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There’s No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 41

Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 10.06.03 AM.png

This latest batch of wire pics comes our way courtesy of Joe Hilseberg (who provided all the Orioles-related shots), Jon Helfenstein, and Bruce Menard. My thanks to all of them.

• FiOB and FNOB don’t work if you have two players named Mike Smith. The solution? Put their home states on their jerseys.

• The O’s used to employ stadium hostesses, who had some pretty mod uniforms.

• Speaking of hostess attire, here’s how the NHL dolled up its hostesses for the 1975 All-Star Game.

• To my knowledge, no official sports hostess was ever dressed up like this. This was a gimmick to cross-promote NBC’s World Series coverage and one of its sitcoms, Hey, Landlord (which I’d never heard of until now, apparently with good reason).

• Back in 1967, the Mets somehow got roped into doing a Women’s Day photo shoot about sweaters (although I’m more interested in those perfect stirrups — hot-cha-cha!). Here’s how it turned out.

• The Hagerstown Suns didn’t have history’s most creative cap design.

• Note how the two Rowes in this photo got very different NOB treatments. No. 54 is Ralph Rowe, who was on Baltimore’s coaching staff that season; No. 60 is minor league pitching instructor Ken Rowe.

• You don’t often see Frank Robinson in a Rochester Red Wings uniform.

• Perhaps an even rarer sight: Robinson with a goatee!

• What’s going on here? Apparently it’s O’s player Sammy Stewart in “disguise,” playing for the wives team in the annual O’s-vs.-wives game.

•  Love these 1962 shots of Goose Tatum and Satchel Paige wearing Harlem Stars uniforms — with Goose wearing shorts!

• And we conclude with a color (!) shot of Cal Ripken Jr. wearing No. 18 (!!).

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Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 12.23.33 AM.png

Let’s make a deal: My printer died the other day, so yesterday I went and got a new one. Naturally, I had just stocked up on ink cartridges, and the old cartridges don’t fit the new printer, so now I’m sitting on a bunch of useless (to me) ink. Wanna take it off my hands, for cheap?

These are Canon “#8” cartridges. They work in a Canon MX850 and also in all the Canon printers listed here. I have two blacks and one apiece of cyan, yellow, and magenta (but no large black, sorry). They’re still sealed in their vacuum-tight packaging. If you ordered these from, they’d cost $30. I’m asking $20, including shipping. If you’re interested, speak up. Update: The ink cartridges are now spoken for. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Good spot by Bowen Hobbs, who notes that the Nets logo on the team’s new shorts has thicker lettering than on the other versions of logo that we’ve seen. Personally, I prefer the version on the shorts. … As soon as Miguel Cabrera had won the triple crown, MLB released a logo for the achivement (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ New basketball uniforms for Michigan. … Looks like Washington football may be going gold this weekend (from Steve Ashpole). … New alt rugby kit for Scotland (from Josh Jacobs). … Ken Singer’s wife was recently watching an episode of Ellen. “Dwight Howard was on, and Ellen had a Lego bust made of him, complete with a vertically arched NOB.” … Here’s a poster I’ve never seen before for the Cooperstown Cap Collection. … Love all three uniforms in this photo of Pete Rose and two Little Leaguers (from Patrick O’Neill). … An exhibit on pro football history will open this Saturday at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh (from Tom Mulgrew). … The Braves normally wear red for Friday home games, but they’ll wear their home whites for tomorrow’s N.L. wild card game against the Cards. At first I thought this was a show of formality for the postseason, but it turns out that it’s because red is a Cardinals color. “Not sure how often teams make uniform choices based upon the opponent, but anything that keeps the red jerseys in the closet counts as good news to me!” says Michael Rich. … New logo for some corporate-sponsored bowl game that nobody gives a shit about (from Jon Solomonson). … Also from Jon: The Southland Conference has gone BFBS — that’s beveling for beveling’s sake. … Chester Baker has written a good piece about Fordham’s new helmets and merit decals. … Are these shorts a hint of what the Thunder’s new alternate uni will look like? Colin Butler says he found the photo on, and that it was taken down shortly after he spotted it. … Oregon State won’t be doing a blackout game, and some folks are pissed off about it (from Kyle Hanks). … Here’s an explanation for that patch worn by the Padres last Sunday (from David Taub). … New basketball uniforms for UW-Milwaukee (from Jason Fenske). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Cover of the current issue of Sports Illustrated shows Ed Hochuli wearing an awful-looking mesh cap. … In a surprising (and refreshing) move, the Bengals are taking a very 1960s-ish approach to their program covers (big thanks to Kurt Schweitzer). ”¦ Who’s this fella? It’s none other than A’s equipment manager and longtime Uni Watch reader Steve Vucinich. Congrats to him and to all the A’s for their amazing stretch run. But hey, Steve, I thought No. 27 was retired for Catfish, no? (Screen shot by Michael Cross.)

