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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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With a few exceptions, NFL coaches are pathological control freaks who bellow and scowl as they try to maintain dominion over every little facet of their fiefdoms. So it’s always amusing when one of them is caught with his fly down, literally or metaphorically. That was the case on Saturday, when Jim Harbaugh — who happens to coach my favorite team but comes off as Grade A jerk pretty much every single week — was wearing his mock turtleneck backwards. Over a dozen Uni Watch readers noticed, and so did a few media outlets. Go ahead and smile, Jim — it doesn’t hurt, honest.

In other news from the divisional playoff round:

• Of the eight teams that played over the weekend, five of them were still wearing the Sandy Hook Elementary School memorial decal: the Packers, 49ers, Falcons, Seahawks, and Patriots. The Broncos, Ravens, and Texans were not wearing it.

• If you look again at that Patriots photo from the last graf, you’ll see they actually had two memorial decals. The second one was for equipment manager Don Brocher, who passed away just after the end of the regular season.

• One of the zebras in the Broncos/Ravens game didn’t have a position designation.

• There was a pretty cool Broncos helmet cart outside the Denver/Baltimore game.

• The Packers’ travel gear included a new logo just for the coaches’ equipment. Never seen that one before.

• Jacquizz Rodgers of the Falcons suffered a torn jersey.

• Right before the two minute warning in the first half of the Texans/Pats game, someone on the Houston sideline staff pulled the red challenge flag out of Gary Kubiak’s pocket, presumably because tossing a challenge in the last two minutes would bring a penalty.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Brian Chismar, Rob Holecko, Curt Ledall, Michael Lindquist, John Okray, Dave Rakowski, and Jacob Reed.)

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Contest results: In case you missed it yesterday, the results of Phil’s Super Bowl logo contest were pretty damn impressive. Check it out here.

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PermaRec update: Several stories regarding war artifacts — including a WWII duffel bag being returned to its 92-year-old owner (shown at right) and some WWI glass negatives being found inside an antique camera — are the subject of the latest entry on the Permanent Record blog.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise is the latest to join the growing chorus of voices calling for the Redskins to change their name. … Tennis players at non-Grand Slam events will now be allowed to have more ads on their shirts and caps (from Paul Deaver). ”¦ Here’s a magnificent-looking uniform catalog — with swatches! — for Falstaff beer deliverers. Too bad it’s so pricey, or I’d be all over it. ”¦ Fresno State and San Diego State went color-vs.-color last Wednesday (from Braden Claassen). ”¦ Remember when we were doing Cubees a few months back? Here’s one for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Yes, a QB Cubee (from Adam Schechter). ”¦ Nicole Haase says she knew I’d love these old Packers cheerleaders photos, and she’s right. ”¦ Here’s the latest concussion alert sensor thingie (from Ben Fortney). ”¦ If I hear that chick in the KFC commercial say, “Game-day bucket go boom” one more fucking time, I swear I’m gonna heave a cinderblock through my teevee. ”¦ New soccer shoes for Leonel Messi (from Kenny Loo). ”¦ Decent story about NOBs on retail jerseys. As always, the most obvious solution isn’t mentioned: Don’t buy retail jerseys to begin with (from Jeff Vervlied). ”¦ “A friend traveled in Cuba recently, and brought back this photograph she found in Havana,” says Mike Menner. “Che Guevara (who didn’t really care much for baseball, she said) is wearing the Occidente jersey and cap. To his right is Raul Castro. Gotta love those baseball-loving revolutionaries!” ”¦ Check out Dave Widell’s unusual FNOB. “His brother Doug also played on that team,” notes Bob Novotny. ”¦ Speaking of the Broncos, check out Steve Sewell’s unusual facemask (from Dave Singleton). ”¦ “I played the table soccer game called Subbuteo when I was younger,” says Jeremy Brahm. “Subbuteo in the UK created versions for rugby and cricket in the past, but now a baseball fan in Italy has created a baseball version of the game, with Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers teams. Here are some shots of the game being played.” ”¦ New lacrosse helmets for St. John’s (from Jared Buccola). ”¦ Very nice Notre Dame sideline cape here. That’s from the 1966 ND/Michigan State game (from Dale Alison). ”¦ From that same game: a good view of Notre Dame’s merit stars (from Zach Conrad). ”¦ One of you folks in Chicago should totally snap up this jacket, pronto. ”¦ Lousy image quality, but check out this fascinating photo and caption about the NCAA banning “the pyramid defense” against field goals. That’s from a 2/12/66 newspaper (great find by Jerry Wolper). ”¦ Here’s a better-than-average time-lapse video of the Capitals’ ice surface being laid down. ”¦ “While going through some old photo files, I came across these images from a 1978 football playoff game at Wayne High School in West Virginia,” says Brice Wallace. “The quarterback and coach were both old-school tough guys and couldn’t have cared less that the uniforms were less than perfect. The quarterback’s number should be 15.” ”¦ Sell two washers, win a free football uniform. That’s an ad from 1922 (from Kenn Tomasch). ”¦ The Blues had several players conduct a Q&A session with fans after yesterday’s practice. Interestingly, the participating players wore jerseys with a mix of old and new logo creep styles (from Danny Levy). ”¦ No photo, but Jason Charles Franklin reports that Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook, both of whom wear No. 0, matched up against each other during yesterday’s Thunder/Blazers game.

