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Not a Bad Start

Opening Week Hed

By Phil Hecken

The 2013 MLB season kicked off this week, returning with the season-opening Sunday Night Baseball game in Houston, where the newly-minted American League Astros hosted the Texases. I’m personally not a fan of opening the season at night, and the traditionalist in me feels that Cincy should have first pitch every year. But, also, with 15 teams in each league, we’re now treated to at least one interplague series for each set of series’ during the season. But baseball is back, and for many of us it’s like a re-birth. So, lets see how the greatest sport in the history of ever is doing this year. We’ve had some good, and some bad.

Not a single game was rained out (although many games appeared to be brutally cold), and in a very interesting development, every team won (or lost) at least one game in their series’ EXCEPT the Nationals/Marlins. Has there ever been a time when all teams completed their first series by winning (or losing) at least onece?

Before we get into the games themselves, a couple of observations:

• There seems to be little consistency to the “Opening ______” logo that gets sprayed on each team’s diamond. In Houston, where the season began at night, the logo said Opening Day. The White Sox and Royals were treated to Opening Week, while there was the odd “Opening Series” as well. And of course, if you don’t open at home, then you get a “Opening Weekend” logo.

• Down in Atlanta, they opened their festivities with probably the biggest American flag you can fit inside a stadium.

• The aforementioned White Sox, whose spray-painted logo read “Opening Week,” flashed an “Opening Day” graphic on their electronic scoreboard.

• Everyone wore the Newtown memorial on their jerseys, but the Yankees & Sox had a spray-painted logo, probably because those two cities are approximately equidistant to Newtown, and are the closest in proximity to the city. Or because they’re the Yankees. Here’s a nice closeup of the patch.

. . .

The games themselves (and I actually saw a few minutes of a LOT of games, thanks to the MLB Extra Innings free preview — which is, I believe, still going on thru the end of this weekend) were fairly run-of-the-mill, but there was almost a perfect game down in Houston — Yu Darvish had a perfecto through 8 2/3rds innings, only to lose it on a comebacker up the middle on the 27th batter.

The First Series’:

• The Astros showed off their new unis, and they looked good — not quite as good as they could have been, but much better than what they’ve worn for the past 20 or so years. One thing I’m not a fan of — the NOB and “ASTROS” are about the same size. Either make the NOB smaller (or remove it) or make that “ASTROS” bigger. They did not break out their orange alternate tops (they did last night, I’ll have that below), but the did have J.J. Watt wearing the orange jersey AND cap. As much as I hate softball tops, I really want to see that combo.

• The weather across the lower 48 has been unseasonably cool. So, we got to see a lot of cold weather gear. That’s the one and only Prince Fielder. As was spotted during training camp, the big guy was wearing some kind of padded underwear. He appears to be continuing that practice during the games that count. And I hate alt (and BP) caps even more than softball tops, but damn — is there anyone besides me who wouldn’t mind seeing the Tigers wear their gray road BP cap in a game?

• The Pirates and Cubs wore different opposing uni combos on each of their three games. Black vs. Gray (on Opening Day — shame on you Bucs!), White vs. Blue, and White vs. Gray.

• Only one team wore softball tops for every game in their first series. Not coincidentally, they were the only team who lost every game in their opening series. The Marlins were swept by the pesky Nats in DC. Maybe the Marlins only packed black tops for their trip because they wore them again last night against the Mets. And speaking of the Nats, the Strassiah looked great, but man there is a lot of crap on the bump these days.

• I’ll be honest — I’m not really following this “one helmet logo per team” thing that seems to be a conspiracy. But I guess it revolves around the Indians and the ‘Block C’ helmet. Apparently some of the fans are upset there is no longer a Wahoo there. But he’s on the sleeve, so what’s the problem? Also, since the Indians were wearing the ‘Block C’ cap with that outfit, wouldn’t the helmets match the caps anyway? Can’t they still have the Wahoo helmets?

• I’ll be honest again — I wasn’t really sad to see the Mets trade away R.A. Dickey. But the dude could make any uniform look not just good, but great. Exhibit A. Hope that knucksie is workin’ for ya north of the border.

• Earlier I lamented about the Reds not getting the “first” game of the season. But it was nice to see that MLB paired them up with their long-time and traditional rivals, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for their opening series. Interplague baby! At least the Reds got to open at home.

