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Kinda Captures the Whole Franchise in a Nutshell, No?


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“I saw this Bengals-branded wedding garter lying in the street here in Pittsburgh the other day,” says reader Jason Bernard. “It is simultaneously the funniest and saddest thing I have ever seen.” Wow. You can just imagine the scenario: Groom removes garter from bride’s leg, groom tosses garter to crowd, Steelers fan happily catches garter, takes one look at the Bengals logo, and disgustedly tosses it to the curb. (Storyline notwithstanding, has anyone ever seen a team-branded garter before? I haven’t.)

New ESPN column today — the full story of my trip to the Daytona 500. Enjoy.

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Show & Tell update: The next installment of my monthly Show & Tell storytelling series will be on March 13 at Freddy’s. As always, you can see past Show & Tell participants, along with their objects and stories, here.

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Question Time: It’s been a while since we’ve done a round of Question Time, in which you folks can ask me anything — uni-related or otherwise. No question is out of bounds, although I may decline to answer queries that I feel are too personal. To participate, send one question — and only one — here. (To make sure you’re not duplicating questions that have already been addressed, you can see the three previous installments of Question Time here, here, and here.)

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Uni Watch News Ticker: The latest MLS unveilings are for Sporting KC and the Montreal Impact. ”¦ The new Ottawa basketball team won’t be called the Tomahawks after all. … New uniforms for the Iowa Barnstormers, including matte helmets (from James Comfort). … Louisiana-Lafayette baseball wore G.I. Joe jerseys the other night. There’s a slideshow at the top of this page (from Joel Manuel). … Tommy Lasorda apparently has his own baseball cap buggy (from Brendan Slattery). … Two college lacrosse items from Jay Sullivan: Plattsburgh State lacrosse is going stripe-o-rama and Johns Hopkins has a new helmet design. … Here’s a photo of, according to its caption, Marino Pieretti in a 1943 shot at Seals Stadium in San Francisco. Pieretti was with the Portland Beavers in 1943. What’s with the lettering on the back of the jersey? (Interesting find by Joaquin Jang.) … Joel Frank sent along some photos of a vintage Orioles usher’s uniform from his extensive memorabilia collection. … Back in March of 1960, the Chicago Cardinals announced their move to St. Louis. “That video clip likely shows the first anyone saw of the iconic Cardinals helmet logo, since the team did not have one until then,” notes Bob Gassel. ”¦ Spectacular chain-stitched GE logo on the back of this vintage softball uniform. ”¦ Marquette and Syracuse went color-on-color Monday night. “The funny thing is that Marquette wore their powder blues at home,” says Tom Juettner. “Normally when they want to wear color at home, they break out the gold.” ”¦ “I’m part of a community who updates the NES classic Tecmo Super Bowl for each NFL season,” says Keith Good. “Going through the game, I found most of the teams’ logos either horribly outdated or poorly drawn, so I updated the logos where needed. All 32 teams in all their blocky, eight-bit glory can be viewed here. Reducing a logo to 24-by-24 pixels an interesting exercise. You have to ask yourself, ‘What really makes Flying Elvis Flying Elvis?'” ”¦ Lots and lots of helmets possibly on tap — or possibly not — for Texas Tech football (from Britton Thomas). ”¦ UNC football will be going BFBS on Oct. 17 (from Chris Taylor). ”¦ As previously noted here in the Ticker, the Mets are taking inconsistent NOB approaches to the lowercase lettering in Travis d’Arnaud’s and Matt den Dekker’s surnames (from Dan Cichalski). ”¦ Lance Armstrong’s recent troubles haven’t kept the Team Canada women’s hockey team from wearing a Livestrong-themed uniform (from Lucas Ehrbar). ”¦ New retro-style pullover jersey for UT Tyler baseball (from Jameson Adams). ”¦ The Orlando Solar Bears will wear Star Wars jerseys tonight (from Bob Nolte).


Emancipation Day: Seventeen years ago today (well, it was actually Feb. 29, but that date only appears on the calendar every four years), I walked out of my office at Billboard Books for the final time and began life as a full-time freelance writer. Haven’t had a regular job or a boss since then. (Also haven’t had employer-subsidized health benefits, paid vacation, sick days, or any other job-related perk, but of course I knew what I was getting into in that regard.) At the time, I thought of going freelance as an experiment. I guess we could now say the experiment has been a success. Good thing, too — after 17 years of working at home, I’m now pretty unemployable in any conventional sense of the term. The mere thought of going to an office gives me a rash.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this: If you want to change your life or reinvent yourself, don’t just sit around fantasizing about it — go ahead and do it. Even if the experiment doesn’t work out, at least you won’t be wondering what might have been.