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    As pointless corporate bowl game names go, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl seems far less annoying than things like the Meineke Car Care Bowl or Little Caeser’s Pizza Bowl or whatever.

    Plus some good irony. The Idaho Potato Bowl is many things, but “Famous” ain’t in it.

    The news on that bowl game logo is over a year old. If you see the post date on Under COnsideration…it’s from August of 2011.

    Like you said Famous Potatoes is 100 times better than the UDrove Humanitarian bowl. I’ve never even heard of UDrove so that name associated with a bowl game could actually drive me away from it.

    Secondly, the famous has to do with the Idaho Potatoes, not the bowl. But anyway, a “bowl of potatoes” in theory works as well.

    And thirdly, the famous potatoes bowl, even though relatively new and matching third place teams from conferences most don’t pay attention to, it’s the type of name that had it been a bowl thats been around for 50 years would be a fixture and we would cringe when UDrove took it over. Not an instant classic but it’s good.

    And fourthly, am hoping this isn’t a trend going on with naming products, this “wonderful pistachios 400” and “famous potatoes bowl.” Going to run out of adjectives real fast.

    Bad attempt at a joke about the bowl’s fame on my part, but this language is remarkably ambiguous.

    While I do find it to be an amusing logo… if it’s the funniest thing you’ve seen today, you need to learn how to internet, n00b.

    The thicker Nets lettering is better, but on the shorts the “B” in the ball logo is not enthickened to match. Which makes the logo as a whole badly unbalanced. So all in all, the print logo remains the better of the two.


    I think the best fix would be to keep the thicker NETS lettering and just eliminate the B entirely. They could add a small BROOKLYN to the top of the shield or something if they’re that afraid that people will forget where the team plays.

    I’d hope the beauty of having a black + white uniform would be all the requisite graphics would be easy to read.

    You’re forgetting that there is no beauty in having a black & white uniform. Black & Silver with a little tiny bit of white trim works rather nicely. Black & White is lame, especially now that it’s 2012, not 1991.

    I don’t know who Art Deco is, but if I want to see something in black & white, I’ll watch an old movie, preferably with Crow and Tom Servo commenting on it.

    Pfft. I’m sorry, Arrrrrrrr, but “Brooklyn Nets” and “Bond, James Bond” are not comparable.

    In terms of NBA uniforms, they’re far too close to the Spurs to be considered distinctive or unique.

    But wait, The, if the Nets followed your advice, they’d have exactly the same colors as the Spurs. It’s precisely the lack of silver/gray that sets the Nets apart from the Spurs and enables their uniforms to not suck. Which they by definition would if they went black-and-silver-with-some-white as you advise, what with the Spurs already existing and all.

    Black and white is no more or less valid than, say, blue and white. Or do the Yankees and Maple Leafs have crummy uniforms too?

    PS: I’m a total hypocrite, because I do regard the Yankees as having mediocre uniforms, in part because of the dull monochromicity.

    I don’t know who Art Deco is

    Please tell us you’re trolling. In a world with Google, no one could be that stupid

    On the other hand..,

    TRIPLE crown would be worn by Angel Pagan.

    I’d interpret Triple Crown as the leader, and thus the crowned one, of three different categories, each of which would earn a crown.

    I dunno, J… I think I agree with andyharry. I mean, unless you want the MLB to create a crown logo for every statistic that it tracks…

    There shouldn’t be a logo at all. But if there is to be one, it should be correct, and correct would be three crowns. It’s not the crown of triple achievement, it’s one guy having achieved three crowns. Sort of like the dual-crown thing where the Emperor of Austria was also the King of Hungary. One guy, two crowns.

    So the obvious solution here is for the logo to be a three-headed rampant tiger.

    Then again, historical precedent seems to be one crown, three scepters:

    There shouldn’t be a logo at all.


    But if there is to be one, it should be correct, and correct would be three crowns.

    Also true, but an “official logo” for this kind of achievement is ridiculous.

    You just made me think of that multi-tiered “chess bishop” crown that the Pope used to wear. And now I want to see Miguel Cabrera wearing something like that if he makes it.

    Best thing about the two Mike Smiths photo is the caption.

    You have an apostrophe catastrophe, misspellings of “two” and “players”, but the best part is right after that, the instruction to “check spelling” of the Orioles’ GM’s name.

    Wait a minute: Shouldn’t the easiest way to tell the Mike Smiths apart be, “You’re the Mike Smith who’s #41 and you’re the Mike Smith who’s #34?”

    P.S. Okay, now I see how I screwed up the italics for everyone the other day. “/” was in the wrong spot.

