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Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 11.34.21 PM.png

LSU had new jerseys for the Chicken Sandwich Bowl last night — longer UCLA striping, new number font, Nikelace. You can see more photos here.

A few other notes from that game:

• LSU wore a “Stop Random Acts of Violence” helmet decal. Nice thought, but the Newtown massacre wasn’t “random”; it was calculated, premeditated, planned out, etc.

• LSU defensive back Tharold Simon appeared to have “TM7” written on his arm — presumably a shout-out to former teammate Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu, who wore No. 7.

• Clemson defensive back Xavier Brewer wore cut-off Nike socks on his forearms.

(My thanks to Stefan Spasovski and Solomon Duncan for their screen shots.)

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50 Years Ago Today

50 Years Ago…This Weekend

Last year, Rick Pearson took us “back in time” to bring us his look at the featured television college football match-up from 50 years ago. (If you’re not familiar with it, this was the inaugural post of “50 Years Ago” from last year — after that, it became a recurring feature on UW for the remainder of the season). Last year, Rick looked at the 1961 season, and fortunately for us, he “uni tracked” the games from 1962 as well, documenting the game via his “kid cards”. Each week this fall, he’ll do the same, again.

It’s Bowl Season now, so Rick has the Bowls of the Week for us:


62 Wk 18a

Jan. 1, 1963…ORANGE BOWL…Alabama 17, Oklahoma 0 on ABC

New Year’s Day. Big Day. Four games. The day that marked the end of the football season (the pros were done around Christmas). First up, Alabama beats Oklahoma in Miami…Uniwise, most notable are Sooners’ padded helmets and being one of only a few team to wear SpotBilts….Rick McCurdy didn’t play pro football…Richard Williamson caught TD pass in this game from sophomore QB named Joe Namath…

. . .

62 Wk 18b

Jan. 1, 1963…SUGAR BOWL…Mississippi 17, Arkansas 13 on NBC

Okay, I admit it. Mississippi’s jerseys may have been navy this day in New Orleans. Those Varsity Blue helmets really messed up trying to determine what was red and what was navy on black and white TV. OR, the Rebels may have had an alternate red jersey that long ago. I honestly don’t know…Also, I’m not sure that the Razorbacks’ UCLA-striped road jerseys weren’t a bowl game special. Certainly some Arkansas Uni-Watcher must know…Louis Guy saw limited duty as a kickoff returner for Giants in ’63 and Raiders in ’64…Jerry Lamb didn’t move on to the pros.

. . .

62 Wk 18c

Jan. 1, 1963…COTTON BOWL…LSU 13, Texas 0 on CBS

Interesting color matchup in this game in Dallas…I think the LSU numbers should be purple. They had been black in the Billy Cannon era but (as discussed here at U-W) apparently they were changed to purple at the time the TV numbers were moved from the shoulders to the sleeves…Longhorns in those logo AND TV number helmets…Gene Sykes spent three seasons with the Bills as a DB and one with the Broncos…Tommy Lucas didn’t play in the NFL.

. . .

62 Wk 18d

Jan. 1, 1963…ROSE BOWL…Southern Cal 42, Wisconsin 37 on NBC

Ah, the Grandaddy of Them All. And it WAS a heckuva game. There was so much passing and clock stoppage (uncharacteristic of the times) that the game seemed to go on forever, as if the season didn’t want to end. With darkness falling in Pasadena, there was a possibility the game would be called (very few college stadia had lights back then). I recall the announcers saying something like, “Because our cameramen can open their lenses wide, you folks at home are seeing the game better right now than we are here in the booth.” Wisconsin QB Ron Vanderkelen scrambled around desperately trying to pull out a Badger victory, but time, and the season, ran out. For football fans, 1962’s meaningful games were over. Only the coming Saturday’s Senior Bowl remained. Happy New Year.

+ + + + +

Uni Watch News Ticker: In the Gas Station Bowl, Texas WR Jaxon Shipley was wearing a ribbon decal on the back of his helmet. Other Longhorns didn’t have this decal. Anyone know more? (From Coleman Mullins.) ”¦ A Richmond-area inventor has come up with a contraption to keep football helmets from flying off during violent collisions (from Tommy Turner). ”¦ Here’s an interesting long at the history of the Red Sox’s “B” cap logo. ”¦ Tulsa and Iowa State went color-vs.-color for the Auto Parts Bowl, plus Tulsa added a Liberty Bell helmet icon (screen shot by Matt Snyder). ”¦ Looks like Wisconsin will be wearing white tops with red pants for the Rose Bowl (from John Okray). ”¦ Happy 2013 to one and all. Let’s make it a good one.

