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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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How bad did it get for the Eagles this season? So bad that defensive tackle Derek Landri was symbolically excommunicated from the league, or at least that’s what it looked like judging from the state of the NFL logo on his jersey collar. The NFL logo has been at the base of jersey collars for 22 seasons now, and I’ve never seen that happen before. (Of course, for 21 of those seasons the logo was a cloth patch, but this year it was a plastic chip, so maybe that made it brittle in yesterday’s cold weather.)

In other developments from yesterday:

• For the second consecutive week, every team wore the Sandy Hook Elementary School memorial decal — except for the ’Skins.

• Garrett McIntyre of the Jets had a bit of decal trouble.

• So did David Wilson of the Giants.

• Ben Tate of the Texans removed his gloves on the sidelines, where a close-up view revealed that he’s still wearing the military appreciation gloves from last month.

• Don Barclay of the Packers suffered a major jersey tear.

• Several (all?) of the Vikings’ defensive backs wore black leggings instead of purple socks.

• New Era is now the NFL’s official cap supplier, so it’s surprising that NBC used two separate head shots of Tony Romo wearing Starter.

Turning to weekend college bowl game action, you should start by scrolling down to the “Skipper vs. Shipwreck” reports in Saturday’s and Sunday’s posts. Once you’ve digested those, here are some additional notes:

• Louisiana-Monroe went NNOB during the regular season, but they added NOBs for the Nutrition Supplements Bowl. You could tell that this was a new thing for them, because at least one of their nameplates was badly off-center

• Meanwhile, the other team in that game, Ohio, had an injured/inactive player on the sidelines who was wearing larger NOB lettering than the rest of the team. Hmmm, just a coincidence that Ohio is outfitted by Russell Athletic?

• Interesting observation from the Military Industrial Complex Bowl: Like many teams, Rice wears little American flag helmet decals. But they have a few Canadian-born players on the roster, and those players have Canadian flag decals! The player in that shot is defensive tackle Christian Covington, who’s from Vancouver. Doubly weird to see the foreign flag co-existing with the team’s American flag-desecration helmet.

• You know how the yard line markers can become obscured during a snow game? During the Baseball Cap Bowl, which was played in a light snow, ESPN took the same technology used for the virtual first down line and used it to superimpose a virtual gridiron onto the field. Personally, I prefer the chaos and confusion of a snow game without yard markers, but it’s still interesting. (And if you’re wondering why they didn’t use yellow lines like they do for the first down marker, I’m pretty sure it’s because they realized that yellow and snow don’t make a good mix.)

• Nice surprise at the American Cheese Bowl, as Sparky made a cameo appearance on Arizona State’s helmets.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Randy Allemann, Jason Greening, Mike Guterman, Ben Harris, Rob Holecko, Chance Michaels, Ryan Perkins, Brian Skokowski, Matt Snyder, and Steven Wojtowicz.)

