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Time To Go Bowling, Day II

2012 Bowl Teams Header Day 2

By Skipper and Shipwreck

Back again with Day Two of the Bowl Previews and Predictions. No controversy today, I promise (well, other than our picks, perhaps). If you didn’t see the setup for how we pick the Bowls, or Shipwreck’s amazing bowl history, take a look at yesterday’s post. Below are the bowls, the spreads, and the *designated* home team for each bowl is in bold. And on that note, onto the second half of the predictions and previews:

. . .

Copper Bowl (Tempe, AZ) Michigan State vs Texas Christian Dec. 29th 10:15 (ESPN):
After its start in Tuscon in 1989 the Copper Bowl was moved to Tempe (2000) to replace the Fiesta which moved to Phoenix, and if you don’t think kids get excited about even the most obscure of bowls against even the most random opponents, there is this. The Copper Bowl also showcased the biggest bowl comeback in history when the Red Raiders eliminated a 31 point deficit to beat the Gophers in 2006, which is a testament to how this game seems to go many a year.

The Spread: TCU is a 2.5 point favorite over MSU
The Picks:
SW: While I love that Horned Frog under the TCU, as long as MSU isn’t in the raglans I can live with those pants. Especially when you throw in that abstract Spartan plum stripe that I absolutely love, this is an easy choice.
SK: MSU is the *home* team, so there is a chance for uni-shenanigans (including that ultra-shiny lid), but I think they’ll play it like it’s church, and they need to wear their Sunday best. Gimme Sparty, and the 2.5 points.

. . .

Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN) Vanderbilt vs North Carolina State Dec. 31 12:00 (ESPN):
The Music City Bowl (1989) like so many a country song this game often features upsets and heartbreak for the participants making this a sneaky good game most years. Heck only four times in fifteen years has the favourite won the game outright. How is that for a 10 over a 7 bracketology-esque useless gambling fact? And Nashville can be a pretty fun place, so if I can channel my inner mothervilker for just a second, I would wear this game.

The Spread: Vanderbilt is a 7 point favorite over NC State
The Picks:
SK: Vandy has a superior uni on the surface, but lots of propensity to muck things up. NC State isn’t bad, and since I’m getting a TD, I’ll take the ‘pack.
SW: You know NC State is the only team I like in white over red/red if they were “home”, but I am going to go all out and say they will keep it simple, while Vandy playing at their actual home for a game will come out in something crazy-stupid that I hate. Wolfpack.
SK: Hell must have frozen over if we’re in agreement on the first two bowls. I think we just might differ on the next.

. . .

Sun Bowl (El Paso,TX) Georgia Tech vs Southern Cal Dec. 31st 2:00 (CBS):
Such mixed emotions on this one. The Sun Bowl is one of the second oldest bowls (1935) nestled in the hills about El Paso, and is one of 3 games I will actually be able to see on network boob-toobery. Then again this game was the first with a corporate sponsor when John Hancock jumped on board in ’88 for the Mountaineer-Sooner clash.

The Spread: USC is a 10 point favorite over Georgia Tech
The Picks:
SW: Well we know who will for sure be in dark and light. Almost any year I would take the Tech white look, even in a down year, but with this bumble bee thing, I just can’t. Not even the all white band uniform can creep into my mind to make that leap, ol’ SC in a blowout.
SK: Crap. 3-for-3. Like there would be any question. I hate the wreck uni with the heat of 1,000 yellow-jackets.
SW: Not even that great helmet can save Tech this year, it is a sad sad day for my favourites.

. . .

Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN) Tulsa vs Iowa State Dec. 31st 3:30 (ESPN):
The first cold weather sight for a bowl game was Philadelphia and the Liberty Bowl in 1959, but it was short lived, and from there it moved to Atlantic City in 1964 where it put on the first indoor college football game betwxit the Mountaineers and Utes. The following year it moved to Memphis where it currently resides, existing as the original Military/Armed Forces Bowl pitting the winner of the commander and chief’s trophy against another opponent for much of the late 80’s through early 90’s.