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    The assistant is probably pulling Kubiak’s flag because the clock is about to tick under two minutes, so any flag thrown after that would be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

    Did no one notice Texas A&M’s NBA-Christmas-like unis when they upset Kentucky at Rupp this weekend?

    With a few exceptions, NFL coaches are pathological control freaks who bellow and scowl as they try to maintain dominion over every little facet of their fiefdoms

    The few exceptions are generally the ones that get fired after back-to-back 3-13 seasons.

    Ah, Paul, thanks for making my Monday a whole lot better with the KFC comment. Literally had to stifle my laughter.

    A year or two ago I made the decision to watch sporting events with the sound muted. Makes for a much better viewing experience.

    I decided to mute the tv and listen to game/race/etc on satellite radio. Only problem is satellite radio is a good 7 to 10 seconds behind whats happening on TV.

    I really don’t understand why they need to constantly talk. We’re watching the game on TV, do we need them talking the entire freaking time? (It’s not radio where voice is the medium). NASCAR does something a few times a race where the announcers shut up for three or four laps and just let you watch the race and listen to the cars. Holy crap it would 100% better if the entire game or event was like that.

    In the Steve Sewell photo, it looks like linemen #76 and #62 are missing the white stripe on their sleeves. Might just be a weird fabric fold.

    “Decent story about NOBs on retail jerseys. As always, the most obvious solution isn’t mentioned: Don’t buy retail jerseys to begin with (from Jeff Vervlied).”

    The real solution is for teams to not clutter up their jerseys with NOBs, and to have only numbers on the backs. Then we fans could “inherit” all the future players who get the number that we’ve got.

    For the only customized jersey I own, I chose the number of a favorite player but left the NOB off of it so that it wasn’t purely tied to that player.

    I simply got a pair of Union jerseys in their first year with no name or number on the back and no stupid ad on the front. I don’t regret that decision at all.

    Cornell probably developed the pyramid because they were p*ssed off that Charlie Gogolak didn’t kick for them like big brother Pete.

    Those pyramids look a lot like rugby line-outs



    To bring it back to uniforms, there are even special shorts for the jumpers (but most of us just threw a couple wraps of tape around the thighs so the lifter’s hands wouldn’t slip):


    Thanks for finding that, Larry. The photo deserves to be noticed, even in the lesser state I originally found.

    Cool Permanent Record entry! It was cool that Mr. Kader was able to get his duffel bag back. It was also very nice of the French family to do the legwork necessary to get it back to him.

    Honestly, I was a little surprised — and very impressed — at the number of high-quality entries to Phil’s Super Bowl 48 logo contest. We have an impressively deep bench on this site.