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Uni Watch News Ticker: I just won this awesome basketball warm-up top, and for mere pennies! More photos once I receive it from the seller. … Cincy hoops player David Narsuk came out for Thursday night’s game with his jersey on backwards (from Frank Mercogliano). … Always weird to see stirrups mixed with street shoes (from Kevin Walsh). … Congrats to longtime reader Marty Hick and his lovely wife, Holly, who gave birth to Clara Jane Hick last Thursday night. … Big shout-out also to Michael Princip and his better half, Stephanie, who are now the proud parents of Milla Rosalin Princip. I like the striped sheets, Michael! … The refs and linesmen at the Spengler Cup hockey tournament are wearing some seriously weird jerseys, which are sponsored by a dairy company (from Rory Sperling). … Here are South Carolina’s cleats for the Middlebrow Steakhouse Bowl. ”¦ Zak Kalina was watching footage of the 1993 Florida Citrus Bowl and noticed Robert Smith’s unusual NOB. ”¦ NHRA news from Alan Feller, who reports that Team Wilkerson is letting fans pick their new design. ”¦ Virginia Tech is retiring two of its logos. ”¦ Steve Santillo received a Hines Ward ornament with two helmet logos on it. Scandalous! ”¦ Chuck Brehm DIY’d this helmet for his brother. “The logo is from the law firm he works at,” says Chuck. … Brian Elliot’s new mask shows Casey Jones in chains — a symbol of the lockout (from David Hutchison). … An Irish band called the Howth Rockets is using the old Houston Rockets logo (from Michael Clary). … Ryan Mackman notes that the “webbing” in the Brewers’ new throwback batting cap — i.e., the space between the “b” and the “m” — is gold, or maybe clear, but it should be white. That’s how it is on their throwback game cap, although the webbing is clear on lots of fashion merch. Hmmmm. … Louisville and Kentucky played each other in a basketball game on Saturday, leading to this note from Brian Davis: “The local CBS here in Louisville was doing a pregame special for the game, and the two hosts were wearing purple to show their neutrality (since U of L is red and UK is blue). They even said as much when signing off.” ”¦ “While in Puerto Rico, I caught a Winter League game between Mayaguez and Carolina,” says Ryan Burns. “I really liked the Mayaguez uniforms. Admission was free, so I was even okay with BSOB (beer sponsor on back).” ”¦ Here’s a cool video clip of the Los Angeles Dons practicing with a mechanical tackling dummy (from Leo Strawn). ”¦ Single funniest piece of hate mail I received in response to last week’s ESPN column began like so: “I don’t understand how you can judge the use of Native American imagery when you are from NYC.” Yeah, cuz New York and Native Americans have nothing to do with each other. ”¦ Second-funniest piece of hate mail, in its entirety: “YOUR GAY.” ”¦ Penn State hoops player D.J. Newbill suffered a sneaker blow-out the other day (from William Yurasko). ”¦ In a related item, Dorell Wright of the 76ers had one of his sneakers come off the other day, and Jarret Jack of the Warriors promptly picked it off the floor and tossed it into the crowd while play proceeded. Further details here. ”¦ Check out the Pirates logo on this scorecard cover. Never seen that one before (from Dave Kuruc). ”¦ Here’s a very short video of SMU QB Garrett Gilbert’s nameplate being sewed back onto his jersey during Hotel Bowl last week (from Rob Holecko). ”¦ In that same game, Fresno State QB Derek Carr was wearing capri-length tights. The visual effect is similar to a lot of current NBA players, no? ”¦ Leighton Baines of Everton had his jersey torn by a cleat the other day (from Matthew Dever). … Centennial High School from Utica, Nebraska, has managed to poach logos from the Broncos and the Colts simultaneously (from Brett Baker). … Lots of great interactive infographics — some sports-related, some not — available here. ”¦ The Western Michigan hockey team wore these very nice uniforms for the Great Lakes Invitational tourney on Saturday (from Casey Nelson). ”¦ Leo Strawn found a great photo of the 1911 Ohio State football team. ”¦ About two-thirds of the year-end raffle prizes have shipped out, and I expect to mail the rest of them by Wednesday, so you winners should watch yer mailboxes. ”¦ I’m going to be out and about for most of today (physical therapy in the morning, then some errands, then meeting up with friends for our annual New Year’s Eve-ternoon luncheon). Thanks to all for a swell 2012, and remember that New Year’s Eve is for amateurs. See you in ’13.

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    SWEET auction win with that basketball warm-up, Paul. That’s one of those things that you wonder “did I miss something?” because it went so cheap.

    Great warm-up Paul! That’s from the days when players wore real uniforms manufactured IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by real sporting goods companies.

    I noticed the same thing about Romo and Starter. I feel like I have seen him getting away with that all season and am not really sure that that works. I brought the question up to the group I was watching with, and they pretty much didn’t care…

    I’m contemplating asking my Redskins friends about the lack of Sandy Hook sticker, but I am almost positive the response will be “who the eff cares?”

    I’m pretty sure the networks have allowed Romo to provide free advertising for Starter beyond just this season. They crack down on other players doing things like that, but they allow him to skate on it?

    Are there actually any pictures of him not wearing some sort of Starter hat? I mean, remember the hospital pics from when his kid was born? He had his usual backwards cap on, and they even put a Starter beanie on the kid, IIRC.

    That shot of the stirrups and street shoes on Yankees players drew me to the last guy at the end of the bench (Gig Young?) He’s not wearing stirrups, but football socks? Plus, his “NY” cap is all caddywampus. This has to be from the movie “A Touch of Mink.”

    The cap that the guy sitting next to Roger Maris has looks like a cap from Pride of the Yankees.

    Yes, Paul again tediously embraces the old-fashioned conservative politics of Robert Taft and Dwight Eisenhower. For shame.

    I love it when people bitch about that name when Ike of all people is the one who was most concerned by what – exactly – that bowl represents.

    People forget Ike wasn’t especially conservative. He had to handle reactionaries like Robert Taft and nuts like Joe McCarthy within his own party. He coined the phrase “middle of the road” and was resolutely moderate.