The Spread: Iowa State is a 1 point favorite over Tulsa
The Picks:
SK: Hey…it’s USC lite! And that’s good enough for me, because that is one fine uni. Plus, after Sandy, I hate Hurricanes.
SW: I will say one thing, this exercise has me thinking that even though I thought I loved the template that Ohio/WKU/ISU use, maybe I don’t. There is something about that Tulsa colour pattern and script that I can’t help liking, even on a subpar uni. Or Maybe I am just feeling sorry for all these small schools with small school uni sense and I am brain dead.
SK: So, you’re taking the Golden Hurricane, then?

. . .

Peach Bowl (Atlanta, GA) Clemson vs Louisiana State Dec. 31st 7:30 (ESPN):
Started as a fundraiser for the Atlanta area lion’s club in 1968, the Peach bowl has the second longest sellout streak behind the Rose and Fiesta.

The Spread: LSU is a 4.5 point favorite over Clemson
The Picks:
SW: Ye-haw! my favourite. Oh please, oh please, oh please go all orange.
SK: Two great unis, as long as Clemson avoids the dreaded mono-orange. LSU is great too, so this one is actually a toss-up. So gimme the SEC and you can have the four and a half points.
SW: Yes, mono is a horrible professional look, but there is something about school colours that make it okay in college, it looks right, especially on Clemson. Heck man, even their purple pants have an occasional rare seat at the awesome table. Who wears purple and orange? Clemson, I love it.

. . .

Zombie Cotton Bowl (Dallas,TX) Oklahoma State vs Purdue Jan. 1st 12:00 (ESPN):
The same year the Cotton Bowl’s moved to Jerry Jones’ playground in 2010, the Cotton Bowl replaced the Cotton Bowl with Cotton Bowl II Fair Park Boogalo. So, this is another case of a zombie game replacing the original, but in this case without missing a year, so isn’t this still the Cotton Bowl?

The Spread: Okie State is a 16.5 point favorite over Purdue
The Picks:
SK: I might surprise you with this one, but give me Okie State. Yes, they have 900 too many uni combos, but black and orange just works. Let’s hope the actually wear that.
SW: Why would that surprise me, you love the grey trend. Which pardon me, I think I have some clown in my eye, makes me laugh.
SK: I hate to break it to you but that’s not clown.

. . .

Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL) Northwestern vs Mississippi State Jan. 1st 12:00 (ESPN2):
One of the older bowls (1946), the Gator was the first bowl televised nationally, and would later broadcast this all-time great example of sportsmanship, so embarrassing.

The Spread: Mississippi State is a 2 point favorite over Northwestern
The Picks:
SW: This is as tough as a $2 steak, two great uni redesigns this year here. But as long as Northwestern does not sport any black elements, they are as solid as they get.
SK: Yeah, um, no. It’s not tough. Mississippi State has some great unis this year. Northwestern went backwards.
SW: I gave you the lead with the CMU pick yesterday, and you put the ball on the turf. First down shipwreck! Here I come, walkin down the street…

. . .

Citrus Bowl (Orlando, FL) Nebraska vs Georgia Jan. 1st 1:00 (ABC):
Known as the Tangerine Bowl (’56-’82) and the Citrus bowl (’83-’02) before it gained the sponsorship (2002-), for the last 20 years the game has featured the #2 SEC team against the Big Ten’s #2. While the B10 track record isn’t so great over that time (9-11), the game once known as “The Little Bowl With The Big Heart” due to its charitable contributions has always been one of my favourite games of the season, and a great morning table setter for what was at one time THE day for college football.

The Spread: Georgia is a 10 point favorite over Nebraska
The Picks:
SK: Now, this one is tough, but I have no bones to pick with you. Gimme the Dawgs.
SW: Until Nebraska fixes their helmet and makes them cream agains to the don’t look like Wisconsin with red pantaloons, this is an easy choice, Georgia. I would say Wisconsin looked like Nebraska, but let’s face it, the Badgers are better.

. . .

Hall of Fame Bowl (Tampa, FL) Michigan vs South Carolina Jan. 1st 1:00 (ESPN):
Played in Birmingham for 77-85 before moving to Tampa in ’86 the Hall of fame Bowl has produce many a fantastic clash between the SEC and Big Ten over the years.