    Regarding teams making uni decisions based on their opponent … I remember years ago, when the football Cardinals were still here in St. Louis, reading that Bill Bidwill explained that several years prior, he was appalled that the Patriots (in the Pat Patriot era, obviously) were allowed to wear red against the “Gridbirds” (it was an early-season game and the Cards chose to wear white at home for weather reasons). He vowed that he would never let another team wear red against the Cardinals for a home game.

    Well if they were wearing white, what did he expect the Patriots to wear? White vs white? Or was he not in on the choosing to wear white at home?

    Would not the pre-Lurie Eagles often decide to wear white at home when they played Dallas, thereby forcing the ‘boys to wear their ‘bad luck’ blues? Did they do this only for playoff games?

    Honestly, I can see how someone in the crowd, expecting his team to be wearing red, could be confused for a few minutes, especially if they show up a few minutes late and miss the coin toss. It’s not exactly a major issue, but it’s still a momentary WTF.

    I don’t think it was a matter of it being confusing to the fans, I took it as more of a territorial-type thing – i.e. along the lines of “only the Cardinals will wear red on this field.” Interesting, though, that you found the photo of the ’86 pre-season game with the Chiefs … obviously they didn’t follow through completely with that plan.

    Man, the Cards’ red is pretty much maroon. I don’t remember that. And yet the helmet logo is still pretty red.

    “- The O’s used to employ stadium hostesses, who had some pretty mod uniforms.”

    Those are great!
    Although I’d have to question how functional those sandals were in a stadium environment.

    Love those Bengals programs. I wish I had saved my scorecard from a Cardinals/Cubs game at Busch Stadium from 2 seasons ago. Had a great drawing of a Cardinal “fighting” a cub, brewer, astronaut, red, and pirate. Looked old school.

    I have a bunch of NAVY football program covers that show the Navy Goat “abusing” the opositon. (When I get home I will try to scan some in)

    I think it’s fair to say the expression on the Michigan players’ faces is shared by every school getting the adidas treatment.


    Those guys can barely contain their excitement. You can just see how badly they want to burst into celebration, but are holding back until the photoshoot is over.

    As an alum, I don’t understand why the Michigan athletic department keeps using white uniforms. The student section wears Maize, the home basketball uni should be Maize.
    Just look at the football team, and why they don’t wear white pants any more, they can’t win the big game in them (see last year’s debacle against MSU when they tried to revive them).
    Dear Adidas, Our colors are Maize and Blue, there shouldn’t be a third option given.

    And personally, Adidas’ Rev 30 uniforms are just awful(NBA included). With the mixed material, some areas solid, some areas perferated. The jerseys make the players look like they are wearing sport bras, or at the least, women’s uniforms. The shorts have seems all over the place, making them look like they were thrown togehter using scraps.
    (And notice I didn’t even mention all the terrible designs Adidas puts out)

    We’ve discussed this previously, but it bears repeating again FNOBs are unnecessary. Who cares how many Smiths are on the roster, each should have a unique uniform number. Jeesh.

    (‘Unique uniform’ doesn’t sound quite right, does it?)

    FNOBs are unnecessary. Who cares how many Smiths are on the roster, each should have a unique uniform number. Jeesh.

    Actually, NOBs are unnecessary, since every player has a unique number.

    …except in college football where the rosters can be large enough to have duplicate numbers ;)

    I, for one, have no problem with NOBs existing. They may not be completely necessary, but I see them as a positive, rather than a negative.

    True, and this is also why everyone on a team wearing the same number for a game is the single greatest abomination in uni-dom.

    Wasn’t much of a problem earlier this year when the Yanks and Red Sox played that game without numbers.

    However, only the most fanatical fans can recall the uni numbers of more than 1-2 of their team’s players. If my home teams lost their NOBs, I’d be unable to identify the player nine times out of ten.

    That what game programs are for. You see number 8, who’s number 8? You look down at your program, ah, number 8 is Andre Dawson.

    Chance: I never did as a kid in the ’70s, when very few teams used NOBs. And Rob: they don’t hand out game programs to the TV audience.

    Well, if you’re at home watching on TV, you can look it up on the internet, or back in the day, in the newspaper. Of course you can do that at the game, too, so you don’t need a program.

    I we go with that argument, though, we shouldn’t even need uniform numbers. I’m all for aesthetics, but in this case, the aesthetic gains of losing the NOB are heavily outweighed by the inconvenience to fans. Knowing which player is which is a fundamental precondition of understanding & enjoying what’s going on–one that I’d rather not put viewers through extra research or number-memorization exercises to establish.


    if OKC’s alternate uni is solid navy blue…..

    try something new, geeze.

    even though they look weird- SA, Denver, and Portland should be praised for not doing a cookie-cutter run of the mill design and color scheme. break out from the pack, try something new.

    if NBA does a monochrome jersey deal, i hope they do it for all 30 teams. (i know i said i wanted teams to have individuality, but the NBA always does stupid-handpicked gimmicks that tend to show favoritism to the teams w/ the top stars. its elite bs bias- save your spotlight arguement)

    wish the nba was constant and didn’t pick favorites. each team is a single brand, and all 30 make up the NBA. i never understand why they want to be so superstar driven when they have 30 teams in 28 different cities.
    i could rant about nba all day. . .


