being traded.

    Painting a mask isn’t some overnight job. If it is, it’s probably one color and spray-painted in some dude’s garage. Breaking in pads doesn’t just take a couple of days. Artus Irbe used to leave his new pads in his driveway for days as he drove over them with his car.

    If Bishop is still wearing his Senators gear by next season, then we should talk. But he’s appeared in two games – both road games as well – over the last four days. He’ll get it done undoubtedly, but it just takes a little time. Give the guy at least one home game to settle into his new surroundings. :o)

    I don’t like it being reported as “CANUBEELEEEVEITHATSCRAZY!” news, but there’s definitely a place on Uni Watch for documenting these oddities.

    Reminds me of Johan Hedberg. Sadly, he’s shed the Moose livery for a pretty unimaginative look with the Devils. Not sure when it happened, but a little part of my childhood died when I found that out.

    The NHL has lost its way on Winter Classic sweaters. They started well, with a couple years of throwbacks, but the Frankenjerseys we’ve seen in the last few are abominations. While this Maple Leafs sweater has a white yoke added to their late ’20s design, which I can live with, the Wings look like they’re wearing, as Seth Rorabaugh says, cheap knockoffs from Wal-Mart. There’s no shame in using a previous throwback design, or even sticking with current sweaters if need be, but these new “retro” designs are something to be ashamed of.

    The Leafs’ design is somewhat based on their 1930-34 style, only with thinner stripes, and the sleeve stripes pushed down so as to accomodate basic white sleeve numbers.

    Coffee Piss aside, the Wings’ striping design just bothers me the more I look at it. The top shoulder stripes seem to be an homage to the top two stripes of the 1927-28 jersey worn as the 1991-92 throwback, but the sleeve and waist stripes remind me of the Wild’s green alts, except slightly schizo (why is the waist pattern the reverse of the sleeves?). Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen them adapt the striping from the Falcons-era jersey.

    I don’t share the, um, strength of BurghFan’s convictions here, but I definitely am not a fan of these jerseys as a set. On its own, the Leafs sweater is fine. The Wings sweater, not so much. But taken together, even the Leafs jersey leaves me cold. There’s just something “blah” about these. They’re too similar, mainly, with the jerseys sharing or nearly sharing way too many details. (Lace neck, monochromatic white-on-color design, twee early-20th-century stripes, white collar, even the type seems too similar.)

    These jerseys don’t tell me a story about the game or the teams in the way that past WC sweaters have. They really do look to me like two fan sweatshirts designed by the same person on the same day to sell at discount retail. And neither one feels like a special “Sunday best” kind of look for its team – both teams would look better wearing their regular uniforms. That, for me, is the biggest let-down here. The Winter Classic has a record of being one of the best-looking NHL games of the season. Next year, it won’t even be the best-looking game either team plays that week.

    Emphatically disagree with both BurghFan (“something to be ashamed of”) and Scott (“just something ‘blah'”). Pure eye candy for me. Although I agree that the Toronto sweater is the stronger of the two.

    My question to you, Connie, is this: Do you actually like the “vintage/antique white”? And if so, why? What makes it attractive to you?

    Ray Jannelli and the fellas at Pro League Authentics have a great store. I was there last year. They really know their stuff.

    I didn’t meet Ray, but spoke to him by phone and email, and he was willing to help me out with a customization project as much as he could (all the way from Philly to Toronto). If you have custom work to be done, they can definitely do it. There aren’t that many sports shops left with their attention to detail, that’s for sure.

    Great shot of Cornell baseball. The middle guy is wearing something similar to the parkas the St. Louis cardinals (particularly their relief pitchers) wore in the 1980s.

    3 things on the Chart of College Sports teams:
    1) The most famous in the “Mountaineer” category isn’t even listed (WVU)

    2) Western Carolina University should be included under “Pumas/Mountain Lions”

    3) Last I checked Western Kentucky were the Hilltoppers not Mountaineers

    Non-Cool Flo Helmets: Not sure which game it was, but I saw someone in a dugout over the weekend, looked to be grey-haired (a coach?) wear a flapless cool-flo. It made me wonder if they bothered to update coach’s helmets league-wide, or if the new helmets HAVE to have one flap (not two, not zero).

