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Monday Morning Uni Watch

Screen shot 2012-10-14 at 8.20.22 PM.png

The big news in the NFL yesterday is that the Bills finally — finally! — rolled out their blue pants (lots of additional photos here). Looked swell, except for two things: (1) The pink, duh. (2) They went with blue-topped socks. As you can see above, that created a bit of a leotard effect. Boooo! They already have white-topped socks in their wardrobe, so why not use them? Come on, guys, it’s not that hard.

Fairly uni-uneventful day across the rest of the league, with a few exceptions:

• In that Bills game, the Cardinals wore their BFBS alts.

• The NFL logo on Reggie Wayne’s jersey was missing.

• Tom Brady wore a Revolution Speed helmet, I’m pretty sure for the first time ever. Too bad. (Update: Several commenters have pointed out that he wore the Speed for one week last season.)

Turning to Saturday’s college action, you should begin by checking out Terry Duroncelet’s report in yesterday’s entry. After you’ve caught up with that, here are some additional notes:

• It’s bad enough to wear glasses under your football helmet, but South Carolina kicker Landon Ard wore about the least football-y specs imaginable on Friday night. (“Plus he badly overshot the onside kick, so his prescription is probably bad, too,” notes reader Duncan Wilson.)

• Florida State backup quarterback Clint Trickett was wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins hat on the sidelines. In case you’re wondering, his hometown is Tallahassee, not Pittsburgh.

• Hawaii’s NOBs all read, “IMUA,” which means “Move Forward” in Hawaiian.

• Texas used a variety of logo-emblazoned placards for calling plays from the sidelines.

• Check this out: Not just color vs. color, but monochromatic color vs. color. That’s a pair of D2 schools, Black Hills State and Chadron State, from Saturday.

• And here’s one left over from Thursday night: Tulsa defensive lineman Derrick Alexander got a UTEP player’s helmet stuck in his own helmet.

• Also: Regarding those Wyoming train wrecks from Saturday, here’s a really good article about them. (I’m quoted in it, but that’s actually the least interesting aspect of it.)

(My thanks to all contributors, including Marc Aune, Dan Brookens, Ryan DeFilippi, Andy Henderson, Jason Hirschey, Corey Kanetake, Kevin Kurz, Jonathan Mayer, Lev Naginsky, and Duncan Wilson.)

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Uni Watch Weekend Report: You don’t have to be sitting on your ass on the sofa or at the computer to engage in some quality uni-watching. Case in point: On Friday evening I met up with my friends Jon and Karen at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, where we checked out this exhibit on Ivy League style. There were several sports-related items on display — varsity sweaters and the like — along with some non-sports attire that was clearly sports-inspired. Also, as you’d expect, mountains of Brooks Brothers and J. Press clothing. Very WASP-o-rama. (Or as I whispered to Jon at one point, “I don’t say this very often, but all of a sudden I feel really Jewish.”)

But what really blew us away these “beer suits,” which were apparently popular for a while at Princeton. They consisted of repurposed work wear worn to protect “good clothes” from spilled beer (click to enlarge):


I really like how the one on the right has what appears to be a uni number. The beer suits could only be worn by seniors and supposedly could never be washed. Faaaascinating, and I really like how the one on the right has what appears to be a uniform number. Gotta get me one of those.

The next day, while you were watching college football, I was walking on the west side of Manhattan (I was on my way to take a really cool walking tour), where I passed a Dunkin Donuts outlet with an ad in the window featuring Eli Manning. Interestingly, his jersey included the Giants’ logo, but the NFL logo was covered up (click to enlarge):


Seems odd that they’d have permission to use the team logo but not the league logo, no?

Finally, remember the excellent Danish Athletic Club, which I first visited back in March? A bunch of friends and I had dinner there on Saturday night. The roast pork loin was mediocre, but the company was great, as you can see here (click to enlarge):


Okay, so there was no uni-related component to that outing. But it was way more fun than watching the Tigers’ 9th-inning collapse. Fortunately, I got home in time to see them pull it out in the 12th, which made for a very satisfying conclusion to a really fun day.