    And Paul, thank you for the Permanent Record heads-up. Very interesting discoveries. I am a modestly maniacal collector of World War I images (no original stuff, just reproductions), and I can assure you that within a week each detail of those newly-discovered glass plates will be sorted and named by the global fraternity of La Grande Guerre nuts. The bomb, the village, the dates — all will be revealed. For all three of you who care, you might be surprised that one of the most comprehensive — and certainly most accessible — repository of French WWI images is the Library of Congress.

    It comes as no surprise that there are over 2,000 comments on Wise’s column on the Redskins’ name. As a kid, I opposed changing the name. But now I’m in favor of it. It’s one of many reasons why I’m a Ravens fan first.

    I know we have covered re-naming the Redskins here on Uni-watch before. I think it would be an easy change to re-name them Red Hawks and just swap out the Indian head for a hawk. That way, the team can keep their colors and even the circle with the feathers hanging off of it. (I don’t care if the Redskins and Utah Utes call the circle a “drum.” It doesn’t look like a drum. It’s a two dimension circle.)

    I would insist on keeping the feathers. It’s a cop out when a team runs away from its old nickname. Yeah, change it, but embrace the history. Keep the narrative. “Redskins” is no less a part of Washington NFL history than the 27 championships are to the Yankees. That said, I look askance of the Red Hawks identity. Too close to the Eagles.

    Isn’t the goal a total rebranding? (probably something red, white and blue) If all you do is change the racist name, but keep the colors and some of the imagery, it’s always going to feel like “the team that used to be the Redskins” and still offend some. It’s like the Wizards going back to the Bullets colors, but still having the name “Wizards”. They’re not fooling anyone.

    I don’t feel like getting too deep into this issue today, but I really, really hope that if the Redskins name is dropped at some point, they can do better than yet another fucking red/white/blue color scheme.

    Burgundy and Gold identify the team as much as Redskins do. Changing the name is the right thing to do but, I think they’d be better off keeping the color scheme. And, with the new Wizards unis, Leonsis want to bring back some of the old feelings people had for the Bullets while keeping Abe’s name change in tact. You do have to admit they look much sharper than the drab blue-bronze fiasco they used to wear.

    I agree with The Jeff. While red, white and blue would be ideal and appropriate for a team from DC and match the other teams, it’s a color combination that’s just too common. The Redskins have the Giants in the same division. And the Cowboys wear blue, too. As it is, the Washington football club stands out with their burgundy and gold. Also, I believe it would be easier on the fans to have a name change if they can still hold onto the colors.

    I could be wrong, but if you keep the burgundy and gold or the feathers or anything associated with R——s, then they’re still going to be associated with it. Are they still going to celebrate the R——s’ history, and their three Lombardi trophys? If what they are saying is true, that the name R——s is as offensive to Native Americans as N—–s is to African-Americans, then I think you have to blow the whole thing up, disperse the players, and and award Washington a replacement expansion team with no ties at all to the former R——s.

    This isn’t the same as the Atlanta BP cap, that’s just a problem with that one image, but the term “Brave” apparently isn’t as offensive as “R——s”. (Or if it is, then they need to change it as well. I associate “Braves” with courage. Perhaps it is as offensive as the r-word, I don’t know. I sense that it isn’t.) But if your whole team image is a Native American concept embodied by a term that is entirely racist itself, I don’t see how just changing the name solves anything.

    If a team had been called the Nashville N—–s back in the past and they had changed their name, do you think the team would still be celebrating their history? You can’t just change the name to the Nashville Soul Brothers, and have the N—–s’ trophys in your trophy case like everything is all right.

    Before following this debate on Uni Watch, I had no idea that R——s was as offensive as the n-word, and knowing that it is I am aghast that they keep using the name, and even sick to my stomach that I have uttered the “R-word” so cavalierly in the past. (Of course I was just talking about a football team, not about Indians themselves.) Luckily there were no Native Americans around at any time I may have said it, I hope.

    If Uni Watch does anything, it does make us think.

    “I agree with The Jeff.”


    Now, there’s a phrase you don’t hear … ever.