    NBA Players and Logos:
    “Item 5 of Section H of the NBA rule book’s extended comments section, which governs ‘player/team conduct and dress’, reads: ‘The only article bearing a commercial ‘logo’ which can be worn by players is their shoes.'”.

    Does this mean that the NBA logo isn’t a commercial logo? Also, what about Shaq’s Superman logo tattoo?

    The NBA is a non-profit organization, you know?

    Though I thought the adidas logo appeared on warmups and shooting shirts?

    And I think Shaq gets a pass because it’s a cultural reference than a promotional tattoo? Maybe?

    I’m sure the rule book has a section stating that a player must wear his team uniform. Then add a technical guide (similar to the uniform poster hanging in each locker room, but in book form), that incorporates the Rules by reference…and you have a “legal” justification to allow the Adidas logo on warmups and shooting shirts, but not on the game uniforms.

    College Mascots chart: I’m not seeing Erskine; the Flying Fleet I’d consider under “Machines & Vehicles.”

    Errors and omissions aside, the nickname chart is pretty awesome. It’s too bad there’s no way to cross-list nicknames that belong in multiple categories, like Volunteers or Tar Heels.

    At least one Giants player was not wearing the special helmet, and was instead wearing the regular helmet. Cannot remember who he was, though…

    That was just during warmups, as they went with the regular jerseys during the actual game. You can see Toews is wearing red socks in that pic.

    The numbers (and player names on the back) were not silver. They were lavender, the color used by Hockey Fights Cancer.

    The White Sox throwbacks were nice, but they were not accurate. The ’83 pants had red waistbands. Yesterday’s unis had black belts. I still liked them, but…

    Supposedly, the players were consulted, and they indicated that they did not want elastic belts; they prefer the normal leather belts.

    I wonder how it might have looked if the waistband could have been made red (combined with a red leather belt) to suggest an elastic belt.

    Adidas finally figured out that selling those Kevin Ware shirts might not have been the best idea after all. … In that same game, the Phillies wore their standard home pinstripes, even though it was a day game, which usually means that they’d wear their retro alts.

    It looks like there’s a missing ticker item about the Phillies game.

    Of course, I kind of skipped through the other items in the lede, so I didn’t realize at the time that the Phillies item was part of that, that somehow ended up in the ticker. But, I see it’s fixed now.

    Ignoring the patch, I love those Giants champions caps – then again, this is still one of my most loved caps in the closet. The metallic gold on black looks great.

    Now that the Jays and Marlins have revamped their looks, does anybody have “metallic” threading in their cap logos aside from the Mariners, Rockies, Diamondbacks? Might be a good look for the Royals.

    Brewers! Good call. Don’t think I’ve ever taken a close look at the Angels logo, metallic halo?

    Guess it’s more common than I thought.

    The Chiefs rolled out that 50 Years design for last season. (Don’t have any ticket stubs sitting around my desk to show.) There were banners on lamposts around the stadiums and downtown. Don’t think the team ever made a big deal about it in the middle of that trainwreck of a season.

    Question for Uni-nation…

    Is there a “best” way to do a military appreciation day for the teams? I dislike the camo look. A team I coach is being asked to participate and we’ll auction off the uniforms.

    What’s the best way to approach this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Historically, teams or leagues that wanted to support the cause or appreciate servicemen or veterans would typically wear a patch of some kind, but not a straight-up flag, what with that being a violation of the U.S. Flag Code. Something like this, worn by MLB for a year during WWII:

    Since as a nation we no longer have the restraint or taste to do something so simple, I’d suggest recreating one of the many sports teams formed by servicemen. You don’t say what sport, but in baseball here are some fun examples:$%28KGrHqR,!hwFEFK3srv5BRDBhFJ1u!~~60_35.JPG

    Similar examples across the services and eras for baseball, football, and basketball are not hard to find.

