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And to All a Good Night


You probably knew this anyway, but let me just confirm it for you: Santa doesn’t give a red-nosed rat’s ass about you or your presents. He’s only in this racket for the fringe benefits. So who really loves ya? Uni Watch, that’s who. Or at least Uni Watch loves the 45 of you who’ve won prizes in this year’s reader-appreciation raffle. Here are those lucky readers, and the gifts they’ll be receiving:

Joel Husenits — Uni Watch membership card
Yogi Combs — Gridiron Memories football helmet
Ethan Cohen — Piece of the court from Wilt’s 100-point game
Zach Gatton — NBA East/West hybrid All-Star jersey
Ryan Wetstein — Vintage Mariners bumper sticker
Robert Kuperberg — Japanese Mets/Cubs program
Clint Wrede — First pair of Uni Watch stirrups
Nate Lovato — Second pair of Uni Watch stirrups
Patrick Sokolowski — Baseball pitcher belt buckle.
Bo Baize — BP lapel pins
Jeff Bishop — Mets helmet squatchees
Jameson Arnold — T-shirt
Robert Mays — ShirtWhiz jersey hanger kit
Brad Fair — Pack One of the “Curious Second Careers” cards Donald Bunney — Pack Two of the “Curious Second Careers” cards
Andy Wittman — Orioles style guide
Mike Vasak — Pete Hill card pack
Andrew Gerbosi — Rangers pom-pom hat
David Browning — Flyers pom-pom hat
Adam Lawrence — Striped Flyers hat
Mike Calagna — Rangers scarf
Richard Hill — Flyers scarf
Eric Hoey — Rangers T-shirt
David Feit — Flyers T-shirt
Eric Linto — Rangers women’s-cut shirt
Jelena Pantel — Flyers women’s-cut shirt
Jordan Cutler — Bears T-shirt with screened graphics
Peter Juzdal — Bears T-shirt with sewn graphics
Tyler Wood — Broncos T-shirt
Chad Cate — 49ers T-shirt
Ryan Humphrey — “Brooklyn-style” Maryland basketball T-shirt
Matt Wade — Sons of Johnny LeMaster T-shirt.
Trevor Johnson — Vintage green Durene V-neck jersey
Ivan Bettger — Wichita State throwback basketball shorts
Bob Farrigan — Kezar Stadium T-shirt
Matthew Jean — Red Sox throwback cap
Ryan Delgado — Yankees throwback cap
David Teague — Panthers snap-back cap
Marc Nucup — Chargers hoodie
W. Ross Clites — Packers
Ben Traxel — Vintage green satin baseball pants
L.J. Sparvero — Kentucky Colonels book
Kyle Lamers — Yellow stirrups with black striping
Spencer Tauchen — Red stirrups with white
Stephen Lemire — Olive stirrups with black striping

I’ll start mailing these out in batches over the next week or so. It’ll take a little while to get everything shipped, so my thanks in advance for your patience. Joel Husenits, let me know what design you want for your membership; Yogi Combs, let me know which helmet you want from Gridiron Memories.

Everyone please accept my sincerest wishes for a wonderful Christmas. I’d also like to send extra-special holiday wishes to the other folks who make this site so great: webmaster John Ekdahl; membership card designer Scott Turner; “Collector’s Corner” columnist Brinke Guthrie; weekend contributors Rick Pearson, Terry Duroncelet, and Catherine Ryan; and of course Phil Hecken, the greatest bench coach a skipper could ever have. A healthy and a happy to one and all. Peace. ”” Paul

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    Happy Holidays to the entire Uni-Watch team! Reading everything on this site always makes for a good start to my day.

    I understand why the Blue-Gray Game died. The expanding list of bowl games reduced it to a game for players from losing programs and smaller conferences, i.e., players who–in a national sense–were pretty much unknown.

    That almost certainly also helped the NBA slate of games clobber it the TV ratings for sports programming.

    Nevertheless, I really miss having the Blue-Gray Game to watch midday on Christmas Day.

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy Tuesday to those who don’t. If in your travels you find interesting uniform features, call it a Uni-Watch Christmas miracle!

    Thanks for another great year to Paul and all the UW contributors. Spending time in Disney World with my family. My son and I are trying to see jerseys from all 32 NFL teams while we are here — 23 down, 9 to go. Mery Christmas

    Yippeee! Vintage green satin baseball PANTS! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Merry Christmas to all!

    And a very happy birthday to Yeshua ben Yosef to you, too!

