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Monday Morning Uni Watch


In case you somehow weren’t sure whether anyone takes the Pro Bowl seriously, check out this bizarre scene from the first quarter of yesterday’s game: That’s Packers center Jeff Saturday — a member of the NFC squad, obviously — getting ready to snap the ball to AFC quarterback Peyton Manning. Did the AFC run out of centers? Nope. Saturday had announced that the Pro Bowl would be his last game, and he and Manning were longtime teammates in Indianapolis, so everyone decided to let him have one more play with Manning, even though they were on different teams. Very nice gesture — for an old-timers’ game, or maybe a halftime ceremony. But for an all-star game? What a joke. Someone please pull the Pro Bowl plug already.

Also uni-notable: The two guards on either side of Saturday were both wearing No. 68! That’s not a mistake, though (well, aside from the Pro Bowl’s very existence being a mistake) — players in the Pro Bowl wear their usual uni numbers, even if it means there are multiple players with the same digits.

For more on this year’s Pro Bowl uniforms, check out Phil’s excellent post from yesterday. And for more photos from yesterday’s game, look here.

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Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 10.52.55 PM.png

Meanwhile, classy cross-sport move last night in St. Louis, where the Blues honored Stan the Man by wearing his name and number in pregame warm-ups. Additional photos here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: You’ve heard of Indian petroglyphs? There’s a Native American artist named Nicholas Galanin who has an interesting riff on that phenomenon: He carves the Cleveland Indians logo into various surfaces and photographs the results, as you can see here, here, and here. “My sense is that it’s both a criticism of the white appropriation of Native names and imagery, and a reappropriation of it,” says Laurence Holland. Clever project. … The winner of the Brewers’ fan-designed uniform contest has been announced. ”¦ Michigan State wore those new Nike basketball uniforms yesterday. ”¦ The Madison Mallards — that’s a summer collegiate baseball team — are considering three options for an alternate jersey: A, B, and C. Which one do you people like best? Post your thoughts in the comments. … Speaking of Madison, here’s one of their city buses featuring a “50 Years of Badger Hockey” design (from Nicole Haase). … Matt Blinco notes that WKU’s chest mark seems to be riding a bit low lately. Seems similar to what’s happened to the St. Louis Cardinals in recent years. … Fun story about team-branded yarmulkes (from Leo Thornton). … The 1970 Sun Bowl, featuring Georgia Tech vs. Texas Tech, was color-on-color. Who knew? (Lindsay Resnick, that’s who.) … Here’s more on that spat between the Army and the Marines over camouflage exclusivity. “I still don’t get how the ‘brand’ of one military branch supersedes the need to keep all military personnel safe,” says Bryan Molloy. “What if the Marines invented invisibility jumpsuits? ‘Sorry guys, the invisible suits are exclusive to the Marines brand.'” … Although I’m not fond of the Pelicans’ color scheme, Paul Watson notes that the colors reflect the New Orleans city flag. ”¦ Justin Upton wore No. 10 with the Diamondbacks, but he’ll wear No. 8 with the Braves, presumably because 10 will soon be retired for Chipper Jones (from Britton Thomas). ”¦ Now that’s a hockey jersey! (From Anthony Nuccio.) ”¦ A fight between Steve Ott of the Sabres and Tim Gleason of the Hurricanes led to Gleason having his sleeve ripped off of his jersey (screen shot by Jay Bittle). ”¦ “The Cooperstown high school team is called the Redskins,” says Cooperstown mayor Jeff Katz. “Every decade or so there’s a movement to change it, with the old guard successfully fighting back. On Feb. 6 there’s a school board meeting on the change. Turns out a friend of ours posted your recen ESPN column on the subject. You’re a player up here!” ”¦ The Nats are adding William Howard Taft to their racing Presidents (from Tom Mulgrew). ”¦ Also from Tom: Cowboys Stadium has an art app. ”¦ Matt Lindner reports that the White Sox appear to have a throwback BP jersey to go with their ’83 throwback uni. ”¦ Check out this alphia-numeric uni number. The eBay listing says it’s former Auburn player Pat Sullivan, but I’m not so sure about that. Anyone know more? ”¦ I like the simplicity of this Mr. Redlegs shirt (from David Sonny). ”¦ Good story on how football uniforms have changed since the first time the Super Bowl was played in New Orleans (from Richard Lewis). ”¦ Interesting story behind a Jim/John Harbaugh jersey (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ Also from Brinke: 21 stadiums made out of snacks. ”¦ UNC and NC State went color-on-color on Saturday. Plus, as you can see, NC State is the latest Adidas team to go with the NBA/Xmas-style design (from Kevin Wright). ”¦ In a related item, Kansas will wear this tone-on-tone jersey tonight against West Virginia. ”¦ Poor image quality, but Hugh Thornton wore a Chief Illiniwek decal on his helmet during the Senior Bowl (from Seth Engelbrecht). ”¦ In case you were wondering, here’s how they make an L.A. Kings championship banner (from Matthew Wolfram). ”¦ Good story behind some Kareem memorabilia that’s headed for the auction block (from Brian Lorello). ”¦ FNOB alert! That’s Roger Jackson (duh) of the 1982 Broncos. “Interestingly, the only other Jackson on Denver that season was Tom Jackson,” says Steve Kraljic. ”¦ Looks like Nevada might be adding white and/or silver helmets this fall. That photo was tweeted by heavily recruited football prospect Cameron Hartsfield, who just committed to Nevada (from Brian Catlett). ”¦ Rory McIlroy’s new contract is with Nike, but CBS used an intro shot of him yesterday showing his old sponsors (from Jeremy Fallis). ”¦ The hockey team for St. John’s Prep — that’s a high school in Danvers, Massachusetts — wore flag-desecration jerseys on Saturday (from Paul Dever). ”¦ Recently obtained outfielder Chris Young will wear No. 25 for the A’s this year,” reports Rich Paloma. “He wore 24 for the Diamondbacks last year.” ”¦ New road mask for Brian Elliott. ”¦ Spectacular slideshow of Cubs scorecard illusrations here (big thanks to Jordan Cutler).