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Too Good for the Ticker: This is so fucking awesome: Two weekends ago, Dartmoth somehow forgot to bring along a kicking tee for their game against Yale. The Yalies refused to loan them one (which seems like a bit much, no?), so the Dartmouth staff cut down the top of a water bottle and they used that to create a makeshift tee (click to enlarge):

Screen shot 2012-10-13 at 3.20.51 PM.png

How awesome is that? DIY, baby! “The game officials had to approve the handmade tee and make sure it didn’t elevate the ball higher than an inch,” says Tris Wykes. “Dartmouth used it for kickoffs all day. The tee saga was discovered and chronicled by longtime Dartmouth football observer and beat writer Bruce Wood, who writes the Big Green Alert football site and blog.”

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Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 4.11.39 PM.png

Show & Tell update: Photos and stories from last week’s installment of Show & Tell have now been posted on the Show & Tell web site. Enjoy.

Also: I’m in need of a photographer for next month’s Show & Tell event, which will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 8pm, at Freddy’s. If that sounds like you, please get in touch. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: This is pretty fascinating: The between-innings security guy stationed on the right-field line at Camden Yards the other night was wearing a left-handed batting helmet, with the earflap facing the infield. Never seen that before. Did his counterpart on the left-field line wear a righty batting helmet? “Seems like a smart move if you ask me!” says Ryan Albright. … The diamondplate look still lives on the high school level. That’s Mesquite Poteet High in Texas. The “TPW” on the helmet stands for “Tough People Win,” and if you can say that — or even read it — with a straight face, you’re way ahead of me (from Brian Thompson). … When the Nats spilled out of the dugout to celebrate Jayson Werth’s walk-off homer last Thursday, most of them were wearing gray sweatshirts — except for Tyler Clippard, who wore a red one (from John Muir). … Speaking of the Werth homer celebration, who’s that with FiOB? There’s no 89 on the roster, nor is there any other Martinez. “That’s Jose Martinez, who’s on the coaching staff,” says R. Scott Rogers. ” Not sure why he has “Jo.,” though. Maybe it’s there to differentiate him from low-level prospect Estarlin Martinez, since Jose probably interacts with a lot of the younger guys at spring training..?” … New basketball uniforms for Illinois State (from John Twork). … Ryan DeFilippi wants to know what brand of glove Pedro Strop is wearing. Anyone..? ”¦ Interesting hood ornament on the Alabama equipment truck (from Jay Sullivan). … The Washington City Paper — the alt-weekly in DC — has decided to stop using the name “Redskins” and is letting its readers vote on which name the paper should use from now on. Slowly but surely, people (from Caldwell Bailey). ”¦ The O’s wore their “O’s” caps on Friday — except for skipper Buck Showalter, who mistakenly wore the cartoon bird cap, until someone pointed out his mistake (from Brig Slaughter). ”¦ There are sweatboxes, and then there are sweatboxes. And the thing is, that’s kicker Rob Bironas. Did he really sweat through his sweatbox? “No fucking way,” says a very perturbed Doug Mulliken. “That box is a fucking different colour deliberately.” ”¦ Several readers have noted that the Cardinals are still wearing their 2011 World Series Champions sleeve patches. If they beat the Giants and advance to this year’s Fall Classic, will they keep wearing that patch, with the 2012 World Series patch presumably going on the other sleeve? That’d be something, although I don’t think it’ll happen. More likely they’ll swap out the champions patch for the new WS patch. ”¦ Speaking of the Cards, does Alan Craig have an underarm sweat stain, or is that dirt from a head-first slide? (As noted by Scott Novosel.) ”¦ Here are some new photos — although not very good ones — of the new Maryland hoops uniforms. ”¦ Benjamin Antell was watching the USA/Antigua soccer match the other day and noticed that one of the Antigua subs went NNOB. All the other players had NOBs. ”¦ Whoa, check out the jersey that Brock University’s hockey team is using to mark the War of 1812’s bicentennial (from Mark Fleetwood). ”¦ Sporting goods historian Terry Proctor sent along this team portrait of the 1956-57 Rochester