The Spread: South Carolina is a 5.5 point favorite over Michigan
The Picks:
SW: This is tougher then a first glance. As much as I think the Wolverines are perfection in their darks, what if we are wrong and they are in white? The gamecock logo and helmet are perfet, and they do make this look work somehow. Still, i’ll take Michigan.
SK: Well, the Cocks are the home team, so no perfection. But even Michigan’s roads are better than anything SCar will trot out there. And corn help us if the WWP stuff hasn’t all been auctioned off…
SW: Then wrap me up and call me Bologna, I’m flipping. That gold stroke on Michigan’s numbers stinks. I’ll take SoCar.

. . .

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) Stanford vs Wisconsin Jan. 1st 5:00 (ESPN):
Played for the first time in 1901, and continuously since 1916, this game needs no real introduction. From the beautiful field and the sun setting over the Sierra Nevada’s to the parade, nothing beats the Rose. While the Rose originally matched a PAC team with an east coast power, after WWII the PAC and B1G reached an accord to play the game with each other due to their attitudes towards desegregation and their shared perspective on the student athlete being a student first. While the Big 10 and Pac 10 refused to be apart of the bowl alliance in 1995, three years later they agreed to help destroy college football and joined with the rest of the nation in the BCS, but the conference alignment for the Rose more or less still exists today.

The Spread: Stanford is a 6.5 point favorite over Wisconsin
The Picks:
SK: Ah, the granddaddy of ’em all, and it’s a PAC-12 vs B1G game to boot! (I kid, but it isn’t always this way when one of those conferences gets an invite to the big dance). Both great unis, but Stanford in cardinal trumps Sconie in white.
SW: With so much cardinal and red some of this games beauty is lost, but as long as Stanford doesn’t go black, Stanford is the pick. if only that motion W didn’t appear to me to motion backwards.
SK: Stanford wont go black in the Rose.

. . .

Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) Florida State vs Northern Illinois Jan. 1st 8:30 (ESPN):
Part of the 1935 second wave of bowls that followed the Rose, this New Year’s Day eve dessert game has produced too many classics to mention. But for me, in addition to the giant grinning orange at midfield, the image of the players in mesh cut-offs while I was bundled up as a kid has left an indelible impression on my memory. I still remember as if it was yesterday begging my father to let me stay up late to watch the end of this game as a kid, which made it extra special.

The Spread: Florida State is a 12.5 point favorite over Northern Illinois
The Picks:
SW: FSU is solid except the pattern around the neck which I have never liked, and the hatchet gigi’s on the helmet are superb. Unfortunately, this is another easy choice.
SK: It’s not unfortunate when we agree on the better uniform, as long as you acknowledge you rarely know which one is better. NIU? Puh-leeze. Should have been Boomer Sooner in this spot anyway. Go FSU!
SW: NIU earned the right to play in this game. Would it be more interesting, and aesthetically pleasing to more people if it was OU? sure, but I am happy for schools like NIU when they bust things up a bit.

. . .

Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA) Florida vs Louisville Jan. 2nd 8:30 (ESPN):
While this game is also a second wave bowl, my memory of it only exists in the Superdome AstroTurf era, so it was never really a favourite. When push came to shove, with some exceptions like watching Hershel Walker, I watched the Orange. Here is one of those fun facts I stumbled upon that would never happen today, and you could apply this across the board… In November of 67 West Point turned down what would have been the academy’s first ever bowl bid during the Vietnam War citing the “heavy demands on the players’ time” as well as an emphasis on football “not consistent with the academy’s basic mission: to produce career Army officers.”

The Spread: Florida is a 14 point favorite over Louisville
The Picks:
SK: No Sugar tonight in my coffee, no Cardinals tonight in my tea. I’m no GatorHater tonight.
SW: I love Gator’s stealth matching stripes. It doesn’t matter what the base colour is, the stripes always unchanged, causing different looks when really they match. I don’t normally require teams to match, but Florida does it in a clever way. Gators.
SK: You? Like matching stripes? Has my OCD finally rubbed off on you? I love you man.