Comments (179)

    Yes I strongly believe Jeff Saturday’s snap to his old QB Peyton Manning was bush league!! Yes siree!!! Why Bud Selig says they were playing for home field advantage in the Super Bowl, right?….Oh, it’s Football? … Wrong Sport?….Oh….Never Mind.

    The pic is definitely Pat Sullivan, but he’s not wearing his Auburn uniform. It’s probably from the Senior Bowl, or some other college all-star game.

    The story I have always heard was at the ’72 Senior Bowl, both Sullivan and Florida’s John Reaves were the main draws considering Sullivan just won the Heisman and Reaves was a touted pro prospect. The game drew one of the largest crowds in Senior Bowl history to see the two if them, but they both unfortunately wore #7 at their respective schools. So instead of changing one of them to a different number and risk NFL scout’s confusion over which one they were watching at any given time, they made them 7S and 7R to keep from having to look at their programs if one of them had been an #8 or something.

    Sullivan was the MVP of that game.

    This article confirms this. There’s a thumbnail picture of the photo reprint for sale, and the caption is this:

    “Pat Sullivan entered the ’71 Iron Bowl as winner of the Heisman Trophy. Sullivan brandished the # ‘7S’ in the Senior Bowl. Florida quarterback John Reaves wore jersey # ‘7R’ in the Senior Bowl, as Sullivan’s teammate on the South squad.”

    The photo is Pat Sullivan, from the Senior Bowl. John Reeves of Florida was also in the game, and his number was 7R. Check the Uni-Watch post from Oct. 19th, 2007.

    R for Reaves and S for Sullivan? What, did they both want #7 and the coach compromised with add-on letters?

    I think the play with Saturday and Manning was a classy thing to do. The ProBowl makes for a nice end of the season celebration for the entire league. It’s loose and fun. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t understand why everyone gets so upset that the quality might not be that of a typical regular season game. They played well yesterday. Take it for what it is and stop whining.

    I agree with Jeremy, it’s an All Star Game for cryin’ out loud, have some fun with it. I suppose there was also something wrong with Cal Ripken and A-Rod switching positions in the 2001 MLB ASG? Or with Larry Walker wearing his battign helmet backwards to bat right-handed against Randy Johnson in the 1997 MLB ASG? Admittedly, those ASG’s didn’t “mean something”, as Commissioner Bud now contends, but isn’t the Pro Bowl supposed to be “for the fans”?

    Agree completely. Another year, another year of people whining to “pull the plug already”. Why? The Pro Bowl gets the best ratings of all the All-Star Games. The players love the trip to Hawai’i and getting to hang out with each other. I’ve been to two Pro Bowls and they are a lot of fun.