Royals, the franchise’s last year in Rochester (that’s today’s Sacramento Kings, don’tcha know). “Look at #14 — Richie Regan from Seton Hall — he’s wearing the 1955-56 version of the uniform, with the outlined number,” says Terry. “One of the Sand-Knit reps that handled the Royals’ order is still alive at age 90 and still lives in the Rochester area. He told me that the Royals got so many complaints about the outlined numbers being hard to read that they sent them back to Sand-Knit following the 1955 season. Sand-Knit added the top layer of red numbers over the royal blue outline.” ”¦ What’s worse the BFBS? BFBS with what appears to be purple accents, although maybe it’s just blue. Either way, what a mistake (from Tyler Keefe). … Sacred Heart football has been wearing a “PG” helmet decal for coach Paul Gorham, who required a lung transplant and the amputation of his legs earlier this year (from Tris Wykes). … New court design for the Lakers. They have 16 little stars around the center-court logo, to represent their 16 titles — which have been rendered, unfortunately, with 16 apostrophe catastrophes. ”¦ New basketball uniforms for Auburn (from Jeff McClendon). ”¦ Click through this slideshow to see the Nets’ season ticket packaging (from Louis San Miguel). ”¦ A few blocks away from the Nets’ new arena, there’s a sign with the team’s old logo. “I’ve seen it up there for at least a year, so it predates the unveiling of the new logo,” says Eric Goodman. Surprising that they haven’t taken it down, or at least updated it. … Gerald Laird’s first name was misspelled on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard during his Saturday night’s Yanks/Tigers game. “Fans noticed right away and it was corrected before the at-bat was complete,” says Mike Colvin. ”¦ Looks like some inconsistencies in the thickness of the “Nets” lettering on the team’s shorts logo (good spot by Matt Beahan). ”¦ Absolutely spectacular 1940s basketball uniform available here. ”¦ Not uni-related, but still fitting the obsessive Uni Watch mindset: Someone on Flickr visited and photographed every single town in North Dakota (thanks, Kirsten). ”¦ Fairly rudimentary discussion of the value of a good logo here (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ Here’s a great varsity sweater label design. It’s from this sweater. ”¦ “I’m a big Philadelphia Flyers fan and I wanted to check out Eisbären Berlin, the team that Briere and Giroux are playing with during the lockout,” says Derek Smith. “As you can see from their splash page, the pink craze has spread overseas. More interestingly, Briere and Giroux are signed to Bauer, so they have black duct tape over the Warrior cuff logo on their gloves, but not over the thumb logo.” ”¦ Felix Jones and Jason Witten of the Cowboys both appeared on The League the other night. Oddly, Witten wore a generic jersey while, Jones wore a Cowboys practice jersey with the team name and ad covered up (from James Samsel). ”¦ I’m a whole week late on this, but buried in the midst of a Ken Davidoff blog post is the following quote from Yankees closer Rafael Soriano regarding his annoying routine of untucking his jersey after recording a save: “It’s a reminder that I did my job, I did what I have to do and now I can go hurry up to my family.” As always, I wish he (and other untuckers) would wait until he got off the field. … StubHub has launched a new blog in which they break down ticket-purchase data. Their first entry features several infographics showing how baseball vs. football ticket purchases correlate with political leanings (from Jason Christie). ”¦ Angel Pagan of the Giants had a torn underarm last night (from Stan Capp). ”¦ If TBS wants to refer to one of its own employees as “Carl Ripken Jr.,” that’s their business. But their latest on-screen typo is inexcusable.

Comments (130)

    Why can’t the graphic designer for Peyton Mannings poster Photoshop out the NFL shield? Geez…that’s what the Clone Tool is for.

    In the TV commercial for Dunkin Donuts I could swear he has an unobstructed NFL logo on the collar.

    Is there a different protocol between TV and print media?

    Weird, this looks like a Dunkin vs Beaverton beef.

    NFL logo is covered up in Eli promo appearances too, yet Reebok vector is not.

    In 3 different ads from DD featuring Red Sox, it appears that the undershirt logo of the corp that shall not be named, has been photoshopped out.

    Yet in a Celtic’s DD ad, the 3 stripes is plainly visible.