    Funny thing about Romo was that he was wearing a New Era toque with the New Era logo positioned forward late in the game when he was getting tons of camera time just after his game ending interception.

    Quick question for the community at large. What is the NFL’s stance on nose bumpers? I noticed in the splash photo, he’s not wearing one. However, all the photos I’ve seen of the 49ers from the early 90s has them with one. And I’ve noticed most college teams have something. Just curious if anyone could enlighten me on the NFL. I’ve seen some shots of half the players on a team with a team name, and the rest with the helmet brand. Any info? Thank you, and best wishes to the New Year!

    Okay, okay. You got me. That’s what I meant. With the different prints? Does the NFL have rules on this?

    The Pirates logo on the scorecard is from the early to mid 60’s. The bucco is wearing flesh colored earrings. I actually have him on one of my t-shirts.

    I saw that Pirate logo on those stickers you used to be able to buy in the 60s. Can’t remember the manufacturer; it might have been one of the baseball card companies. A card-sized sheet gave you the team logo, the cap logo, and a team nameplate. Plus a stick of that terrible bubble gum.

    You’ll probably find the answer at the Fleer Sticker Project website.

    Meanwhile, the placement of ads on the scorecard isn’t subtle, is it?. Yet, I LIKE these ads, whereas modern day advertising turns me off.

    Is this nostalgia? Is it the older graphic style that appeals to me versus modern?

    I asked a friend who covers the Redskins last week about the team being the only team not wearing the Sandy Hook sticker and it was first he had heard about it and this was mid week.

    “Doubly weird to see the foreign flag co-existing with the team’s American flag-desecration helmet.”

    Thanks for pointing this out – but “foreign flag”, yes technically correct, but we’re neighbours, and with the exception of the Iraq/Vietnam wars and that little dust up in 1812, have generally fought together. So “doubly wierd” makes it sound like it was Iran’s flag on the helmet.

    Today is the day of the blue-coller Rose Bowl, otherwise known as the Sun Bowl – isn’t it nice that it’s on CBS, which helps makes it seems less of a “made for TV (i.e. ESPN) Bowl” Too bad it’s not Lindsey Nelson broadcasting.

    Where is the rest of that first hate mail letter? Bringing up NYC sounds like it would be an Onion article. Of course it probably peaked too early.

    1. Why does every NFL player not named Ben Tate hate America so much?

    2. Well, Paul, at least if you ever decide to change up your dating preferences, you now have contact information for the first person (that we know of) volunteering to go out with you.

    For a kid who grew up in Pittsburgh and always kept score, that logo was on scorecards throughout the ’60’s…note tne seller mislabeling it Pirates vs. Chicago White Sox when it’s Cubs….

    All those defunct banks…

    I remember that logo being on a yearbook cover or two as well. I think this goes back to Saturday’s post with the NFL logos – I don’t know that teams had (or were supposed to have) one official primary logo before about 1970. There were emblems that appeared on stationery, and whatever baseball card companies decided to put on their products, but I don’t think anyone was worried about teams having a unified visual brand in those days. So there could have been different logos, or tweaks to similar ones, without anybody really caring.

    Why is it that you never say the correct name for any college bowl games? Is this a personal choice because you don’t want to say the sponsor’s name or does the NCAA have a rule against it? It seems to me that you can just drop the sponsor’s name and still say the name of the bowl game. Like instead of say the Baseball Cap Bowl, just say the Pinstripe bowl. Kinda makes you like a douche bag.

    yes. Just like New Era doesn’t want to be associated with Tony Romo, the NCAA has banned Paul from mentioning their bowl games by name.

    Why is it that you never say the correct name for any college bowl games?

    Because I’m showcasing and mocking the absurdity of the bowl system and the corporate sponsorship thereof. If that bothers you for some reason, that’s (a) a pity, but (b) not particularly relevant.

    With two or three exceptions, the bowl identities are meaningless. They’re just random match-ups of random teams at random neutral sites. My names are no better or worse than the “official” names, except my names have the advantage of entailing — and hopefully prompting — a bit of thought.

    Ok, thanks. I was just wondering what the reasoning was behind the names. I personally don’t care for the sponsor’s names being said each time the game is mentioned.

    Corporations pay the bowls to slap their name on the bowl, but are they cutting a check for you, I, or Paul? None of us are under any obligation to advertise for them for free.