    I just quickly thought of as many random teams as I could: Knicks, Nets, Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, Blazers, Rockets, Spurs, Suns, Pistons, Cavs, Heat, 76ers…

    2 have navy, 2 used to have navy. I’d say they’re fine. That uni does need an accent color though.

    So wait…how does a Wahshington ad for renewing your football season tickets = maybe wearing gold THIS weekend. Don’t get that leap at all

    Yeah, I thought that was quite a leap as well. Especially since UW is playing on the road this weekend.

    Be it accurate or not, I rather fancy those gold jerseys. Certainly better than the BFBS they wore last game.

    *blink* Uh…what? What the fuck is wrong with people? How in the everloving fuck is it racially insensitive for a team that wears black and orange to ask its fans to wear black? I repeat… WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

    The Jeff-

    Read the article. Previous blackouts at OSU have resulted in students dressing up in blackface.

    I did read the article that Coachking provided, and I don’t see anything at all referencing blackface.

    …and let’s be real here… a white person painting their face black because their favorite sports team wears black is NOT NOT NOT NOT the same thing a white person painting their face black to portray themselves as a black/african american character.

    –“Previous blackouts at OSU have resulted in students dressing up in blackface.”–

    Not exactly, the controversy stemmed from a picture of one student in black body paint from head-to-toe who also had naturally black curly hair. The school newspaper ran that photo following the blackout with a story on the insensitivity. There may have been other students with wigs and painted faces, but I think the extent of the issue in the 2007 blackout have been severely exaggerated.

    I actually like Southlands Conference’s BFBS…it makes the logo look a little better IMO. Beveling is bad when you try to do it for uni numbers, but something that doesn’t really vary, and if you do it right, it’s alright with me.

    Not too timely, but I watched NFL Network’s “Tom Coughlin: A Football Life” last night. Presented as evidence of TC’s earlier control freak tendencies, on one occasion in the 90’s with the Jags and then later with the Giants, the show features Coughlin telling coaches to get players “some longer pants” noting, “We’re not wearing Bermuda shorts,” or something close to that.

    I agree the mesh white hat cap doesn’t look as nice as the black one does. That said, it breathes a lot better than the wool.

    I’m not sure why he didn’t wear his NFL hat. The NFL shield on the shirt clearly shows.

    Perhaps, but it’s not nearly so prominent as a cap logo would be.

    I think an NFL logo would be so prominent that the headline would appear to refer to the entire league via that logo, not just the officials. I suspect that’s why SI took it off.

    It’s possible that the picture was taken before the lockout ended, and Hochuli didn’t want any NFL logos to (clearly) show.

    I’m waiting for the A’s to make those jersey bathrobes available for purchase.

    Guys, I’ll buy one in every color but black.

    Nice gesture mentioning Vizquel in your column Paul. And uni noteworthy to boot. Quite a career for that guy.

    Any word on if the Orioles will be wearing black on Friday? They always wear black on Fridays, but I’m not sure if they will for the playoffs.

    What did yall do during the debate last night? I reamed a b!tch’s fvckhole and filled her with my seed.

    That Ripken # looks like 16 to me, not 18..check out the break in the top of the #.. At least to me it does.

    Those Michigan basketball jerseys give me a new reason to dislike Michigan. The jerseys aren’t bad, but those shorts are hideous. Not denim Kentucky bad, but bad enough…

    “Those Michigan basketball jerseys give me a new reason to dislike Michigan. The jerseys aren’t bad, but those shorts are hideous.”

    Wait, so… the jerseys are bad, but then they’re not bad, but the shorts are bad? My hurt brains >.<

    The whole uniform is hideous.

    And in other news, the National Hockey League cancels the first two weeks of the 2012-13 season.

    Gotta love that Bettman guy.

    What is going on with the arms on the lighter-skinned Michigan hoop players? They are all pasty white from the elbow up and tanned on the forarm. Is that a farmer tan, a shadow?

    Union College Dutchmen have slightly altered sweaters this yea (old) (new)

    also for their ECAC regular season/ECAC tourney victory and appearence in the Frozen 4, the Dutchmen got championship rings. (top view) (side view) (Carolina Hurricane/Former Dutchman Jeremy Welsh wearing the ring)

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