    Hooray Google!

    Paul – better adjust that text again. In that photo Brady’s wearing a Shutt Air XP. I believe he wore it during pre-season as well last year but quickly switched back to his old Riddell VSR-4 by Week 2.

    Maybe I’m going crazy but it seems like I saw a shot of him and all the Patriots QBs wearing Revo Speed helmets from their mini-camp in 2010; but if he did wear one it was only for that mini-camp and he was back to the old one for the full training camp.

    Yeah, that wasn’t a Revo Speed last year, like John said. That’s the same kind that Aaron Rodgers wears.
    Yesterday was the first time he has worn the Revo Speed.

    Am I losing it, or didn’t Tom Brady wear a revolution helmet on the road once last year, or maybe the year before? I even distinctly remember thinking about how weird it was at the time.

    If you can say “Mesquite Poteet” with a straight face, you’re doing pretty well too. Sounds like some sort of Yosemite Sam expletive.

    I seem to remember a similar explanation regarding Soriano’s jersey when the Brewers were going Sloppy for Sloppy’s Sake at the end of their wins.

    You’re right, I did more research and it was Mike Cameron’s tribute to his father who’d untuck his shirt after a hard day at work in 2009. It continued after he left the Brewers as well. The website mentioned it. Jim Harbaugh also did it in 2011 against the Lions according to a Cohn Zohn piece on the website.

    Again with the “Hogs” reference when speaking of the Redskins. Come on folks, let it go.

    No. The Hogs is part of their franchise identity. Just like Denver has the Orange Crush, Pittsburgh has the Steel Curtain, the Vikings are Purple People Eaters, etc. Deal with it.

    Orange Crush, Steel Curtain, and Purple People Eaters are 70s ancient history, man. Do viking fans today wear Purple People Eater shirts? Orange Crush caps in Denver?. Every time I see the Hog noses, I just roll my eyes. (and I’m a Skins fan). As Dumb Guy says, move on…!

    Some folks wear Orange Crush gear in Denver, and some of them look like they weren’t even born before Super Bowl XII.

    Announcers were all over it yesterday when showing the play down near the goal line. It’s never going away. Better learn to live with it.

    Trust me, I am a HUGE Redskins fan. Northern VA is my home town. The Hogs, The Hogettes, etc. were great fun…. IN THE 80’s!

    Sadly, that’s about the last time we ‘Skins fans had anything worth cheering about (until this year at least). :^) So I get that some folks are still clinging to those glory days.

    But seeing those idiots still hauling out the wigs, dresses, pig snouts, and the rest of their ensemble got old about 15 years ago. In turn, since those dinks inevitably get on TV every week, the whole world seems to jump on the blandwagon.

    If we had some new hogs (Hogs 2.0) or any other reasonable reason for keeping the Hogs aura alive and in the present, it might be OK.

    Why not start dressing as RG3-ettes or something??


    War of 1812? Was that the war we won fighting a decisive battle post-treaty signing?

    Also, that Big N’ Toasted is pretty dang good. Not good enough to cover the NFL logo, but good nonetheless.

    There is an enormous memorial honoring General Brock on Queenston Heights. It’s a gigantic column, with a statue of the general on top of it. He’s pointing towards the American side. It’s a really impressive sight.

    When I was a kid, it freaked me out.

    Two thumbs up for the hand holding going on in one of today’s photos. Slowly but surely, people.

    What’s odd about the security guard’s helmet at Camden Yards is that during play, they are sitting along the wall facing the field, so his unprotected ear would be facing the plate.

    Seems backwards to me.

    The beer suits could only be worn by seniors and supposedly could never be washed

    Considering that only seniors could wear it, Instead of a uniform number, might it be their class year?

    That has to be what it is. The guy in the picture is clearly in the class of 1930 or 1936.

    *willing to bet

    GIS “Princeton beer jacket” and you’ll see many have class years emblazoned on them.

    That’s pine tar under Craig’s armpit. He tucks his bat there when he adjusts his batting gloves. Clubhouse guys in charge of laundry must love that.