Of course, maybe you already like your life just fine the way it is. If so, more power to ya.

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    Congratulations on the 17th Anniversary of your Emancipation, Paul.

    As I type this, I’ll actually be taking my first sick day (and I am REALLY sick today…managed to avoid the flu, colds and various other illnesses all winter until now…) in more than two years. Sucks to be sick, but at least the man is covering it.

    But…kudos to you for making the leap — not a decision many of us would have the stones to take. And we’re all the richer for your having done so.

    The “kudos” part goes double considering that Paul lives in Brooklyn, not exactly the cheapest place to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate!

    Congratulations Paul. It’s tough to operate any business for just 3 years. Making it happen for 17 years is great. I wish you the best at the next 17 years!

    Paul says…”If you want to change your life or reinvent yourself, don’t just sit around fantasizing about it – go ahead and fucking do it. Even if the experiment doesn’t work out, at least you won’t be wondering what might have been.”

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s been over 10 years now since I handed in my resignation letter and hung out my own shingle. Couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t easy with a wife and kids relying on me but as my Dad told me at the time – if you are willing to work hard to do the best job you possibly can, you will be successful. He was right.

    Why doesn’t the UW Community declare February 29th as “Paul Lukas Day” and have a big party complete with appropriate kudos and huzzahs. I hereby nominate Phil as Chairman of the celebration committee. Get crackin’ Phil, you’ve only got three years left to work on it.

    Big fan of! Love playing the 32 team ROM’s and the guys who do all the updates are wizards!

    “…… Here’s a photo of, according to its caption, Marino Pieretti in a 1943 shot at Seals Stadium in San Francisco…”

    Marino is sporting some awesomely baggy pants there. And check out the raffish tilt of his cap.

    “… Spectacular chain-stitched GE logo on the back of this vintage softball uniform. … ”

    Spectacular is the word. And yet the front of the shirt is so meh.

    “… The mere thought of going to an office gives me a rash …”

    Not if you had four kids at home.

    With all the talk of gun control, etc, it’s interesting to see that one Texas Tech helment with “GUNS UP” on the stripe.

    Marketing 101 stipulates you settle on an identity then promote the heck out of it. With eight helmets and a gazillion jersey combinations, the term “uniform” has lost any sense of its meaning.

    The article about the NOBs for Travis d’Arnaud and Matt den Dekker is still missing the point: d’Arnaud’s uniform looks so bizarre because they’re using a lowercase letter, when on every other name that has a prefix, they use small capitals. This weird-looking lowercase d is completely coming out of nowhere.

    Consider this Delino DeShields jersey. The “e” is a small capital. If the first “d” were lowercase (de Shields or deShields), both the “d” and the “e” would be in small capitals, not lowercase.

    Small capitals, people. They’re not hard to use.

    like Keith said. those are old photos.. the next slide up is Victor Martinez, who’s played with the Redsox and Tigers since then

    I hate jerseys with NOBs and always like seeing when jerseys that usually have names are produced without them, such as on Jackie Robinson Day.

    You also see these in spring training, where they’ll make some high-numbered jerseys as extras for sudden additions to the roster. Here you can see someone wearing a gray road jersey in the 90s for the Mets:

    …which would normally have a name on it. You can tell from the position of the number that theyre isn’t quite enough space for a NOB, so it was produced from the beginning to not have one.

    PL, first of all, congrats on 17 years of being a self-made man.

    Secondly, in the Mets jersey link, it clearly states that den Dekker felt that having the lowercase letters on his jersey from his days at UF was weird for him and thus he chooses to go all caps. So while it is inconsistent, it’s because of a player choice, not a team’s mistake.

    It’s funny how events that happen prior to when you’re born, seemed like they happened millions of years ago. Case in point – as a kid, I started to follow baseball in the early 1970’s (a big Expos fan), it’s funny to think back that St Louis Cardinals had only been in St Louis a little more than 10 years at that point – as they seem , and are, one of the more iconic franchises. A franchise like the Houston Astros – have existed about the same length of time (although with no past life) and yet they still have this slightly fleeting feel to them(maybe all the uni changes)

    I think you’re getting your Cardinals mixed up. The St Louis Baseball Cardinals have been there for ages. The football Cardinals, on the other hand…

    I was actually thinking the same thing. But i WAS thinking about the NFL Cardinals. When I hear “Chicago Cardinals” I think of the 1930’s, not 1959.