. . .

Salad Bowl (Phoenix, AZ) Kansas State vs Oregon Jan. 3rd 8:30 (ESPN):
Okay, the name Fiesta bowl(1971-) is perfectly fine, but c’mon Salad Bowl (48-52)?!? how great would that be to revive? The original Fiesta was played in Tempe and the original Salad was played in Phoenix after all, and the juxtaposition of Tostitos and Salad would be, pardon the pun, delicious. So why not? While this bowl has brought many a great game over the years, the best story has to be from 1996 when #7 Penn state was chosen over #5 Bringham Young and BYU students burned bags of Tostitos in protest. Oh no, corporate sponsorship gone awry! Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending, BYU squeaked by #14 Kansas State 19-15 on the field that now hosts the Zombie Cotton Bowl. And that, as Paul Harvey said, is the rest of the story.

The Spread: Oregon is a 9.5 point favorite over Kansas State
The Picks:
SW: I almost want to pass on the Fiesta. Purple Cowboys vs. who knows what. I dig that like Iowa, KSU decided to reference a winner when they changed their look, but I can’t get over the lack of creativity. Then there is Oregon who looks like garbage much of the time, but believe it or not, I will still take them. This has to shock you.
SK: Hell has indeed frozen over, wreck, because we’re actually going to be on oppo sides of this one. Much as I love me some Ducks, K-State’s uni kicks ass here. I’ll take them and the points, and still root for a close Duck win.
SW: Oregon is a risky pick, they could come out looking horrible. This would make a great colour on colour game if Oregon wore green and gold.

. . .

Bastard Cotton Bowl (Arlington, TX) Oklahoma vs Texas A&M Jan. 4th 8:00 (FOX):
Played in the Cotton Bowl for 75 years this game was moved to a 1.5 Billion dollar mind number because morons needs a giant million dollar TV to watch instead of the game right in front of them.

The Spread: Texas A&M is a 5 point favorite over Oklahoma
The Picks:
SK: This is going to be a good looking game, son, and with Boomer Sooner the designated home team, it should look just like the photo. aTm got a pretty good looking makeover this season, and I loves me them compression shirt stripes, plus they got Johnny Football. I hate to give up 5 points, but the JerryDome will rock for the 12th man.
SW: I agree that A&M’s make over was superb, I love the shoulder stripes, but points off for the bevele numbers, and changing brain-pan. And OU has made an extremely subtle change to their headpiece over the years, it is a very unique colour. I will take the Sooners in a squeaker.
SK: And you’ll be wrong.

. . .

Vulcan Bowl (Birmingham, AL) Ole Miss vs Pitt (2006) Jan. 5th 1:00 (ESPN):
Birmingham had the Dixie (47-48), Hall of Fame (77-85), and All-America (86-90), but since 2006 they been saddled with the pizza bowl (2006-10) and Spanish owned financial holding company bowl (2010-). Well nertz, those names kind of stink, but you know what has some character? The Birmingham played Vulcan Bowl which was a game betwixt 1942 and 1949 by historically black colleges.

The Spread: Old Miss is a 3.5 point favorite over Pittsburgh
The Picks:
SW: Ole miss is a lay-up here, an all time great while Pittsburgh at least needs to bring back the mustard if not lighter blue as well.
SK: Agreed, but I’d prefer the Rebs in red to blue, which is a possibility. If Pitt were back in Pitt script & mustid, then they’d be the pick. But they’re not.

. . .

Overtheshoulderholder Bowl (Mobile, AL) Arkansas State vs Kent Jan. 6th 9:00 (ESPN):
More meh names for a game with a pretty meh history (1999-) that now has a lowest common denominator sponsor.

The Spread: Arkansas State is a 4 point favorite over Kent State
The Picks:
SK: Gold and blue are a great color scheme, and Kent State does have that going for it, despite the Nikelace and stupid thin stripe template. Still, claw marks on the shoulders, Arky State? That’s a no. I’ll take the Flashes and the points.
SW: The Golden Flashes do have those great gold gigi’s on their helmet, that alone sets them a part, but this is a game without a winner really.
SK: Can they tie?