    Florida State backup quarterback Clint Trickett was wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins hat on the sidelines. In case you’re wondering, his hometown is Tallahassee, not Pittsburgh.

    Clint Trickett’s dad, Rick Trickett, is FSU’s assistant head coach/offensive line coach. Rick is originally from West Virginia, and had two stints as an assistant coach at WVU (late 70s and early-mid 2000s). Morgantown is about 70 miles from Pittsburgh, so Clint being a Pens fan makes a little sense.

    The reason that I sent that Rochester Royals picture to Paul was to point out that outline numbers and word marks (as shown on the NBA’s upcoming holiday threads) were not a new concept in pro basketball. I at first thought that the ’55-’56 Royals were the first team to wear the style. But after further research I found that the ’52-’53 Milwaukee (now Atlanta) Hawks had outline team name and numbers. And the San Antonio Spurs had the outline treatment on their black road unis back in the 1970s. What is it they say? “Everything old is new again.”

    Terry, I have a feeling it was done even earlier than that – I’m pretty sure one of the earlier teams had that treatment. I’ll go through my files, see what I can find…

    I wouldn’t consider the Bills’ look yesterday as “leotard”-like, due to the pants stripes.

    I prefer the Gregg Easterbrook name for the Washington Redskins: Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons. Not only is it not offensive, but since the Redskins play in Maryland, have their offices in Virginia, and (since 1997) NOTHING in DC, its more politically correct.

    Hey I posted a comment late last night about the Packers collars. I got off work at 11 but I did catch it on Charles Woodson and Donald Driver.

    The stripes on the collar of some of the Packers jerseys are truncated. I thought at first that maybe they were tucked in until I saw that they had the NFL shield in the front on an all-white background. The Pack adopted nothing from Nike–let alone Flywire–so what is with the different cut on the collar of some of the jerseys?

    since the Redskins play in Maryland, have their offices in Virginia, and (since 1997) NOTHING in DC, its more politically correct.

    No — you mean it’s more ACCURATE.

    The term “politically correct” almost never adds anything to the discussion. Let’s please avoid invoking it on the site. Thanks.

    That goes back a few years, and some players on different teams had similar treatments. I have no idea why they do it, though, as I’m not sure what the benefit is.

    Gotchya. Being a Steelers fan I guess its less noticeable when your team has nothing on the collar. I’ve been more enraged with the stripes partially missing on all the non-QB players. Seriously, if they got rid of the Nike logo, there would be room for the stripes.

    See, this is why I take offense when people accuse me of being Gregg Easterbrook, as has happened from time to time in my writing career.

    Anyway, the single best rule of thumb for assessing an argument in the U S of A: The first person who uses the term “political correctness” or “PC” against his foe is wrong. Outside of a few very specific university contexts that mostly ceased to exist around 1996, “PC” and its related terms are used exclusively by bullshitters. A person with facts and reason on his side will almost never be found invoking “PC.” Applying this rule of thumb to any debate you observe will almost never steer you wrong.

    Hey I was quoting Easterbrook, not myself. I’ve read Tuesday Morning Quarterback for 12 years now, and he’s used that nickname on the team for almost as long. I do apologize for using the term politically correct and will keep it out of future discussions on here. Interestingly enough, he’s kind-of phased out the cognomens this year, haven’t really seen him use them that much anymore.

    It’s always something with Buffalo. They knew there was a high demand for the blue pants. The equipment managers should know by now that the leotard effect is not a good look. Paul, please send them a friendly email reminding them of that option!

    I’m grateful they finally wore the blue pants, but next time the Bills choose the blue pants, please pack along the white topped socks that they initially wore with last season’s white pants and jerseys!!!!

    In response to renaming the Redskins, I agree. Maybe they should be referred to as the Virginia Redskins or the Maryland Redskins. The further from DC the better!!!

    From the article on that monstrosity of a Wyoming uniform:

    “The kids want flash and dash. They want something that looks neat, looks cool, looks different. It sounds weird. You shouldn’t have to sell a kid on a uniform. You should have to sell a kid on a school. But kids are kids.”

    That quote immediately brought to mind the great Roger Meyers Jr. quote: “That’s why you’re still kids: ’cause you’re stupid!”