    So the wrong player got to play for the other side so he could snap to his longtime QB. That’s a bad thing? Get over it.

    Every All-Star game is a waste of time now. The players don’t need the money, nobody plays hard, there’s no such thing as league identity or pride anymore & there’s really no point. It’s an antiquated notion, horribly flawed selection process that’s mostly a popularity contest than based on merit & a farce solely a cash grab. And I’m sure many fans of MLB, NHL & NBA would agree they would rather have their players get rest instead. It’s time to do away with them.

    Bud Selig did the worst thing of all trying to make a MLB exhibition game count for something when it really shouldn’t at all. Instead of truly addressing the real problem (Interleague Play, the 1-per-team representative rule, way too many participants (80+), flawed online voting) of falling ratings, he made much worse.

    The sad thing is that, in theory, an all-star game should be the best of the best of the best. The idea of Aaron Rodgers throwing to Calvin Johnson against Darrelle Revis’ coverage while Joe Staley tries to block JJ Watt is attractive, but that assumes that everyone is there and trying hard to make plays. When guys don’t want to play, whether or not they show up, the game’s not worth watching.

    Baseball’s problem is that at some point, getting everybody into the game became more important than having the best players on the field. If the managers managed like the game mattered, everything else would fall into place.

    But that’s they way things are nowadays. You can have something that some people like and others don’t and the ones who don’t like it can’t just let it be, they aren’t satisfied until they get rid of it. I’d rather they just change the channel and let those of us who like it enjoy it for what it is.

    Besides as far as I can tell there were no concussions in the Pro Bowl last night. This brand of football might be more like what the NFL will look like in the future anyway, we’d better get used to it.

    the game’s not worth watching

    Then don’t watch it

    If the Pro Bowl was a rat, I would drown it.
    If the MLB ASG was a person, I would put it on a diet.
    If the NHL ASG was snow, I would plow it.
    If the NBA ASG was American Idol, I would cancel it.

    At some point, we have to figure out if some things are worth keep or doing at all, and eventually like the Simpsons & Miss America pageants, enough money will have been made & it’s time to end it. There is just no point anymore.

    Far too many better things have ended before All Star Games should have first, and somebody needs to step in and tell them “no”. The problem with today is people think everything needs to get bigger, more expensive, longer, & last forever. Less is more. Too much is clutter. Hype is dreck. Simply, the only thing keeping these things around is money & greed. They give out plenty of accolades that don’t require a dog & pony show, so keep the monikers so we all know what they accomplished. Most players would prefer the rest. Let’s give it to them. They’ll still get their precious bonus money so they won’t have anything to complain about.

    Let’s get logical & efficient with this. Way too much paper, advertising, money & manhours are wasted on these All Star games.

    A lot of effort is wasted on creamed corn too. I don’t like it, so I don’t eat it. But I don’t start a campaign to get rid of it.

    The photo is Pat Sulivan from the 1971 Senior Bowl. That year the South team had two #7’s, Sullivan (7S) and believe the other was John Reeves from Forida (7R).

    Yes…I recall watching the game on TV…both QBs wore #7 in college and someone decided to let them both wear #7…I had forgotten about that, but the above comment is correct.Thx

    I think many years ago when NFL players weren’t making a zillion dollars, a trip to Hawaii as a reward for outstanding play was a nice thing/incentive. Nowadays these guys could BUY Hawaii and go there any time they wanted. Not so much of an incentive anymore.

    I’m a HUGE NFL fan. Didn’t watch.

    I liked the Manning/Saturday bit.

    I have the utmost regard for Stan Musial…and definitely respect the Blues for honoring him. I started thinking though, what will happen to these jerseys after they are worn on ice? Are they going to make it into the “hobby” of people acquiring them and selling them for personal profit? If so that strikes me as wrong…does anyone know what might happen in a case like this? I know the Mets did something similar for Gary Carter and perhaps the money went to a cancer charity. After being worn, they should be given to the Musial family…or maybe the Musial family wouldn’t have wanted them worn at all. Did the Blues need or get permission first? Any thoughts?

    Should have clicked through the link first…they are going to be auctioned for a Cardinals charity…so it is a great thing…I imagine the Musial family is on board.

    While I applaud the Blues for paying tribute to Stan The Man, I also applaud that brave fan who wore a UND jersey to the game (everyone spotted that, right?).
    I wonder if that’s PL’s old pal “Fighting Sioux Forever”?