. . .

Snooze Bowl (Miami, FL) Notre Dame vs Alabama Jan. 7th 8:30 (ESPN):
Killing the old bowl system, and slowly ushering in a regular season crushing play-off since 1998.

The Spread: Alabama is a 10 point favorite over Notre Dame
The Picks:
SW: As much respect as I have for Bama, and they the way they prove that athletes don’t go to school for flashy uni’s, they go for the wins, I will have to take the domers. I think they made improvements with their pantaloons this year, and as silly as the domer dome is, it is unique.
SK: How do you really feel about the BCS, wreck? And did you just pick Our Lady because you know ‘bama is my mostest favorite uni in the history of ever? I don’t like to give up 10 points, but I have a feeling this spread will go up, so I’m going to lock it in early. Ladies and gents, your two-time, defending champs, the Crimson Tide.
SW: Oh cram it with walnuts skip. What can I say, I like the bowls, and was just trying to give an alternate take to going forward with a play-off. While most of the grads I come into contact with agree with me, I knew it wouldn’t be popular here. But with respect to Bama, as classy as they are, Notre Dame is iconic beyond what the Tide brings.

. . .

There you have it. Your complete guide to the 2012-13 College Bowls. Big thanks to Shipwreck for all his effort in putting this together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


Dallas - Andrew Knight

First up is Andrew Knight, who has concepted the entire NFC East:

Dallas Road - Andrew Knight New York Giants - Andrew Knight New York Giants Road - Andrew Knight

Philadelphia - Andrew Knight Philadelphia Road - Andrew Knight Washington Road - Andrew Knight Washington - Andrew Knight

Hey Phil,

Greetings from autumnal England. I’ve been a uniwatcher for longer than I care to remember, but it’s only now I’ve finally got round to doodling some stuff in photoshop. It’s actually quite surprising what six weeks laid up with a broken leg allows you to do.

So here are my modest contributions. Since Uniwatch is no longer tweaking, I thought I’d attempt a few mould-breakers (Packers fans might want to avoid next week’s section). Incidentally, I’m an Eagles fan, and I don’t want any more black in our uni. Please can you use your considerable influence and make this happen?

More to come, I’m afraid,



. . .

And we’ll close today with Tanner Karp, with his Civil War concept (and yes, this was sent to me before the Oregon/Oregon State game):

civil war - Tanner Karp


I thought it would be cool to see two teams wear the same uniform with different colors, especially in a rivalry game. Using Oregon State’s Pro Combat Unis from 2010 to help design these uniforms, I created a “Old School” type game for the Civil War. Both teams have the same uniforms and both have a home and an away to use in consecutive years. I also included a simple Civil War logo I created.


Tanner Karp

. . .

And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

“The moon on the crest of the newfallen snow…”

12-16-12 s-Cat

Click to enlarge

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That’s almost it for today. Big Thanks! to “Shipwreck” for his help, expertise and wisdom these past two days on the college bowls. Great job, buddy. Take a well-deserved bow.

Today, several NFL teams will be wearing some sort of memorial decal for the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. At last count, the Jets, Pats and Giants will have some form of memorial — not all are the same, which I like, because it’s not some form of NFL-imposed mandate. Here’s a bit more information on that. Thanks to Brinke for a couple of those.

Everyone have a good Sunday. Peace.

. . .

“(Fri)day was yet another black day in US history — a true nightmare. Condolences to all of those involved.”
–Brinke Guthrie

Comments (62)

    No controversy today, I promise (well, other than our picks, perhaps).

    Again, you seem to be somehow relating the inconvenient “controversy” you created yesterday with college football bowl games, when the two should never have even remotely the same significance. Have you not learned anything?

    i have to agree with D, this shouldn’t have run today period, i am still sick over what happened .

    It’s bad enough that we have to endure Paul’s liberal political jabs from time to time, but yesterday went over the line. It’d be nice to have something to read that kept politics out of it, but I guess that’s asking too much. It’s Paul’s playground, he can run it however he likes. But i think i’m going to take some time off from uni watch for a while.