• For the first time in many seasons, hope springs eternal in Baltimore. While they didn’t get any new unis this season, they did get a new BP cap. And as much as I hate multiple caps, how bad do we want to see the orange front panel make an appearance — especially if they pair it with the orange jersey? (Raises hand) Yeah, that brings back memories.

• Some opening series will ALWAYS produce great looking games. Phillies vs. Braves is one of them. Giants vs. Dodgers is another. No, it’s not quite what Willie and Sandy wore, but those unis (with a few detours for the Giants) have stood the test of time. And no one (ok, maybe a couple folks) love striped socks more than I do, but damn, those are WAAAAAY to high up to look good. Bring those down a couple inches.

• Sigh. There were more than a few teams to wear softball tops on opening day. But one softball top that (sorry Paul) is actually pretty good looking belongs to the Rockies. But then again, I like dark, outlined numbers on dark jerseys, so that must have something to do with it.

• All is right in the world when the Cards wear red caps on the road (and notice the Musial patch). I mean, with all that red on the uni, the red cap just belongs. Unfortunately, it didn’t help the Cards to look great when they played a similarly attired Diamondback squad. Seriously, on the long shots it was almost hard to tell the teams apart. Luckily, the D-Backs have a softball top to make things easier.

• I’m sure this has been done before, but the A’s managed to wear three different tops in three games. The went with the white tops, gold tops and green tops in their opening series vs. the Mariners.

• And then there are the Mets. After winning their first two games in pinstripes and blue caps, they gave the finger to the uniform gods by wearing the blue/orange cap (which looks horrible, and the outlined “NY” is even worse), and lost. That should really be their BP cap — except they have an even WORSE BP cap. Ugh. Mr. Met belongs on the sleeve, or maybe a ticket stub, but not on the cap. That logo is too big and too intricate to don a cap. One highlight so far for the Amazin’s has been new acquisition John Buck, wearing #44. I am so going to find an old Jason Bay jersey in a thrift store and repurpose that with some masking tape and a sharpie.

. . .

Yesterday’s games:

I didn’t get to look at too many of yesterday’s games, but we did get our first looks at a couple more softball tops:

• The Mets broke out their blue “Mets” tops against the Marlins. And lost. Of course, the Marlins continued to wear their black alt tops, so this game was a visual mess. Or, if Jim Vilk were doing a 5 & 1, this would have been the “and one.” At least the Mets had the good sense to wear their all-blue cap (and not the blue/orange), so it didn’t look as bad as it could have. More photos, if you must, here.

• And the Astros busted out their orange tops against the A’s. Unlike the Mets, who don’t have a “set” schedule for their blue tops, the Astros will wear their orange tops every Friday (not sure if that’s home and road, or just home). Unlike most softball tops, however, me likey! Apparently, they’re a big hit with the fans too! Lots more photos here.

. . .

Well, there you have it — Not a bad start, right? Feel free to tell me my opinion is wrong!



all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


We begin today with John Elbertson, who has a concept for the Jags:



Here’s a concept I was working on featuring the Jaguars’ new logo. Let me know what you think. I just saw the post for the Dolphins design contest, so hopefully I’ll soon have something to send you for that as well. Hope all’s well, take it easy!

John Elbertson

. . .

Next up is Logan Stone, with a Rams logo:

Logan Stone - Rams Logo


I recently made an updated St. Louis Rams logo and a friend of mine directed me to your twitter (and eventually your email).



. . .

Next up is Josh Escobar, with neat 1960 Raiders concept:

Josh Escobar - 1960 Raiders throwback

Hey Phil

It’s Josh Escobar with another throwback. This is a 1960 raiders uniform, one they should of worn during the 50th anniversary of the AFL. I had to put the tv numbers on the shoulder since the sleeves are much shorter than the ones used back then. I hope you like it.


. . .

We close today with Eric Falcon with a Devils makeover:

devils_tweak - Eric Falcon


Attached is my uni concept for the New Jersey Devils.

I’ve always thought that the black shoulder yoke seemed unnecessary, so I wanted to see how the Devils would look without it. I also tried changing up the strip pattern on the jersey/socks, especially on the colored jersey by adding red space in between the black and white stripes. The white jersey is very minimalist but I think it would be a bold look for a team that”“colors aside”“has not changed its uni design substantially since its inception.

Eric Falcon

. . .

And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.