    My final suggestion would be to identify a specific military unit or post with a local connection – maybe you have an Army base nearby, or a Coast Guard station, or maybe a lot of men from your area wound up in a particular brigade or division in Vietnam or whatever – and make uniforms inspired by that unit or post’s crest or patch. That would break out of the camo or red-white-and-blue mold, and also encourage people to think beyond the uselessly abstract notion of “the troops” or “the military” to a concrete, specific thing that they can engage with and perhaps find material ways to help or honor.

    Thanks for the response.

    I coach soccer and this is an away match for us. So, it’s going to be a different setting too. We do not have say or input on who is honored and whatnot. So, we are limited to just doing something with our kits — then auction it off.

    I want to avoid camo 100%. Our opponent will be wearing a red camo look, I believe.

    Camo or not, I’m really impressed by the thought you’re putting into this! Clearly more thought than a team wearing red camo (?!). For a soccer kit, let me throw something out there: Invasion stripes. White-black-white-black-white on olive green. See Wiki here and do a Google search for invasion stripes for more photos:

    It’s a look that most people will recognize as being military-related and historical – the Army is all about olive green and black to this day – but it’s also a pattern that can be applied in any number of attractive ways to a soccer uniform.

    Ah, I love the invasion stripes!

    I will keep everyone posted on what we do. I think it can be rather good. Without really knowing about this away “military appreciation” match…I had already sorted one out for a home match. So, it turns out, we’ll have 2 appreciation matches out of our 12 game season.

    I plan to honor police and fire for our home match though too. So, that could add some other for us.

    Phillies went pinstripes in the daylight because the game started at 4:05pm. I recall reading somewhere after the unis were announced that they’d be worn only for games starting before 3pm.

    That was me, Ben, and that’s awesome. Thanks!

    Still accepting them, and I have a pile more to go through tonight. Email me by going through my name.

    Great Oak High wearing the GI Joe pattern is terrible. But to use Script MT Bold in ALL FREAKIN’ CAPS for the jersey wordmark?! I don’t know what’s worse — the uppercase letters or the use of Script MT Bold on a jersey. Unbelievable.

    That’s my hometown – a bunch of my former high school teachers teach at GOHS (it opened after I graduated). I hope none of them are responsible, because those jerseys are horrific.

    Ah, I made the same comment further down, there were so many replies today that I didn’t read them all. That font should not be in all caps!!!

    Twins, Nationals, & Royals are also outdated – I wouldn’t worry about the Tigers being picked on.

    Heck, the Nationals still regularly use an outdated version of the Nats’ curly W logo. Hard to blame anyone else in the world for failing to update Nats logos when the team itself continues to wear its old logo on actual caps and jerseys.

    ESPN’s also got outdated logos on the NHL Rank ‘Em page. The Bruins, Canucks, Sharks, Senators, and Lightning are pre-2007, which means Tampa Bay’s logo is two iterations out of date! They also still have the Oilers’ and Islanders’ navy logos (both have reverted to royal blue and orange).

    The replacement logos for the Kings, Jets, and Sabres, meanwhile, show that when they do bother to update them these days, they just don’t care.

    I didn’t notice the other out-dated logos.

    What’s weird is that they do have the new Astro logo.
    Why can’t someone make sure they have the latest for all the teams?
    …pet peeve!

    From what it looks like, the Penguins may have all-new uniforms after next season. Maybe it will be this classic look coming back in the current black and Vegas gold color scheme?

    I would actually be down with that. In fact, I’ve been down with that idea for a long time now – going back at least six years.

    I would like to see the team go full throwback: bring back the 1980-1992 uniform set full-time, then use the 1977-1980 blue uniform as an alt. In any case, it shouldn’t be a real surprise that the design is changing. The Penguins have a history of changing their uniforms every few years.

    And Rydell, I’m pretty sure the “skating penguin” logo isn’t going anywhere. Mario Lemieux even went out of his way to bring it back once he bought the team.

    Bring back the “Sunday Gold Jerseys”, whether they actually throw back to the athletic gold jerseys or adding a Vegas Gold version of their current set (or take those Sunday jerseys and change the color scheme to match the current one)

    That’s the only logical step if they aren’t going to hearken back to the powder blue and navy days.