    Take all the time it takes, Bobby Sailor.
    You have already won the war.
    You waged the war, and you’re the only one fighting the war.
    Victory is yours… surprisingly.
    In the the words of the Bones Brigade, “Wake up and smell the concrete.”

    I agree it was not smart to make reference to it because it made me look to see what the controversy was about, and then I was quite frankly disgusted that anyone thought such a reference would be funny. But I have read and enjoyed Phil’s Saturday columns for quite some times, and I believe him to be a decent person who just had a major lapse in judgment. So I can look past this one mistake. Nevertheless, may he be forced to wear purple for the next week.

    Eagles concept: green helmet, double stripe on sleeves (from a distance), single stripe on pants.

    They look too much like the Jets uniforms from the late 70s and 80s.

    I agree. But I kinda like it. I just sort of want the Eagles to go back to the gang green. If they don’t they should keep the font with drop shadow. It’s probably one of the most iconic parts of the current uniform.

    While hideous in its own right, your Georgia Tech uni example for the Sun Bowl is out-of-date… yet, it is stunningly more attractive when compared to the honeycomb abortion of their current set.

    GAH! you’re absolutely right…i was so focused in finding a “right facing” player i overlooked the obvious non-2012 uni

    (and you’re entirely correct that as bad as the pictured uni is, it is miles better than the current edition)

    Correction on the ’88 Sun Bowl reference. It was WVU playing Oklahoma State. WVU had Major Harris and a core team that would play for the national championship the next year. OSU featured Mike Gundy, Thurman Thomas, and a freshman running back named Barry Sanders.

    Another link to the Pirates throwbacks:

    I always liked that mustard brown set. I really hope they match it with a mustard brown batting helmet & not an Athletic Gold one. A black one will look lazy & inaccurate. And adding these gorgeous ‘rups would be KEY:

    A batting practice cap that is actually clean. The high crown, not desired so much.

    Love the hat (have it in fact, Cooperstown Collection) and the stirrups, not so much the uniforms.

    Always thought they should combine the 60s sleeveless uniform with the mustard and black, I should do a uni concept with that

    As a Pirates fan that is old enough to actually remember a time when they won haven’t we suffered enough without having to now suffer through these throwbacks too? Please kill this retro trend!!! UGH!!!!!

    The one exception to the Gators’ matching stripes is their orange alternate jersey. For some reason Nike reversed the orange and blue stripes. They got the pants right though.

    it didn’t used to be that way, but you are absolutely right. that is very disappointing. ha! that sounds like i am disappointed that you are correct, when it is the change that is what i find unfortunate.

    The mountain range nearest to the Rose Bowl are the San Gabriel Mountains, not the Sierra Nevadas. The latter start a couple of hundred miles north…

    you are sooooo right auri. what was i thinking? that’s horrible.

    and james, you are a funny guy.

    Nice work on the bowl coverage guys, shipwreck took your lunch $$ both days skipper. Good on Andrew for the NFC East concepts, the Iggles & cowgirls were nice.

    shipwreck knows him some college ball, that’s for sure…but he can’t necessarily pick ’em…we’ll see

    and, for those keeping score at home (which i KNOW you are ;) )…

    we both lost the ‘zona/nevada game, and i won the utah state/toledo game…

    so…heading into thursday…it’s SKIPPER 1…SHIPWRECK 0

    Not exactly on topic and sort of a shot in the dark… but does anyone know any good sites to get throwback Riddell Pocket Pro helmets? Other than ebay and a prayer? Specifically, I’m looking for a silver Oilers helmet, a Redskins spear helmet, and an 80’s Eagles helmet. Preferably for less than the $50-$90 that the one site I know of is charging for each of those.

    i actually might have that silver oilers helmet buried in my studio somewhere, give some time to try to find it, bu if it is down there, it’s yours, i don’t need it.

    mother of corn. i can’t find it jeff, and i am moving to slow today to throw around 100 pond boxes of glass and other supplies to do a deep search. but i have this box of random sports stuff somewhere in that studio, and i will find it, and let you know tomorrow, sorry, i should have looked before i said i had it.