Stirrup Friday

Stirrup Fridays…

Because we love the stirrup here at Uni Watch, this section is devoted to those of us who sport the beautiful hose on Fridays — a trend popularized many years ago by Robert P. Marshall, III. For many of us, it’s become a bit of an obsession, but a harmless one — a reflection of our times. Where we once had Friday ties, which has been replaced by Casual Friday — we now have Stirrup Fridays. It’s an endearingly simple concept — no matter where you work (or even if you don’t) — break out a fresh pair of rups to compliment (or clash with) your Friday attire.

As expected, the Revolution broke out their Opening Day rups early and often. Lots of good stuff this week, including my own opening day Metsies. After stirrup nation has had its showing, we will have a few words from out esteemed leader, Comrade Marshall. But first, this weeks ruppage:

. . . . .

Max Weintraub - 67 Nats

Max Weintraub:


Opening Day for the Natties, so I went with my 1967 Senators’ ‘rups. Also, my Ebbetts Field Flannels Josh Gibson 1937 Homestead Grays home jersey (not shown).

Max Weintraub

. . .

Lester Shen - Cards

Lester Shen:

Hi, Phil.

Opening Day. Go Cards!


. . .

Terence Kearns - Mets

Terence Kearns:


Not a Friday, but appropriate no less! LGM, Chipmunk.

Sweet Tea Emm Que

. . .

Chris LaBella - Yanks

Chris LaBella:


Not a Friday but me at the Yankees opening day on Monday. I have the 1912 Yankees stirrups on and got a few compliments from other fans in attendance.

Chris LaBella

. . .

Shockers (Pirates) - Ben Traxel

Ben Traxel:


One more time. Go Shockers.


. . .

James Poisso - 1915 Giants

James Poisso:


For the first Friday’s Stirrups of the season, I am going with my 1915 NY Giants stirrups.

James Poisso

. . .

Scotty Rogers - 67 Sens

R. Scott Rogers:


Celebrating the Nats sweep of Miami to start the ’13 campaign with ’67 Senators stirrups.



. . .

Seamus 1 - (Mike Clary)

Seamus 2 - (Mike Clary)Seamus 3 - (Mike Clary)

Séamus Clary:


Just bought these stirrups on ebay for my upcoming baseball season; unfortunately, the seller neglected to mention that they weren’t adult sized (they don’t even fit over my feet). Well, at least my 4 yr. old son, Séamus seems to like them.

-Clarybird (Michael Clary)

. . .

Comrade Marshall - Jackalopes

Comrade Robert Marshall:


Annual opening day over indulgence on natural casing frankfurters on split kaiser rolls with Düsseldorf mustard and caramelized onions, check. Annual wearing of the opening day Jackalopes jersey with a pair of stirrups, check and check.

. . .

Soukie - Rasros

Soukie Outhavong:

My Stirrup Brethrens,

Just relaxing with the little one. Went Astros in honor of the first game of the season and since it has a little touch of orange to support of the ‘cuse this weekend. Go Orange!


. . .

And that ends today’s look at Stirrup Friday — all of you who participate, send me your pics and a brief (~50 words) description of their relevance, and I’ll run ’em here on Saturday (and sometimes Sunday too!). Be sure to visit Robert’s House of Hose for news on rups.

And now…here’s …


Stirrup Header

Comrade Marshall’s Rupdate:


I wanted to give away a pair stirrups for the opening day photos, and while it is tempting to give them to the adorable Pirate fan, or to Mr. Rogers beautiful framing with the flag, I want to stick with the best opening day shot. So, Christopher LaBella’s Stirrup Friday entry is this weeks winner for being the first to wear a pair to the park, get in touch with me for a free pair of stirrups to supplement your solid navy hosiery. Besides, my heart really goes out to Yankee fans this year, I feel horrible that they might struggle (yeah right).

Speaking of the Yankees, that brings me to the revolutions “new” stirrups. People have asked me for logo stirrups in the past and I have been reluctant, but I have decided to give them a shot. Two iconic teams that have not had much or any representation here are the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. So let’s start by offering up those two to see how they will go over. The problem is the logo stirrups are significantly more money on my end, nearly double the price. So this means the “new” cost for those getting in early will be $18, when they move to à la carte they will be $22. So there you go Yankee and Dodger fans, the revolution has finally touched your teams.

from each according their stirrvp, to each according their strype.