    I was born in ’63 ans remember being aware of football c. 1970.

    okay i can get not wanting to use Native American tribe names and images of Native Americans as a logo, but Tomahawks?? how is that offensive?

    Seems like the outcry was more about the process, i.e. not consulting the First Nation, than the result.

    i don’t get the need for them to ask permission in this case. it’s not like the tomahawk weapon was exclusive to one tribe. plus if they were saying it was chosen because of the Tomahawk Jam (dunk) then there’s definitely no need for discussion here

    it’s not like the tomahawk weapon was exclusive to one tribe

    Heck, it’s not like the tomahawk was even predominantly a Native American implement. I mean, before metallurgy, pretty much every human society had figured out the whole sharpen-a-rock-on-one-edge-and-lash-it-to-a-stick thing, and that’s basically a tomahawk. But when we say “tomahawk,” we mean a somewhat more refined design, both in stone and in iron or steel, and while that was used by several of the more powerful Eastern native peoples, it was adopted and much more commonly used by white settlers.

    When you read primary accounts of colonial and early frontier life – back when “frontier” meant Vermont or the Allegheny Mountains or the Ohio River valley – you find that the white folks didn’t have all that many firearms, had even less firearms ammunition, and apparently carried tomahawks about like modern Americans carry phones. And the distinctive weapon of colonial soldiers in their frontier wars both against Indians and among the colonial powers was … the tomahawk.

    I think this particular situation is silly, but I get the sensitivity. No matter how Indian-agnostic “tomahawk” (sorry, “TomaHawk”) actually is, there is an association with Indians, and they want to avoid the “savages” imagery.

    Again, I think this is silly. It seems like if they’d simply gone to the Algonquin folks and said, “Look, we’re going to use “TomaHawks”as the nickname, but it’s about the dunk and the logo won’t show any spears or painted faces”, it would’ve been fine.

    The uniforms leave a lot to be desired, but the Barnstormers’ helmets are still, even in matte black, among the best in football at any level.

    It would be agains their current color scheme but I would love to see the Barnstormers helmet in the faux leather treatment Washington had for their faux back helmet this season. As it stands it’s one of the best helmets in football, I love when a team uses the entire helmet and not the standard matching logos on each side.

    Tommy looks sharp but I noticed that, like many his age, he has apparently given up on footwear that includes laces.

    Wish I had half of his enthusiasm.

    Not a Phillies fan (quite the opposite, although I now live in Phillies country) but I’d like to see them try to incorporate his Liberty Bell number patch either on the sleeve or the back, SF Warriors cable car style.

    I enjoyed the article very much and I’m glad that you had a good experience.
    I hope you get an opportunity to visit some of NASCAR’s other tracks in the near future.
    Congratulations on your emancipation anniversary and your advice!

    I would agree. Daytona, to my mind, has always been a snoozer. The track is too big, plate racing is boring, even when there are two grooves. Plus, it doesn’t sound like you checked out the infield or has garage / pit access. If you enjoyed the sensation of being at the catch fence, you’d really enjoy those areas.

    On the other hand, knowing your love of things old and unchanged, you might want to consider the Greatest Spectacle in Motor Racing, the Indianapolis 500. While the cars are more technologically advanced, the venue (by and large) is a throw back. Huge wooden grandstands, security volunteers, and the largely unchanged opening ceremonies. I suspect you would really enjoy that, even though the racing is often just as boring as Daytona.

    fun article!

    me and my bro, and random friends, used to go to richmond once a year. that has always been my favorite track. also been to martinsville, atlanta, bristol, north carolina speedway, and charlotte to see a race. fun times, but i’ve fell totally out of love with nascar. just got too boring, no more earnhardt, jeff gordon wasn’t great anymore, too many winners… who knows

    Soooo, going to F1 in Austin? I know it has nothing “old school” in it except for the lack of the big motorhomes since teams don’t bring those accross the sea.

    Congratulations Paul! I thank you for making such a bold decision in 1996. I wish you continued success for the next 47 years!