    As an avid reader AND a graduate of St. John’s Prep (the school mentioned in the “flag desecration” bit, I actually take great offense to using that term in this particular case.

    Whereas we’ve seen many teams truck out American flag decals, names/numbers and special one-off designs with blanket or generic excuses for doing so, my alma mater did this for a specific reason – to honor Derek Hines. Hines was a former Prep hockey player killed in Afghanistan during his tour of duty and they have dedicated on game a season in his honor.

    More often than not I agree with you on using the flag as a meaningless addition to a uniform design, but in this case it was done with purpose and with a direct connection to its use. Read the article you posted and you might, just might, back off on your stance a little.

    Not sure why you assume I didn’t read the article, but your assumption is incorrect.

    In any case, I think using the flag in this manner is inappropriate, and that there are plenty of ways to honor Derek Hines without a flag-based design. The mere fact that a gesture has a laudable basis doesn’t automatically make the gesture appropriate. (That applies to the Jeff Saturday move as well, actually.) If you disagree, that’s fine; if your disagreement includes “tak[ing] great offense,” that’s your prerogative. Either way, I still find the design inappropriate.

    (Paul already replied to you, and I haven’t read his comment yet, but I already typed this long comment before I refreshed, so I don’t want to see it go to waste)

    As someone who went to a high school that had a somewhat recent graduate (at the time) killed in the war, I disagree with your statement. Just because Paul said that the jerseys were another case of flag desecration (which it is) does not mean that he was saying anything bad about the purpose, intent, or goodwill behind the jersey.

    I ripped the costume that South Carolina wore in October 2012, and two commenters were saying that I was bashing the Wounded Warrior Project that said costume supported, which I wasn’t. I would rather booty-dance in public to any Chris Brown song while wearing a hot-pink Adidas bodysuit while drinking coconut mango water (I hate coconuts and mangoes) than do something as heartless as bash the WWP. I’m pretty sure Paul would faster eat nothing but salad for a week than bash an honest gesture like this, but the jerseys were flag desecrating-pieces of crap, and that’s what Paul addressed: the jersey, not the meaning behind it.

    United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, §8, subsection (j).

    No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.

    “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.”


    …from the Department of Redundancy Department

    Even though they are, a lot of times.

    I get the point of the code, but it (like a lot of things written long ago) isn’t clear.

    These had red and white stripes and a blue field with stars. Does that count as “part of the flag” being reproduced as clothing?

    What about this?

    Again, I see the point. But it’s a flimsy rationale when they’ll send a kid home from school because he has a t-shirt with words on it that are deemed inappropriate, yet what’s supposedly in US statute goes unenforced every day.

    I disagree. I think it’s clear. And to answer those questions, I think all of those things are violations of the flag code, in addition to being, in my personal opinion, tacky.

    In my opinion, the image of a flag on a shirt is acceptable (like the dream team) but making the entire garment look like it’s a cut up flag isn’t acceptable.

    Also uni-notable: The two guards on either side of Saturday were both wearing No. 68! That’s not an mistake, though

    Should be “That’s not a mistake”.

    I might’ve passed it off as trolling, if the instance was isolated. Since there was another “a mistake” right afterward (in the bracketed part of the sentence), however, I figured it was more likely a typo (which Paul has now fixed).

    … and reading that, I’m not sure I should’ve used the “however” right where I did… ah, well, it’s not like I claim to be a particularly elegant writer.

    Wow, those Mallards units are, ummm, something… special.

    Glad Milwaukee got it right though.

    Most male birds don’t have units. Male ducks are exceptions.

    (But I can’t link to supporting evidence. Sorry.)

    Oh great, now I have a lunch hour project. That Indians logo in NYC appears to be off of Spring St, probably within a few blocks of my office. Hopefully it’s close to Ruben’s Empanada.

    That Lindsay Resnick sure does know a lot of random crap! (Sorry, pretty sure this is only my first or second contribution to the Ticker in the 3 or 4 years I’ve been reading this blog :P)

    Last week, in the comments, I jokingly suggested that the Nats should add an obscure President to their race line-up, someone like Mlllard Filmore, Chester A. Arthur, or William Howard Taft, the fattest world leader who wasn’t a Polynesian king.

    And now it seems the Big Man is their choice. I guess that means I am officially a Washington Nationals fan.

    Unfortunately, the Nats are attempting to foist several myths on us with Taft. First, that his nickname was Big Chief. He was Big Lub or Big Bill his entire life, but Big Chief stuck to him only after he was president.