Mullins, Coleman - Cyclones

Uni Watch Fantasy Football Contest Update…

The Uni Watch Fantasy Football Contest is coming along nicely, and I keep receiving entries — so keep them coming. The “splash” entry today is from Coleman Mullins, one of several he has already submitted.

We’ve already received a fairly good amount of entries, but we’d love a few more. So, let me quick turn this over to Rob, who’s the mastermind of this contest:

The entries for the UW Fantasy Football League have been coming in nicely. Phil tells me it is time to think about setting a deadline, he’ll have details as far as the exact date below, but in the mean time keep those entries coming, they’re looking good.

We’ve decided to set the entry deadline at APRIL 15th (or, Everyone wear #42 Day [Jackie Robinson Day], Patriots’ Day [if you live in Boston], or just plain old “Income Tax day” for everyone else). If you are interested in submitting (or hadn’t heard about the contest), click here. And for a description of the teams in the fantasy league, look here.

OK? OK — so keep them coming — once we close the contest down, we’ll begin to put the submissions up for a vote and contact the winners. So stay tuned!



And that is going to do it for today. Enjoy the basketball — even if your bracket is completely busted. At this point I’m going to be rooting for the Shockers. Because, why not? Everyone have a great Saturday and I’ll catch you tomorrow.


. . .


One For The Road

.. … ..

“Enlisting the federal government to “urge” palatable speech is chilling ”“ even for something as seemingly inane as the name of a football team.”

Comments (66)

    Either make the NOB smaller (or remove it) or make that “ASTROS” bigger.


    But then again, I like dark, outlined numbers on dark jerseys, so that must have something to do with it.

    You need to get out more, Phil. Specifically to the ballpark. If you’re in the upper deck, dark numbers on dark jerseys are bad, and big NOBs are good. (In fact, seeing photos of the ’60s Reds, I’m impressed by how readable those big NOBs below the numbers were designed to be.)

    You don’t need NOBs at all, that’s what you buy a program for. Sheesh, everyone knows that.

    On another note…

    It sure is nice to see the colored jerseys becoming the norm…. now if they can just make the games less boring on TV, I might actually watch.

    Braves and Cubbies had quite the patriotic-looking softball game last night..


    Braves will also continue last year’s wearing of the red softball tops for Friday home games (as well as wearing the ‘cream’ fauxbacks on Saturday & Sunday home games)

    i think that was a good looking game..

    i know im in the minority, but i like the softball look

    Down in Atlanta, they opened their festivities with probably the biggest American flag you can fit inside a stadium.

    Dear Turner Field,



    Raymond James Stadium

    Actually not. They are about the same size. The one in the Tampa picture stretches from endzone to endzone, which is 300 feet long. The one for the Braves opener was 310 feet long. I know, cause I was holding it.

    I hear you about Reds vs Angels. I would have had Reds hosting the Indians. The red top has a dubious history in the south. Rifle clubs consisting recalcitrant whites began springing up in the south as Reconstruction wore on. Many rifle clubs would sport red shirts as unofficial uniforms. When I see the Braves and Ole Miss son their red alts, I think of this.

    And NO, the NrA did not originate from the southern rifle clubs. It was founded in Pennsylvania to help urban and immigrant populations that formed a large component of the Union army become better marksman.

    Is that a pun in the Indians Batting Helmet paragraph or a case of Freudian Spellcheck?

    “Apparently some of the fans are upset there is no longer a Yahoo [on the batting helmet].”

    Josh Escobar’s artwork for his Raiders concept is just beautiful. That is all.

    Third, and I’m a Niner fan, so don’t like complimenting anything to do with the Raiders.

    I’m not a raiders fan either, but it’s about the design. the talent..and Josh you got a gift!!! Love my niners! but Goooo Josh!!!

    I know pop-up ads are tricky to avoid sometimes…but every time I launch Uni Watch on IE10, I don’t get one pop-up…I get two pop-ups. This has been going on for a while. Paul is investigating. Is this happening to anybody else? My pop-up blocker is on. Please, no lectures that I need a different browser. Has anybody had a similar issue and fixed it?

    So it’s not just me and it’s not IE…three pop-unders…unbelievable encroachment of advertising. I know Uni Watch is totally against that.

    If UW was a sports jersey:
    popunders = sleeve patch ad
    popups = the big ad on the chest


    I was rating them in terms of annoyance.

    Now, to provide a public service as well, here’s a tip that may help you avoid the dreaded poppers: right click any link you want to see and open it in another tab. That works for me.