    It will always be “the team that used to be the Redskins.” Taking the wrecking ball to the team’s legacy merely does a disservice to history. I’ve seen enough of throwback jerseys whitewashed of pistols, cigars and indian portraits to know that pretending it never happened doesn’t fly. And jettisoning the club’s longstanding fans in favor of encouraging potential Native American ones strikes me as much a fool’s errand as pushing aside Indians to placate the season-ticket holders. There is much worth saving about the Washington Redskins; don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    It will always be “the team that used to be the Redskins.” Taking the wrecking ball to the team’s legacy merely does a disservice to history. I’ve seen enough of throwback jerseys whitewashed of pistols, cigars and indian portraits to know that pretending it never happened doesn’t fly.

    That’s my point — you have to totally dissolve the whole franchise… the three rings, the Hogettes, John Riggins 4th Down run in Super Bowl XVII, Sonny Jurgensen and Sammy Baugh — otherwise you’re just whitewashing a racist name of the past and still celebrating its history.

    You can’t say “oh, this name is racist, let’s get rid of it,” but still cling to its’ history.

    “You can’t say “oh, this name is racist, let’s get rid of it,” but still cling to its’ history.”


    I’m pretty sure you can.

    You just have to want to.

    No, they don’t have to dissolve the franchise. Every sports franchise that dates to pre-integration times has a racist history, but that didn’t mean they had to shut down, it just meant they had to change. They still had their histories, both the good and ugly parts.

    Get rid of the ugly name, recognize that it’s part of the history, and strive to be better. That’s what they should do.

    …I’m just taking Mike Wise at face value. If “R——s” is truly as offensive as “n—–s” then we (R—–s fans included) should want nothing more to do with the franchise by that name, 3 Lombardi trophies and eighty years of memories not withstanding.

    Either we as a people just don’t care about Native Americans’ feelings as much as we care about African-Americans’ feelings, or Mr. Wise is wrong and that name isn’t as offensive as the n-word. But if it truly is that offensive, than there is no excuse for any of us to keep using it, any of us: the league itself, the people that cheer for them, the journalists that cover them, any of us.

    Is that word really that offensive?

    I’m pretty sure you can./You just have to want to.

    I don’t think you can. If the 2018 Washington Generals win Super Bowl LIII and claim it as their fourth Lombardi, they might as well be saying they still embrace “their racist past.” I would think they’d need to distance themselves from it.

    There is indeed no excuse to keep using it, but it doesn’t logically follow that the franchise and its history should be jettisoned. Segregation was more offensive than any word, but we don’t shut down and deny the history of every instituiton that used to be segregated.

    What TA said.

    There is absolutely nothing about the franchise (other than the name and the logo) that has to be jettisoned. You’re acting like this is something *personal* (maybe it is????). Change the name, ditch the logo and move on.


    It’s. Not. That. Hard.

    “…you have to totally dissolve the whole franchise…”

    As happens so many times on this website, people overreact to something related to a gamr.

    Like TA said “…Get rid of the ugly name, recognize that it’s part of the history…” And that’s it. There’s going to be thousands of shirts sold anyhow saying “I’m still calling them the Redskins.”

    My last thought on this:

    If their name was the Washington N–g-rs, we’d run screaming from the room, and burn down everything associated with it. If the name is truly as bad, that should be the reaction.

    By that logic, we’d have to burn down every antebellum building that was built with slave labor, as slavery is more offensive than any racial slur.

    I know you’re trying to argue from absurdity in an attempt to demonstrate that the name isn’t really so bad, but your logical leaps are too far to jump.

    By that logic, we’d have to burn down every antebellum building that was built with slave labor, as slavery is more offensive than any racial slur.

    I know you’re trying to argue from absurdity in an attempt to demonstrate that the name isn’t really so bad, but your logical leaps are too far to jump.

    Ok, you guys are probably right, I guess I did go a little too “absurd” with my argument, but I do think Mr. Wise is wrong. If “Redskins” is as offensive as the n-word, we wouldn’t be able to say it out loud, let alone even debate about whether it should continue to be used as a NFL team name.