    Second, that mascot is not President Taft. It’s Chief Justice Taft. Taft had dark hair throughout his presidency and only turned white after his appointment to the Supreme Court. And the mascot is too skinny; Taft slimmed down to a relatively healthy size only after leaving the White House.

    For me, The Barrel Man is on the same plane as Philadelphia Phil and Phyllis…a dated period piece that was adequate for the 1970’s but not so iconic to deserve such prominent placement or revival.
    Must be a Milwaukee thing?

    Actually, the Barrel Man dates back to the 1930s with the Minor League Milwaukee Brewers. But then he was known as Awgust… if I am correct in the spelling.

    You’re very close – It was actually “Owgust”, and as far as I can tell he dates back to 1942.

    He might not be “iconic” even in Milwaukee, at least nowhere near the level of the ball and glove, but he’s fun. And mascot logos rock.

    No, I think Barrel Man would work today. It just didn’t get much recognition in the retro trend other than a 1975 All-Star game cap & shirt and the Brewers used the much-more seen MB-glove logo.

    Phil & Phyllis on the other hand, looks like some Phillies kids fan club logo that really wouldn’t work on any professional or college level.

    The cap is getting trashed on Yahoo (big surprise) & one turd called it “Little League” & not “manly”. JFC.

    But look how much better & cleaner that cap is because it’s flat embroidered. It looks undistorted & legible from every angle.

    Cooperstown has a summer college-league team playing at Doubleday Field that’s called the Hawkeyes. If I had a choice in the matter, I’d go with Leatherstockings. Then again, I went to a high school whose nickname was Purple Tornado, so I suppose I need to serve a lot more uni-penance before I could make decisions such as that.

    Who came up with “Deerslayers”? That’s easily the most ridiculous team nickname I’ve ever seen, and it NEEDS to happen.

    Boy, you’d almost think there was some kind of connection between James Fenimore Cooper and Cooperstown. Obviously there isn’t, otherwise sane people would actually prefer that a high school named in part for a great American author encouraged students to learn about the author by using his books as a source for the school nickname.

    That would almost be, like, educational or something.

    Looks like the Brewers didn’t use the exact concept for the winning cap. The logo is smaller, I don’t see a gold squachee thing, and call me crazy but the concept appears to use gold thread for the vent holes. I zoomed in close thinking maybe it’s supped to be a glare from the shiny thread, but no, I do see gold in there.

    B. Great ’70s colors like the other two, but funky-looking 4 and no god-awful NOB make it the winner.

    I actually legitimately enjoy that first Madison Mallards jersey. The third one is “fine”, but that second one is… not good.

    Why is Jeff Saturday getting one last snap with Manning ‘a joke’? It’s an all star game.

    If only you were as offended by terms like flag desecration and GI Joe as you are by hipster, the site would improve.

    Many of us dislike the use of the flag or patriotism for profit. More of us are bothered by cheap and bad attempts at humor.

    i don’t always see eye-to-eye with paul, but for those of you who are whining about the “flag desecration” issue should learn a bit of flag etiquette…

    “The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations.”

    also…to clarify…

    “The Flag Code addresses the impropriety of using the flag as an article of personal adornment, a design on items of temporary use, and item of clothing. The evident purpose of these suggested restraints is to limit the commercial or common usage of the flag and, thus, maintain its dignity. The 1976 amendments to the Code
    recognized the wearing of a flag patch or pin on the left side (near the heart) of uniforms of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations. The Code also states that the flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever.

    “While wearing the colors may be in poor taste and offensive to many, it is important to remember that the Flag Code is intended as a guide to be followed on
    a purely voluntary basis to insure proper respect for the flag. It is, at least, questionable whether statutes placing civil or criminal penalties on the wearing of
    clothing bearing or resembling a flag could be constitutionally enforced in light of Supreme Court decisions in the area of flag desecration.”

    to summarize…

    it should never be used for advertising…which it is in these situations, obviously…to get people to the games…

    there are laws against “wearing of clothing…resembling the flag…”, although these laws may not be constitutional…

    but the most important statement, imho, is this…

    “The evident purpose of these suggested restraints is to limit the commercial or common usage of the flag and, thus, maintain its dignity.”

    honestly, ask yourself…are, or are not, these uniforms maintaining the dignity of the flag, or cheapening it through commercialism to advertise a team (along with any special honor that team wishes to bestow) and put people in the seats…?

    as paul said in a reply above, there are other ways to honor people…’nuff said…

    Good analysis, but name-calling isn’t necessary. Disagreeing with my position on this topic isn’t “whining,” and there’s no need to call it such. Thanks.