    My only problem is that although there are a number of bowl games I care about (basically teams I root for or against or take place in my hometown) I am not familiar enough with all the bowl names (official, sponsor or Paul’s) to put together which one he is talking about before moving onto the next comment. Especially when I see “credit card bowl” which used to be capital one but is now something else, or when I see “military complex bowl”, I think Army and move on whether that’s right or not.

    But I do agree some names are out of control…mieneke car care bowl? Famous idaho potato bowl…etc.

    I really wish they’d keep the bowl names intact and add the ads/sponsors on at the end…The Citrus Bowl sponsored by Capital One, etc. How long until they change that to the “whats in your wallet bowl?”

    I don’t know if it makes Paul sound like a douche but it does have a “I’m smarter than you” hipster ring to it. Because after all, without Uni Watch pointing out the absurdity of the bowl system and the corporate sponsership thereof, none of us flyover mainstreamers would be “hep” to the propaganda. But whatever, it’s his site.

    My problem is with the bowls that have totally dropped the traditional name altogether. At least you can call the New Era Pinstripe Bowl just the Pinstripe Bowl. If they’d call the Chick-Fil-A Bowl the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, at least then people that want to opt out of using the commercial name can still call it the Peach Bowl… but when you don’t call it the Chick-Fil-A or the Peach Bowl and bring in a third name, humorously mocking the absurdity of the commericalism and corporate sponsorship and call it something like the Chicken Sandwich Bowl or the Military Industrial Complex Bowl or the Middlebrow Steakhouse Bowl, and I have to figure out if Outback is the Middlebrow steak house, than Beef O’Brady must be the low-brow steakhouse, or is it the other way around? …all you’re doing is confusing people.

    And what are we supposed to call the Belk Bowl? The original traditional name of the Bowl in Charlotte was supposed to be the Queen City Bowl, but they removed that in favor of sponsored names before they ever even used it. Plus it’s 2011 sponsor (Meineke Car Care) is sponsoring a different bowl, just to confuse us all even more.

    all you’re doing is confusing people.

    Honestly, who gives a fuck? All that matters is that Team A and Team B are playing each other in a neutral-site postseason game that has no bearing on anything. What we choose to call that game is, with two or three exceptions, irrelevant.

    So if I say Arizona State was playing in the American Cheese Bowl, who cares if you know which “real” bowl name I was referring to? All that matters is that I was referring to the game that Arizona State was playing in.

    Well yeah if you say “Arizona State was playing in the American Cheese Bowl” I know you’re talking about the game Arizona State was playing in, but if you just say “American Cheese Bowl” it could be the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl or the Velveeta Bowl or the whatever the hell else bowl. Of the top of my head, I might not know that the Kraft Fights Hunger Bowl was the only bowl named after a company that makes American cheese.

    It’s no big deal, just when you say middlebrow steakhouse bowl, I first thought of Beef O’Bradys and not Outback, but just because I had just seen something about the St. Petersburg Bowl, even if Beef O’Brady isn’t a steakhouse per se.

    Anybody can refer to anything however they want, it’s just kinda aids communication when people call things by the same names. You’re right it don’t really matter.

    …and why is it the ‘Kraft Fights Hunger Bowl’ and not just the ‘Kraft Bowl’ — is it supposed to make us feel better about their company that it’s not just them sponsoring the bowl, but it is their act of them fighting hunger that is the title sponsor of the game?

    Well yeah if you say “Arizona State was playing in the American Cheese Bowl” I know you’re talking about the game Arizona State was playing in…

    Good. And in every single case, I refer to the bowl names (my names) in conjunction with a reference to at least one of the teams playing in a given game. So there’s no problem.

    Whenever my buddy wears his Cleveland baseball cap, I always tell him Polish jokes. Then I remind him I told it out of honor and respect for our Polish heritage.

    Speaking of stirrups with street shoes…before the Mets ever won a game, they were given a ticker tape parade in 1962…the Yankees had not had one since 1949, despite 8 championships. They marched in full uniform, with street shoes. Afterwards, they headed over to the Polo Grounds for a workout and found their spikes were left at Hotel Manhattan…Casey also got locked out of his office. A fitting start.

    In regard to those cool Western Michigan hockey uniforms, recall that this year’s Great Lakes Invitational was to be played outdoors as part of the Winter Classic festivities (IIRC, the GLI was to be played at Comerica Park).

    A lot to chew on in today’s column:
    1. IM GAY
    2. I like the way old gold complements the antique white on Western Michigan’s sweaters.
    3. What do they call the diacritical mark over the “u” in Mayaguez?
    4. Totally chuffed about the Canuckistan flag on Rice’s helmets. It’s nice to see football recognizes other countries than our own.