    Yeah, I don’t really know what name would be best. Red Hawks is just a name that floats into my head. I’m sure it would be something else. But at least a bird would give a reason for keeping the feathers.

    Or go Potomacs or Americans and you can even keep the original logo in there.

    One problem with this movement to change the name it seems like the most outspoken folks on the issue in DC are folks who are already widely unpopular. The Mayor, probably will end up in jail for being so overtly corrupt. Wise, was so unpopular he lost his radio show, if you read any post story he writes most of the comments are just trashing the guy.

    Most of the comments on anything online are just trashing the author. That doesn’t tell you anything about public opinion, it just tells you that you’re reading the Internet and made the soul-sucking mistake of scrolling down to the comments. Comment sections like this one, with civil discourse where you actually learn stuff, are very, very rare.

    What I find interesting about Mr. Wise’s Opinion piece is that he seems to hoist all the responsibility of a Redskins name change on Robert Griffin III. Wouldn’t a group of players (maybe including Griffin) be just as effective in making the same point? And he expects this from a 22 year-old? I wonder if Wise was just as passionate about a Redskins name change when he was 22 as he is now (It may have been a different time then, but the name was just as inappropriate). I’ve read some of Wise’s articles and listened to his radio show. His knowledge of basketball is great, but I don’t care for his take on other sports. His radio show was a pretty lousy effort, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.

    When I finally bought myself a Washington Capitals jersey, I spent a few dollars more to get it customized. Instead of a name, I just put Capitals and the number of my choice on the back. That was no one would look down on it for using my own name and to avoid the awkwardness of having an outdated jersey or a player who embarrasses me later on.

    Someone saw it on the Tweeter once and called it a “jersey foul.” In my opinion, I don’t think it is.

    Not a jersey foul. When you drop $100 or more on a shirt you can get any number you want. i have a few non-name jerseys in my collection too. Keep the faith.

    Jersey collecting was sure fun when the prices were lower than seventy dollars. For $200, the damn things better cure cancer.

    i disagree. for the most part it’s fun and usually harmless… however i admit i feel a lot of fans go ape-shit with the jerseys they buy (both in quantity and random players).

    i don’t know why you make such a big deal of it though.

    my collection/game day rotation is simple, but i enjoy wearing a jersey to the games.

    It’s not harmless — it’s bad for the uni-verse. Because retailing/merchandising now drives what we see on the field, almost always for the worse.

    “retailing/merchandising now drives what we see on the field, almost always for the worse”

    you win, i can’t argue that point. LOL

    i can honestly say i haven’t actually bought a jersey since i’ve started making them. i love mine far more than any i could just go out and buy.

    i have received 2 Pens jerseys recently as gifts, and i fully plan to add them to the rotation.

    “you win, i can’t argue that point.”


    Isn’t that what your most recent ink says too?

    Cool video on the Caps putting down the ice surface. Have most NHL teams transitioned to decals now rather than painting on logos? I recall a video of the Blackhawks putting great detail into painting their center ice logo.

    If I could find someone who could heat seal sleeve stripes so that they wouldn’t come off, I would have done my own 49ers jersey a long time ago. Used to be you could get blanks of any NFL team for relatively cheap and have your local sporting goods store do the letters/numbers.

    As it is, I got my last name and the number 3, signifying I’m a third-generation Niner fan. And I don’t give a crap if anyone calls a “jersey foul.”

    I clicked on the story about the concussion alert sensor and immediately thought that mc10 was some rapper. LOL

    The Packers had a coaches logo represented with an outline of Vince Lombardi even before Lombardi was coaching in Green Bay?

    We have seen the “Holstein Heisman” many times on Packer equipment boxes, visor tabs, and even a resurgence in the Packers Pro Shop. But that “coaches logo” is something that must be very new.

    The Packers introduced a whole series of those roundel logos this season. Including this one, I’ve seen the Equipment Department (Holstein Heisman), Video Department (movie camera), Coaches (Vince Lombardi statue) and the audio or communications department (headset):


    I don’t like to blog-pimp, but I have a review of those logos link.