    > After looking at the picture of Gaborik’s sleeves i want back and did a little research from when he played for the Rangers and the Wild and it looks to me like he just has them basically rolled up to make them shorter. He has done this for his whole career, even in pics of him in practice his sleeves are short and in the Columbus photo you posted if you look close you can barely see the point of the sleeve star plus the red edge of the sleeve is still there, just higher up

    Just a quick thought on the adidas poster in the locker room: I’ve seen these types of “motivational” posters before, along the lines of “(insert team name) is all in for…” whatever. Do teams really need to have posters telling themselves that they are ready? I played high school sports and I don’t think it would motivate me anymore than I normally would be

    We can’t take the chance that Notre Dame players mistakenly play like a champion tomorrow, can we?

    Welcome to my home state Paul! I hope it’s people and the. beautiful scenery treat you well. I live 2 1/2 hours from Seattle so won’t be joining you at the Uni Watch gathering, but may I suggest you hit up Red Mill Burger while in Seattle.

    Astros did indeed wear their Tequila Sunrise tops on Sunday. While I get that they are trying to incorporate the well known pattern into what is essentially a fauxback kit, the execution doesn’t really work.

    Sidepanels are bad enough on BP jerseys but on game day they just look bush league. Oddly enough they did a great job of using some tequila sunrise flavor on the BP cap.

    The side panels just look like a fade from orange to yellow because they don’t have any interjecting darker shades to provide form. The original unis had that which gave it a more barberpole look as opposed to a simple fade.

    The most hideous thing about the Great Oak High camo baseball unis is the FONT! That font should not be rendered in ALL CAPS!!!


    I LOVE those Winter Classic unis! I want one of each!

    Except that, like Paul, I refuse to buy $200 polyester shirts. Now if they would render those beauties in durene or wool, I’d be reaching for my wallet…



    Mets breaking out the blue road tops in Philly tonight (at least with the solid blue caps).

    Those look WORSE than the home blues…

    I like it…not for everyday, but a once or twice a week change…but only with solid blue caps.

    I like the roads better than the homes. (Same as with the regular jerseys, as it happens.) I can deal with these being worn occasionally, with the regular caps. But only occasionally.

    With the way they’re schooling Doc, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing these again soon.

    Those are sweet, way better than the homes. I like the gray numbers and lettering.

    “I like the gray numbers and lettering.”


    Precisely what I DISLIKE about them

    /guess I’m in the minority
    //reminds me of this thing far too much

    Yup, I was fond of those. Mostly because it was such a tease only seeing them in spring training photos used for baseball cards, in an era before widespread softball tops. I never liked that New York script though.

    I think they’d look better with white numbers too. Maybe even white pants ala 1980s Cubbies road unis. That’s who I thought the Marlins were playing when I first saw the home alts the other night.

    I like the gray lettering better than white on those…reminds me of Gooden in 1984.

    Of course another alternative would be orange lettering…that might be better. The Mets did rarely use a little known road alt in 1982 that had orange lettering.

    It appears the Braves have new road pants with just blue piping, instead of the blue-red-blue. Could this be only for their blue alternates? And if so, why the hell do they insist wearing an entirely different set of pants for an alternate jersey?!

    If they are going to do alternate pants they should have gone with navy outlined in red, just navy looks off, I certainly hope they have different pants for their grey tops where red is much more prominent.


    Is there an official championship gear provider for the NCAA tourney?

    Clearly Louisville is wearing Adidas stuff but is that stuff that Adidas provided if they won or was that the official shirt they would have received anyways?

    When Georgia Tech made it to the Final Four back in ’04 they got official gear, not licensed by Russell, I imagine that the landscape has changed since then but I doubt they’d be wearing anything branded by Russell had they done the same this time around (not because Russell is above it, rather I don’t think they are as outgoing in designing gear like that that may never get used/sold).

    Basically are teams opting for their uni-supplier branded championship gear or was Adidas the official supplier of that this year?

    The article about the Buffalo Bills’ charging bison designer mentioned his family’s claim that he had other designs, including the 49ers infamous one-day helmet of 1991.

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