    If MLB would darken the grey a couple shades, then the grey cap (like Detroit’s BP cap) might look better. The MLB standard grey is too bright.

    I agree. As someone who hates-hates-hates “softball tops,” I think there are several things they can do to make the classic white-vs-gray match-ups work better. For one thing, I find the cream home uniforms really stand out a lot more against the gray than do the white jerseys. And getting rid of the pajama bottoms and mandating distinctive stirrups for each team would help a lot as well. Darker gray is a good idea and I, myself, am an advocate of monochrome light blue, yellow, tan, even navy and black, as long as it’s part of a traditional uniform, not a softball top.

    I don’t mind gray road caps, but I think they look better with a softball top. The gray hat and uniform don’t provide enough contrast.

    I think any number of teams would look great with grey hats, specifically teams with traditional uniforms, Tigers, Giants, Dodgers, Royals, Reds (didn’t they have one a few years back), and plenty of others

    I thought there was a rule against white and grey hats for some reason, maybe I misread or am mis-remembering something.

    Pittsburgh had one a few years back; Cincinnati has a white cap with red pinstripes and a red brim.

    The Indians wore Chief Wahoo caps with their softball tops yesterday against the Rays:


    So they did. But, and I might be wrong here, the conspiracy theory is that they wore the Block C helmets (when those, in theory, should have had the Wahoo logo, so as to match the caps). Maybe there is only one batting helmet this year (Mets didn’t have orange/blue when they wore that cap), but maybe it’s because they’re on the road and only packed one helmet for the trip?

    With regard to the ‘single-helmet theory’, I thought the Indians front office claimed that the league mandated that only one primary logo can be used, not just one helmet. Many clubs (Phils, O’s, Nats, Tigers, hopefully the Astros!) have home/away/alt helmets, but the logos used on them is the same though sometimes re-colored. There is probably a throwback exception (Brewers).
    What I do know is that the Indians are opening a brand new premium seating area this season at “The Jake”, and from the views I’ve seen Chief Wahoo is not a design element. If they want to phase out Wahoo incrementally, on their own, without a lot of fan(or non-fan)fare…fine; that’s better than the measures being taken by both sides in the Redskins’ case.

    I’ve honestly not been following this story the way many on here have, so I don’t know (and apparently no one knows for sure) on the single helmet logo theory.

    As far as a “phasing-out” of Wahoo…if that is the case, it seems to me they’d quit wearing the Wahoo caps too. I realize they probably can’t remove him as a sleeve patch (without filing the official paperwork and whatnot), but the single helmet logo theory seems plausible (but why?) if they’re not wearing the Wahoo-adorned helmets.

    Not sure what MLB has to gain by restricing helmet logos to just one.

    Brewers have worn two different helmets (color & logo) already this year – started last night, boom.

    Orioles have the same logo but their home batting helmets are identical to their home hats. Will have to wait until they wear their Black alternates if they deviate from the supposed 1 logo rule. They normally wear those on Friday evenings, that is if they keep with that trend. If they can’t have the O’s batting helmet they’ll likely wear the away batting helmets.

    As for he Brewers, I imagine the rule doesn’t extend to actual throwbacks. Which could add more to the whole block C replacing Chief Wahoo conspiracy as the C is part of their throwback look they added to their rotation a few years back.

    I’ve noticed in a few articles that some protesters of the Cleveland Indians are mainly concerned with getting rid of Wahoo. On more than one occasion those being interviewed have basically said they are okay with the use of the name but the caricature has to go. I wonder if those same people will be happy if/when that happens or if they would then focus on the name too.

    Basically will they eliminate most of the pressure by making the Block C the main logo and getting Chief Wahoo off the uniforms altogether? I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t change it just wondering aloud. Can they correct things with simply a change in their logos or would they need to get rid of the name altogether.

    Nice points Douglas.

    Believe it or not, I’m actually OK with the name, but the problem is that keeping the name makes it too tempting to have fans take it too far. (And it’s not just Cleveland…they do it in Atlanta and other cities, both pro and college, too). You get stuff like this and this and this.

    No, you can’t stop the fans from dressing up like idiots, but if your team isn’t named for a Native American tribe, or culture, or racist term, it’s less likely the fans would behave like that.

    So, while the team IMHO doesn’t need to get rid of the name, Wahoo has to go, and taking the name with him probably wouldn’t be the worst idea of all time.