    “From the article on that monstrosity of a Wyoming uniform…”


    along with PC or politically correct, i believe the use of “monstrosity” and “abomination” shall no longer be used to describe bad uniform design

    and no more “craptacular” either

    looking at the kicker’s glasses again, are they bifocals??

    can’t tell if its a shadow or the bifocal cut.

    I wish I had the time and resources to go around and photograph every town in North Dakota. At first glance, the photos seem a bit… repetitve. I was expecting to be blown away…because, what a great concept. What a remote place. But I should save my comments before I have time to examine the pictures further, I guess.

    I think some images of the state’s people would’ve been compelling.

    My gosh. Boardwalk Hall is an incredible looking venue for sports. (Re: Nets’ letter thckness issues)

    RE: Eli’s Dunkin Donuts ad…

    When I worked for Coca-Cola, we had cans available with the Steelers logo:

    They say WORLD CHAMPIONS, not Super Bowl champions, and had no reference to the NFL. I believe each team can contract with whomever they’d like, only some sponsors have the right to use the shield.

    Maybe I missed where this was talked about on the site yesterday or today, but did anyone else notice a bunch of Cardinals went high cuffed yesterday. I normally don’t notice stuff like that, but seeing a Cardinal in high socks is usually a rare site, and there were several showing off the stripes last night. Any story behind that? They weren’t that way for the NLDS. I know for sure Motte for one was low cuffed game 5 and high cuffed last night. I even noticed him fidget with his blousing a couple times on the mound.

    They’ve been doing “high sock Sundays” for several weeks now. Something the players started. Should be “high cuff Sundays,” but, oh well.

    I suspect the players call it that because they HAVE to wear high socks with the short pants. Not so with ankle length.

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but my company finally unblocked the comments page for me. Apparently they deemed all you guys and gals as unsavory!

    I recall a couple years seeing a proposal on here, maybe by Ricko(?), to have the sleeves of compression undershirts carry designs to mimic jersey sleeve stripings. And now, as we all know, it is becoming an emerging trend ( ex: )

    So my question is, what are all your feeling about it? At first I thought it was a novel and creative idea. But now seeing it in action, I don’t like it. To me it’s the upperbody equivalent of faux stirrups. It just looks to forced and fake.


    I still think it’s a great idea. The problem lies in getting the whole team to wear them. Assuming a team can convince every player to go along with it, striped compression sleeves look a hell of a lot better than what we’re seeing with teams like the Steelers where the shrinking sleeves have lead to missing stripes.

    If I were king, I’d tell them to position stripes just a bit higher on the compression sleeves. They ought to be centered, visually speaking, slightly above the mid-point between the end of the jersey an the end of the compression sleeve.

    As it is, they appear to be be centered sligthy below that visual center.

    Why would one make a conscious effort, to not wash his or her beer suit? Gross. TBS spelling Willie Mays name incorrectly, is a travesty, to say the least. I typically read the weekend’s posts on Monday, so I wanted to shout out how I’m enjoying Terry D’s palette cleansing videos. That panda and a pumpkin were awesome Mr. D.

    “I wanted to shout out how I’m enjoying Terry D’s palette cleansing videos. That panda and a pumpkin were awesome Mr. D.”

    I’m very glad you enjoyed them!

    Sorry for the late response, I’ve just been in lazy mode all day.

    Cool Auburn basketball unis.

    My favorite Auburn unis are still from the 2000 team (the year they were ranked #1 – chris porter, doc robinson, mamdo ngye). they had real tiger stripes as the trim. kind of looked out of place…but what the hey…pretty cool

    May have been mentioned over the weekend, but I’ll say that those NOB’s that Boise St. had on Saturday, were an embarrassment. Why bother. Just use a QR code or better yet, a bar code on their backs.

    it’s not about the name on the back of the uniform

    it’s about the swoosh on the front of the jersey…

    and the pants, socks, sneakers, armbands, wristbands, gloves, visors, jocks…

    There’s an instore Coke display in the Chicago area with Urlacher. It has the same deal as the Eli Manning one, the NFL logo is covered up but nothing else is. Can’t tell on Eli but the Urlacher promo has the Nike logo on it too.