    Correction: Messi’s first name is pronounced as if it’s Leonel, but it’s actually spelled Lionel.

    Along the same vein as the video of the Verizon Center ice going down (thank the fates!), here’s a time-lapse a co-worker of mine did at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Because of the packed schedule at BLF (sometimes a Pacers game one night, USHL Indiana Ice game the next, Pacers the next, then a concert) they had to lay and QC the ice on an off-day, then convert the arena back to basketball, then back to ice. The guys who line up at the employee doors of your local arena as the spectators are all leaving are some real heroes sometimes!


    Sorry, hyperlinking-impaired helmet/facemask geek here:

    “While going through some old photo files, I came across these images from a 1978 football playoff game at Wayne High School in West Virginia,” says Brice Wallace. “The quarterback and coach were both old-school tough guys and couldn’t have cared less that the uniforms were less than perfect.

    Hasn’t it always been stated that that the “EG” style mask was developed by/for Eric Dickerson? link

    Dickerson was drafted in 1983. So even if he wore that mask in college, which he did, at least for some portion: link then either the date on the linked photo is wrong, or the ‘history’ of Dickerson and EG is incorrect.

    Dickerson was at SMU from 1979-1982 and didn’t start off wearing that mask: link

    Wonder which is the case?

    If you look at Glenn Doughty of the Colts from 1975, he is wearing an early version of the EG facemask. A real good look appears at 2:02 of this video:
    I remember wanting one of these so I could play while wearing glasses. Alas, we had Dungard masks, so nothing like this was available to us.

    Nice find, TH. Somebody should tell the folks at SI who credit dickerson for the EG that they have it all wrong.

    The EG has existed since the 50’s if not earlier for protecting athletes who wear spectacles.

    I don’t remember when it was shown, but I swear a patent drawing or catalog photo was shown on Uni-Watch that dated from the 40’s or 50’s. It was a primitive version of the EG but it had the trademark vertical bars on the sides near the eyes.

    Maybe I’m confusing it with an eyeglasses protector for basketball players? Either way, an optional EG add-on is clearly shown on this Helmet Hut page:


    And on that Helmet Hut page under “introduced” it says “1950’s”. There’s the smoking gun for proving when the EG came out. I have no idea why SI would say it was developed specifically for Eric Dickerson, that’s clearly hogwash!

    I absolutely love the two old school Notre Dame pictures, as well as the new lacrosse helmets for St. John’s. Subbuteo looks like a pretty neat game, I’ll have to try and see if I could find a set. I know that my dad and brother would love to play it as much as I do.

    Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL soccer) released a “new” logo today. Not really new so much as updated to include a second star – first star was for their ’75 title, they added a 2nd to represent their 2012 title:


    I know countries use stars to represent their world cup wins, but are those actually part of the logo or are they a separate element?

    I believe the star or stars are considered part of the logo for every World Cup winner except England and Spain.

    See that ad for Orlando City vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies on that page? Orlando City nickname is the Lions, not sure why they have one nickname but not the other.

    Probably because it’s the Rowdies webpage? I don’t think it’s that uncommon in sports to refer to the opponent by just the city name.

    Apparently Orlando City isn’t a NASL team, but a USL team, and even on the USL webpage, it doesn’t list Lions, but just Orlando City in a list of all of the teams and all the rest have their nicknames, including another Lions, so maybe there is some dispute about that name being official or disputed or soemthing.


    ..and on the about page for Orlando City it says in the text that the team is “also know as the ‘Lions’.” and in the heading just says ‘Orlando City’.

    I know for awhile the Rowdies couldn’t use Rowdies and just went by ‘FC Tampa Bay’ with the Rowdies colors, because the original team still had the rights to the name or something.

    Can’t tell entirely, but it looks like CSKA goalie Rastislav Stana went FNOB during the KHL all-star game this past weekend:

    link (about 30 seconds in)

    Disregard. Puck Daddy’s article said it was Stana in net, but that’s not him. It’s Valerii Koshechkin.