    I vote for the Mallards’ A option, too.

    Kind of reminds me of the White Sox’ beach blanket design.

    Funny enough, it reminds me of the Tequila Sunrise Astros uniforms, albeit not with stripes.

    oh and this awesome paragraph about the monotone representing “team unity”
    “Kansas will wear new road uniforms for the West Virginia contest. Designed and developed by adidas, the new Kansas uniforms feature solid color blocking of team logos, word marks and numbers with minimal accent color and shimmer finish for a bold on-court look. The monochromatic uniforms are a nod to team unity and pride for Kansas team colors.”

    Unfortunately, saying “Adidas gave us these, and the players think they’re fresh, so just roll with it” does not make for a good press release.

    Ah, well, at least they aren’t gray.

    That’s been my fear for a while now…gray or black uniforms. I have been pleasantly surprised that KU has stuck to its traditional blue and white uniforms with the occasional red thrown in.

    I’ve been told by people who know that Bill Self really doesn’t like the red alternates, so they are only worn the contract-mandated twice per season. The first is always an exhibition game, and the other tends to be the annual Sprint Center game. (Although it wasn’t this year.)

    This is yet another reason I like Bill Self. The loss to Duke while wearing red in the 1986 Final Four is one of my more painful college memories.

    Did anyone else notice the 3 different styles of pant striping in the pro bowl yesterday?

    1. full white stripe down the leg
    2. full white stripe down leg that wrapped around back of knee
    3. stupid “pro-combat” style stripe that ended at the hip

    Wouldn’t Chris Young have to wear a number other than 24 for the Athletics? Considering #24 is retired for Rickey Henderson?

    I was totally unaware of the Pro Bowl. For those Pro-Wrestling aficionados, I noticed that Cody Rhodes wore different tights for the Tag Title match and the Royal Rumble match.

    Be interesting to see what happens with the Cooperstown Central School mascot.

    I presume that “Leatherstockings” would seem too stuffy for kids today, but I would have loved to have “Hawkeyes” as my mascot in high school.

    They could then be sponsored by the local Nissan dealership. (don’t think the dealership wouldn’t contact that school)

    I’m getting a 404 on that link.

    Whoever allowed that to happen should be fired, unless Suh actually had that done intentionally. The Lions new logo isn’t exactly that new anymore. It’d be sorta understandable if a Seahawks player had last year’s logo, but not Detroit.

    Regarding the Brewers YOUniform winner, did anyone else notice that the “B” in Brewers on the manufactured jersey in the picture is completely different than the “B” in the original design?

    It’s odd they would change that particular detail, when the remaining letters (which are all customized) match up. And the Brewers know from fancy “B”s. Continuing a concern voiced earlier, is there a reason teams can’t put contrasting stitching on the cap eyelets?

    Does it look good? It looks amazing! Think how that would come off with a hat that has more contrast-y colors. Say, orange squatchee/eyelets on the Tigers’ road cap, or white ones on the Royals’ hat.

    Eh.. they would look like random pieces of lint or paint blotches from a distance. I think it would add too much clutter. It’s only 1/4″ in diameter.

    They look like the numbers used in the chinese knockoffs, not a fan of the change in the number style at all. Not a move based on history, a move to their newer font would be preferable, if a change had to be made.

    They made the Orange outline of the numbers thinner is what I should say. Makes them look bigger.

    I really don’t think they should be using the flag like that. It looks tacky & the US flag isn’t some fashion element in the arsenal. I don’t like these “Stars & Stripes” MLB caps & jerseys either.

    Use a flag patch in its full & unaltered context for the proper representation & respect as it was intended.

    calling a tribute to a fallen 25 year old combat veteran a “flag desecration” is a bit fuckin’ tasteless…

    Why? I think treating the flag as a design template for a sports costume is a desecration of the flag, so that’s what I wrote.

    As I’ve already noted in an earlier comment, the mere fact that the design had a laudable basis (i.e., a tribute to someone) doesn’t make the execution of the design laudable. Lots of things are rooted in good intentions but are nonetheless in inappropriate, and I think that’s the case here. There were lots of other ways they could have tributed the person in question without desecrating the flag.