    Hey Keith Good, excellent job on the TSB Helmets! Was it intentional on your part to not update the 49ers or Rams? That Rams design is 10+ years old by now, and the 49ers is outdated as well. Also, is the Dolphins new logo been made “official” yet? I thought it was just specualtion at this point.

    Anyway, great job! How does on with a SNES or Sega Genesis play the updated game each year, or is it just for computers?

    Alan, mostly just for computers. Use a NES or SNES emulator to play the game files, it’s a lot of fun when you have an 8-bit Aaron Rodgers throw a 90 yard bomb. Makes me feel like a kid again!

    Congrats PL, on the uni-versary. Good, ballsy stuff. Phil, feel better man. I’m in the same boat at the moment!

    My wife surprised me with a NY Giants garter for our wedding. I love it!

    Those Orlando Solar Bears jerseys bring the term “going full-Stormtrooper” to it’s logical conclusion.

    I know nothing about the talent on the SolarBears, but Stormtroopers are not considered remarkable shooters.

    My wife wore a Seahawks garter at our wedding last summer. I just mentioned it to her offhand thinking she’d get a laugh out of it but she decided that would be her ‘something blue’ and took me up on the offer. I wore Seahawks cufflinks too, that got a rise out of a few groomsmen when I showed them off.

    Moral of the story is: I have an amazing wife who lets me get away with too much regarding my favorite NFL team.

    while my wife wore the Mets garter (her idea, i wasn’t aware), i had cufflinks that were made from old seats at Shea Stadium. sadly, i don’t own any other shirts to use the cufflinks, so they sit in a drawer unused.

    Buy a plain white dress shirt w/ French cuffs! It’s nice to have a slightly dressier option, and you’ll enjoy being able to wear your ’links.

    Even better – have a seamstress replace the cuff buttons on an ordinary shirt with buttonholes. Costs about $8 where I live, classes up your look a lot.

    or if i wanted to cheap out, i could use the old George Costanza method of just poking a hole through my shirt cuff.

    Excellent sartorial choice! I have a pair of the Shea cufflinks as well and yes, they look good with white shirts as well as blue.

    Cubicle Proles…. still on my short list of band names directly from a comment of yours on here!!!!

    Congrats on that anniversary!!!! I’ll be doing my best impression of you tomorrow as I’m working from home. Perhaps I should wear my Chucks as house shoes as an homage to you!!!!

    Packer themed and logo garters are abundant here in Sconnie. And it should be no surprise my wife had a Packer “G” on her garter for our wedding. (Our reception was at Lambeau Field)

    I offer my heartiest congrats on Emancipation Day. While I am technically self-employed (no employer-subsidized health benefits, no paid vacations, no sick days), I still have to go to the office every day, dealing with partners, employees, blah blah blah. I am so envious of the likes of you who had the balls to make the break.

    Re latest MLS jerseys: I like the KC’s newest, didn’t realize they used the KS/MO divide as a design element. (Branding note, apparently the only Adidas jersey in the world to have different colors for thier 3 stripes.)

    Diggin’ the heavy stripes on Montreal’s, but their crest comes off as little league to me. Very clipartish.

    As a KC’er myself (living in NYC), I hadn’t realized that either (heck, it’s even in their logo). The only thing I wish they would’ve done is actually removed the sponsor’s logo from the front and just kept the name only. It may be just me, but at first glance it looks like they have two SKC logos on the front since they color-coordinated it to the kit’s colors.

    . (Branding note, apparently the only Adidas jersey in the world to have different colors for thier 3 stripes.)

    I think Milan’s secondary whites have black/red shoulder stripes, and France has traditionally had multi-colored stripes before they switched to Nike.

    That was from the article itself – I’d paraphrased which I suppose makes some difference:

    the Sporting KC home uniform is the only adidas jersey in the world with the company’s iconic three stripes shown in a different color on each sleeve.

    I understand that you were able to make that leap in your life, and I am happy for you. But for many people, it is simply not an option – as much as someone would like to just “fucking do it”, some people have nothing to fall back on – no savings, no family to stay with if things don’t work out, no friends to help.

    Paul may have had the same “lack of support.”

    Doesn’t mean it still can’t be done. That also doesn’t mean people shouldn’t save up some money, build a support network, and get some friends in order TO DO it. It may take some time, but hey, why not plan for it?