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    Hey Indianapolis Colts, did you see what LSU’s jerseys looked like last night? Why don’t your jerseys look like that? Fix it.

    Also the Tulsa/Iowa St game looked awesome.

    Too bad Nike couldn’t do that before this season… before everyone bought the Andrew Luck jerseys with the half stripes.

    Ahh UCLA stripes that aren’t truncated. Now if they could just ditch all the crap on the chest (team wordmark, Nike logo, big ass bowl patch) those jerseys would look mighty fine(excpet for the lack of sleeves).

    “A Richmond-area inventor has come up with a contraption to keep football helmets from flying off during violent collisions (from Tommy Turner).”

    I’m not sure if its because I’m on my cell phone or what, but the page says the article is no longer available…

    Look headLOC and you’ll see a pic from a military helmet. Looks like it would cause neck issues.

    When I first heard “a contraption to keep football helmets from flying off during violent collisions” I thought, what, a chinstrap?

    Another contraption that would make sure helmets stay on? A flag – as in 10 yard penalty and auto first down for a helmet that pops off. Wear your equipment properly or you can’t play. Simple as.


    Could the RAV helmet decal be for the person who was pushed in front of the on coming Subway train? That was more random than the latest school shooting..

    That decal is blue, so the first thing that comes to mind for me now is Child Abuse Awareness, a’ la Penn State. I have absolutely no backup on that though.

    Jordan also played for UT and was Colt McCoy’s go to receiver. Jordan now plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars while his brother Jaxon currently plays for UT – what could you have verified?

    “LSU had new jerseys for the Chicken Sandwich Bowl last night…”

    It’s not just new jerseys that they received: they also got new pants, too. If you look at the LSU lineman tackling the QB, you’ll see the padded belt chamber that’s only available on the Nike Pro Combat/Speed Machine uniform pants. You can also see it here.

    I thought the same about the pants. Also, they appeared to be a little more “yellow” than I’m used to seeing. I’m used to them being more slightly darker and more gold-yellow.

    TV can be a little deceiving when it comes to colors. I go to all of LSU’s home games and the gold in their uniforms even sometimes looks different on the replay screens in Tiger Stadium. In afternoon games the gold may even look different by the end of the game when the sun is setting. It’s weird…but very hard to get a handle on it unless you actually see them up close.

    Except the weapon used in the shooting wasn’t an assault rifle and, contrary to what anti-gun nuts believe, you can’t just walk up to any gun store and buy an assault rifle. Assault rifles are heavily regulated by the federal government. Do some research.

    Happy New Year! Rick Pearson can rest assured – he got the Sugar Bowl colors correct 50 years ago.
    I Googled for images of the 1963 Sugar Bowl and up popped this link to a distillery’s website…that had a link to the color newsreel of the game!
    The footage is somewhat dark and murky, but there is enough clarity to see the teams’ uniforms — the blue helmets and red jerseys on MS State and the red helmets on Ark

    Happy New Year! Rick Pearson can rest assured — he got the Sugar Bowl colors correct 50 years ago.
    I Googled for images of the 1963 Sugar Bowl and up popped this link to a distillery’s website…that had a link to the color newsreel of the game!
    The footage is somewhat dark and murky, but there is enough clarity to see the teams’ uniforms – the blue helmets and red jerseys on MS State and the red helmets on Ark
    …and here’s the link

    Just read in Sports Illustrated that in the ’63 Orange Bowl Oklahoma ran 56 plays that ended in an Oklahoma player being tackled. ‘Bama LB Lee Roy Jordan had 31 tackles. Would love to see the game tape.

    And just think…in a perfect world, we could be talking about the 115,000 fans crammed into the Big House for the Maple Leafs and Red Wings 2013 Winter Classic in sparkling vintage throwbacks.

    Oh, I forgot. Nobody cares anymore. The NHL fell off the radar months ago.

    Thanks, Bettman and Fehr. :(

    Everybody else, Happy 2013.