    Glad you guys called it the Peach Bowl today instead of the chicken sandwich bowl… Chick-fil-A has a right to the name for the college kickoff at the beginning of the year but the Peach Bowl should have never been renamed.

    And while it was in yesterday’s post I know it won’t be seen if I post it there because everyone has moveed on to today’s:

    The Russel Athletic Bowl, which was called the Zombie Tangerine Bowl in yesterday’s post would probably make more sense as the “Sponsor Bowl” considering that in its entire existence there have been only 2 seasons where it was not the *Sponsor’s Name* Bowl:
    Blockbuster Bowl
    Carquest Bowl
    Micron PC Bowl
    Mazda Tangerine Bowl (only time it had a name outside of sponsor)
    Champs Sports Bowl
    Russell Athletic Bowl

    i never call it the chicken sandwich bowl or anything else referencing the sponsor because i don’t care who the sponsors are. to me it is just the peach bowl because it is the bowl played in atalanta. none of the games in the write-up reference a current or former sponsor. so zombie tangerine or zombie cotton are games brought back to life in a location that once hosted X before X moved. i honestly couldn’t tell you the sponsors for those games.

    I was just saying that the “zombie tangerine bowl” really isn’t a zombie, The Citrus Bowl (formerly the tangerine bowl) is now the Capital One Bowl. The “Zombie Tangerine Bowl” only had Tangerine in the name for 2 years, for the rest of its existence it has been a *Sponsor’s name* Bowl.

    It was played in Miami until it was moved to Orlando for the 2001 edition. The Citrus Bowl was eventually renamed the Capital One Bowl and was played in the same location on different dates.

    Basically aside from 2 years when the bowl randomly became the Mazda Tangerine Bowl its name has been completely based around the sponsor. The real citrus/tangerine bowl is still played only under a different moniker. The only appropriate name for the bowl is the sponsor bowl because for 21 of its 23 years of existence it has been *Sponsor’s Name* Bowl.

    The history of the 2 bowls really aren’t that confusing unless you insist on calling the one that was called the Tangerine bowl for 2 seasons the Zombie Tangerine Bowl

    seriously? you really are complaining about me calling it a zombie tangerine bowl? of all the things you could tell me to cram over this weekend you choose this?!!? that is actually very funny, thanks, i needed it. but i never suggested anywhere in the two days that any of my bowl names are…screw it, call it whatever the f*** you want to.

    honestly Doug, i made no claims that i was trying to correct any naming wrongs or anything like that, i just thought people might like to know a little of the bowl back stories. i find names like peach bowl and the field logos etc that goes with it a better aesthetic then sponsors. but in no way was i suggesting that people start referring to the games in their respective hamlets and villages by the names i suggest. so when i say call em what you want to, i mean no dis-respect, just simply call it what you want, the F-bomb makes it sound harsher then i meant that.

    I don’t know how you got that I was being negative about this, I was simply saying that Sponsor Bowl would be a more accurate name than Zombie Tangerine Bowl.

    I’m not a fan of sponsors taking over bowl names. It should be the Peach Bowl, Chick-fil-a is welcome to sponsor it but they never should have petitioned to change the name and they never should have been successful in doing so.

    As for the topic at hand a bowl that has had 8 different names over 23 years (and upon further review) has been called the Tangerine Bowl for 3 of those years (Mazda Tangerine Bowl for 2 of those years, “Visit Florida” was the sponsor in 2001 which means they couldn’t find an actual sponsor one year). And of those 7 names, 5 of them have existed because of a sponsor was the only name used for the bowl.

    The Blockbuster Bowl gave way to the Carquest Bowl, then the Micron PC Bowl, then the MicronPC.Com Bowl, then the Tangerine bowl (with only 1 true sponsor but 2 different names because at first there was no sponsor), then the Champs Sports Bowl, and finally the Russell Athletic Bowl (which is what it will be called at least through 2015).

    When it comes to bowls with constantly changing names its usually due to them being failures and eventually ceasing to exist. This particular bowl has lasted for 23 years, and had 7 different names with most of those names determined solely by who was the sponsor that year. That’s rare and I think it’s an interesting note about the bowl.