    Has anyone noticed that Russell Wilson’s name is a combination of two prominent football equipment companies?

    i am not sure prominent is the word to be used here.. maybe if it was 1982, but now.. not so much

    Since becoming a Starter he has really proven that he is a Pro Player, I mean, the guy runs like a Puma out there! Maybe he’ll lead the Seahawks to the Apex One day…

    It is true, however, that Fidel was the better ballplayer. Pretty good pitcher. Che liked to be seen and photographed in baseball setting — cuz the Cuban people were (and are) beisboleros extremos — but he was a good Argentine (good Irish Argentine, actually, his mother was a Lynch) and much preferred futbol.

    The quarterback in the Wayne High School photo looks like a guy that I played baseball with and against in that same era, Greg Hill, who later went on to play baseball at Marshall University.

    when did NHL teams start using decals for their logo? I guess it makes sense but I always assumed they painted the center ice logo.

    Lots of teams do.

    The paint job tends to take much more time and resources, and therefore is suitable when putting in the first ice of the season. Because the rinks have had ice for a while with no team or staff, the staff is now under a crunch for time in terms of prepping everything while bringing everyone back on. Decals over paint is one way to speed up the process without needing dozens of people per day with paintbrushes.

    i think they’re under pressure to get these surfaces up and running, so they have to lay the decals down quick. i noticed though, they are still hand painting the blue lines, goal creases, circles, dots, and goal lines.

    Probably easier to do straight lines and curves than complex designs – even with stencils. Plus, once you get a couple layers of ice over the base surface, you can’t even tell it’s a decal.

    I seem to recall a post earlier this season that showed banner pieces being laid into the ice for another league (USHL?) where there was less of a rush than what we’r seeing with the NHL.

    USHL is more an issue with cost and ability. Decals printed and made can be done in-house cheaply for a good marketing department, and externally for fairly cheap by a printing company.

    Most ice crews don’t hire artists when looking for workers. It would take someone with experience and vision to draw the logo onto the ice, especially when it comes to anniversary or special night logos. It’s way cheaper and easier for the USHL teams to just get decals.

    Wisconsin – Stephens Point is using a direct rip-off of the Washington Caps script. Disappointing from a college institution.


    And the five stars on the uniform represent the school’s five DIII National Championships.

    It wasn’t until recently that SNC started using the fleur de lis as their helmet logo. At least there is some historical significance with St. Norbert and the logo. So it isn’t really a Saints ripoff.

    The high school QB from ’78 is the earliest use I’ve ever seen of the Deion Sanders style facemask. Pretty cool.

    See my post above…Sports Illustrated credits Eric Dickerson with this facemask. They’re clearly wrong.

    About that 1978 football playoff game at Wayne High School in West Virginia photo:

    I think that is the first photo I have ever seen of a player besides Eric Dickerson using the Deion facemask for its intended purpose: to add extra protection for eyeglasses/goggles/Rec Specs.

    And it’s from 1978, 5 whole years before Dickerson debuted in the NFL! Wow! I challenge anyone to find an earlier photo of someone wearing the Deion facemask while wearing spectacles.

    I think that would make a really interesting interview, asking Dickerson why he never wore contacts and how he finally settled on Rec Specs, and whether he chose to wear the Deion facemask or if a coach or equipment manager suggested it to him or required that he wear it. Also throw in a couple questions about his lip protector mouth guard and his trademark neck roll which everyone in the league is wearing a low profile version of now thanks to the new Nike jerseys.

    Re the Packers cheerleaders, I think the ’66 squad was in much better shape and more attractive than the ’80s squad. In this age, I would hope they would get better talent, so to speak. I guess its a zone of ugly running from through the rust belt – green bay/Chicago/Detroit/Cleveland/Pittsburgh/and nygiants dont have cheerleaders. Next contest – design September game uniforms (most revealing) for any cheerleading squad of the 6 teams currently without one.

    “In this age, I would hope they would get better talent, so to speak. I guess its a zone of ugly running from through the rust belt”



    Dude, you gotta put up the sarcasm tags on a post like this.

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