    Was thinking about that before, how nice it would be to put on that outdoor game, unbelievable. I haven’t been to an NHL game since 2003, talk about terrible marketing.

    LOVE LSU’s jerseys…hope they keep them next season.

    BTW, I was at that 1963 Sugar Bowl game between Ole Miss and Arkansas and actually snuck onto the sidelines in the fourth quarter…I was a cheeky kid and security was not like it is today. But I didn’t get one damn chinstrap after the game. ;>)

    BTW, I think Ole Miss’ jerseys in the ’63 Sugar Bowl were more likely navy. I was there but I just a little kid so I don’t remember exactly…but I did see Ole Miss play a number of times as a kid. As I recall back in those days Ole Miss wore navy jerseys at home. On the rode, depending on what the home team wore, Ole Miss wore either red jerseys or white jerseys with red stripes and numbers. Since Arkansas wore white in the Sugar Bowl (and I believe they wore red at home), and considering that Ole Miss was the SEC representative in the game, I would assume that Ole Miss was considered the home team and wore navy jerseys. I could be wrong…

    I think it was just two days ago I said in the comments that if Nike gave as much attention to striping as it gives to its gimmick collar it could solve the striping problems in no time, but I certainly didn’t expect them to show this much progress this quickly. Sure hope this is a sign of things to come.

    Would love to see T. Boone Pickens U wear the black hats/Orange shirts/and black britches today. That’s a great look for them. Similar to what Oregon state had on the other night. Just no ugly ass stripes on the britches.

    Well they Boone Pickens U is in all black. I am in hog heaven. I can even deal with the stripes on the britches, but no stripes are the best look.

    Vanderbilt looked good yesterday. There shirts should have been solid gold. That’s how the New Orleans Saints should look like b

    Wisconsin have worn white three years in a row at the rose bowl, don’t they usually alternate between the conferences or the highest ranked team wears color?

    It used to be that way, but beginning in 2006, the “home” team is designated as the team with the higher BCS rank.

    The NW stripe in the end zone is a nice touch. That stripe pattern has been everywhere on NW this year. It’s as if you guys wanted to remind everyone that it is the “Northwestern” stripe.

    Looked damn good in white against the purple. Same endzone as Ryan Field but that’s purple on the grass’ natural color.



    Congrats on that! I remember in 1996 what a big deal that it was then when Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl, I can only imagine how big this is.

    .. I realize that sounded like a backhanded compliment… I meant to win a bowl game.. I realize the Gator Bowl isn’t as big as Rose Bowl, but still to win their first bowl game in 60+ years is a big deal, I can imagine.

    I like the matte blue on the helmet, but that jersey just isn’t doing it for me. Don’t fix what aint broke!

    I like the Michigan jersey, except for the yellow numbers. Only because it can be difficult to read the numbers when they are in direct sunlight.

    Here is the Sportsnation poll question on the ESPN website…

    “Which team will win the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio?”

    They printed….”presented by Vizio?”

    That is just so weird to me.

    Unlike the other BCS bowl games the Rose Bowl doesn’t take a title sponsor but rather a presenting sponsor.

    If the Rose Bowl hosts the BCS National Championship, that game *does* take a title sponsor, so next year we will have the Vizio BCS National Championship Game.

    Okay, but why couldn’t they just ask:

    Which team will win the Rose Bowl game?

    Why would an independent sports entertainment enterprise acknowlege some tacked on corporate sponsorship of a football game in a poll question?

    Because ESPN is a “broadcast partner” of the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio, of course they’re going to play ball and use the sponsors’ preferred names. I’m sure if they mentioned the game on CBS, say during halftime of the Sun Bowl yesterday, they would’ve just called it the “Rose Bowl” (Likewise ESPN probably just calls the Sun Bowl just the Sun Bowl, while on CBS it’s always referred to as the Hyundai Sun Bowl.)

    I know college teams often have duplicate numbers because they have so many players, but a neat sight a moment ago while they were interviewing Marcus Lattimore on sideline of the Outback Bowl there were two #16s visible behind him.

    I think LSU wore Louisiana state flags on their helmets. Have they done this all season? Do other schools do it?

    At the Outback Bowl, Mike Tirico just asked Jon Gruden what he thought of Michigan’s uniforms, he said, “I’ll be honest, I can’t read the numbers from here. Our spotters are having a hard time.”