    If you disagree, that’s fine. But if you’re gonna say my position is “fuckin’ tasteless,” it would be good if you could explain why. Please be specific.

    Donning a flag-festooned uniform in tribute to a fallen soldier strikes me as akin to commemorating the victim of an auto accident with roadside mylar balloons and stuffed animals. It trivializes a solemn event and makes grief “showy”. Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    Is that really how anyone thinks one should “pay tribute” to a fallen American soldier? Would it really be OK for everyone to dress like this at his funeral:

    Now, I get it. A funeral is not a sports game. But the implication is not that anything goes at the sports game, but either (A) A sports game, being a festive occasion, is inherently inappropriate to use to pay somber tribute to a fallen soldier; or (B) “Paying tribute” on an athletic field requires taking the tribute at least as seriously as a funeral precisely because the sporting atmosphere will otherwise cheapen and trivialize the tribute.

    I don’t specifically sit down with a DVD and say to myself, “Now to find some uniform anomolies!” But I do sometimes spot things while watching old footage, sure.

    Since I’m only one person and all of you people are out there are, you know, LOTS of people, this type of thing tends to be reader-contributed more often than not.

    This is a mark from their Super Bowl style guide which they have had for many of the past seasons.

    After a little more research there was an alternate logo for last year’s Super Bowl too. Notice how each logo is used in the same way, both with the Roman Numerals and with the city – “INDY” or “NOLA”

    Does anyone know specifically if this secondary logo series is indeed “official”? Is the NFL just putting these logos out there so that in about six to eight years when they decide that using the same logo every year was stupid and they want to go back to having unique ones, they can pretend these were the main logos all along, and the silver one was only used for XLV?

    Pretty sure that I linked to an almost identical gallery of Cubs scorecards a month or so ago…..Now I’m curious…..

    I have no time today to find the photos, but did anyone notice the caddie bibs at the Farmers Insurance Open? Several caddies had logos of the the respective golfer’s alma mater. For example, Brandt Snedeker’s caddie wore a Vanderbilt logo.

    I thought that it was interesting that Tiger Woods’ caddy, instead of having typical sports team collegiate logo like the rest of them, has a Stanford logo that looks more like it is an academic university logo.

    Before I answer that question: Nok-a-Homa was the live mascot who danced around at Braves games and lived in a teepee perched above the outfield wall. I’m pretty sure that name was never given to any logo character. Let’s not start using that name for the screaming/whooping Indian logo.

    As for the Braves’ cap: Yes, I have a small photo of that too. Will show it tomorrow.

    Andre Johnson, at least I think it was him, had a red right shoe and a white left shoe in the Pro Bowl. I forgot to get a screen grab before deleting the game from the DVR :P

    Knowing nothing about the Mallards I would actually like to go with A just because its different, I like C hate B but A wins out just for the faux Astros Like stripes.

    Kansas the latest to wear the same color unis…

    Said Brent Musburger: “Kansas wearing their new Adidas duds, a little difficult to see the name, but I think you can make out the number.”

    West Virginia’s yellow numbers on white are also a little hard to see.

    How often do you see Wayne Gretzky in a jersey NOT numbered #99?
    It’s also kind of strange to see Gretzky wearing Warrior gloves, when he has such a strong mental association with Easton equipment. (Yes yes, Gretzky was a Jofa and Titan guy in Edmonton, and once had an interest in Hespeler in the twilight of his career.) Speaking of which, Nicklas Lidstrom, Mike Modano, Gretzky apparently…that’s a lot of Easton royalty switching to Warrior. Makes me wonder if there’s anything at all going on behind the scenes, even though I cannot substantiate that idea at all.

    Was kinda wondering about this

    I knew the 1970 Sun Bowl was color v. color in fact I’m pretty sure I found that out on this very site a few years ago. Granted those were only pics this is a video so that is a new look at the game.

    It hearkens back to a time when Georgia Tech was THE Tech. Its clear based on GT’s uni choices of the last year that Tech is trying to recapture that concept, the return to the old school TECH on the basketball uniforms and Georgia has been dropped from the name on the front of the football jerseys as well. I think its too late to start back down that road especially with half of the other Techs in FBS being in the conference.

    The Musial tribute jerseys remind me of when Rocket Richard died and the Expos wore his #9 as a sleeve patch. Same sports in reverse and they just flipped the number upside down. Just thought it was fascinating.

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