    2. Hockey is one of those sports where the pros’ duds have actually come look LESS professional, on average, than those of the colleges and minors. Weird trend.
    3. In this context, its called a “diaeresis,” used to show that a letter that’d be silent in most contexts is fully pronounced. (When used to modify the actual value of a vowel sound–as in German, Swedish, Turkish, etc.–it’s called an “umlaut.”)
    4. I’m a bit surprised that Rice doesn’t have more foreign-born players than that.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that back when Arizona State did their re-branding, Sparky moving to the back was going to be the norm, not an occasional cameo.

    Correct, and Sparky has been on all the ASU helmets since the rebranding two seasons ago. There was nothing new in the Bowl game, except that the fork on the helmets was black outlined in gold rather than maroon outlined in gold.

    the colts clubhouse is selling a bunch of game worn Reebok uniforms (white) from last season

    i never realized how small game issued uniforms are. the actual body part was skin tight. there’s a stretchy fabric for the shoulder pads.

    pretty cool.

    Most of their players were using the reebok version of the techfit, so that could be the case with the one you are talking about.

    FYI, NBC has been using those New Era images of Tony Romo in the Starter cap all season. It’s bothered me each time and my friends think I’m nuts for noticing. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

    I guess I should clarify that those Romo images are also 1-2 years old. They also bothered me LAST season (and maybe beyond) because that’s not a cap that he wears during games. Tony always wears the blue ‘D’ hat on the sidelines–before & after the New Era switch. Only difference being that the ‘D’ used to be white; now it’s silver.

    That second piece of incomplete hate mail would terrify me. “YOUR GAY” … is what? Has he had an accident? Done something wrong? Is he being held for ransom by the hate-mailer? The subtlest threats are the most fiendish, really.

    Did anyone else notice in the Mayaguez uniform shot the tattoo of the modified MLB logo? It looks like they incorporated the Puerto Rican flag in it, with the star as the ball and the stripes where the red field of the logo is, pretty cool.

    Dammit, Danny! You beat me to it – I was just scrolling through the comments to see if anyone else had noticed that tattoo, too.

    …also color-vs-color alert as Iowa State in red is taking on Tulsa in bright blue in the Auto Parts Store Bowl/Autozone Liberty Bowl/Liberty Bowl, depending on which bowl naming nomenclature you prefer.

    Speaking of bowl sponsorships, I noticed they painted ‘CBS Sports’ on the field in El Paso for the Sun Bowl.

    I wonder if this means they were unable to get a secondary sponsor alongside Hyundai for that particular spot, or if they just decided to add it “because they could”. Also wonder if CBS had to pay extra besides their rights fee to have this spot. Or maybe the bowl needed the money, and they approached CBS and said, “we need more money to meet the budget, how about we lets you put a logo on the field?””

    Maybe they just wanted to remind people it wasn’t on ESPN and their networks, since all but two bowls are.

    Reminds me on the BCS logos in the end zone that had FOX and ESPN in them. I wonder if this is something else we’ll see more and more of. For some reason seeing the network on the field seems more obtrusive than a banner hung on the wall.

    I remember when fox put ads for Olberman’s show on baseball outfield walls, so espn had to show them.

    CBS has had the broadcast rights for the game since 1968. The Sun Bowl and the Army-Navy game are the only 2 non-sec games that they carry on a yearly basis.

    It would be interesting to know if they did have to pay extra for the right or if it is part of the contract.

    Yeah this is the first time I’ve noticed it, but I can’t say for certain it wasn’t there in recent years. Verne and Gary were getting very nostalgic towards the end of the game (they played a clip of Verne’s first Sun Bowl in ’88)

    It’s just nice that they hold on to this bowl game and FOX does the Cotton Bowl (even though it’s not like the Cotton Bowl on FOX is exactly a long time tradition or anything), just so ESPN (ESPN2, ABC, etc) doesn’t have every single bowl game.

    Did you notice the curious snow treatment at the Baseball Cap Bowl?

    From the goal lines to the 40s, there was noticeable and significant snow left on the field — but they certainly did their damndest to clear the snow from midfield so the viewers could see that baseball-cap sponsor’s logo at midfield.

    I was only half-paying attention to the ESPN Radio broadcast of the Liberty Bowl on my drive home from work, but I’m pretty sure I heard, as the 1st quarter came to a close, “…. presented by NAPA Auto Parts….. Auto Zone Liberty Bowl.”