    I missed that part. I was just talking to my brother about the numbers. Why have yellow numbers on white jerseys?

    Happy New Year to all.

    I saw yesterday a couple guys and their wives had babies. Congrats to them. My pal Michael Princip was one of them. Michael is a good guy.

    Maybe they just need to make the blue outline thicker. They look nice on TV, I think, but yeah, hard to see at a distance, I imagine.

    Also to answer the above question about the state flags on the helmets, USC has the South Carolina state flag on their helmets, too, right below the USA flag:

    (I mean this USC, not that USC)

    Not a good omen: Tirico & Gruden are talking about how Spurrier doesn’t have confidence in his kicking game and they might need a game-winning FG coming up. Then they show the kicker warming up and his #8 jersey is bunched up and it looks like he is #0.

    Glad to see Northwestern won. Fitzgerald is a good guy. Even though I do not like the black junk the helmets kind of looked nice.

    So pumped for the Northwestern win!

    Is it just me or did it look like their numbers were just plain white? It didn’t look like they had the stonework motif.

    It’s the “smaller” acts of violence, every single day, all around the world that can be changed with patience, understanding, grace, coping skills, etc.

    Maybe that’s what they mean by “random” … certainly a more common/fitting word than “minor” or “small” or “everyday.”

    Great message. Doesn’t have to have anything to do, specifically, with the Conn tragedy. Good for them for stepping up.

    Doesn’t have to have anything to do, specifically, with the Conn tragedy.

    Except it says, “Sandy Hook Elementary School” on it. So it IS about the Connecticut tragedy.

    I think it’s a cop-out. If you’re against guns, say, “Ban guns.” If you believe in putting armed guards in the schools, say “Put armed guards in the schools.” If you think it’s all the video games’ fault, say, “Stop violent video games.” But “Stop random acts of violence” is a non-statement.

    Random does not mean an absence of planning. Random is defined as occurring without definite aim, reason or pattern. Other meanings include a process in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen. Without knowing a specific motivation, it is at possible that the school was randomly chosen.

    Great. So it’s vaguely kinda sorta maybe possibly potentially theoretically hypothetically conceivably possible that they’re using “random” in an appropriate fashion.

    Or they could have chosen a message that made more sense from the start.

    Should have been clearer, without knowing the shooter’s motivation, it is not possible to determine if it was random or not

    The point is this. You stated, with certainty, that the shooting was not random. Yet, it is possible that the specific school was randomly chosen as a target. It is Also not a kina sorta one in a million type of possibility. The investigation is simply not complete. I believe you should have stated, that the decal us not appropriate because we’re not sure if the school was randomly chosen. Instead, you’ve presumed the attack was not random. Perhaps you have additional information that you would like to share that would allow you to assert that the school was not chosen at random

    One more thing. The original point made by Paul is not that the message was a non statement (which I agree with), but rather that the message was wrong because the act was not random.

    “I believe you should have stated, that the decal us not appropriate because we’re not sure if the school was randomly chosen.”


    The sticker (or slogan) implies the violence was random, not the location.

    Therefore, the sticker is wrong in this instance.

    Even if SHES were randomly chosen, the violence was premeditated.

    I get the point of mocking corporate sponsorship, but when the non-corporate name of the bowl is still included, is the mockery still necessary? You can just call it the Alamo Bowl.

    Not stating anything new here, but Wisconsin has some serious mis-matching red shades in their uniform, i.e. the “W” on their helmet (and I think helmet stripes) are a much darker shade of red, than the rest of their uni.

    Interesting to look at Ricko’s drawing, 50 years later, LSU faces another orange clad team.

    It looks like NIU has some new white jerseys for tonight’s Orange Bowl. No bib strings, no sweatboxes, silver number font done in a “chisel-like” look. Not bad. Red pants instead of black. Not bad at all.

    Adidas appears to have set them up with Techfit jerseys. The number font might match that of their NIU wordmark.

    It’s a nice look; I like the red pants. I think if they keep it going forward, a black jersey would be nice. Silver numbers with red trim.

    The funny thing is that even though the numbers match the wordmark, they’re also almost identical to Virginia Tech’s custom number font they used before adopting the throwbacks full-time.

    Shipley MAY have been wearing a colon cancer awareness ribbon. Blue is the color for it. Not big on ribbons myself, but I have this cancer affecting my family now so I’ve become familiar.

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