    Little known fact: the wise men – the Bible doesn’t actually say there were three of them – brought gifts of gold, to symbolize the best uni color schemes, frankincense, which is ceremonial incense burned to stand for “greatness,” and myrrh, which is an embalming agent to help bury gratuitous black uniforms.

    The Nets’ unis look great today – not quite so sure about the Celtics though.

    Everyone have a great day whatever you’re calling it.

    With the satin-like detailing, and the color scheme, the Celtic uniforms remind me of Cheistmas wrapping paper.

    This combo (Boston-Brooklyn) at least has legible numbers and lettering. If this applies to the other games today, this mono-color scheme will be endurable. Not good, but endurable.

    Merry Christmas fellow Uni Watch readers! Paul, or anyone else for that matter, do you know of any reputable people who can put numbers and names on hockey jerseys that make them look genuine? I want to make my Blackhawks jersey a Stalberg one, but I’ll need some information first. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you need my e-mail or anything like that.

    Yes, in Denver there are a few shops that sell authentic NHL lettering. I am sure if you just call around you can find a shop that does team uniforms that has access to the official materials. I got a Chris Drury Avalanche Jersey done two years ago for around $60 plus the cost of the jersey.

    Sounds like a good starting point. I’m based in Illinois for most of the year because of school but I’m also in Georgia for around 3-4 months when I’m out for breaks.

    So funny thing happened this morning as I was getting off working night shift. I finally got fed up with all this hype about the jerseys for today’s NBA games. I saw that the Celtics and Nets were playing color-on-color, so I wanted to see how the other color-on-color match-ups would look, knowing that the Lakers would be wearing white. I was specifically interested in my Nuggets uniform as I am starting to like their yellow alts they’ve been wearing at home.

    First, I looked to No mention there of the jerseys in the Clips vs Nugs match-up. Then to the official NBA store, and none for either team for sale. Heck, they don’t even have up the yellow alts for the Nugs! The Rockets were missing too. So I searched around Uniwatch for the original release: nothing. I searched Google images, and finally found ONE result after typing in “Nuggets Christmas Day Uniforms” and the same for the Clippers. All that to find out the Nugs are wearing dull Navy against the Clips’ red.

    NBA, you continue to disappoint me.

    I’m totally impressed with the Knicks and their civic-mindedness for the holidays. Looks like they were picking up trash on the side of the highway all the way up to tipoff. Didn’t even have time to put their uniforms on…

    Well a lot of them go with the tattooed-up thuggish convict look, so that helps. But, yes, the all-orange really does pull the State Penitentiary look together.

    Merry Christmas !!! The Lakers are white-on-white-on-white and the Knicks are orange-on-orange-on-orange. Besides looking doubly ridiculous, it is IMPOSSIBLE to read the uni numbers on TV. Terrible-n-terrible-on-terrible.

    Knicks/Lakers looks like both teams are wearing practice uniforms. No trim, numbers are illegible.

    I thought it looked like an old videogame where the implementers really didn’t know the league. Despite their (unnecessary) alts, the Lakers are the one team in the NBA I don’t associate with white unis.

    Maybe the completely absurd color-on-same-color numbers are a guide to how uni ads could be acceptable – make them same color ads.

    Merry Christmas and Curses (I’ll win next year)!

    Oh, and I hated those NBA jerseys just as much as I feared I would.

    Merry Christmas!

    Anyone catch the Aloha Bowl last night when the Equipment manager was sewing Gilbert’s Nameplate near the start of the second half? I sent Paul an email about it but I didn’t have any video of it or any pics, if you have the time, video capturing software and access to ESPN3 I think it’d be great to get that clip. We’ve seen quite a few patch jobs or clearly swapped uniforms its not often that we see them making the corrections on the sidelines while a the player is wearing the uniform.

    Anyone else having trouble reading anything on OKC’s any of the uniforms?
    //Yes, but the Heat monochromes were the day’s easiest to read.

    I thought the Heat and both in the first game (BOS & BKN) were easy to read. But the Bulls are brutal. They might as well be wearing solid red jerseys with nothing on them.

    finally getting a chance to sit at the computer for a bit on xmas day and just now making my rounds, so to paul and phil and all the uni watchers, hope you are having a wonderful holiday season…merry christmas!!!

    NBA teams were originally supposed to wear these jerseys for the rest of the year–you can get jerseys for teams not playing today. Why the change? Did the league get nervous when they realized half the jerseys are illegible? How did these Clippers jerseys get approved?!

    the rumor was they would wear them on sundays the rest of the season, turned out that was just a rumor.

    Also these have been available for years, they are fashion jerseys that the league decided to make official alternates to boost sales.

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