    Paul, when you posted my Super Bowl infographic the other day, a UniWatch reader shared it on Reddit and my web hits on skyrocketed by 400%! I wanted to thank you for facilitating that.

    I like the Jaguars concepts, but since my phone has a tiny screen, they totally look like UCLA Bruins uniforms, which is funny because of all those Jacksonville to Los Angeles relocation rumors :)

    I really like that Jags concept, save for the all-black version. Would look even better with block numerals.

    Love that the Astros returned to navy blue and orange, but not a fan of the headspoon. Take that away and bring back the Astros logo from the late 60s and that would be as close to perfection as one is going to get.

    I agree with removing the headspoon (the orange sleeve and pants trim should remain). By “60s logo” I hope you mean the “Shooting Star” wordmark. A slightly cleaned-up version (like the 2012 Blue Jays and the current White Sox logo) would be fantastic. The 60s logo with the Astrodome would be anachronistic.

    I thought the Shooting Star with the three streaks colored red, orange, and athletic gold would have been a great touch.

    Sorry you don’t like the Mets’ white-NY-outlined caps, but look at the bright side; there’s also no BFBS. The BP caps are horrid. I love the Rockies’ purple jerseys, which you would expect from someone who graduated from Kansas State.

    RE: Tigers wearing gray cap:

    I would be opposed to it. It does look good, but it’s not necessary. The Tigers already have a distinct home and road cap that goes along with their jerseys which are clean and classic.

    The only change I would make to the Tigers’ jersey set is changing the road jersey’s cursive “Detroit” back to the block lettering of the 80s and 90s. When they broke out the old school road jerseys last season, man they looked sharp. Whether they go back to the pull over or just stay with the current shirt with a change in the font would be fine.

    The Mike Engle School of Crayola Design is pleased to bequeath Josh Escobar with a Ph.D. Not an honorary one, because that doctorate was earned. Holy cow, that’s a piece of art.

    Second appearance and I’m already sick of the alt caps. I really hope they’re not going to make a habit out of wearing these with the snow-whites in day games.

    I, too, love Josh’s design and the artwork depicting it. This would make a great throwback and they could just add a helmet emblem and it would instantly be one of the better current uniforms in the NFL to my eye (heresy alert — maybe even an improvement on the Raiders actual uniforms, in my opinion). Great work by the other Uni-Concepters as well.

    I love Mr. Met! But would rather see him on a cap without an orange bill (and wearing an orange bill himself).

    also: can’t wait to see the astros in orange vs the a’s in green!

    softball tops…bleah.

    Phil… you slipped up. You didn’t refer to the Indians as “the Cleveland professional baseball team.”

    Um…why should I? The term “Indians” isn’t a racist term. It’s the Washington professional football team with whom I have a problem.

    It’s the Indians LOGO that needs to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing the name go too, but it, in and of itself (just like I don’t have a problem with “Chiefs” or “Braves” as a NAME) is OK.

    “Indians” isn’t a racist term. It’s a very mistaken geographical term that should have been corrected in, oh, say, the 15th or 16th century?

    Pretty sure that Wichita is wearing new uniforms right now, was this mentioned during the week?

    Man, Wichita State’s uniforms are an enormous downgrade! Between those, and the garbage Louisville wears, not a pretty game.

    You know who has some pretty home uniforms? The Alabama softball team. Simple and elegant.

    Surprised no one’s mentioned Syracuse and Michigan playing color-vs-color (even if maize is Michigan’s “home” color), especially since orange and yellow aren’t that far from each other on the color wheel.

    Happens routinely when the Suns play the Lakers in the NBA. For whatever reason, I think Syracuse/Michigan wear their orange-vs-yellow much better than the Suns/Lakers. Maybe it’s because it looks more like opposing phys. ed. classes, which fits with a school (or “school”) vibe. Or maybe it’s just because the Suns’ orange jerseys have gray side panels that look like crap.

    It probably helps that Syracuse’s orange is a little on the red side, and Michigan’s maize is a really light shade of yellow, so they don’t really clash.

    There’s no good reason for Cincy to get the first pitch on opening day – the whole “established 1869” thing is a lie. The Cubs and Braves are the oldest teams in major league baseball, and they should make a bigger deal about it. Especially the Cubs, who have been in solid existence in the same city since 1870.

    I love the Mets orange and blue caps. I bought it as soon as it was available. It looks kind of salmon colored on tv though.

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