    There are all sorts of ways to reinvent yourself (assuming you want to) without doing something as drastic as I did. Start a blog, lose some weight, gain some weight, break up with your unsatisfying partner, etc.

    I didn’t mean to suggest that everyone should go quit their jobs (or that it’s easy to do so). I meant that, in general, doing is better than dreaming.

    “I didn’t mean to suggest that everyone should go quit their jobs ”

    Um,…what?? I just told my boss to go stick it!!

    Thanks alot.

    Really enjoyed the espn account of the Daytona trip.

    Felt like I was there, along side, a little restless, a little bored, but glad to experience something out of my comfort zone.

    If the next set of words that come out of your mouth after seeing those isn’t “Oh for fuck’s sake,” then you have serious issues.

    In my case it was “Come on! I’m eating lunch here!” Does that qualify? At least I’m smart enough NOT to click on the link to the larger version of the photo….

    @Ed: Hahaha. I guess I should have said “FFS” or some version of it. My office mate’s words were “Jesus Effing Christ.”

    Take a look at Bill Self’s comments in regards to Kansas:

    This sentence got me a bit riled: “Sometimes, you have to be a team player. adidas has helped KU quite a bit, so KU will do this to help the company.”

    There is also a petition to keep KU from wearing them at all. Also, just search #KUBBall on twitter and you can see the fan outrage.

    The only saving grace here is that the white set is only about 30% as horrible, and Kansas will most likely be the higher seed in any Big XII Tournament game.

    Those blues, though, are eye-melters.

    Michigan fans, who have a tenuous relationship with uniform changes, are rejoicing in their team’s lack of involvement in this particular family of uniforms. Several, like me, basically feel like the embarrassing loss to Penn State last night was a fair trade for not suffering embarrassment today.

    Don’t feel too smug; those all-sun yellow uniforms (complete with yellow numbers, socks, and shoes) that you wore against Ohio State ensured that Adidas got you, too.

    Yes, they’re all bad.

    There are two elements I have no real problem with. If the material is lighter and more comfortable, well and good. I don’t see how there’s much of a difference between old and new, but I’m not a marketer.

    The other is having shoes and socks that match the primary color of the uniform. That’s a nice idea. It’s better when it’s a strong color such as black, red, blue, etc. as opposed to that light green shade that Notre Dame is using. They rather look like giant bars of Irish Spring soap.

    “Strange sight on college basketball court: sleeves”

    Yes. sleeves. that is what stands out there.

    Anybody else watch the Knicks Warriors game last night? ESPN used a weird logo for the Warriors. The gap between the two towers on the bridge was too wide

    I was looking at the 8 bit NFL helmets (which is pretty cool), and it accrued to me how many teams have changed their helmet since I played the old Sega Madden games.

    I guess the changes come gradually, but I tend to think that teams never change their uniforms. Lets take Madden 96 as a baseline…. just on that first slide we got 3/6 teams with different helmets from the Madden 95 game. Then the next slide you got 4 completely new teams. Ect….

    I love tecmo and still play (love the helmets)…but 1 thing still drives me nuts that HASNT been updated right…no one has been able to put in the 2-pt conversion!!

    I love the updated rosters and even enjoy playing older years…but the 2-pt thing really needs to be put in…

    Wall Street Journal has an article/video on New Balance still manufacturing some of their sneakers in the US. Appears that the article itself is behind a paywall, video doesn’t seem to be. Good look at the factory floor.

    25%-35% more to manufacture in the US than Asia, but they’re employing more people than they used to.

    Do you have a Kohl’s by you? Damn overpriced on clothes of dubious quality, but they have great deals on name-brand gym shoes including New Balance.

    If you’re doing any running or similar activities (and your normal sneakers aren’t cutting it) a better pair of sneakers is something to look into. I’ve spent upwards of $100 for my new balance but I think they’re worth it.

    Have some patience, yo. It hasn’t even been a full week since the submission deadline. You have to give Paul and his crack team of design analysts some time to properly absorb and evaluate all of the various concepts they’ve received.


    Paul said yesterday that results will be posted “the week after next”. It’s possible that he has a lot more entries to go through than he did with the Browns last month or the Astros last June.

    The place is huge, with a capacity of more than 167,000 (plus all the people parked on the infield), making this by far the largest sporting event I’ve ever attended.

    Hey Paul, ever watch the NYC Marathon? I’m guessing that’s got a larger attendance than Daytona.