    Wait, so buying a “$200 Polyester shirt” i.e. an MLB jersey of your favorite team is weird, but buying a “VINTAGE RAWLINGS HIGH SCHOOL JERSEY DUREEN HALF ZIP SPORTS TIGERS TALON” of a high school you never went to, when you are way too old to be in high school, is perfectly normal?

    Kettle, black, etc…

    If by “hideous” you mean “totally fucking gorgeous,” then I totally agree.

    If you mean anything else, you’re not living on the same planet as I am. Which is fine. But I’ll take my planet any day.

    Yeah but that purchase is only going to set him back $15.05.

    To buy interesting/cool uniform stuff that you have no connection to and then scoff at those who do the same but for a team they feel closely connected to is a little hypocritical but I highly doubt he would ever shell out the kind of money that jerseys (replicas and authentic) go for these days for one of those things he has no connection to.

    Plus I believe the fully endorsed picking up the Pro-Line jerseys that were being sold for ~$60 when the NFL Shop ran out of reebok jerseys (right before the official switch to Nike). The fact that those same exact Pro Line jerseys are now being sold for $100 is what he is referring to (they were actually cheaper than Reebok’s back in March and now they are priced the same as the Nike Game jerseys, despite being the same product).

    These authentic jerseys are not actually worth the money they demand for them. Packers and other teams that kept their same cuts and for the most part the same material used to be in the $180-$220 range depending on the complexity (Packers were ~$180, Falcons were ~$220) are now going for $250, the only difference for this handful of teams is the manufacturer’s logo. And before Reebok got the exclusive rights you could find replica jerseys for as cheap as $40 (they jumped up to $64.99 once Reebok took over everything)

    I’m with Paul on the $200 shirt thing. But for a different reason: Never pay retail. I have more “authentic” MLB/NHL jerseys than I’d ever admit to Paul, but I’ve never paid anywhere near $200 for any of them. Even when they’re basically brand new from the league store, it’s possible, if you shop carefully, to pay half price or less. Modern baseball jerseys are perfectly good shirts, if you size them right, but even so there’s really no excuse for anyone to pay $200, or anything close to it, for one.

    Looking like everyone else… Two hundred bucks.
    Wearing a unique, high quality top with a “mysterious” past… Priceless*.

    *At a much lower cost to boot.

    To each his own and all that.

    The cut nfl neck logo is nothing new. From my recollection, it started to become really popular in the late 90’s, up to last season with reebok. The teams that I recall having the most players do it would be the cowboys & packers. This lead to the cowboys having that lace-up square sewn in the chest a few years ago, and the packers having custom collars (like charles woodson). Lots of guys did it, but my mind is drawing a blank… Here’s a few examples:

    Some guys had the shield relocated after cutting the neckline:

    When I first saw the nikelace, this is what I immediately thought was the reason they created it – to tighten up the jersey, since a lot of guys were hacking them up. The links aren’t the best examples; I remember seeing some lineman on tv with atrocious hack jobs, some with laces to tie up the cut.

    Apologies if this is a topic akin to the helmet green sticker, but what’s the deal with the slanted NOB on the Tulsa jerseys?

    I am a very bad Uni-Watcher, apparently. It took me until late in the 3rd qtr to actually realise that ISU-Tulsa is color-v-color.

    Adios to 2012. The worst year in the history of uniform design has ended. Here’s to a better looking 2013 in professional, college and minor league sports!!! Hire brand designers to design brands for all our aesthetic sakes!!!!!

    I rather like the narrower number font on the LSU jerseys they’re wearing in the game tonight. The shoulder stripes are great.

    Couldn’t disagree more. LSU (despite Paul’s purple prohibition) is a classic old-school look. Mixing in new-school numbers just clash horribly with the rest of the package.

    Their not “new school” their just new. They’re a tall and narrow block font. No rounded corner, no weird serifs, no cut-aways or additions.

    Now, I don’t like them because the proportions feel wrong, but it’s certainly not a modern font, it’s quite traditional.

    Not sure why Romo gets away with the starter hat. I know they don’t let him wear starter shoes. Weird deal. Everytime I see that hat on tv its a little reminder that starter actually does still exist.

    Paul: I actually find your bowl names a fun, sort of trivia challenge. “American cheese bowl…..oh, must be Kraft, got it!” People don’t have to see it as fun as I do but why it would bother anyone is beyond me.

    One of the guys high-fiving on the Mayaquez team has a tattoo on his arm of the MLB logo but with a Puerto Rican flag as the background.

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