    I wasn’t saying you were wrong (at least I didn’t mean to say it that way), I was more giving a critique moving forward. Its like when something comes along in the UNIverse that needs a name and we debate on what to call it. Nike’s Flywire collar or as it is now called here “Nikelace” is an example of this.

    I definitely didn’t mean to give off the vibe that you seemed to get. Sorry about that.

    i can’t disagree with most of what you said here. it has just been a long wekend. i thought i would be ripped for trying to keep proper perspective on student-athletes, heck i welcomed it, but it turned out to be a very different conversation, so i am sure i over reacted. sincere i am stupids.

    I seem to remember both the front and back numebers being fat when they wore them in 2010. Today the front numbers look like they did the last time the Bears wore the monsters of the midway unis against the Packers but the back numbers were more reminiscent of a standard block numbers and much skinnier.

    Am I remembering wrong or were the numbers on the back skinnier on the 2010 versions as well?

    Saints looked great today, I loved what Arizona wore yesterday. Hats and britches colors should always match.

    Seahawks are sporting alts today in Toronto against the Bills. Monochrome gray (?) tops and bottoms. It looks more like all-whites that went through the wash without detergent after a muddy game… IOW, not a good look.

    36 + rain/snow in NE.
    Let’s see if Harbaugh wears just the black sweatshirt.
    In two years (almost) of coaching, I’ve never seen him wear anything else…ever.

    So has a blurb about this live football game going on, and the editors decide to throw in a file photo with the wrong uniform.
    //Those numbers are way too busy, but nothing else about that old SF uniform was terrible, IMO.

    Please no mustard and script “Pitt” coming back. What we have is fine as long as they get rid of the white pants and go gold at home and blue on the the road.
    Then again since I only wear Panthers merch that spells out the complete “Pittsburgh” on it if that script Pitt in the old blue and mustard comes back I better stock up because I’ll never be able to buy anything ever again. When I actually cared about hockey I did the same when the Pens brought back that horrible gimpy penguin and eliminated the far better hummingbird penguin.

    your school, so i will yield to you on what you should do. but you should know i wasn’t saying you should bring back the “pitt” script, or the tony D/marino era uni’s, just the colours. the way it is now a shit ton of people wear gold and navy, but nobody wears mustard and off-royal, you should own that and smack the people who hate it with a we are pittsburgh. screw you. but if pitt grads want to look like everyone else, that’s fine with me, you can own that too if you like.

    Phil, my apologies for my lateness. Thanks so much for sharing my uni-tweaks to the Gamecocks last week.

    Seriously… What is Shipwreck’s “amazing bowl history”? I admit I didn’t read Saturday or Sunday’s posts completely. But after seeing the “amazing bowl history” line, I went back and read Saturday’s intro. Am I missing the amazing part? All I saw was a weak argument against a playoff. He should have just written: “Bowls existed during my childhood, and like everyone I view my childhood as idyllic. So bowls are way better than a stupid playoff.”

    thanks man, i appreciate the constructive crit of my argument. but i was more or less trying to convey the fact that you don’t know shit about what it means to be a student-athlete, and that the bowl system, while flawed, does some good for a lot more teams then the ten best. but you are right, i could have broken it down, i should have just said that and been done with it. again, thank you for all your tireless work in pointing out that 18 year old kids should play 20 games a year for our pleasure, that is the proper perspective.

    Sorry, this is one of the weak arguments that I alluded to. With today’s system, 70 teams extend their season by 4-7 weeks. In a 16-team playoff system, 8 teams extend their season by 1 week, 4 teams by 2-3 weeks, 2 teams by 4-5 weeks, and 2 teams by 5-7 weeks.

    Yes, the 2014 season will be a mixture of bowls and playoffs. But my examples above point out the 2 extremes, and a playoff clearly results in fewer overall days traveling and practicing.

    Hey Shipwreck,
    I hate to bust your balls, but at least in the picture provided, all the Lousville stripes match up too.

    ha! they sure do, and i figured that it would be brought up. but louisville does it in a obvious way, while i was trying to point out that florida does it right proper clever. that was more or less my point, but you are correct.

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