    I know there are caveats, just saying… If I can’t nitpick here, where can I?

    (BTW: the footers at the end of your ESPN columns usually crack me up – this one’s terrific.)

    One perk of working at home: You can go to an afternoon movie. I’m gonna celebrate Emancipation Day by doing that right now (Side Effects). See you later….

    As far as the Ottawa TomaHawks go, who cares, really? Because I’m betting a deep-fried Twinkie or Snickers bar, that in less than two years the team and/or league will fold, move or disappear into obscurity.

    With all this gnashing of teeth and wailing about completely wiping out any form of Native American sports-related imagery, where is the outcry to change the Chicago Blackhawks name, Indian-head logo and the tomahawks on the shoulders?

    I have not heard one peep about the Blackhawks. If so, please show me where it is.

    I know the tale about the original owner naming the team after his military outfit.

    But, it just seems there are hipocrites that are trashing the Redskins, but seeming to give the Blackhawks a pass.

    But before you so-called experts on what the Native-Americans want or don’t want, I am also against any imagery that is racially, culturally or morally offensive. I don’t like the image of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish fighting leprechaun probably as much as you detest the Redskins helmet logo. But there is no outrage there to erase the image of the Irish being drunken pugilists.

    I don’t like the image of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish fighting leprechaun probably as much as you detest the Redskins helmet logo. But there is no outrage there to erase the image of the Irish being drunken pugilists.

    It’s amazing how often you can explain that two plus two equals four, yet there’s always someone who’ll come along and claim that it’s five.

    A) Someone calling for Blackhawks logo change:

    B) Why the No one’s calling for the Blackhawks logo/name change: 1. Named in honor of the team’s founder’s military unit, which was named the “Blackhawk Division” after Black Hawk, a Native American chief. 2. Have an outstanding relationship with the American Indian Center. 3. Logo is not a stereotypical “red-faced” caricature. The ‘Hawks have retired – permanently – their logo that bears most resemblance to Washington’s due to it’s offensive nature and do not feature it on throwbacks to that era.

    C) The “Fighting” (or “Fightin'”) part of the name derives from (depending on which story you believe) either the fighting spirit of a particular team (which – mind you – was predominantly Irish because they were Catholic…) and the nickname stuck OR the fact that – like, Fighting Illini – it was added to honor Alums and students who made the ultimate sacrifice during The Great War.

    I loath ND, but even I can’t find a single cogent connection between the exploitation of a racial slur and stereotype – for profit, mind you – and naming a team after the actual ethnicity and spirit of the players on said team.

    Congrats on your decision to be your own boss. Certainly the rewards are worth the risks. Being new to Uni, I am most impressed with the QUALITY, as well as, the sheer amount of material you publish on your site and at ESPN – EVERYDAY! Keep up the good work and here’s wishing you all the best in the future.

    Congrats on the 17th Paul! As someone who has been self-employed for seven years, your advice is well-taken. It takes self-starters to make America work…

    I just did about 5 minute of reading Wikipedia, it seems to me that Native Americans have no claim to the tomahawk, the ax was brought over in the 1700’s.

    My wife surprised me with a bengals garter at our wedding. She had two, one to toss and one to keep. One of my gifts from her was bengals cuff liks to wear with my suit.

    A friend of ours had Reds garters. They gave all the groomsmen red Louisville slugger baseball bats.

    Ok, silly question. How did the word “pennant” originally start getting used in sports? Couldn’t find anything on a quick search and I know this crowd will know. Thanks.

    Back before the National League was founded, club teams competed for a big championship flag, to be hung at the champion’s grounds, called the “whip pennant”.

    Paul, normally I am part of the silent majority but your comments at the end of your blog today were motivating. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you in so cal someday. As a hipster you would totally fit in out here.

    As a UT Tyler alum (2008) and the former PA voice of the Patriots, I absolutely love seeing UTT on UniWatch and those retro pullovers are sweet! Thanks for adding that to the Ticker, Paul. Go Pats!

    Haven’t gone through to check whether the updated Tecmo helmets are accurate, and not that I don’t appreciate the work, time and effort put into updating each helmet, but I had two observations I wanted to make:

    1) the Dallas Cowboys’ star looks weird. I know that’s probably the way it’s always been and will not matter when shrunk down, but it still looks off.

    2) the SF 49ers facemask is gray once again.

    Great work!

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