    Yale probably didn’t lend a tee because they had reason to suspect that Dartmouth had complained to the NCAA just days before the game to get one of Yale’s best players ruled ineligible. Dartmouth lost the kid to Yale in a recruiting battle.

    For the record, it is believed that the complaint came from elsewhere, but no one knew that at the time (if it is, in fact, even true).

    I’d say Gus’s evaluation is correct, even with that recruiting story qualifier from Andrew. What happened to sportsmanship? Sure, recruiting is probably cutthroat. Who cares. Nice lesson some schmuck tried to teach. What a tool. For fuck sake. Speed skating hi jinks? Read about that a few weeks ago. Win at all costs mentality? I would want my opponent at full strength. I know we’ve heard this before. “We beat them at their best”, type of comments. Not, ” We beat them, since they had lost both quarterbacks, and by the way, they forgot their fucking kicking tee, and had to use half a Nesbitt’s can.” “My oh my, did we ever beat their ass.” You can have those wins, and the turd in your laundry karma, that may come with it son. Good luck with that. And, I have no intention of doing a Sparklepony version of this rant.

    Chris K wrote:
    “Win at all costs mentality? I would want my opponent at full strength. I know we’ve heard this before. “We beat them at their best”, type of comments. Not, ” We beat them, since they had lost both quarterbacks, and by the way, they forgot their fucking kicking tee, and had to use half a Nesbitt’s can.” ”

    What about “we beat them at their best” over “we beat them cuz we sat on a complaint to the NCAA until days before we played them, to take their best player off the field”?

    Douchebaggery cuts both ways on this one.

    Strop uses a Taiwan Kachi glove. a href=””Here is the facebook page (which I cant access much of I guess, no FB account. Didn’t find a website.

    My goodness, thos NOBs on Hawaii are HUGE! I don’t think I’ve ever seen ones that large. Is there some sort of rule as to how big they can actually be?

    Those beer drinkin’ suits are a riot, gotta get me one of those! And I guess Paul just can’t escape the purple, I see some sentence fragment in the background of that pic referencing his favorite color.

    Nevermind, they already played a preseason game. First game at Barclays Center tonight though.

    anyone else besides me LOVING that blue color nike made for the chargers? it aint powder, more like what UCLA has been wearing

    freakin’ beautiful

    Is rather close to the blue they wore in mid-60’s, between their original royal and the powder they wore later.

    Because in that era, they never wore powder blue jerseys with white pants. Went to powder blue AFTER they went to gold pants.

    What do you suggest someone who has poor vision but can’t use contacts do if they don’t wear glasses?

    The white lines would be so bright against the black it would look like they were playing a neon drainage grid.

    Oh, yeah, that’d be REAL easy to watch on the teevee.

    Especially if it’s a night game. The lines against black would look almost phosphorescent under lights.

    Will the entire Chargers team be fined for their monochrome leggings?
    Really effs up a nice uni (not to mention those the horrific nikollars)

    I’d wager (certainly based on almost indisputable visual evidence, anyway) that sock fines, etc., are suspended during “Can’t Get Enough Pink” Month.

    My Chargers look awesome tonight in the light blue. This should be the primary, but I agree. The jagoffs with the solid white and solid blue leggings are really ruining a great uni. The sweatboxes really stand out on the light blue as well.

    i gotta say…either my eyes are getting bad, or the two different hi def tv’s i’ve watched this game on are both off…

    but i’d swear these jerseys are darker than the previous rbk ones…but…

    pretty damn close — either way, without that rbk shiny shit, these look 100% better (color wise — the nikelace is another matter altogether)

    Re Eisbären Berlin: The pink hasn’t actually “spread overseas”. Eisbären are owned by the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG – think Staples Center, the Kings, LA Live, and so on). This is just something they’ve picked up from their American owners. It has no traction in Germany and hockey fans don’t actually know what the hell it’s all for. Interestingly enough, the other AEG team in the league (German hockey is mad legit), the Hamburg Freezers (actually called that), are staying away from the pink for now.

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